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Sharon Hathaway Forrest Employment Opportunity Presentation Part One Career Overview 1992 2011 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sharon Hathaway Forrest

Sharon Hathaway Forrest
  • Employment Opportunity Presentation
  • Part One
  • Career Overview

Evolution of a Career
  • The Development of
  • Specific Skills Competencies
  • with Applicable Highlights

The FoundationsA Hampton Roads Homegrown
  • Born and Raised in Hampton Roads Norfolk Academy
  • Graduate of ODU (92, B.A., Political Science)
    with advanced study in Politics, Geography, Law,
    International Relations, Port Economics
  • Intern in Governors Policy Office House Senate
  • Intern in Senior Virginia Delegates Office
    Education Sub-committee
  • Fellow in Leadership Hampton Roads
  • Fellow in Virginia Institute of Political
  • Production Assistant for Local TV Public Affairs
  • Advocate for Prevention of Child Abuse in
    State-wide Forums which resulted in media
    coverage and by-lines with quotes
  • Participation in Virginia Political Campaigns
    (McDonnell, Warner)
  • Sports Information Director - AAU Jr. Olympic
    Games, Norfolk
  • Participation on Jamestowns Volunteer Crew

The Foundations Executive Education
  • Global Business Leadership
  • Business Trade Policy
  • Developing a Successful International Marketing
  • Playing the Power Game Negotiation Influence
  • Managing the Global Organization
  • Strategies for International Organizations
  • Strategic Human Resource Management and Employee
  • International Finance
  • International Managerial Finance
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Management
  • Global Markets Security Analysis
  • International Project Finance
  • Understanding Investment Banking and Global
    Capital Markets

The BeginningsThe Organization of American
Sometimes called the Regional Body of the United
Nations for the Americas The Organization of
American States (OAS) brings together the
countries of the Western Hemisphere to strengthen
cooperation and advance common interests. It is
the regions premier forum for multilateral
dialogue and concerted action.

OAS Public Information DepartmentInvolvement
  • International Educational Outreach Model OAS
  • Introduction to courting large corporate donors
    through high-profile individuals
  • Coca-Cola grant for Model OAS
  • Introduction to courting Congressional leaders
    and Congressional groups
  • Hispanic Caucus Senators Warner and Kennedy
  • Testimony before Foreign Relations Committee
  • Introduction to lobbying agencies for support
  • Introduction to lobbying associations for support
  • Introduction to collaborating with development
    banks and United Nations agencies
  • Introduction to international tourism agencies
    and their congresses
  • Introduction to international dialogue and
  • Large International Commemorative Event 50th
  • Introduction to White House Advance Team
  • Introduction to multi-nation participation
  • Introduction to wire press relations
  • Introduction to foreign delegations dignitaries
  • Introduction to corporate involvement in events

Introduction to Prospect Research and Sponsorship
Letter of Invitation to Planning Session for
Corporate Executives to solicit support for
International Model OAS Mr. Goizueta of Coca-Cola
responded with the first grant other affiliates
of Coca-Cola soon followed.
Entertaining Foreign Delegations
Feeding the Wires and Responding to Press
Working with the White House Advance Team for the
50th Commemorative Session I was assigned to
assist press crews with set-up and feed
information to wire services and other media
Developing Skills to Serve High-Profile
Personalities - Georgetown University
1998 -2000
Georgetown UniversitySchool of Foreign Service
  • Introduction to the offices of High-Profile
    government leaders involved in international
    affairs and corporate/non-profit boards
  • Former National Security Advisor Anthony Lake
  • Presidential Envoy to Conflict in Haiti
  • Board Appointments, including International
    Committee of the Red Cross
  • Currently, Head of UNICEF
  • Former US Ambassador to the UN Donald McHenry
  • Introduction to large high-profile university
    with global standing
  • Utilized media/public relations skills developed
    through public policy leadership training,
    campaign management, and international events
  • Refined relationship building skills with
    corporations and government officials,
    particularly heads of agencies
  • Assisted the professors with their roles on the
    boards of large international events and
    negotiated meeting arrangements and compensation
    for paid appearances

NATO 50th Commemorative Session April 1998
  • Briefed Press Attaches of the Embassies
  • Worked with Embassies to Create Bios for Summit
  • Researched facts for Summit Publications
  • Introduced to the Vetting Process
  • US Department of State
  • USIA
  • White House
  • Department of Defense

Assisting Promotional TeamsFrom Start..To
World Bank MIGAApril 2000
  • Directed symposium including
  • initiation and development of a
  • website providing access to
  • symposium publications along with
  • promotional materials through
  • support of MIGA team.

