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Title: e-Health Industry Expectation

e-Health Industry Expectation
Document No GSC(14)18_035
Source CHA
Contact Michael J. Kirwan
Agenda Item 5.3
  • July 22nd, 2014

Personal Connected Health AllianceEmpowering
individuals to better manage their health
  • Michael J. Kirwan
  • Technical Operations Director
  • PCHA and Continua
  • May 2014

Empowering Individuals to Better Manage Their
  • The world is moving to a focus on linking
    individuals with interoperable, personalized
    health solutions that meet their lifestyle needs.

Advantages of Personal Connected Health
  • Consumers are not just linking health data to the
    Providers any longer
  • Potential to transform human health and
    healthcare delivery, and to reduce global
    disparities in healthcare access
  • Adds motivation and inspiration to health
    self-management by taking advantage of support
    networks in social media and other online forums
  • Capable of reducing the impact of chronic
    disease, which is responsible for the greatest
    portion of healthcare expenditures
  • Ability to shift from treatment focus to
    preventive care by making health self-management
    a part of everyday life
  • Allows us to enjoy life longer outside of
    traditional healthcare

Engaging Consumers at Every Stage of Life
and Providing Links to Family, Friends, Social
Networks Providers
PCH Creates an Information- and Inspiration-Rich
Environment for Health Improvement
  • Consumers become engaged in health
  • Links to social networks become a source of
    positive reinforcement
  • A secure line of communication is established
    between providers and caregivers outside the exam
  • Consumer-collected data can enrich healthcare for
    individual patients and patient populations

Better use of resources, reduced cost, improved
clinical outcomesand health management
incorporated into everyday life
The Goal Improve Lifestyle Choices, Health
Non Modifiable Contributors to Disease
Modifiable Contributors to Disease
Hu et al. Diet, lifestyle and the risk of type 2
Diabetes in women. NEJM 2001 Sep
13345(11)790-7. Stampfer MJ, Hu FB, Manson JE,
Rimm EB, Willett WC. Primary prevention of
coronary heart disease in women through diet and
lifestyle. N Engl J Med. 2000 343 1622
Envisioning A Better Way Weight Loss
  • Wearable trackers to monitor calories burned
    through activity
  • Apps for diet/nutrition advice and caloric
    intake, on smart phone and/or computer
  • Social networking for inspiration and competition
    (i.e., Jenny Craig, Biggest Loser), using online
    forums such as Facebook

Envisioning A Better Way Gaming
  • Wearable trackers to monitor specific activity
  • New sensors to enable 3d tracking and movements
  • Already in use for Rehabilitation and Diagnostic
  • Can be utilized to stimulate inactive or
    cognitive impaired individuals
  • Interoperability allows for this data to be
    collected by healthcare team

Envisioning A Better Way Management of Rare
Serious Diseases
  • Disease-based forums (web, social media) for peer
    advice on treatment options and experience
  • Connectivity to providers via provider portal,
    for expert advice during diagnosis, treatment
    and follow-up Apps to find a clinical trial
  • PCH-enabled studies that use sensors, trackers
    and/or remote monitoring for data accuracy and
    patient convenience

Envisioning A Better Way Care of Special
  • Individual and online gaming for children/teens
    with chronic diseases
  • Apps to support connection to people with
    communication disorders, such as autism
  • Wearable sensors and wireless monitoring for
    elderly living independently
  • Remote monitoring by healthcare providers to
    augment parental care of a sick child or aging
  • Social networking for caregivers, i.e., Facebook
    book, online chat with the ability to share
    sensor data

Envisioning A Better Way Clinical Trials
  • Direct involvement of the individual in the trial
  • Evaluate patient populations
  • Accelerate patient recruitment
  • More efficient and effective management of
    clinical trails, data collection and reporting
  • Better quality, more reliable data
  • Get new drugs to market faster

Envisioning A Better Way Interoperability
  • Compliance with global industry standards is
    proven to decrease time to market and reduce
    development costs
  • Lower Design Costs saves US 40,000-80,000 in
    development costs per device
  • Faster to Market decreases integration time from
    three months to just three weeks
  • Increased Efficiency quicker, less expensive
    integration to EMR or HIE platforms
  • Forward/backward compatibility longevity of
  • Easy to expand or add new programs/products with

