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The Uniqueness of the Bible


The Uniqueness of the Bible Unique One and Only Different From All Others Having No Like or Equal One of a Kind Our purpose: To show how the Bible is unique – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Uniqueness of the Bible

The Uniqueness of the Bible
  • Unique
  • One and Only
  • Different From All Others
  • Having No Like or Equal
  • One of a Kind
  • Our purpose To show how the Bible is unique
    and different from all other
    written documents

Unique In Its Continuity
  • The Bible Was Written
  • Over a long period of time
  • Over 1600 years
  • Over 40 generations

Unique In Its Continuity
  • The Bible Was Written
  • By about 40 authors from many different walks of
  • Moses, political leader educated in Egypt
  • Peter, a fisherman
  • Amos, herdsman
  • Joshua, military leader
  • Nehemiah, cup bearer to King of Persia
  • Daniel, prime minister in the courts of Babylon
  • Luke, physician
  • Solomon, King
  • Matthew, tax collector
  • Paul, tent maker

Unique In Its Continuity
  • The Bible Was Written In Many Different Places
  • In the wilderness
  • In a dungeon
  • On a hillside
  • In a palace
  • In prison
  • While traveling
  • In exile
  • In a military campaign

Unique In Its Continuity
  • The Bible Was Written
  • On Three Continents
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • In Three Languages
  • Hebrew
  • Aramaic
  • Greek

Unique In Its Continuity
  • The Bible Was Written With Many Controversial
  • The origin of mankind
  • The origin of the universe
  • The purpose of mankind
  • What happens after death
  • The nature of God
  • The nature of mankind, sin and redemption
  • Good verses Evil

Unique In Its Continuity
  • Yet There Is Harmony and Continuity
  • Paradise lost in the book of Genesis becomes the
    paradise regained in the book of Revelation
  • Access to the Tree of Life is forbidden in
    Genesis and allowed again in Revelation
  • In Genesis man is separated from God because of
    sin, in the book of Revelation sin is
    destroyed and man is reconciled to God
  • Compare the Bible with any other writings of men
  • Imagine what you would have if you took ten
    men, from one walk of life, in one generation,
    in one place, at one time, on one continent
    and one language and have them write on one
    controversial subject

Unique In Its Translation
  • One of the first major books translated
  • Septuagint version of the Old Testament
    translated into Greek in 250 B.C.
  • By the end of 1993, the whole Bible had been
    translated into 337 languages 2,062 languages
    have translations of at least one book of the
  • Guinness Book of World Records, 1998

Unique In Its Circulation
  • Circulation
  • In 1804 409 million copies
  • In 1932 one and a third billion copies
  • The worlds best selling and most widely
    distributed book is the Bible, with an
    estimated 2.5 billion copies sold.
  • Guinness Book of World Records, 1975
  • No other book has known anything approaching
    this constant circulation.
    Cambridge History of the Bible

Unique In Its Survival
  • The Bible Was
  • Written on material that was perishable
  • Copied and recopied over hundreds of years by
  • Banned, burned and outlawed
  • Criticized, ridiculed and mocked
  • Yet, its style, correctness and existence has
    not diminished.

Unique In Its Teaching
  • A Book of Prophecy
  • No other book has predicted so many future
    events and then have them all come to pass
  • There are 44 prophecies concerning Jesus
  • Micah 52 Born in Bethlehem
    Luke 24,5
  • Isaiah 714 Born of a Virgin
    Luke 126,27
  • Zech. 1112 Betrayed 30 pieces Silver
    Matt. 2614,15
  • Zech. 1210 Hands and Feet Pierced John
  • Psalms 2217 Clothing Gambled For Matt.
  • Psalms 3420 No Broken Bones
    John 1932-36
  • Psalms 6818 Ascension back to God Mark

Unique In Its Influence
  • KJV Its Influence on Life and
    Literature by
    Cleland Boyd McAfee, D.D.
  • The first and most notable fact regarding the
    influence of the Bible on English literature is
    the remarkable extent of that influence. It is
    literally everywhere. If every Bible in any
    considerable city were destroyed, the Book could
    be restored in all its essential parts from the
    quotations on the shelves of the city library.
    There are works, covering almost all the great
    literary writers, devoted especially to showing
    how much the Bible has influenced them.
  • When, therefore, it is urged that the English
    Bible has influenced history, it is not making an
    undue claim for it. When it is further urged that
    of all books in English literature it has been
    most influential, it has most made history, it
    has most determined great movements, the argument
    only claims for it the highest place among books.

Unique In Its Influence
  • Carol Thiessen Faith Today
    July/August 1998
  • The Bible has shaped not only religious
    thought, but politics, law, education,
    literature, culture, flavored our language with
    words and phrases, such as by the skin of their
    teeth (Job 1920) and the Good Samaritan ( Luke
    1025-37). Its stories are rendered creatively
    through painting and sculpture. Its themes have
    been portrayed lyrically by composers through the
    ages. We swear on Bibles in court we discover
    them in our hotel and hospital rooms. We can read
    them on CD-ROM and we can find thousands of sites
    dedicated to the Holy Book on the Internet.
    Touted by many as the best-selling book of all
    time, 80 percent of Americans in a 1996 national
    survey commissioned by Tyndale House Publishers
    named the Bible as the most influential book in
    human history.

The Uniqueness of the Bible
  • It has not been our purpose to absolutely prove
    that the Bible is the Word of God
  • But I believe anyone with a logical mind and
    sincere heart could see that such a book, as
    the Bible, could not have been written by man
  • Of course, we believe the Bible is unique
    because it did come from God.
  • For prophecy never came by the will of man,
    but holy men of God spoke as they were moved
    by the Holy Spirit.

  • II Peter 121

The Uniqueness of the Bible
  • The Bible is unique because it is Gods revealed
    will to all of mankind
  • In Him we have redemption through His blood,
    the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches
    of His grace which He made to abound toward
    us in all wisdom and prudence, having made
    known to us the mystery of His will. Eph. 17-9
  • Through His Word God has given us
  • Everything that pertains to life and godliness
  • The Words of Life
  • The Words that will judge us

The Uniqueness of the Bible
  • The Bible is unique because it came from God.
  • Since it is the Word of God, will you not listen
    to Him and Obey Him?

  • By Bob Gard Hollister Missouri church of
    Christ www.hollisterchurchofchr Adapted lesson from
    Mark A. Copeland
    December 4, 2005
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