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VCS Committee 14th November 13 Working together to address mental health and poverty related issues A presentation by Islington Mental Health & Poverty ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: VCS Committee

VCS Committee 14th November 13
  • Working together to address mental health and
    poverty related issues
  • A presentation by Islington Mental Health
    Poverty Networking Forum and Islington Faiths

  • In March 2011, IFF Committee Members were
    reporting an increasing incidence of people with
    mental health poverty issues coming to their
    faith sites some resulting in violence (the
    people were desperate).
  • We reflected on how we could best respond and
    decided that it was best to offer training to
    staff and volunteers at these community sites to
    assist them with handling these types of
  • So Mental Health First Aid Training and separate
    workshops on poverty related issues.
  • We submitted this proposal to the Health Belief
    Programme 2011 with a request for funds.

Work in 2011
  • We moved quickly and started the training in
    October 2011.
  • Take-up for both sets of training was strong.
  • We exceeded outputs and outcomes.
  • The interest in this area of work (mental health
    poverty) was immense.
  • When we finished the training we held talks in
    May and a meeting in June 2012 to gauge the
    appetite for further partnership working. We had
    a huge response.

  • We wrote a bid to the Health Belief Programme
    2012 to support a networking forum re mental
    health poverty. As we were already a recipient
    (within a year) they could not grant us any
  • However, London Catalyst (one of HB funders)
    expressed an interest in our proposal and after
    due diligence, they gave us a special interest
  • With this grant, the IFF sought to match fund and
    brought in further funds to support the work.

Islington Mental Health Poverty Networking Forum
  • Set-up in September 2012

  • The Islington Mental Health Poverty Networking
    Forum was set up in September 2012 in response to
    growing demand for support from faith and
    community organisations to help residents with
    needs around mental health and poverty in the
    Borough.  The Forum now has 30 partner
    organisations from across the third and statutory
    sectors who all work together to see what can be
    done to address existing and emerging needs.The
    interest in this work continues to grow.

Aims Objectives of the new Forum
  • To raise the profile of mental health poverty
    issues across the Borough and to provide
    representation for the members of the Network to
    statutory bodies, government departments and
    other agencies where considered necessary and
  • To support all organisations in Islington with
    regards to mental health and poverty issues.
  • To circulate and share information widely across
    all sectors in order to support the community
    affected by these issues.
  • To explore and facilitate partnership working and
    promote sign-posting between member external
    organisations, in order to assist organisations
    in responding to the growing needs around mental
    health and poverty.

  • CARIS Islington FBO covering homelessness
    mental health issues
  • Cranstoun / ICAS Islington Community Alcohol
  • Cripplegate Foundation a long standing,
    experienced charity in both areas
  • Direct Action Project - mental health project
    part of Peel Institute - a charity
  • Disability Action in Islington an experienced
    charity covering both issues
  • Evelyn Oldfield Unit covering both issues to
    support refugee community organisations
  • Friends of Isledon Road - at the Mental Health
    Resource Centre
  • Help on Your Doorstep a charity covering both
    issues across Islington
  • Hillside Clubhouse a charity supporting those
    with mental health issues
  • Holloway Neighbourhood Group (The Stress Project)
  • iBUG service user-led organisation looking at
    mental health services
  • iCope - a more specialist NHS service around
    mental health
  • Islington Citizens Advice Bureau - an all round
    relevant support agency
  • Islington Faiths Forum covering both issues and
    network lead
  • Islington Law Centre - covering both poverty and
    mental health issues

  • Islington Mental Health Forum user-led mental
    health forum
  • Islington MIND they deliver a range of front
    line mental health services
  • Islington Peoples Rights - covering both poverty
    and mental health issues
  • Islington Public Health (Islington Council)
  • Islington Voluntary Sector Health Network they
    cover both areas of work
  • Jobcentre Plus Finsbury Park
  • Manor Gardens Health Advocacy Project working
    in both areas
  • Mental Wellbeing Champions Project, Manor Gardens
    Welfare Trust mental health.
  • Mind Yourself support for the Irish Community
    re mental health.
  • Refugee Therapy Centre working in both areas
  • Rethink Mental Illness a national mental health
  • Safer Islington Partnership, Islington Council
    (where mental health poverty impact community
  • SHP working in both areas including complex
  • St.Mungos a national mental health charity
    also dealing with poverty issues.
  • The Stuart Low Trust - a mental health promotion
    charity (activities).

What do we do?
  • Lobby Central Government Lord Freud - DWP re
    our concerns about vulnerable adults with Welfare
    Reform personal budgeting payment exception
  • Work with Local Government for example re
    Archway Bridge (suicide hotspot safety
  • Work with local mental health services to explore
    care in the community and to support referrals.
  • Work with local services on poverty related
    issues mostly on Welfare Reform currently.

What do we do?
  • Channel feedback from our community partners to
    relevant people and organisations (re concerns).
  • We listen to service users and hear what their
    experiences are like. Very important.
  • We meet circa every 8 weeks.
  • Deliver events like the Best Practice
    Networking Conference. Suicide Prevention
  • Link our partners up with other service
  • We circulate relevant information to service
    providers and other interested parties.
  • We make representation where necessary and

What Next? The Way Forward
  • Following the success of the Best Practice
    Networking Conference on 20th March 2013, we will
    be delivering another Conference on 26th March
  • We are working to link more services up,
    statutory and third sector organisations and to
    grow support for those with mental health
    poverty related issues. The possibilities are

The Way Forward
  • We believe that everyone has a part to play in
    addressing the stigma around mental ill health.
    How are you today? is not a question just about
    physical health.
  • Poverty related issues need to be discussed
    openly too.
  • A collective response is powerful.
  • Islington Public Health, Islington Council and
    our Community Partners have been very supportive
    of our work.

  • Any Questions?
  • Contact
  • IFF Development Director Roz Miller
  • Tel 020 8361 2488 Mob 07799 133305
  • Email
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