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WELCOME Parents of 2014-2015 6th graders


WELCOME Parents of 2014-2015 6th graders Hudson Middle School Receives Middle School of Excellence Award Coming for the first time for the 2014-2015 school year. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: WELCOME Parents of 2014-2015 6th graders

WELCOME Parents of 2014-2015 6th graders
Hudson Middle School Receives Middle School of
Excellence Award
Parent Group
New volunteers are welcomed. If you are
interested in being part of parent group, you can
sign-up in August during registration.
Parent Orientation Agenda
  1. HSD 2025
  2. Middle School What We Focus Upon
  3. The House System
  4. Academics
  5. Behavioral Expectations
  6. Dress Code
  7. Attendance
  • VIII. Counselor Services
  • IX. Health Services
  • X. Food Service
  • Clubs and Activities
  • XII. Schedule and Important Dates
  • XIII. Registration
  • XIV. Parent Group

HSD 2025
  • Purpose Statement
  • The Path to Our Global Future
  • Vision
  • Preparing each student for post-secondary
    success through a
  • culture of excellence in
  • challenging academics applied innovation
  • critical thinking global stewardship
  • purposeful collaboration
  • Challenging students and graduates to become
    informed, caring
  • contributors.

From Dependence to
Independence (Growth)
Organization Operation SBIT
Core Teachers Team Meetings
Specialists Subject Area
Special Education Grade Level Support
Staff Staff Development Student
Support S.M.A.R.T Goals Success Center Best
Practices P.A.T. Assessments Tutors Love
Logic SST Meetings RtI and PBIS Study
What we focus upon
Academic Growth Social
Growth Emotional Growth Knowledge/Skills
Self Personal Relationships Inquiry/App
lication Community/Nation Family
Relationships HSD 2025 World Peer
Relationships Physical
Growth Being Involved
Understanding Activities/Co-curricular
Accepting Clubs Sports
House System 6th Grade
  • Raider Blue
  • Raider White
  • Excalibur

Academic Core Subjects Math, Science, World
Studies, Language Arts A, and Language Arts
B Your child is likely to have a cart teacher.
House System
  • Promotes Positive Teacher / Student Relationships
  • Promotes Communication
  • Promotes Small School Feel / Belonging
  • Promotes Closer Monitoring of Academic Progress
  • Promotes Interdisciplinary Connections
  • Promotes Closer Monitoring of Student Needs /
  • Promotes Team Approach to Education Focusing on
    Educating the Whole Child

  • Expectation Preparing each student for success
    through a culture of excellence.
  • (HSD 2025)

21st Century Skills Challenging
Academics Critical Thinking Quality of
Work Inquiry Application Homework
One-to One Technology
21st Century learning requires students to be
able to live, learn, and work successfully in our
information-rich society. Students must be able
to seamlessly integrate technology into all
aspects of their lives. The Hudson School
District highly values the role of technology in
education and wants to leverage technology to
enhance student learning through creation,
communication, interacting with resources,
engaging in personalized learning, and
demonstrating and assessing their learning
through multiple authentic and meaningful ways.
A key component in the creation of vibrant
technology integration plan is adequate student
access to technology. We are pleased to announce
the implementation of a one-to-one device program
for all incoming 6th graders this coming year.
All 6th grade students will receive a Chromebook
for use at school and at home. Student will be
expected to bring or have this device with them
every school day but specific use will be
determined by teachers who have and will receive
professional development on how to enrich student
learning with technology.
One-to One Technology
Students and parents will be able to pick up
their childs device during 6th grade
registration on Friday, August 15th along with
some basic directions on how to get started with
the device and how parents can opt to purchase an
insurance policy to cover problems beyond the
standard warranty, accidental damage, or theft.
We encourage you to visit the link to
Technology Information under Student and Parent
Resources on our web site for more information
and some frequently asked questions.
  • Expectation The basic behavioral goal is to
    create an environment that is conducive to
    learning and one that is physically and
    emotionally safe for students and staff. All
    students should have the opportunity to succeed.
    It is expected that students will respect the
    rights and property of others and practice good
  • Learning to be in charge of ones behavior is a
    growth process that enables a person to be a
    responsible and respectful individual.
  • We subscribe to Love and Logic / Logical
    Consequence approach to student discipline as
    well as PBIS.

