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2013-14 Grade 3 Midyear Promotion (GTMYP)


2013-14 Grade 3 Midyear Promotion (GTMYP) Screencast Training Session Program Guide: http://oada.dadeschools.net/TestChairInfo/InfoForTestChair.asp – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 2013-14 Grade 3 Midyear Promotion (GTMYP)

2013-14Grade 3 Midyear Promotion
  • ScreencastTraining Session

Program Guide http//oada.dadeschools.net/TestCha
What is the grade 3 midyear promotion (GTMYP)?
  • An assessment that complies with the established
    criteria of the Floridas public school student
    progression law.
  • Students must demonstrate reading proficiency as
    required by Section 1008.25, Florida Statute.
  • Students may take the GTMYP only one time during
    this administration window.
  • Offered November 12-13, 2013.
  • ITBS Complete Battery, Form C, Level 10.
  • All materials must be returned at the conclusion
    of testing and may not be stored at the school

Program Guide 4
Ways to Demonstrate Reading Mastery for Grade 3
  • Spring 2013 FCAT 2.0 Reading test
  • or,
  • Spring 2012-13 Grade 3 Student Reading Portfolio
  • or,
  • Spring 2013 Alternative Standardized Reading
  • or,
  • Summer 2013 Alternative Assessment for Grade 3
  • or,
  • 2013-14 Grade 3 Mid-Year Promotion

Program Guide 4
Students To Be Tested
  • All retained third grade students who met
    specific criteria on the Summer 2013 Alternative
    Assessment for Grade 3 Promotion (AAGTP), defined
    as a percentile rank score at or between the 40th
    and 44th percentile.
  • Retained 3rd grade students who did not
    participate in the Summer 2013 Alternative
    Assessment for Grade 3 Promotion (AAGTP).
  • Students who have demonstrated substantial
    progress in class and are recommended by their
    teacher, may participate at the school
    administrators discretion.

Program Guide 6
Schedule of Activities Schedule of Activities
November 1 View Screencast Training for test chairpersons.
November 4 Complete the electronic Screencast Verification form at http//www.surveymonkey.com/s/TFCM59B
November 4-8 Elementary and K-8 Centers Pick up/order testing materials. Pick up GTMYP materials at TDC by 330 pm.
November 7 Distribute parent letters to all eligible students.
November 8 Print generic answer sheets via Edusoft.
Program Guide 5
Schedule of Activities, cont. Schedule of Activities, cont.
November 12 Administer GTMYP test to all eligible, retained 3rd grade students.
November 13 Make-up administration for the GTMYP, as necessary.
November 13-15 Scan answer sheets via Edusoft and print student lists. Evaluate students eligibility for promotion.
November 15 Return all GTMYP materials to the Test Distribution Center by 330 pm. Fax a written account of any breaches of security or testing irregularities to SAET at 305-995-7522.
Program Guide 5
Schedule of Activities, cont. Schedule of Activities, cont.
November 22 SAET will email principals the School Listing of Student Results.
November 27 Notify SAET to override any promotion decisions.
December 6 Submit Heat ticket on or before this date for all promoted students to establish proper placement.
Program Guide 5
  • Accommodations must be provided to
  • Students with disabilities (SWD) who have current
  • Students with current Section 504 plans
  • English language learners (ELLs), Levels 1-4
  • Test MUST NOT be read to students

Program Guide 6-8
Accommodations English Language Learners
  • Flexible Setting
  • Flexible Timing
  • Assistance in Heritage Language
  • Dictionary

Program Guide 6-7
Accommodations Students with Disabilities and
Section 504 Plan Students
  • Flexible Setting
  • Flexible Timing
  • Recording of Answers
  • Flexible Presentation
  • Revised Format (call TDC to request)

Program Guide 7-8
Receiving and Preparing Materials for Testing
  • Schools will pick-up/order directions for
    administration and test booklets.
  • Verify counts of testing materials received using
    the Packing Slip and Return Form located in Box
  • Report missing materials immediately to TDC.
  • Contact TDC for additional materials, if needed.
  • Securely store all test materials.
  • Keep this form and use to return materials.

Program Guide 8
Testing Materials
  • Edusoft Answer Sheet
  • Print answer sheets for eligible students.
  • The 7 digit M-DCPS student ID must be hand
  • Student name must be written at the top of the
    answer sheet.
  • Students will record answers directly on the
    answer sheet.
  • Test Booklet
  • The Complete Battery, Level 10 which contains the
    Reading Comprehension subtest.
  • Test Booklets are re-used, so students may NOT
    write or mark answers directly in the booklets.

