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Welcome To 5th Grade at Southside Middle School


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Title: Welcome To 5th Grade at Southside Middle School

Welcome To 5th Grade atSouthside Middle
  •     Welcome to fifth grade!  We are excited for
    the opportunity to work with your child this
    year.  Fifth grade is a big step and a year of
    many changes as your child enters middle
    school.   We are looking forward to assisting
    him/her through this transition.  In preparing
    for the changes, your help is needed too   

  • Check student agenda each night for
    assignments and notes from school.
  •    Enforce a quiet study/work time each
    evening so that your child accepts responsibility
    and completes his/her homework appropriately and
    on time.
  •    Encourage your child read every night to
    help him/her become a better reader and
    accomplish his/her AR goal..
  •    Communicate high expectations regarding
    academic grades, homework, behavior, etc.
  •    Praise and encourage your child for his/her
  •    Contact us immediately if you have any
    questions, concerns, etc.

  • A good learning experience is built on a
    cooperative effort between family, the student,
    and teachers.
  • Studies show that parental involvement in a
    childs education is one of the strongest
    indicators of student achievement.
  • We hope you will make it a priority this year to
    be involved in your childs education.

5th Grade Teachers and Teams
  • Team 1
  • Mrs. Herring - Reading, Language Arts and
    Character Education
  • Ms. Burton Math and Science
  • Team 2
  • Mrs. Hughes Math and Science
  • Mr. Eckstein - Reading, Language Arts and
    Character Education
  • Team 3
  • Mrs. Smith Math and Science
  • Mrs. Kuehndorf - Reading, Language Arts and
    Character Education 
  • All teachers will teach Social Studies to their
    homeroom classes.

Agendas/Locker Bins
  • Each student will buy an agenda from his/her
    homeroom teacher. Your child is responsible for
    writing assignments in the agenda and other
    important information.
  • This is also the student pass and is required to
    be in the hallways.
  • Agenda Cost - 5.00
  • Lockers bins are the property of Tallassee City
    Schools and are subject to inspection and/or
    search at anytime.

Dress Code
  • See Student Agendas and SMS handbook for any
  • 1.  Shoes or sandals must be worn.
  • 2.  Hair must be clean and well groomed, not in
    the eyes, and not of length dangerous around
  • 3.  Clothing or paraphernalia related to or
    associated with gang affiliation or activity is
    prohibited. Clothing with pictures, symbols, or
    writing conveying a general or personal message
    rather than a specific message on a public matter
    is prohibited.
  • 4.  With approval of the principal, activity
    sponsors may establish different rules for dress
    and grooming as a prerequisite for membership and
    participation in specific activities.
  • 5.  Hats, head wear or head coverings, and
    sunglasses are not to be worn inside school
  • 6.  Facial piercings are limited to the ear.
  • 7. Shirts must have sleeves.
  • 8. Traditional pants, shorts, or skirts that
    cover to the knee are appropriate.  Pajama pants,
    and sweat pants are not allowed.

  • There will be a 10 minute fifth grade break.
    Students are expected to use this time as a
    bathroom break as well. There will be no horse
    play, playing chase, or throwing objects during
    break. There are too many people in the area for
    this to be considered acceptable behavior.
  • Students may bring snacks and plain water from
    home. This needs to be quick and not messy.

  • Students must keep the noise level to a minimum.
    Excessive noise will hinder the digestion
    process. Students are expected to be respectful
    of the facilities and other peoples space at
    lunch.  When we are finished, we will go to the
    trash cans as a group and line up quietly. There
    will be students from each class asked to wipe
    tables and sweep up after the class is finished,
    but they will have limited time before the next
    group comes in, so students are expected to clean
    up their own mishaps and trash. The cafeteria
    staff will brief all students on specific
    cafeteria procedures. If outside lunch coupons
    are used, respectful behavior and clean up is
    expected to be allowed that privilege. Parents
    can access student accounts to pay online.

Southside Middle School Contact Information
  • If you have any questions, concerns, or would
    like to volunteer to help out you can contact us
    at 283-2151. Messages can be left on our class
    phones, to which we will respond as soon as
  • www.tcschools.com Go to Schools, select
    Southside select Faculty and Staff, then your
    childs teacher. Email is available from there.
  • Conferences  Call 283-2151 to set up an
    appointment for an in school conference or a
    phone conference during 5th grade planning time.
    (1003 1103)

Medication at SMS
  • Medication may only be given if there is a
    completed medication form. (also a download on
    school web site) Medications must be in the
    original containers and dosages (times and
    amounts) must be provided.  All medication and
    inhalers must be kept in the nurses office. 
    Medications are not dispensed or allowed in the
    classroom. Parents must bring all medication to
    the school nurse.