Architecture to Enable PCH
Aggregation Manager
Telehealth Service Center
Health Records/ Networks
WiFi, 2G, 3G 4G
Personal Area Network (PAN) Interface
Wide Area Network (WAN) Interface
Health Record Network (HRN) Interface
Envisioning A Better Way Adoption
PCH Why Now?
  • Consumer market is exploding
  • more than 97,000 mobile health apps are currently
  • each day the top 10 apps generate up to 4 million
    free and 300,000 paid downloads
  • New regulations and incentives transforming
    healthcare delivery, putting consumers at the
    center of their care
  • the Affordable Care Act features comprehensive
    health insurance reform to improve the quality
    and patient access to care in the US
  • Meaningful Use Stage 3 to address population
  • Governments around the world demonstrating
    significant interest in adopting personal
    connected health (ex Denmark, Norway, UK, UAE,
  • the UKs 3million lives initiative changing care
    delivery using connected health tools for
    citizens with chronic conditions
  • Globally, healthcare in crisis and world
    population aging

PCHA An Historic CollaborationContinua Health
Alliance, mHealth Summit HIMSS
  • Global plug-and-play interoperability Design
    Guidelines and Product Certification program
  • Unmatched industry education, thought leadership
    and networking
  • International leadership in hospital-based health
  • Worldwide presence to promote local, regional and
    national public policy, advocacy and market

PCHA Mission
  • Generating greater awareness, availability and
    access to plug-and-play, consumer-friendly
    personal health technologies to empower
    individuals to better manage their health and
    wellness, anywhere at any time.

PCHA Strategic Initiatives
  • Promoting education and awareness through events
    and outreach to all stakeholders
  • Facilitating adoption of global industry
    standards for user-friendly interoperability
    between devices privacy and security
  • publishing annual Continua Design Guidelines for
    end-to-end, plug-and-play interoperability
    certifying products
  • Ratified by ITU as global standard for PCH
  • Defining the path to market by advocating for
    appropriate regulation and promoting investment
  • Supporting governments and health ministries
    seeking connected health solutions
  • Operating in nations around the globe to promote
    market development

The Time is Now
  • PCHA will coordinate stakeholders in PCH and
    maintain a consumer first position
  • Its about the individual
  • The technology is available
  • Consumers are demanding it
  • Nations are implementing it
  • We cant afford to miss this opportunity
  • The Market will not grow until we reach
    interoperable solutions

Get Involved with PCHA!
Web www.pchalliance.org Email
Thank You
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Case Examples
Denmarks National Action Plan for Telemedicine
  • Scope
  • Secure collection, transmission, storage of
    personal health data from patients homes to
    healthcare providers across the country
  • Sharing of medical documents images
  • Management of health records, medical
    appointments, etc.
  • Objectives
  • Ensure end-to-end, plug-and-play connectivity of
    personal health devices establish
    interoperability standards
  • Ensure personal health devices services easy to
    deploy, secure convenient for patients
  • Reduce acute care stays
  • Enable elderly to live home independently
  • Develop chronic disease management programs
  • Expand use of telemedicine

Denmark Centralized Approach to Standards
  • Mandated national compliance with
    interoperability standards (Continua)
  • Pros
  • National healthcare IT conformity supports
    large-scale population health and creation of
    cost, operational efficiencies
  • Limited systems integration issues during rollout
    and subsequent changes in technology
  • Cons limited regional, local influence over
    standards development currently fewer choices in

UK Dept of Health 3millionlives (3ML) Campaign
  • Based on evidence from the Whole System
    Demonstrator Programme (6,000 person
    telehealth/telecare study)
  • Goals
  • Improve lives of 3ML people with long term
    conditions, social care needs
  • Develop market, remove barriers to delivery (5
  • Create environment to support uptake
  • Public/private cooperation to simplify
    procurement and commissioning processes for
    telehealth, telecare at scale
  • Put NHS and UK industry at the forefront of
    telehealth, telecare globally
  • Promote benefits of telehealth and telecare
    services to patients

3ML Regional Approach to Standards Adoption
  • All personal health device providers must comply
    with CEN ISO/IEEE 11073
  • Contracting occurs on a local basis
  • NHS Worcestershire County and East Shires
    Purchasing Organization have voluntarily adopted
  • Pros localities maintain maximal control (device
    selection, cost)
  • Cons healthcare IT infrastructure likely to
    require significant integration to achieve
    end-to-end interoperability at a national scale

