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Welcome to 3rd Grade Parent Information Night


Welcome to 3rd Grade Parent Information Night Mrs. Combs Mrs. Davis Ms. Foley Ms. Mullens Expect Success! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to 3rd Grade Parent Information Night

Welcome to 3rd Grade Parent Information Night
  • Mrs. Combs
  • Mrs. Davis
  • Ms. Foley
  • Ms. Mullens

Expect Success!
Goals of 3rd Grade
  • Third Grade is a big transitional year for both
    students and parents. Concepts moves at a much
    faster pace.
  • Our goal is that students will be active
    engaged in their learning, so that students will
    remain successful learners.

Attendance Punctuality
  • Punctuality and attendance are important.
  • Instruction begins promptly at 800AM. Please
    ensure that your child is in the classroom.
  • If your son/daughter is absent, contact the
    Attendance office. A note is required for each
    absence as soon as possible.
  • Classroom and Campus Incentives for Perfect
  • General Conduct grade drops 1 letter for every
    4 tardies in a grading period.

  • Nurtured Heart Approach
  • This system consists of consistently reinforcing
    positive character traits with praise and rewards
    while still setting firm boundaries.
  • Behavior Reflections
  • Reset
  • Behavior book
  • Student-Teacher conference
  • Parent Contact

  • Students earn tickets for positive behaviors.
  • Prides- North, East, South and West
  • Campus wide incentive.
  • Students can earn points for their tribes by
    attendance, character awards, behavior, grades,
    bus behavior.

  • Replaces TAKS
  • STAAR State of Texas Assessment of Academic
  • 4 hour testing window
  • In 3rd grade this will assess reading and math
  • Higher level of thinking, depth of knowledge

Ways to Achieve Success
  • Completing homework correctly
  • Reading daily
  • Using strategies/proving answers
  • Personal academic (attainable) goals
  • Attendance

ELA Social Studies Curriculum
  • Assignments are done in class and kept in
    Interactive Journals.
  • Journals are kept at school so students can use
    as a resource.
  • Reading
  • Students should be reading daily to build stamina
    which prepares them for STAAR tests and future
    grade levels.
  • Comprehension and Fluency are components of
    Reading Test.
  • End of Year level P

ELA Homework
  • Choice Board
  • Reflects what is taught in class
  • May include reading, writing, spelling, grammar,
    or Social Studies
  • Reading Log
  • Students should be reading daily and parents
    should sign off on the reading log.
  • Reading homework may include studying for
    science, reading newspapers, recipes, Kid biz and
    other reading websites etc.

Homework Choice Board
  • Please practice spelling at home
  • Spelling quizzes will be given on Thursdays
  • New spelling words will be given on Fridays.

Math Curriculum
  • The district curriculum moves at a fast pace,
    however, homework supplements the spiraling
  • Measurement
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication/division
  • Problem solving (2-3 step word problems)
  • Computations (addition, subtraction, etc) should
    be shown on paper
  • enVision available online

Math Homework
  • Homework reflects the days lesson and is due the
    next day.
  • Math book, Investigation worksheets, or other
    teacher chosen worksheets - Check agenda books.
  • Reflex Math
  • Math spirals
  • Filled with notes Teacher Guided Practice
  • Students are encouraged to take home as needed
    but must be brought back the next day.

Science Curriculum
  • Lab Safety if students are not following safety
    rules, they will be asked to observe rather than
  • Hands-on labs are incorporated for each unit.
  • Science Journals- at school daily

General Homework Expectations
  • Check Agenda Books and Teacher websites
  • Homework will be given daily to reinforce/review
    skills taught in class.
  • If you notice that they worked an assignment
    incorrectly, please assist them.
  • The faster misconceptions are cleared, the more
    successful your child will be.

Classroom Websites
  • School and teacher web pages give you access to
    important dates, information and resources.
  • You can see your childs
  • Upcoming assessments
  • Weekly schedule
  • Links to useful interactive sites such as
    Learning.com, First in Math, Kidbiz.com,
    PearsonSuccess.com for both Math and ELA, and
    many others.

  • Major assessments 50
  • Minor assessments 40
  • Homework 10
  • Late homework will lower homework trait in
    Wednesday folder.
  • Based campus decisions, no extra
  • credit will be given

Grade Speed
  • An online tool that provides parents with access
    to students grades attendance.
  • To view your son/daughters grades online, you
    will need the following
  • Student ID number
  • Lunch pin (obtain this in person at the front
  • student social security number
  • Updated weekly

Wednesday Folders
  • Parent-teacher communication tool.
  • Academics
  • Work Habits
  • Review/discuss the contents work habits with
    your student.
  • Keep the papers unless noted differently.
  • Sign the folder return Thursday. (Example)

(No Transcript)
  • To make sure students are successful, teachers
    will re-teach and reassess on assignments with
    grades 70 or below only.
  • A note will be attached to the assignment in the
    Wednesday Folder for possible make-up times.
  • Retake times could occur before or after school.
  • Student will receive the higher of the two
  • Campus Grading Guidelines

District Campus Assessments
  • District Common Assessments (DCA)/Benchmarks
  • Created by the district
  • Major grade
  • Campus Common Assessment (CCA)
  • created by campus teachers
  • Major grade
  • These are both secure documents.
  • Grades will be in Wednesday folders and on
  • You may set up a conference to view the test
  • Test dates will be on websites and/or student
    agenda book

3rd Grade Common Schedules
  • 930 1015 Specials
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 200 300 Specials
  • Monday

Looking Ahead
  • Parent Conferences Oct. 14th
  • (please sign up tonight)
  • STAAR math April 22nd
  • STAAR reading April 23rd

Visiting Lemm Elementary
  • ALL visitors must enter through the front doors
    and show ID to front office to receive a visitor
  • Visitor badge must be visible
  • Only visit the area stated on the badge
  • This is for the safety of students and
  • Please turn OFF cell phones and remove hats.

Other Lemm Notes
  • Car riders
  • Practice using a seat belt
  • Know Car s
  • Parents, please stay in your car
  • All students need to know
  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Lunch Pin s
  • Please label all personal items

Thank You
  • Questions will be taken at this time.
  • Please sign up for parent conferences
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