Fundamental Principle
  • Class Time Is Reserved For Learning! Students are
    expected to
  • Be Prepared
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Courteous
  • Be Honest

2014-2015 SCHEDULE
  • Subject to change

745-750 Homeroom/Sign In/change Classes
750- 1003 ELA (120) Character Ed. (13) Math (90) Science (43)
1003-1103 Change Classes/P.E./Planning
1103- 1133 Lunch/Bathroom
1134-149 ELA (120) Character Ed. (15) Math (90) Science (45)
150-200 Break/Bathroom
201-251 Social Studies
  • Students will be involved in textbook lessons
    and investigations that allow them to communicate
    with one another and take part in cooperative
    learning experiences.  A working knowledge of
    math facts including addition, subtraction, and
    multiplication is crucial.
  • Units of study include
  • Place Value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Graphing
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fraction Concepts
  • Fraction Operations
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Probability
  • Algebra
  • Go Math - Textbooks are consumable.
    Replacement cost 65.00

  • Students are involved with reading and
    comprehending textbook material and are involved
    with hands on learning with labs that allow them
    to explore as they cover various science
    concepts. Students will also be involved with
    various units through AMSTI (Ecosystems,
    Variables, Solar Energy, and Micro-Worlds).
  • Units of study include
  • Life Science
  • Earth Science
  • Physical Science

Social Studies
  • The essential elements of the 5th grade social
    studies curriculum focus on United States history
    Beginnings to 1914.
  • Units of Study include
  • Geography skills
  • Native Americans
  • Exploration
  • European Settlement  
  • New England, Middle Atlantic Colonies, and
    Southern Colonies
  • Revolutionary War and Formation of a New
  • Westward Expansion
  • Civil War and Reconstruction

Language Arts
  • The essential elements consist of writing,
    spelling, grammar, vocabulary, listening, and
  • Writing - Students will develop skills through
    using the writing process of prewriting,
    drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. 

  • The essential elements consist of whole class
    reading, independent reading, small group reading
    and AR.
  • Literature books and workbooks and Trade books
    will be used.

Accelerated Reader (AR) Reading Teachers
  • The Accelerated Reader program is a
    computerized reading-management program that
    tests students on books that they have read, and
    assigns points based on the length and difficulty
    of the books. Before students begin the program,
    they take a computerized assessment test that
    helps teachers determine a student's reading
    level. Points are assigned based on reading time
    in school and the students reading level. AR
    will be 30 of the reading grade. No tests can be
    deleted because of failure.

Renaissance Home Connect
  • By logging on from their home computer, students
    and parents can
  • See progress toward reading goals.
  • Conduct book searches using AR Bookfinder
  • Review results on AR quizzes.
  • View number of books read, words read, and
    quizzes passed.
  • And much, much more.
  • Renaissance Home Connect involves parents by
    providing a direct link to what students are
    working on at school. Get Parents Involved with
    Renaissance Home Connect - Accelerated Reader
    (Passwords will be sent home or can be gotten
    through the Media Center)

Accelerated Reader Code of ConductThe purpose of
the Accelerated Reader program is to encourage
reading and improve reading skills. With this in
mind, students are expected to follow the rules
described below
  • 1. Students may only take tests on books they
    have read in class or that someone has read to
    them in class.
  • 2. Students may not take a test on a book which
    has been made into a movie unless they have read
    the book and it is logged in their AR folder.
  • 3. Students may not use Cliff notes, classic
    comic books, videos, or abridged versions of the
    book to try to pass the test.
  • 4. Students may not take tests for other
  • 5. Students may not discuss AR questions or
    answers with other students.
  • Consequences Students who break the rules will
    face the following consequences
  • 1. The test or tests involved in the cheating
    incident will receive a score of 0.
  • 2. The student will not be able to earn any
    rewards in the AR program for the remainder of
    the school year.
  • 3. Other consequences may be enforced.