Strategic Positioning for Press Harvards Women
Waging Peace
As Media Center Captain created daily newsletter
to build camaraderie amongst the delegates from
11 different conflict areas, and worked with
delegates who were media professionals to craft a
declaration that was quoted by the press and read
at Policy Day before over 200 policymakers in
Creating a Corporate Cabinet Networking for
High-Profile Board Members
With contacts generated at the UN, helped
Harvards WWP beef up their corporate cabinet (a
sponsor) and board.
Utilizing Old Alliances
Working with a press attache from the Macedonian
embassy (whom I had met during the NATO event), I
created a strategy to secure international press
for our delegates in their home country.
Strategically using International Media to
Promote - United Nations
Worked with Ted Turners publicist to create a
statement that was picked up by the Associated
Press (his remarks had been given
extemporaneously I transcribed through the UN
press office). There had been indications that
negative press would have appeared otherwise.
Georgetown University Development Media
Promotions with High-Profile Personalities
Initiated and Executed the First Webcast of a
Library Event needed funds were secured through
presentation to Librarys Executive Council
Stewarding Major Donors
  • Design of the web platform for this endowed
    lecture included pages honoring Mr. Casey for
    whom the lecture was named. We spent
    considerable time making sure that the pages were
    to the donors specifications. Mrs. Casey and
    Advisory Board members were extremely pleased.

Inspirational Development Communications
  • Ribbon cuttings and dedications become even
    more special with booklets and programs honoring
    the donor and his family.

The Robbin Family - 2M donor
The Gelardin Family - 1M
Managing Special Events with Flair
The Shrady Family at the dedication of the bust
of Father DArcy
Both Here and Abroad
A Library Associates event in London. And a
special print The Glittering Prize designed
by an English artist to capture the title of this
special lecture.
Organizing Board Meetings with Panache
Designed new briefing booklet. The relatively
new librarian displayed this book to new provost
on their first meeting as a sample of excellence
at the Library.
Managed Board Reception, Dinner, Meetings
Continuing to Develop Creative Media Productions
  • Business Card Size CD

with coordinated web pages
PA Consulting Group
  • Introduction to Infrastructure and Development
    Projects for USAID and Development Banks
  • Proposal Creation
  • Contract and Subcontract Management
  • Project Management
  • Home Office Coordination of Internationally Based
    Task Forces
  • Facilitation of International Delegations
  • Development of Documents for International
  • Hospitality for International Study Groups

Introduction to Strict Corporate Branding Style
PA Consulting Group
  • Initiated Promotional Newsmagazine
  • Created Proposal Approved by CEO
  • Created Editorial Board
  • Developed Style and Substance with Corporate
    Marketing Branding
  • Encouraged Staff Participation through Division
    Meeting Presentations
  • Investigated, Gathered Edited Stories

Again From StartTo FinishEmployee Involvement
. Ownership
And Inspired a Revolution
  • Created new
  • byline
  • Innovative Strategies for Global Development
  • and inspired
  • re-developed
  • web pages

International Event in China with US Trade
Development Agency
  • Pre-event Promotional Strategy Materials

Management of Corporate Philanthropy Freddie Mac
2004 2005
  • Day-to-Day Management of the Executive Office
  • of the Community Relations/Foundation
  • Introduction to Corporate Organizational
  • Introduction to Corporate Philanthropy
  • Introduction to Corporate Lobbying Through
    Philanthropic Investments
  • Evaluating Grantmaking in concert with Strategic
    Corporate Planning
  • Introduction to National Marketing/Promotions
  • PA Spots with Ad Council
  • Documentary Production with Public Television on
    foster care
  • Wednesdays Child on adoption
  • National Childrens Museum
  • Introduction to Sponsorship of Major Minor
    Corporate Events
  • Hoops for the Homeless
  • Boys Girls Clubs and much more see

