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Water Cycle Vocabulary


Water Cycle Vocabulary Temperature: ... Accumulation: growth by continuous additions Sentence: The accumulation of snow made it difficult to drive on the roads. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Water Cycle Vocabulary

Water Cycle Vocabulary
Temperature The degree of hotness or coldness of
an objectSentence The temperature in California
was really hot.
Cloud Water vapor that cools and becomes a
liquid, drops attach to dust particles and form
clouds.Sentence There are lots of clouds in the
sky today.
Boiling point The point at which water boils
(100 degrees C or 212 degrees F)Sentence The
boiling point of water is 212 degrees
Precipitation Water that falls from clouds to
Earths surface.Sentence We are expecting a
large amount of precipitation today, so take your
Evaporation the process by which a liquid
changes into a gas.Sentence The sun causes
evaporation from the ocean.
Rain water that is condensed from the water
vapor in the atmosphere and falls to
earthSentence We got two inches of rain today!
Solid having three dimensions (length, width,
and height), as a geometrical body or
figureSentence The solid ice cube in my drink
melted to a liquid.
Water cycle The constant movement of water from
the surface of the Earth to the air and back
again.Sentence The water cycle is a process
that recycles water.
Condensation The process by which a gas changes
into a liquid.Sentence The condensation from my
glass left a puddle on the table.
Snow a precipitation in the form of ice crystal
formed directly from the freezing of the water
vapor in the air. Sentence Last winter we had
almost 12 inches of snow.
Atmosphere the gaseous envelope surrounding the
earth the airSentence The airplane flew high
up in the atmosphere.
Hail Precipitation in the form of pellets of ice
and hard snowSentence The hail from the storm
was the size of a baseball.
Accumulation growth by continuous
additionsSentence The accumulation of snow
made it difficult to drive on the roads.
Freezing Point The temperature water freezes (32
degrees Fahrenheit or 0 Celsius)Sentence When
the water in the ice trays reached the freezing
point, it became ice cubes.
Sleet precipitation in the form of ice pellets
created by the freezing of rain as it
fallsSentence When it began to sleet, the roads
became slippery.
Weather The condition of the atmosphere at a
certain place and time.Sentence The weather in
Georgia can change daily.
Fog a cloudlike mass or layer of minute water
droplets or ice crystals near the surface of the
earth, reducing what you can see.Sentence When
I woke up there was so much fog, I could not see
my mailbox.
Liquid molecules that move freely among
themselves but do not tend to separate like those
of gases neither a gas nor solidSentence The
liquid water I drank was really cold.
Gas a substance that moves and expands, not a
solid or liquid.Sentence When I boiled the
water it became a gas.
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