Physical Education All 5th grade students go
together - 1003 1103
  • Tennis Shoes are required! Girls must wear shorts
    under dresses or skirts.
  • A Physical Education Handbook and medical release
    will be sent home for you to read and sign.
  • Fifth graders are not required to dress out
    for PE.
  • All students will be expected to participate in
    physical education classes unless the school has
    a written note from a doctor requesting that the
    child not participate in physical education
    classes. Parents may request their child be kept
    indoors for a day or two following an illness by
    sending a note to the physical education teacher.
    Any request beyond two days must come from a
  • Students may be required to occasionally stay in
    from PE for make-up work, missing assignments, or
    re-teaching of skills if necessary. 

  • Mr. Bird will have music for 5th grade once a

  • Students are allowed to bring water bottles to
    use for PE and break. See through water bottles
    are allowed with plain water only (frozen water
    should be in a plastic bag). Spills are easy to
    clean up and will not cause ants or sticky
    problems in the classrooms.
  • Water fountains are available.

Internet Usage Policy
  • Southside is connected to the global community
    by use of the Internet. The Internet offers ways
    to share ideas, transmit information, and add to
    the educational opportunity of students and staff
    alike. An Acceptable Use Agreement is used to
    ensure that everyone who accesses the Internet
    does so knowledgeably and responsibly.
    Accordingly, the school has established
    regulations for the use of the network system. A
    permission form must be signed for Internet use
    and to allow us to share class pictures and
    student pictures and accomplishments.

Bus Discipline
  • The driver, together with the bus supervisor and
    the school principals, shall have full authority
    for discipline on buses.
  • 1.   Students must ride the bus to which they
    have been assigned or have a bus pass.
  • 2.   Students are to remain seated at all times,
    face the front of the bus, and refrain from
    extending head, arms, or any part of the body out
    the window.
  • 3.   Students shall obey the driver willingly and
    promptly. The driver has the right to assign
    seats as he/she deems necessary.
  • 4.   Students are to help keep the bus clean by
    not throwing trash on the floor. Students shall
    not throw any refuse from the windows.
  • 5.   Any damage done to bus or equipment must be
    paid for by that individual.
  • 6. Bus office referrals may result in bus

  • School Web Address www.tcschools.com - email
    teachers, download forms, assignments,
    announcements, and important events
  • AR access for parents/students to check book
    levels and goals
  • Telephone system leave a message for a specific
    teacher call out feature to notify parents (make
    sure correct telephone number is on file)
  • Promethean Boards
  • Active Inspire Software
  • Computer Labs

Field Trips
  • Field trips are exciting learning opportunities
    for the students.  You will be notified in
    advance regarding the details of the trip and
    asked to complete and return a permission slip. 
    If a student does not return a signed permission
    slip, the student does not accompany the class. 
    of admission is requested with the permission
    slip. All school rules apply.

Awards and Honor Roll
  • Students making perfect perfect attendance,
    perfect attendance, A or A-B honor roll, and the
    AAA students will be recognized for each nine
    weeks in an announced assembly each semester. AR
    is also recognized. You can check the web site
    and/or your childs agenda for the dates and
    times when they are scheduled.

  • Homework is the key to success and therefore each
    student is responsible for completing classroom
    requirements on time and with quality of thought.
    Work is due the next class day or specified time
    by the teacher and must be easily located.
  • Students are given time in school to begin their
    homework. If your child is consistently coming
    home with a great deal of homework and/or
    spending more than an hour a night on homework,
    then he/she is not using time wisely in school.
    Discuss this with your childs teacher.
  • On a rare occasion a child may be sick in the
    evening and unable to complete homework but is
    well enough to attend school the next day. This
    seldom happens, but if it does, send in a note
    the next day explaining this situation.
  • Homework assignments are posted in each fifth
    grade classroom. Each student is responsible to
    record the assignments in his/her agenda, ask
    questions, and make sure he/she has the necessary
    materials to take home if the work has not been
    completed in school. 

Study Tips
  • Choose a well lit, quiet place at home to do
  • Frequently replenish school supplies throughout
    the year.
  • Schedule a specific time each day for homework.
  • Give your child help only if he or she makes a
    real effort to do the work first.
  • Review assignments in your child's agenda DAILY.

5th Grade Behavior Guidelines
  • Basic rules
  • Listen the first time.
  • Come to class prepared.
  • Respect others and their property.
  • Talk or leave your seat only with permission.
  • Follow all classroom directions, policies, and
  • Basically.
  • Take responsibility for your choices and actions
       (i.e. When you made a good choice, praise
    yourself and continue making good choices.  If
    you made a bad choice or acted in an
    inappropriate manner, accept that it was not a
    good choice, do what is appropriate to amend the
    unacceptable choice like apologize, etc., and
    then learn from it to improve yourself.)
  • Respect yourself, others, and property (i.e.
    Follow directions the first time they are given
    keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
    receive permission before speaking remain in
    designated area do not use bad language, tease,
    or make unkind, disrespectful, or inappropriate
    remarks to others etc.)