Learning from the Top Corporate Philanthropist
  • Freddie Mac Tops the List as a Corporate
  • May 5, 2004 Freddie Mac ranked first among
    Washington, DC area corporations in its
    contributions to the community, according to the
    Washington Business Journal. Overall, Freddie
    Mac's philanthropic givingwhich included Freddie
    Mac and Freddie Mac Foundation contributionstotal
    ed 49.8 million in 2003. Of this, nearly 39.5
    million went to make a difference in the
    Washington, DC region.
  • The Washington Business Journal released its
    annual ranking of the largest corporate
    philanthropists in the Washington, DC
    metropolitan area during the Seventh Annual
    Greater Washington Business Philanthropy Summit,
    which is organized by Greater DC Cares and the
    Washington Business Journal and sponsored by
    Freddie Mac and other leading local companies.
    The summit is the region's premier forum for
    recognizing and supporting corporate philanthropy
    in the local business community. The ranking
    appears this week in the Washington Business
    Journal's Greater Washington Business
    Philanthropy Guide.

  • Foundation and the Ad Council Work to Help
  • July 1, 2004 The Freddie Mac Foundation gave
    a 100,000 grant to the Advertising Council. The
    grant will be used to support the Ad Council's
    Commitment to Children. The contribution marks
    the Foundation's first grant to the Ad Council
    and places the Foundation among the Ad Council's
    Leadership Circle, the largest class of donors
    for the organization.
  • "The Ad Council's 'Commitment to Children'
    initiative fits wonderfully with the Foundation's
    dedication to opening the doors of hope and
    opportunity for children in our community," said
    Maxine B. Baker, president and CEO, Freddie Mac
    Foundation. "We are proud to support these
    efforts on behalf of children by partnering to
    create communications programs that address vital
    issues affecting our nation's children and
    enabling parents to create a caring family
    environment for their children.

Commitment to Public Benefit
  • Web Site Recruits People Ready to Change the
    Lives of Foster Children
  • December 13, 2004 As part of its ongoing
    efforts to offer a promising future to foster
    children throughout the country, the Freddie Mac
    Foundation has funded, a new Web
    site that features children in need of adoption
    and helps guide people through the sometimes
    overwhelming process of helping improve the lives
    of foster children. Visitors to the site meet
    foster children, learn about the system in an
    educational section and explore different ways to
    become involved in a foster child's life,
    including adoption. Links connect to programs,
    grants and opportunities that are available
    throughout the country.
  • The Web site, which will be regularly
    updated with new information and children, was
    created as a call to action in conjunction with
    the Foundation-sponsored documentary The Beat
    Down Club, a PBS film that exposes the harsh
    realities of the foster care system and depicts
    the system through the eyes of children and youth
    who have lived in it. Don Horwitz, the films
    director, manages

There are more than half a million U.S. children
in foster care. More than 126,000 are waiting for
a permanent home.
  • Wednesday's Childan Emmy-nominated program
    with a proven track record of successis part of
    the Freddie Mac Foundation's national campaign to
    increase adoptions of foster children.
  • Each week, a child in foster care who is
    available for adoption is profiled on the local
    evening news. During a segment hosted by a
    popular local newscaster, viewers are encouraged
    to learn more about helping these children find
    homes, and a phone number is provided. The
    children who are featured are usually the most
    difficult to place since they are often older, in
    sibling groups, and may have health and
    developmental needs. For these children, this
    program is often their last chance to find a
    permanent home and a family. The Wednesday's
    Child program started in the Washington, DC
    metropolitan area in 1992, a partnership with
    NBC-4 and the Council of Governments. Its
    phenomenal success there encouraged the Freddie
    Mac Foundation to expand the program nationwide.
    Wednesday's Child is now shown in five cities
    DC, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and
    Philadelphia. The Philadelphia program was
    launched March 24, 2004.