Catalonia, Spain Regional Approach
  • Catalonia, Spain
  • Population covered by universal healthcare with a
    mix of public/private providers
  • Health Ministry funded ICT organization
    (TicSalut) coordinates standards, integrates
    health and social welfare systems
  • 100 of hospitals use EHRS 70 have mobile tools
  • Device integration primarily based on Hl7

Opportunities Challenges for Big Data
  • Opportunities
  • Adopt common standards for PHRs to enable data
    aggregation, tracking from multiple consumer
  • A starting point for big data, especially in
    decentralized markets
  • Agree upon type, definition and format of
    personal health data relayed from consumer
    devices to a medical records system
  • Ex Health Records Network
  • Challenges
  • Retail and home devices need common standards to
    enable consumer plug and play
  • Clinical workflow impact complicates standards
  • End-to-end standards adoption

Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA)
An alliance and collaboration focused on the
vision of person-centered health and health care
with a mission to deliver interoperable personal
health solutions that foster independence and
empower people to better manage their health and
wellness from anywhere at anytime.  
PCHA Organization
  • Clint McClellan

PCHA Structure, Governance and Services
  • Single Member LLC with HIMSS as sole Equity
  • Operating agreement defines constitution duties
  • Board of Managers
  • - Sets strategy
  • - Defines objectives organization
  • - Plans budget
  • Up to 15 Managers elected from Continua Promoter
    ParticipantsCurrent board carries over into BoM
  • 5 Managers appointed by HIMSS
  • Exec. Vice President represents LLC
  • 1 Manager represents in HIMSS WW
  • Operational sub-structure
  • Operating agreement defines duties
  • Council manages
  • Guideline development / releases
  • Certifications
  • Working groups
  • Events content
  • Up to 15 Members elected from Continua Promoter
  • Director acts as COO
  • Vision and Mission stays unchanged
  • Brand will continue unchanged
  • WGs structure are the same
  • WGs charters processes remain
  • Membership dues and benefits stay intact
  • Current Continua members will become PCHA
    participants automatically

Small Changes
  • We are dropping the Health Alliance portion of
    Continua Health Alliance now referred to as
  • Marketing-wise We refer to Continua as a
    Founding member of PCHA
  • Continua name still represents the Guidelines and
  • Continua logos to remain the same and integrated
    into the PCHA logo

Website Changes
  • New PCHAlliance.org website
  • Continua website will remain separate as we have
    specific functionality to maintain membership and
    voting processes.
  • Continua site undergoing a phased approach to
    integrate with PCHAlliance look and feel.
  • Adding new features
  • Comment section
  • Online request for Guidelines

Past Events
  • What mHealth Summit Europe
  • When May 6 8, 2014
  • Where Messe, Berlin
  • Info http//www.himssme.org/
  • Continua was a supporting organization
  • Speakerships
  • What Continua Spring Summit
  • When May 8 10, 2014
  • Where Berlin, Germany
  • First co-located mHealth Summit and Continua

Past Events
  • What eHealth Forum 2014
  • When May 12 14, 2014
  • Where Anthens, Greece
  • Info http//ehealth2014.org/
  • -Continua was a supporting organization
  • What mHealth Summit Middle East
  • When May 28 29, 2014
  • Where Abu Dhabi
  • Info http//www.himssme.org/
  • First Continua Connects Event
  • Continua was a supporting organization

Save the Date!
Continua Summer Summit August 26 - 28,
2014 Montreal, Canada
Upcoming Events
  • July - JWG visit (Chuck and JWG Chair)
  • August - Shanghai Bluetooth event
  • Sept 15-18 HIMSS AsiaPac mHealth event
  • 17-18 Sao Paulo mHealth event
  • Oct Partners Connected for Health
  • Dec 7-10 mHealth Summit DC
  • 9-12 Continua Summit

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mHealth Summit Components
  • 400 Exhibiting Companies
  • Intelligent Medical Home Pavilion
  • Startup Showcase
  • Comprehensive Sponsorship Program
  • Targeted Pre-conference and Co-located Events
  • 5 Keynotes Delivered by Industry Leaders
  • 3-Day Core Conference Program
  • 2-day, Co-located Global mHealth Forum
  • Continua Technology/Interoperability Showcase
  • Continua Member Summit

Global mHealth Forum
Past Keynotes and Executive Spotlights
Past Sponsors
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Emerging Markets Incentive
BoD Approved!
This emerging markets incentive qualifies new
members from either a developing region or from a
small company.
Developing Region
Small Company
  • A company may qualify if
  • less than 20 full-time employees (in all company
  • Less than 4M annual gross revenues.
  • Less than 4M in total assess (as indicated on
    balance sheet).