Behavior Management Positive Consequences
  • Our goal is to motivate students to be
    respectful, responsible, and to produce high
    quality work.  We will encourage this by
    utilizing the following incentives
  • Verbal praise and recognition
  • Earning privileges that reflect your childs
    willingness to act respectful and accept
  • SMS Rewards/ Learning Earnings
  • Celebrations

Arrival at School
  • Doors and gates will be opened for students after
    700 each day. From 700 until 725, students
    should report to the gym. At 725, a bell will
    ring allowing students to go to their homerooms.
    Students arriving after 740 will be considered
    tardy and should report to the office for
    checkin. Students are not able to leave their
    homerooms without a hall pass from their teacher.
  • Once a student arrives at school, they must have
    permission from the administrative staff or
    office to leave campus until school is dismissed
    in the afternoon.

When A Student Is Tardy
  • Parents should sign the student in.
  • Students get a tardy pass from the office.
  • Students take their tardy pass directly to their
    homeroom teacher.
  • Tardy students will not be excused from morning
  • Unexcused tardiness to school will be dealt with
    per procedure set forth as follows
  • First offenseparent contact
  • Second and subsequent offensesAssignment to
    after school detention and referral to attendance
  • Students with excessive excused tardy notices
    will be referred to the system attendance
  • A student is tardy if they are not in the
    classroom when the 745 bell rings. We prefer
    students be in the classroom earlier to insure
    plenty of time to get organized for the day.

When A Student Is Absent A parental excuse is
required upon return to class.
  • After a student is absent, it is his/her
    responsibility to check the absentee folders and
    notebook entries.
  • Copies of all papers passed out during class or
    any notes that need to go home are placed inside
    the folder. Each teacher will specify.
  • Make-up Work The students will have up to five
    days following the absence in which to complete
    the work.
  • If a student is absent for more than two days, it
    is recommended for someone to call and get
    make-up work to have at home. AR is always
    necessary to accomplish goals.

  • During Instruction
  • Listen to the teacher with full attention.
  • No pencil sharpening, talking, or whispering.
  • Dont write during instruction unless told to.
  • Ask permission to speak by raising your hand.
  • Ask questions related to the subject.
  • After instruction, make sure you understand the
    concept. If not, ask questions!!!!

Procedure for Group Work Students will be
placed in teacher chosen groups.
  • Each member of the group has responsibility to
    contribute to the group work.
  • Each member of the group should be willing to
    help any other member of the group who asks for
  • Each member of the group is accountable for the
    learning process of the group.
  • Within your group each member will respect each
    other and listen to what each other has to say.
  • When a question is asked of the group, each
    member should be able to answer the question and
    state what the groups thoughts are.
  • Each member of the group has a role.
  • Each group can ask for help when all members of
    the group have the same question.
  • Members of a group should speak in a voice that
    can only be heard by its members.
  • Members of the group will be evaluated
    individually and collectively.
  • Each student must stay in their group area. If
    you need your teacher, raise your hand and she
    will come to you.

  • Students should use the restroom during the
    scheduled times (homeroom, before PE , before
    lunch, after lunch, and break).
  • Students that have medical problems need to have
    a written note explaining the problem.
  • Emergency Restroom Students must get permission
    to leave the room and have their agenda signed.
    Emergency passes will be issued each nine weeks.

  • When students receive textbooks, it is their
    responsibility to check them for damage of any
    kind. If any books are lost or damaged at the end
    of the year, parents will be responsible for
    paying for them. Book covers are highly

  • Graded papers will be sent home about every
    other week or so for all classes. Please sign and
    return. Parents may also check grades on the
    school portal. Log-in information will be
  • I-Now

Dismissal at the End of the day
  • Dismissal will be done from each classroom.
    Students need to listen and leave when their bus
    or wave is called and not before. The teacher
    does not escort students to the bus. They are
    expected to be quiet while the buses are being
    called and responsible enough to get where they
    need to be in a timely manner. Bus riders will
    report to the area between the band room and the
    gym. Walkers are to go directly to the crossing
    guard to get escorted across the street. Car
    riders are to move, when they are called, to the
    front of the school to wait for their rides.
    Students should be in the 5th grade section on
    the line paying attention and watching for their
    car so that pickup will go quickly.
  • Students move to their designated area by going
    down the fifth grade hallway. Fifth graders are
    not allowed to go down the breezeway between the
    5th and 8th grade buildings at this time or in
    any other hall after school. There will be NO
    running, pushing, or shoving others.
  • School begins at 745 and ends at 254. The
    road to Southside is one way during drop-off and
    pick-up times. No Checkouts after 230.