All Settings Matrix
Expectations All Settings
Be Respectful Be honest Use appropriate language Treat all staff, guests, and peers with good manners Follow dress code Hats and caps removed from head and placed in locker from 730am 237pm
Be Responsible Know and meet behavioral expectations Follow dress code Demonstrate self-control Keep all areas clean Follow directions first time given Clear water bottles only from 730am 237pm
Be Safe Keep hands and feet to yourself Use equipment and materials as intended Use right side of stairwell Report unsafe conditions
Be Prepared Stay on task Use time wisely Have necessary materials/equipment Complete school work on time Go to restroom/water fountain before or after class
PBIS Positive Behavior Interventions
System Students know it as Raider Pride
We Dont Do That Here!
  • Teasing
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Cyber Bullying

Students are to report such incidents to a
teacher, counselor or other adult if such
actions occur. For more information related to
bullying/harassment prevention, you can visit the
HMS Counselors Webpage on the HMS website. The
HMS homepage also has prevention powerpoints
available. Appreciation for diversity is
encouraged at Hudson Middle School.
Dress Code
Hudson Middle School has an interest in student
dress. There is a dress code. This stems from
the desire to maintain a positive school climate
that is conducive to teaching and learning. THE
FOLLOWS Student dress is defined as clothing,
jewelry, make-up, body piercing, hair style,
tattoos(permanent or temporary) and accessories,
all of which may violate this policy in specific
situations causing health concerns, safety
concerns, or disruption of the learning
environment. Students will dress in clothes
which are appropriate for the learning
environment and other school-sponsored
activities. Students are not to dress in a way
that presents a health or safety hazard,
constitutes Harassment as defined in the
Districts harassment policy, or in a way that
materially disrupts class work, causes
substantial disorder, or violates the rights of
others. More information about the Student Dress
Code Policy 5132 can be found in your childs
Student and Family Handbook that will be
distributed on the first day of school.
Dress Code
  • Students are NOT allowed to wear hats or hooded
    sweatshirts on their head while in the building.
  • Students are NOT to wear clothing advertising
    beer, liquor, cigarettes and/or other illegal
  • Tank tops are not to be worn without a
    sweater/blouse over top. Shorts and skirts may
    be questioned for length. Our building is cool
    in temperature, so there is no need to wear tank
    tops or short shorts.
  • Leggings -- Student will be required to wear a
    shirt that covers their bottom when wearing
  • Another concern to staff are shirts that are
    quite revealing, allowing for cleavage to be
    shown. This can also be very distracting to

  • State Laws allow parents/guardians to excuse
    their children for only up to ten(10) days in a
    school year. Any days after ten(10),
    parents/guardians must have a Doctors note or
    the student is Unexcused.
  • After ten(10) days, students at the middle school
    level can be referred to St. Croix County
    Department of Family and Children Services for

School Counseling Services2014-2015
  • Megan Blakeley 6th Grade - 4012
  • Dan Buckle 7th Grade - 4010
  • Angela Goebel 8th Grade - 4011
  • Other Pupil Services Members
  • David Gorman School Psychologist
  • Chelsea Bellville School Social Worker
  • Cindy White Pupil Service Secretary
  • Main Office 715-377-3820
  • Pupil Service Office 715-377-3823

School Counseling ServicesASCA K-12
Comprehensive Program
  • Academic
  • --Homework Completion
  • --Organization
  • -- Study Skills
  • --SST Meetings
  • Social / Personal
  • --Friendships
  • --Peer Conflicts
  • Career
  • --Exploration
  • Individual Counseling
  • --Academic
  • --Social/Personal
  • --Career
  • Group Counseling
  • -- New Student
  • --Study Skills
  • --Family Change
  • Classroom Guidance
  • --Core Character Traits
  • --Bully/Harassment Coping Strategies
  • --Cyber bullying Coping Strategies
  • --Academic Skills and Goal Setting