A company may qualify by being a company
originating out of a defined Developing Area
(OECD GDP of less than 15K per Capita).
  • Qualifying Benefits
  • Company pays only 1000 for their first year,
    2,500 for their second and full Contributor
    costs in their third year of Continua membership.
  • Company receives one free listing fee (subject to
    the listing fee only and excludes the testing
  • Company may participate in Continua Plugfests and
    Continua Connects (subject to existing fees).
  • Company in the Developing Region category will
    receive all Contributor membership benefits
    except they are limited to a maximum of 2
    participants at each Summit. Leadership roles
    are also not available to this category.

To sign-up, please contact Continua
Administration. Admin_at_ContinuaAlliance.org
Certification Incentives for New Members
BoD Approved!
For New Members
  • If you join Continua between now and December 31,
    2014, you get
  • All existing benefits of Continua membership
    (CESL code, free Test Tool, matchmaking, etc.).
  • PLUS
  • Free certification within first year of Continua
  • Notes Regarding this Certification Incentive
  • Only one offer per company/subsidiary.
  • Covers certification for one device
    specialization and one transport. Additional
    device specializations/transports follow typical
  • Does not cover retest fee.
  • The deadline refers to the date company is ready
    for certification (device is at Test Lab,
    certification application has been received and
    approved). Actual test completion date is
    dependent on Test Lab volumes.

Join Now
University Member Incentive
BoD Approved!
This incentive qualifies new members from a
College or University who contribute resources
back to Continua.
  • For a limited time period only, until December
    31st, 2014, a College or University may join
    Continua for as little as 1000 (a 5,500
  • A College or University may qualify for this
    incentive by stating their goal or intent for the
    use of their Continua membership in what they can
    contribute back to Continua. Contribution
    possibilities may vary but a few examples may be
    as follows
  • Provide research for Continua, i.e., similar to
    what may be required as part of a request for
  • Become reviewers of Continuas test tools,
    guidelines and documents, providing inputs based
    on their use and understanding of the industry
  • Use Continuas tools to demonstrate complete
    End-to-End Plug-n-Play interoperability.
  • Create educational materials that incorporates
    the key technical or business concepts of
    Continua while utilizing them in daily teaching
  • Many other possibilities exist, just provide your
    ideas for contributing back to Continua.
  • Access to Continuas membership portal is
    available to the College or University staff
  • Please note that Continuas Bylaws, due to
    intellectual property rights, do restrict
    educational entities from participating in the
    Technical Working Group (TWG), the Use-case
    Working Group (UCWG), gaining access to draft
    Continua Design Guidelines and in certifying
    devices. Each university would need to be
    nominated by two Continua Board members and to
    sign an agreement with Continua.
  • Qualifying Benefits
  • College or University pays only 1000 annually
    for Contributor Level Membership.
  • College or University will have full access to
    Continua CESL and Test Tools.
  • College or University may participate in Continua
    Plugfests and Continua Connects (subject to
    existing university fees).
  • College or University will receive all
    Contributor membership benefits except they are
    limited to a maximum of 2
  • participants at each Summit. Leadership roles
    are also not available to this category.

Join Now
To sign-up, please contact Continua
Administration Admin_at_ContinuaAlliance.org
Adopter Member
Approved by Continua Council, Need PCHA BoD
Incentive for Self-Certifying your Device or
Companies can receive a significant savings on
membership and certification if they join
Continua as an Adopter member and self-certify an
Agent or Service within their first year of
  • Qualifying Benefits
  • Company pays only 1000 for their first two
    years, then 3,000 for their third year. At the
    fourth year and beyond, Company selects to either
    continue paying for Adopter level at 3000 and
    pay for tools, meetings, Plugfests, and testing -
    or move to the annual Contributor membership fee
  • Company receives one free listing fee (subject to
    the listing fee only and excludes the testing
  • Company may participate in Continua Plugfests and
    Continua Connects (subject to current posted
  • Notes on Adopter Membership
  • Access to CESL libraries will require fee or
    upgrade to Contributor membership.
  • Access to draft Guidelines or to internal Working
    Groups is not allowed.
  • Additional fees may be required for participation
    in Showcases and Demo centers.

Join Now
To sign-up, please contact Continua
Administration Admin_at_ContinuaAlliance.org
Continua Test Labs
Berkshire UK
Thank you!
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