Demographics and Buses
  • SMS bus routes may be different.
  • Check with the Homeroom teacher.
  • Be specific on addresses so that your child will
    get on the right bus.
  • Correct all Demographic sheets and sign that you
    made the changes. This is our emergency contact
  • If this changes during the year, send a written
    note or go to the main office to make changes.

  • 90 100 A 
  • 80 89   B  
  • 70 79  C    
  • 60 69  D 
  • 0 - 59  F

Students will have the following grades each
nine weeks Daily, Tests, Quizzes, Folder,
Homework and Project Grades. Each teacher will
  • Notebook Grades Students must have their
    binders/folders every day. They are required to
    keep their papers in order and not throw anything
    away unless told to do so by their teacher.
    Binders/folders will be checked randomly and may
    count as a major grade.
  • Homework Grades Homework will be given as many
    times as needed during the nine weeks period. It
    will be checked periodically during the nine
    weeks for a grade.
  • Extra Credit and/or Bonus Points This will be
    offered occasionally to the class and will be
    optional. Individual extra credit is usually not

5th Grade Supply List 2014-2015Please label all
supplies with your childs name except pocket
2- Binder, Heavy Duty, 3- ring, View.1.5, letter
size, white 2- 2 pocket folder Poly (plastic)
w/prongs - blue 2- 2 pocket folder Poly (plastic)
w/prongs- orange 2- 2 pocket folder Poly
(plastic) w/prongs - yellow 2- 2 pocket folder
Poly (plastic) w/prongs- purple 2- 2 pocket
folder Poly (plastic) w/prongs - red 2 sets-
Divider, 3-ring 8-tab w/2 pockets,
plastic 3-Filler paper wide rule, 10.5 x 8 120
ct. 1- Construction Paper, 9 x 12 /50 sheet
pack assorted colors 3-Sheet Protectors, letter
size, clear, 10 pack 2 packs, Pencils 2
sharpened 12 ct 1-Pens, erasable, 4 pack,
black 2- Pens, red 1 box-Crayons 24 ct. 1-set,
Colored pencils 7 sharpened 12 ct. 1-Glue
Stick, washable 2-Pencil/crayon sharpener w/
receptacle 2-Sharpie permanent marker fine point-
black 2- Highlighter chisel tip-yellow 2- Pencil
case, fabric w/zipper 3-hole w/grommets 10 x
6 2-Composition book wide-ruled, black marble
100 ct. (9.75 x 7.5) 2-Index cards ruled white
  • Kleenex
  • Paper towels
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Zip-loc bags (all sizes)
  • Copy paper
  • Staples
  • Paper clips
  • Scotch tape
  • Notebook paper (loose leaf paper)-wide ruled
  • Extra 2 pencils
  • Large Dry-Erase markers
  • Card stock paper
  • Post-it notes ( all sizes)
  • Clear sheet protectors

  • Book bags may be used to transport items/books
    to and from school each day. They may not be
    carried from class to class throughout the day.
    They will be stored in small lockers at school.
  • No rolling book bags. No white-out. No School
  • No trash and clutter allowed hanging out of
  • Neatness and organization is the
  • Key To Success.

Cell Phones
  • Students are not allowed to use cell phones
    during school. Students are encouraged not to
    bring cell phones to school. However, if they
    are brought to school, they should be turned off
    and not be visible. Violation of the cell phone
    policy will be addressed as follows
  • First offense Confiscation of phone. Phone may
    be retrieved by parent after 5 complete school
  • Second offense Confiscation of phone. Phone may
    be retrieved by parent after 10 complete school
  • Third offense Confiscation of phone. Phone may
    be retrieved by parent after 15 complete school
  • Fourth and subsequent offenses Phone may be
    retrieved by parent after 30 complete school days
  • If student refuses to surrender phone further
    disciplinary action will be taken as dictated by
    the principal
  • SMS Student Handbook

(No Transcript)
Dress Code Violation
  • Students will call home for more clothes to be
    brought to school.
  • They may return to class after they change their
  • Students unable to contact someone for more
    clothes will report to ISS.
  • Continued dress code violations could also result
    in suspension.

