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Fifth Grade


Fifth Grade Welcome Students and Parents! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade
  • Welcome Students and Parents!

Welcome to 5th Grade!
  • This is an important year for you!
  • I will give you an introduction to 5th grade and
    to our classroom.
  • If you have any questions during my presentation,
    please raise your hand and wait to be called on.

All About MeMrs. Roberts
  • My Background
  • I grew up in Hoffman Estates.
  • I am the eldest of nine children.
  • I have a Masters degree.
  • Ive been teaching for 25 years.
  • I have taught 3rd, 5th and 6th grades, but 5th is
    my favorite.

My Family
  • My Husband
  • John
  • My Children
  • Sons, John and Michael
  • Our Pets
  • Dog, Elvis

Tornado Drill
  • Open Windows, and turn off lights. There is no
  • Procedure
  • Use northwest stairway (next to rooms 227, 228
    and hall window). Walk on right side of stairs
    to the main floor. Proceed past 2nd and 1st
    grades to hallway by nurses office and line up
    along walls opposite nurses office. Sit along
    wall. Facing wall with head between knees and
    hands clasped over head.

Fire Drill
  • Turn off lights, Exit
  • Exit single file, there is no talking
  • Procedure
  • Use northwest stairway (next to rooms 227, 228
    and hall window). Walk on right side of stairs
    to main floor. Exit left side of door 7. Walk
    behind school to south playground. Cross asphalt
    of playground and line up by class.

Crisis Plan
  • Remain in the classroom.
  • Lock the classroom door from the inside.
  • Pull shades down, turn off lights.
  • Move away from the door and windows.
  • Remain calm and quiet.

  • To give you the academic tools you need to
    progress to 6th grade.
  • To provide a supportive learning environment.
  • To integrate Common Core State Standards into the
  • To prepare you for the ISAT .(Illinois State
    Achievement Test)
  • To have fun while we learn.
  • To make new friends and discover new interests.

Class Content
  • We will cover all the subjects and topics that
    our state believes are important for you to learn
    during 5th grade.

  • Students will begin the year writing well-written
  • Being a Writer Curriculum will be used
  • Narrative, Expository and Persuasive writing will
    be stressed.
  • One writing piece will be graded per unit.
  • 6 1 Writing traits and rubric will be used to
    grade each final writing piece.
  • Grammar and mechanics will be stressed.
  • Students will keep all of their writing in their
    writing notebooks/binder.
  • All work must be done in cursive writing.

  • Math will be taught everyday.
  • Students will answer 5 math problems in their
    spiral notebook every morning.
  • Homework Math Box
    Study Links
  • Bring to class SRB book Journal /Study
    Links Calculator Geometry template pencil
    red pen
  • Vocabulary binder
  • There will be a study group the day before every

  • We Will Be Learning About
  • Number Theory
  • Estimation
  • Geometry Explorations
  • Division
  • Fractions, Decimals, and percents
  • Using Data
  • Exponents and Negative numbers
  • Fractions and Ratios
  • Coordinates, Area Volume, and Capacity
  • Algebra Concepts and Skills
  • Volume
  • Probability, Ratios, and Rates

  • All students are assessed three times a year
    using Fountas and Pinell Reading Assessment to
    find their Independent and Instructional levels
  • All students need to have a just right
    independent book to read in class everyday.
  • Mini-lessons on strategies
  • Students will use the mini- lesson strategy
    during independent reading and record evidence of
    this strategy on their independent reading log
  • Modeled Reading
  • Shared Reading
  • Guided reading, according to their Fountas and
    Pinell Level
  • Independent Reading
  • Read Aloud
  • Conferencing
  • Reading Logs will be due every Friday
  • Journals
  • Book reports will be due once a month stressing a
    particular genre

  • Strategies
  • Making Connections
  • Questioning
  • Visualizing
  • Inferring
  • Determining Importance
  • Synthesizing

Words Their Way
  • At the beginning of the year students are
    assessed with a Spelling Inventory Test.
  • Students are then placed in groups according to
    the skills/rules that they need support.
  • Once a week, students are given a new set of
    words to study and practice. Activities such as
    sorting, quizzes, word hunts and games are done
    during the week.
  • Students are assessed on their new words weekly.

Social Studies
  • We Will be Learning About
  • United States History
  • Explorers
  • Colonies
  • Revolutionary War
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Civil War
  • To study for tests

  • We Will Be Learning About
  • Body Systems
  • Health, hygiene
  • Reproduction
  • Data, Variables
  • Scientific Method
  • Mixtures and Solutions
  • D.A.R.E. - Drug abuse, smoking, social

Art, Music, and P.E.
  • Music will be on Mondays
  • Art and P.E. will be on Tuesdays.
  • Computer Lab and Library will be held on Fridays.

Class Rules
  • Learning cannot take place when there are
    disruptions or poor behavior in the classroom.
    Each student is responsible for his own behavior
    therefore, there will be consequences for
    inappropriate behavior.
  • Verbal Warning
  • Call/Note sent Home
  • Detention

  • All homework is to be done.
  • Students will receive a 0 if their work is not
    handed in.
  • Parents will be notified on the behavior chart
    when the student has a missing assignment.

Teacher/Parent Communication
  • Every Friday I will be sending home a blue folder
    which will contain the following things
  • A newsletter from me containing important
    information about what we are learning, upcoming
    tests, student achievements and important dates
    to remember.
  • All of your papers from the last week.
  • A monthly behavior chart for the week.
  • Parents are to sign and return the behavior
    chart with the blue folder.
  • 4. Progress Reports will be sent home in the
    middle of each semester.

Absences and Tardiness
  • Students are required to hand in all the work
    they missed.
  • Green assignment sheets will be given when you
    are absent.
  • Make arrangements with the teacher to make up
    tests or if you have any questions about the work
    that you missed.

Progress Reports and Report Cards
  • Progress Reports
  • Report Cards
  • http//

Field Trips
  • In school, Robert Crown Center (puberty)
  • Three trips to Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation,
    (October, February, April)
  • D.A.R.E. (September-December)
  • Springfield (May ?)
  • End of the Year Picnic at Lords Park, (May)

Contact Information
  • Mrs. Roberts
  • voice mail- 1-847-289-6639
  • e-mail-
  • Please give me 24 hours to respond .
  • Thank you

Lets Have a Great Year!
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