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CBC, ADHD, & Homework: A Case Study The Case of Jared 15 year old, 9th grade male with history of BD classification in 6th grade and medications for ADHD (not ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: CBC, ADHD,

CBC, ADHD, HomeworkA Case Study
  • The Case of Jared
  • 15 year old, 9th grade male with history of BD
    classification in 6th grade and medications for
    ADHD (not current at the time of CBC)
  • Low to middle SES dual parent family in a rural
    farming community
  • Youngest of 3 boys, all with ADHD diagnoses
  • History of alcoholism in family
  • Public high school with 800 students from
    surrounding communities

The Case of JaredBackground Information
  • Teachers perceptions of Jared very negative (I
    cant stand him in my classroom He needs to be
    in a classroom for BD kids)
  • Mom very concerned about Jared being placed in BD
  • Parents and teachers had parallel concerns about
  • Jared not getting what was needed from each other
    (structure at home, attention in class)
  • Disruptive behaviors interfering with
    demonstration of skills
  • Failure to communicate about schoolwork

The Case of JaredBehavioral Concerns
  • Presenting Behaviors
  • School Disruptive, out of seat, lack of
    productivity, rudeness, disrespect toward
  • Home Failure to bring homework home, rarely
    initiated homework
  • Target Behaviors for CBC
  • School In-seat work completion, sitting quietly,
    raising hand when necessary
  • Home Bring homework home and initiate by 8 pm

The Case of JaredIntervention Issues for CBC
  • Multi-component intervention developed to
    increase continuity between home and school
  • Home-note system (increased communication)
  • Self-monitoring (in-school and out-of-school
  • Positive reinforcement (allowance tied to work
  • Adult support (regular check-in with teachers,
    parent, and consultant)
  • Intervention initially implemented across 2
    academic subjects ultimately implemented across
    4 subject areas

The Case of JaredProcess Issues for CBC
  • Prior to CBC, little communication occurred
    between parent and teachers
  • There was a history of negativity between parent
    and teachers
  • Parent and teachers seemed to hold each other
    responsible for problems
  • There was an obvious a lack of clarity about
    academic expectations

The Case of JaredStrategies Used by Consultant
  • Drawing distinct similarities across settings
  • Structuring an intervention that required
    cooperation and communication across parties
  • Increasing responsibility for successful outcomes
    by including all participants, including Jared,
    in CBC and in the plan
  • Making the problem solving process overt

The Case of JaredBehavioral Outcomes
  • Behavioral Focus
  • Goals were achieved at home and at school
  • Jared began bringing his homework home and
    behaved appropriately in the classroom
  • His math teacher reported that Jared is right
    where we want him
  • Jared began to come in after school for help
    teachers reported increased motivation
  • His grades improved from 4 Ds to 3 As and one D

Percentage of Nights Per Week Jared Completed
Percentage of Nights Per Week Jared Completed
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9
The Case of JaredRelational Outcomes
  • Relational Focus
  • Jareds parents and teachers viewed each other in
    a more positive light as both had fulfilled their
    responsibilities as consultees
  • The teachers were able to see an obvious change
    in behavior and appreciated Jared as a student
    agreed that a BD resource room placement was
  • Jareds mother came to see her son as having
    academic potential as his grades improved

The Case of JaredGeneral Outcomes
  • Parent and teachers shared in the ownership of
    defining the problem and developing an
    intervention, but Jared took responsibility for
    problem solution
  • Teachers began making positive comments about
  • Mom and teacher reported satisfaction with
    knowing more about work and expectations
  • Generalization to other settings/academic
    subjects began to further increase shared
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