  • Over 800,000 Raised to Fight Family Homelessness
    in DC Area Basketball for a great cause talk
    about a slam dunk!
  • Freddie Macs Hoops for the HomelessSM
    produced great basketball on April 16. But more
    importantly, the event raised over 800,000 to
    alleviate homelessness, particularly among
    children and families in the Washington, DC
  • Freddie Mac hosted and underwrote all of the
    costs for this three-on-three, celebrity
    basketball tournament --- held at the MCI Center
    and headlined by basketball legend Magic Johnson.
    The event helped raise awareness and funds for
    six homeless service nonprofits in the DC metro
    region, and one national organization advocating
    for the homeless population across the nation.

Attended this event and the sponsors reception
at the home of the Hechingers on behalf of the
CEO/COO in 2004 and suggested a higher commitment
in 2005, which happened.
  • the National Childrens Museum

Freddie Mac Philanthropy
  • Continued involvement in grant and sponsorship
    agreements from contracting experiences and
    training at PA Consulting and Georgetown
  • Continued Experiences with Congressional Members,
    State Local Politicians Agency Involvement in
  • Continued Experiences Multi-corporate Events
  • Introduction to Executive and Employee
  • Grantmaking I initiated and was supported by
  • Do Something
  • Expansion through Washington Office
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Blend of Corporate and Foundation Goals at
    Strategic Time
  • Herndon Festival
  • Local Event with Cross-Division Involvement

Engineering a grant to expand operations
Initiated a relationship with a NY non-profit
organization that through my support received a
100,000 grant from the Foundations executive
Developing Philanthropy Across Corporate Divisions
Initiated this project which included staff
involvement from the Community Development
Lending Division of Freddie Mac.
Minding the Mission
  • At a time when a change of corporate leadership
    had Freddie Mac corporate executives wondering
    about the role and function of the Foundation I
    engineered an agreement with JHU Housing Policy
    Researchers and the FM Economic Policy staff
    leaders to research the impact of homeownership
    on the outcomes of children.
  • For the first time in the history of the
    foundation, this merged the mission of the
    foundation with the mission of the corporation
    increasing homeownership to benefit children.

Strategy DevelopmentPhysicians For Peace
  • Continued Corporate Sponsorship Valuation,
    Strategy Gift Charts from Corporate Sponsorship
    Experiences at Freddie Mac
  • Strategy and Positioning
  • Motivating the Board to Give Generously
  • United Nations Event from UN Experiences
  • Key Organizational Relationships generated from
    Georgetown Freddie Mac Experiences
  • Ruder Finn
  • UN Foundation
  • US Institute of Peace
  • UN Agencies UNDP
  • The Millennium
  • The Millennium Challenge Account
  • Columbia University

Creating the Right Incentivesfor Corporate
Knowing that Sponsor and Catering to their
Towne Bank, a community enterprise has a stronger
tie/affinity to the local medical volunteer than
the need in the foreign country.
Utilizing Prior Alliances
Through existing ties with Ruder Finn, identified
a premier venue and format at the UN to court
sponsors for PFPs Womens and Childrens Global
Health Initiative. Worked with vendor to create
this e-vite.
Positioning for Corporate Sponsorships with the
Right Policy
Speaking the Right Language the UN Millennium
Development Goals (MDGs) and Corporate Social
This letter to the CEO of Abbott Laboratories
resulted in a personal call in an expression of
interest from the head of Global Citizenship. He
cited the appeal of the UN MDGs, since their
corporation uses the MDGs as a focus of their
ongoing projects.
Coordinating the Marketing Proposal with
Appropriate Language
Short and sweet, but enough to get their interest
to initiate a relationship WHEN it catches
their attention with the right language.
Continuation of Embassy Involvement
From the beginning of my career at the OAS until
the present day, it has been my experience that
embassies are great venues to court corporate
sponsorships and program support.
US and International Chambers of Commerce
  • US Chamber Business Civic Leadership Center
    Corporate Social Responsibility
  • New York events and networking
  • Washington, DC events and networking
  • Virginia Chamber of Commerce
  • Chambers throughout Virginia (VCEF)
  • Commonwealth Scholars promotion
  • LEAD Hampton Roads Fellow
  • International Chambers Embassy Events

