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Principles and Elements of Design Review


Principles & Elements of Design Principles Elements Balance Color Proportion Line Rhythm Texture Emphasis Shape Form ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Principles and Elements of Design Review

Principles and Elements of Design Review
Principles Elements of Design
  • Principles Elements
  • Balance Color
  • Proportion Line
  • Rhythm Texture
  • Emphasis Shape
  • Form
  • Concepts we have covered already.

Fashion Illustration Terms
  • Croquis - A fashion illustration of a body that
    can be duplicated to use for designing.
  • Fashion figures/ models - taller and thinner than
  • average real person.
  • Silhouette the shape of ones body
  • or a garment.

Shape in Fashion
  • Pear Shape- Attempt to draw the eye up and
    balance the difference between top and middle of
    the body
  • Hourglass- Considered the perfect body shape with
    bust and waist roughly 10 inches smaller than the
    waist. 36-26-36
  • Apple- More rounded figure shape. Attempt to
    lengthen the body out using vertical lines, solid
    colors, less texture.
  • Cone or Triangle- larger chest/bust, smaller
    hips- try to equalize both areas.
  • Rectangular/ Ruler- More straight up and down.
    Widen body with horizontal lines if thinner. Can
    use prints, and designs if not over powering.

Ideal Silhouette
  • The perfect shape!
  • Hourglass figure
  • The ideal body is
  • said to be 8 heads tall
  • with 7/8 of it below the
  • head.
  • Standards of beauty
  • change over time.

  • 3-dimensional shape that is
  • emphasized in fashion design
  • Watch this link Form Follows Fashion- be sure to
    watch part that includes adaptive styles for
    special populations.
  • http//

Body Types
  • Figure a term used for the shape of a womans
  • Physique a term used for the shape of a mans

Illusion- Visually appearing different from what
something really is!
  • One can create an illusion by
  • applying the principles and
  • elements of design.
  • What do you want us to see?

Rhythm- Principle of Design
  • Repetition a repeated shape
  • Regular consistent
  • Irregular random
  • Gradation repetition is
  • altered in one area in
  • a consistent manner
  • Radiation - line or shape radiates
  • from a center point

  • The relationship of all parts
  • in a design to each other
  • and to the whole.
  • The most pleasing proportion
  • is 3/5 - the Golden Ratio/Mean
  • Which one is most pleasing?

  • Principle of design that uses a concentration of
  • in a particular part or area of a design.

Focal Point The most important visual
element dominates over all .
  • Pleasing visual unity of a design created by a
    tasteful relationship among all parts within the

BalanceImplies equilibrium or steadiness
  • 1.Formal symmetrical
  • Both sides are the same.
  • 2.Informal asymmetrical
  • Both sides are different,
  • but still balanced.

Assignment Portfolio Pages
  • Complete the Elements- Do two pages that show
    your understanding of shape form vs function.
  • Shape- pick the body shape that most resembles
  • your own. Find three styles that would look
  • on your body shape. For instance
  • Pear-

This style hides the wider hips, while gracefully
fooling the eye to make bust slightly larger.
Balances the top and bottom of the body.
Portfolio Continued
  • Form Follows Fashion- find 3 designs that
    emphasize geometric shapes or are functionally
    structured to accommodate a body need.

This jacket is designed for a handicapped person
who would find it difficult to put their arms
above their head and probably sits in a
wheelchair most of the day.
More Form Examples
This shoe has an extra embellishment that has no
function, but does make a dramatic fashion
statement. One might think it was inspired by
looking at the legs of fluffy feathered bird or
This adaptable dress to be worn during pregnancy
and be adapted and changed as the pregnancy
changes. Therefore it has a good design for form
and function.
Principles of Design Portfolio Pages
  • Find one example of each principle of design.
  • You may put two principles on the same page.
  • Write a descriptive paragraph for each principle
    of design fashion.
  • Principles
  • Balance Proportion Rhythm Emphasis
  • Hint Google Search- you will find some excellent
  • You therefore have 4 pages left to complete
  • 1 each for Shape Form (2 total pages)
  • 2 pages that have 2 principles on one page (2
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