Health Services Anna Henn R.N. B.S.N. District
School Nurse also serves Willow River River
Crest Hudson Prairie Jonel McGee Health
Assistant Here daily from 715-3pm
Required Immunizations
  • Wisconsin Immunization law All students must
    have complete records on file or may claim waiver
    by first day of school.
  • Easiest to request print out from clinic.
  • Required vaccines for 2014-2015 school year
  • All 6th grade students need a booster Of Tdap
  • A chicken pox booster (Varicella vaccine) is
    needed if they have not already received a second
  • Waivers available for religious, personal
    conviction, and health (MD needs to sign which
    vaccine is waived)

Annual Health And Emergency Forms
  • Required each year to keep health
  • information up to date (i.e. new or resolved
  • Please update contact phone numbers and as needed
    throughout the year.

  • Prescription medications require parent and
    physician signature each school year and when
    doses change.
  • Over The Counter medications require parent
  • We will follow the packaged dosing instructions.
    If the doses are outside of the packaging
    recommendations, this requires an MD order.
  • All medications must come in original bottle with
    students name clearly labeled.
  • Medications to be kept in health office, with
    exception of inhalers or if specified by doctor.
  • Medication Forms are available on the school
    website under health services tab.

  • Fever of gt100 degrees or who have been throwing
    up, need to stay at home until non medicated
    fever free and vomiting subsided for a full 24
  • Diagnosed with strep or pink eye must stay home
    for a full 24 hours from the first dose of

Healthy Habits!
  • Breakfast- Eat breakfast to fuel the body and
    brain. (Complex carbohydrate plus a protein is
    best for learning.)
  • Get adequate rest! Recommended 8 hours of

  • We offer five entreé choices each day Main
    Event, pizza, cold hot sandwiches, grab and go
    deli boxes, and salad bar.
  • Limit of 4 each Fresh fruits and vegetables,
    (salad bar) fruit sauce and a hot veggie daily.
  • Limited amount of ala-carte items (priced
    separately from meal price).
  • All menu and ala-carte items meet the dietary
    guidelines for calories, fat and sodium.
  • Students are expected to have money in their
    account to eat. They will be allowed to charge
    one meal.
  • Pin number from elementary will carry over into
    middle school.

  • Cash is not accepted at lunch registers. A Net
    Cash machine is provided for students in the
    cafeteria that allows students to deposit cash
    into their accounts. Cash and checks may also be
    deposited in boxes provided outside the middle
    school office and cafeteria. Please use deposit
    slips when depositing money. Write the students
    name on the slip. This helps eliminate
  • Students are informed when they have a balance of
    less than 10. Low balance slips are NOT sent
    home at the secondary level. Balance of students
    account can be checked at www.paypams.com.
  • Field trips bag lunches can be purchased through
    Nutrition Services for the price of a regular
    lunch. They can be ordered on permission slip of
    field trip at least 5 days in advance.

Feel free to contact the nutrition department if
you have any questions or concerns about your
account or the program. We look forward to
serving you and your children.
HMS Nutrition Manager 715-377-3820 Ext 4018
Clubs and Activities
  • Hudson Middle School provides a variety of after
    school clubs and activities for students beyond
    the co-curricular athletic program. Students
    interested in participating in clubs or
    activities should contact the club sponsor for
    meeting times and location. They are typically
    after school until about 330.
  • Some possible groups may include the
  • History League, Math Counts, Chess/Games,
    Electronic Games, Art and Writing, Scrapbook,
    Forensics, Minecraft, KABOOM Graphic Novels,
    Handy Helpers, Photography, Student Council,
    Recycling, Investment, Dance, Weight Training,
    and many more.
  • Transportation for after school clubs is not

2014-2015 School Year Start 730am- End 237pm
First day for Students September 2nd Last day
for Students June 5th (Adjustable) Winter
Break December 24th through January 2nd Spring
Break March 2nd through 6th
Trimester Grading Periods
November 25th End of First Trimester March
13th End of Second Trimester June 5th End of
Third Trimester
Parent Teacher Conferences
October 16th(evening) and October 23rd
(evening) February 19th (evening) and February
26th(AM only)
General Information 8th grade Registration
August 11th from 12noon 6p.m. 7th grade
Registration August 12th from 12noon 6p.m. 6th
grade Registration Friday, August 15th from
noon 6p.m. Registration packet will contain
the following House assignment letter
Coming for the first time for the 2014-2015
school year. On-Line REGISTRATION
  • First Step
  • Know your family access
  • login and password
  • Call front office if you do NOT know your family
    access login and password (Please complete this
    before the end of this school year.)