Continuation of Commitment to International
During my tenure at Physicians For Peace, I
established relationships with the American
Council on Education, the Virginia Tidewater
Consortium for Higher Education, and the World
Affairs Council in an effort to promote the
development of a regional fund for International
Virginia Career Education Foundation
  • Launch of Virginia rendition of a federal
    education program (USDOE) to encourage middle
    school student to take more rigorous coursework
    in high school
  • Strategic development planning and operations
    with Governor, Secretary of Education and other
    members of the Governors cabinet

Women in International Security
  • Strategic Development Planning
  • Board Involvement in Fundraising
  • Corporate/Foundation Portfolio Development
  • International Market Survey
  • Executive Mentoring in Fundraising

WIIS International Foundations
  • US Institute for Peace
  • European Foundation Centre
  • Training at Foundation Center (Washington)
  • Foundation Center, New York (WIIS meeting)

Regent University
  • M.A. International Politics 2008
  • Oxford Coursework
  • Terrorism
  • Law
  • Constitutionalism
  • International Economics
  • International Security
  • Research at Bodleian on Political Religion
  • M.A. Organizational Leadership 2010
  • Coursework compatible with WIIS strategy
  • Proposal for Global Philanthropic Enterprises
  • Continued Research at Bodleian on Political

International Intelligence Ethics Association
  • Annual Meetings, 2008 2009 Presentation in
    2008 CIA Confirmation Hearings Legislative
    Oversight of Intelligence Ethics
  • Board of Directors, since 2008
  • Support for fundraising for 2009 annual meeting
    at Georgetown University
  • Presentation at Intelligence Community Center of
    Academic Excellence Program at Penn State
    University Professionalism in Intelligence The
    Ethics Factor
  • Presentation in Texas

Multi-sector Collaborations -Liberia
  • Introduced Bishop Rosa Cox to fundraising
    collaboration opportunities and major donor
    prospects in Washington, DC (including USAID) and
    New York for her outreach in Liberia for
    schooling ex-combatants and women in trades with
    supportive health, housing, and food services.

Oxford University
  • Summer 2007
  • Terrorism and the West
  • Anglo-American Constitutionalism
  • Introduction to Bodleian Library
  • Research began on Sacralizing Sovereignty /
    Political Religion
  • Summer 2008
  • Biblical and Quranic Law
  • Bible and Anglo-American Politics and Law
  • Further research at the Bodleian and other Oxford
  • Introduction to Speakers Corner/Hyde Park

Academic Research Participation
  • International Studies Association Annual
  • New York, 2009 Exploring the Past,
    Anticipating the Future
  • New Orleans, 2010 Theory vs. Policy?
    Connecting Scholars and Practitioners
  • Relating with Scholars
  • Introduction to Paper Presentations and Panel

Academic Research Presentations
  • Venice 2010
  • 10th International CISS (Comparative
    Interdisciplinary Studies Section ISA)
    Millenium Conference
  • Global Cooperation Alliances, Institutions, and
    International Relations
  • Paper Presentation - Sacralizing Sovereignty The
    Impact of Political Religions on 21st Century
    Westphalian States

Academic Research Presentations Participation
  • Porto, Portugal 2011
  • World International Studies Committee annual
  • Paper Presentation- Sacaralized Sovereignty
    Contemporary Convolution as a Catalyst of Crisis
  • Chair IR and Anarchy
  • Chair Discussant NGOs and Aid Policy

Current Career Goals
  • A position in which I can utilize my graduate
    education in international politics and
    organizational leadership to create effective and
    efficient multi-sector collaborations to inspire
    exponential growth at a global organization.
  • Advanced education in international politics and
    organizational leadership (Ph.D.) with
    scholarly emphasis on
  • (1) Political Religion Theory and International
  • (2) Exponential Economic Growth through Effective
    and Efficient Multi-Sector Collaborations
  • And a concomitant adjunct teaching/research
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