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Electromagnetic machine


Electromagnetic machine By mark Question As cutlery flies through the air towards a magnet, does it produce more kinetic energy than it cost to turn the magnet on? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Electromagnetic machine

Electromagnetic machine
  • By mark

  • As cutlery flies through the air towards a
    magnet, does it produce more kinetic energy than
    it cost to turn the magnet on?
  • As the cutlery smashes into the magnet does it
    release more energy than it cost to produce it?
  • With modern batteries, powerful electro-magnets
    attached to modern dynamos is it possible that
    you could create electricity purely by harnessing
    magnetic properties of potential energy?
  • These are my questions.

The first electromagnetic motor
Magnet basics
Some basic electro-magnetic theory c1825
Harvesting potential energy
Magnetic AC power
A quote using Newtonian theory
What if you could turn the magnets on and off and
set the process in a loop? Would it spin if
controlled by a computer?
The driving force Wfd
Dogs chase the rabbit
The idea is simple, like at the dog track. The
only thing the dogs need to run is the rabbit,
and they chase it around the track. Only in this
version they are harnessed and the energy they
produce goes to power the rabbit. Would they
produce enough energy to power the rabbit, who in
turn would make them run? Because this is an
electro-magnetic experiment they wouldnt need
any other food, they could run all day just by
following the rabbit.
This is a picture of a windup torch. They cost a
few dollars retail. When I first saw it I thought
this is what I was thinking of. A dynamo, a
storage device and an output all driven by hand.
The only difference with the idea is that
magnetic forces would drive the handle. Remember
Sturgeon and his 7 Ounce horse shoe changing its
state so as to move a body 20 times its weight. I
imagine a mechanism the size of a washing machine
being able to power the everyday needs of a house.
Baseball example borrowed from Wikipedia
Fourth strike, into space, as with Newtons
Cradle explained earlier.
Turn to stone, on/off
Self-sufficient machine possibility
My animated experiment(Please see next
presentation for animation)
Century old electromagnet motors
The above technology is from the 19th century,
basically copper wire inducing a magnetic field
which is repelled by the poles of the fixed
magnet, no more no less!
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