Lunch and Breakfast
  • A La Carte Price List 2014-2015
  • Breakfast is served from 715 740
  • Regular 1.50 Visitor 2.00
  • Lunch
  • Regular 2.25 Visitor 3.50
  • To receive free/reduced meals a new application
    must be filled out each year. (one per family)
    These are available on the website and at SMS.
  • Menus are posted monthly and may be downloaded
    and printed.
  • Lunches can get quite expensive. Students are
    allowed to get more. Discuss this with your

End of Grading Periods
1st nine weeks Oct 14 (43 days) 1st nine weeks Oct 14 (43 days) 1st nine weeks Oct 14 (43 days)
2nd nine weeks Dec 19 (43 days) 2nd nine weeks Dec 19 (43 days) 2nd nine weeks Dec 19 (43 days)
3rd nine weeks Mar 11 (44 days) 3rd nine weeks Mar 11 (44 days) 3rd nine weeks Mar 11 (44 days)
4th nine weeks May 21 (45 days) 4th nine weeks May 21 (45 days) 4th nine weeks May 21 (45 days)

  • August 11 Open House
  • August 13 Classes Begin
  • September 1 Labor Day Holiday
  • September 22 Teacher Work Day
  • October 20 Report Card Day
  • November 11 Veterans Day
  • November 26 - 28 Thanksgiving
  • December 22 - January 2 Christmas Holidays
  • January 6 Classes Resume
  • January 19 Lee/King Holiday
  • February 16 Teacher In-service
  • March 6 Weather Day
  • March 30 April 3 Spring Break
  • April 24 Weather day
  • May 21 Last Day for Students
  • May 22 Teacher Workday/Graduation

School Dances
  • Great Fun
  • Fundraisers for SMS
  • Snacks and drinks sold during dances
  • Parents may chaperone
  • Usually 5th and 6th Grades together only

Tallassee City Schools
  • Master Calendar

Southside Middle School Phone System
283-2151Listen for options/Leave a message
  • Mr. Bruce Dean Principal
  • Dr. Brock Nolin Vice-Principal
  • Mrs. Pam Cox Counselor
  • Mrs. Jennifer Osborne Nurse
  • Mrs. Diane Johnson Secretary
  • Ms. Mona Norrell Office
  • Mrs. Cobb Lunchroom
  • Mrs. Parker Librarian
  • Messages can also be left with all 5th grade
    teachers including Mrs. Williams
  • Emails can be sent to all of the above and
    teachers from www.tcschools.com

  • In order for students to benefit from
    instruction, it is necessary for them to attend
    school regularly. A students absence affects
    his/her learning experience. Parents are
    encouraged to see that their children attend
    school unless prohibited because of extreme
    emergency or illness. A truancy policy is in
    effect for the Tallassee City School System.

Parental Contact
  • Email
  • Text
  • Telephone system
  • Make sure your childs teachers has your email
    address and cell phone number for mass text or
    email. If you email us a Hello, my name is .
    Give us a student name in the email. We can save
    the address in a folder.

  • We are looking forward to the best year ever at
    Southside Middle School!
  • 5th Grade Teachers

Internet Resources - Educational Games
  • Create a Graph - Create your own special area,
    bar, line, or pie graph
  • Play, Reasoning, Spatial Awareness Word, and
    Letter Play
  • Farm Stand - A math game involving a farm stand
  • Learning Games Galore! - Play WordSearch,
    Hangman, Crosswords, Match Game, and Quiz where
    you test you knowledge at quizzes like Animal
    Kingdom, At the Movies, Business and Money, Law
    and Order, Let's Go Shopping, Opposites and
    Synonyms, Reading and Writing, Staying Healthy,
    What is My Profession, and World of Science
  • Math Baseball - Practice math through playing
  • Math Journey - Travel around the world by
    answering math problems
  • Operation Order - Know your math operations in
    this challenge
  • Whacky Web Tales - Create your own whacky web

Homework Help
  • Ask Dr. Math - Questions about math? Visit this
  • Ask Dr. Science - Do you have questions about
    science? Visit this site to ask your question and
    have it answered.
  • Fact Monster - Many topics for you to find facts
    on. Other topics Lemony Snicket quizzes,
    Spelling Bee, In the News, Today's Birthday,
    Today in History, Word Quiz, Analogy of the Day,
    Monster Poll and more!
  • Homework Center - A site to search for help with
    your homework

  • Go Math Resources and Extra Help
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