Coming for the first time for the 2014-2015
school year. On-Line REGISTRATION
  • Second Step
  • Safeway Transportation Forms must be completed
    on-line by May 30, 2014! Forms will be available
    online through Family Access beginning Monday,
    May 5th!
  • Log in and click Online Forms to complete.
  • This form needs to be completed for every
    student, even if your child is a walker.

Coming for the first time for the 2014-2015
school year. On-Line REGISTRATION
  • Third Step
  • Log into Family Access and complete on-line
    registration which will begin on June 16, 2014.
  • Registration information and instructions will be
    available on school websites soon. Please read
    instructions thoroughly before starting.
    Buildings will have open lab times available for
    those who do not have internet access at home.
  • All buildings will still have a face-to-face
    registration day that students must attend in
    order to have pictures taken, pay any fines,
    receive class schedules and turn in any
    medications needed by the health office.

Coming for the first time for the 2014-2015
school year. On-Line REGISTRATION
Open Lab Dates June 25th and June 26th 900am
until 300pm July 23rd and July 24th 900am
until 300pm
  • The following information will be accessible on
    the HMS home webpage. Directions will be
    included with the registration packet that will
    come to you near the end of July.
  • http//ms.hudson.k21.wi.us
  • Supply list
  • Photo package information from LifeTouch

  • When will we know the house assignments?
  • --A letter will be mailed in July.
  • How are the house assignments made?
  • --The computer randomly places students in
    houses maintaining a balance of gender.
  • Do you have a Gifted Education Program?
  • --Yes. GT Coordinator Sarah Engstrom.
  • When are teachers available to talk?
  • --Teachers are most often available during their
    prep times and before or after school. They do
    not receive phone calls during the day. Instead,
    your message goes straight to voice mail.
  • What is P.A.T.?
  • --Personal Assistance Time. A study/work time
    that allows students access their teachers for
    extra help. For 6th graders, it is the last
    period of the day.

More FAQs
  • Can my child have a cell phone?
  • --Yes. But they are asked to be turned off and
    in lockers from 730am until 237pm. If a
    students phone is taken from him/her, the parent
    must pick it up. After the third time, the
    school keeps the phone the remainder of the year.
    If a student needs to communicate home, he/she
    should report to the main office.
  • How do I volunteer for school activities?
  • --There is sign up during registration in
  • Who do I contact if I have a concern?
  • --School counselors, principals, and teachers
    depending on the specificity of the concern.
  • Where do I drop off / pick up my student each
  • --If you drive your student to school, there is
    a drop off on the west side of the school. This
    is the SAFEST place to do this.

More FAQs
  • Are the students in the same groups for all three
    years at HMS?
  • --No. Each year the computer randomly places
    students maintaining gender balance.
  • What is the earliest time I can drop my child off
    at school?
  • --The doors are open at 630am.
  • What is passing time between class?
  • --3 minutes
  • How do we find out what is happening at school?
  • --You can check the schools website. Monthly
    newsletters are mailed and placed on the schools
    website. Communication with your child.
  • What if my child needs a tutor?
  • --The easiest way to begin is by contacting a
    counselor. There are different routes a parent
    can take to accessing a tutor. The counselor can
    help with those avenues.

Thank you for coming!
Dan Koch - Principal Dianne Franklin Associate
Principal Jim Dalluhn Associate
Principal Angela Goebel School Counselor Megan
Blakeley School Counselor Dan Buckle School
Counselor Anna Henn District Nurse Hudson
Middle School 377-3820 This powerpoint will be
accessible at the HMS Webpage.
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