Program Guide 8-9
Sample Edusoft Answer Sheet
Student Name
ITBS C Complete Level 10 Reading
Comprehension November 2010
Student 7-digit ID
Begin here
Program Guide 9
Training School Test Administrators and Proctors
  • Carefully select test administrators/proctors
  • Training should include
  • Students to be tested
  • Schools testing schedule
  • Adhering to the Directions For Administration
  • Test Timing and subtest to administer
  • Providing accommodations
  • Ensuring optimal testing conditions
  • Test invalidations

Program Guide 10
Distribution Tracking of Materials
  • Test booklets and Directions for Administration
    (DFA) are secure materials but do not include
    security numbers.
  • Inventory materials on receipt and report
    discrepancies immediately to the Test
    Distribution Center at 305-995-3743.
  • Use Teacher Count Sheets to account for test
    materials distributed to test administrators.
  • Test administrators must report discrepancies in
    counts to test chairperson.
  • Monitor to ensure procedures are being followed
    in each testing room.

Program Guide 11 and 32
Administering the Test
  • Maintain security procedures.
  • Morning administration is recommended.
  • If a test is invalidated, there is no other
    opportunity or test that can be given in place of
    this assessment.

Program Guide 11-12
Important GTMYP Test Administration Information
Reading Comprehension Time Limits Test Book Pages Item Numbers
Part 1 25 Minutes Pages 7-13 Items 1-20
Part 2 30 Minutes Pages 14-20 Items 21-41
Both parts must be completed to receive a score.
Program Guide 11
Absences and Invalidations
  • Record student name on Record of Absences,
    Exemptions, and Invalidations Form.
  • Make-up sessions can be given any day during the
    testing window.
  • In the event of an invalidation of a group of
    students, call SAET, at 305-995-7520,

Program Guide 12 and 31
Damaged Test Booklet or Answer Sheet Procedures
  • Transfer all student identification information
    and student responses onto a new answer sheet and
    shred the damaged document.
  • Verify that all transferred information has been
    correctly gridded and process for scoring.
  • Test booklets that become soiled due to illness
    should be reported to SAET at 305-995-7520 and
    securely destroyed at the school site.
  • Write DAMAGED across the front of any test
    booklet which is damaged or written on and return
    it to the TDC as directed.

Program Guide 13
Scanning Answer Sheets and Printing Results
  • Answer sheets will be scanned via Edusoft.
  • Only the GTMYP designee will have access to the
    GTMYP Edusoft folder.
  • Print a student list from each scanning session,
    showing each students number correct score (raw
  • A student must obtain a raw score of 24 or higher
    in order to be considered for promotion.

Program Guide 13-14
Promoting Students
  • At the end of the testing window, the District
    will provide a listing of student results to each
    school. Please, verify that all students tested
    at your school are included.
  • The District will promote students who have met
    the GTMYP criteria. Schools may override
    promotions by contacting SAET.
  • By December 6th, schools must submit a Heat
    ticket for each student to be promoted to
    establish proper placement.
  • Direct each Heat Ticket to Ask ITS a question
    Attention Ms. Clara O Reilly, Registrar, Home
    Education, Federal and State Compliance Office.
  • The Heat tickets must include the following
  • Student Name
  • Student ID
  • Effective Date
  • Homeroom

Returning Testing Materials
  • Place the originals of the following completed
    forms in a return envelope, in Box 1 and retain
    copies for your records.
  • TDC Packing Slip and Return Form
  • All Record of Absences, Exemptions, and
    Invalidations forms
  • All Teacher Count Sheets
  • School Procedural Checklist

Program Guide 14-15
Sample TDC Packing Slip and Return Form
Complete this portion to return materials.
Program Guide 14-15 and 33
  • Complete the GTMYP Screencast Verification Form
  • http//www.surveymonkey.com/s/TFCM59B
  • to validate your training.
  • Review the student listing of results and fax to
    SAET with promotion decisions recorded for each

Sources of Information
  • Administration of the GTMYP
  • Ms. Mayda Cabeza, Director I
  • mcabeza_at_dadeschools.net,
  • 305-995-7520
  • Request/Pick Up/Return Materials
  • Ms. Magaly Hernandez, Supervisor I
  • 305-995-3743
  • Edusoft
  • Ms. Thomasena Johnson-Hudson (Edusoft)
  • Thomasenajohnsonhudson_at_hmco.com
  • Ms. Linda Trupia, District Supervisor (M-DCPS)
  • ltrupia_at_dadeschools.net

Program Guide 35
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