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Title: Malaysia Safety

Updates on ASEAN Environmental and Safety
Policies and Practices
2013 SEAISI Iron and Steel Sustainability
Forum Nov 25- 26, 2013, Jakarta
Latest on Environmental and Safety Issue
  • Commitment to Climate Change
  • Indonesias government commits to cut emissions
    by 26 in 2020 from business as usual (BAU)
    levels and by as much as 41 With international
  • ? stepping up investment in renewable energy,
    such as geothermal power,
  • ? changing the status the forest from that of
    a net emitter sector to a net sink sector by
  • Implementation of REDD Plus.

Safety initiatives
Latest on Environmental and Safety Issue
Safety initiatives Implementation
Internal safety induction course Required for project and new recruits
Annual safety training programs Conducted internally every year
Routine certification for operators and internal safety auditors Required for relevant personnel, conducted regularly
Safety inspections Conducted internally regularly involved contractors and third party
Sertification In 2011 has been sertified OHSAS18001
Random inspections Conducted at random time table
Job safety analysis Identification and verification to ensure proper job safety implementation
Emergency response teams Emergency response teams are established at company and business unit levels
LT IFR performance
Latest on Environmental and Safety Issue
  • Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LT IFR) is the
    number of lost-time per million hours worked,
    within 2 x 24 work hours, due to injuries

Awards in safety performance
  • Certified OHSAS18001 in year 2011
  • Golden Flag Certificate of EHS management system
    from The Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration
    since 2000

Latest on Environmental Safety Issues
  • The Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable
    Development (IMCSD) had formulated a national
    strategy for Singapores sustainable development,
    including the following key goals
  • Energy Greater efficiency and
    diversification?reduce energy intensity (per
    dollar GDP) by 20 from 2005 level by 2020, and
    by 35 from 2005 levels by 2030.
  • Greenhouse gas emission - By 2020, Singapores
    Business-As-Usual (BAU) emissions reach 77.2
    million tonnes (MT) and to cut emissions by 7 to
    11 below 2020 BAU levels.
  • Waste Towards zero landfill. ? recycling rate
    from 56 in 2008 to 65 in 2020 and 70 in 2030

Latest on Environmental Safety Issues
  • Water Towards self-sufficiency and greater
    efficiency ? reduce total domestic water
    consumption from 156 litres per capita per day in
    2008 to 147 litres per capital per day by 2020,
    and 140 litres per capita per day by 2030.
  • Air Quality Cleaner air ? reduce the annual
    mean for ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5)
    from 16 µg/m3 in 2008 to 12 µg/m3 by 2020 and
    maintain it at this level till 2030. The ambient
    Sulphur dioxide (SO2) levels shall be capped at
    15 µg/m3 by 2020 and maintain it at this level
    till 2030.
  • 2. A national feasibility study ruled out
    Singapores use of
  • nuclear power due to the safety concern ?
    continue to monitor new technologies and develop
    capabilities in technology and emergency response
  • Businesses are encouraged to adopt an energy
    management system certified to ISO 500001

Latest on Environmental Safety Issues
  • Significant and commendable safety performance
  • Reduction of overall all workplace risks to lower

Awards Recognitions
Latest on Environmental Safety Issues
  • WSAs Safety Health Excellence Recognition 2011
  • Climate Action STAR certificate awarded by World
    Steel Association 2012-2013 (5-year member
  • National Workplace Safety Health Council
    (WSHC) Innovation Award
  • Green Label Certification
  • Singapore Environmental Achievement Award Merit
  • Excellence in Energy Management Awards 2012
  • bizSAFE Partner Award
  • Winners of the Singapore Compact CSR Awards
    (2012) for the Green Champion category, which
    recognizes our sustainability efforts in energy
    and environmental management
  • Singapore Health Platinum Award 2012

Amongst the major awards received by NSH - World
Steel Association Safety Excellence Recognition
Award 2012
Safety, Health and Environment Initiatives
Latest on Environmental Safety Issues
  1. Recast APEX Safety Committee
  2. Supervisor Safety Dialogue to drive a bottom up
    safety movement
  3. Operation Night Eagle
  4. Ergonomics Task Force
  5. Working At Height Task Force
  6. Implementation of Road Traffic Safety Management
  7. Perimeter Surveillance and Card Access System
    Designed and Implemented
  8. Operational Discipline Self Assessment and
    Implementation etc.

Constraint and External Factor
  • Challenge to allow for the provision of wide
    buffers between
  • industrial and residential land
  • The Singapore Civil Defence Force has issued a
    circular under the Fire Safety Act on
    requirements for safe transport of flammable
    materials, including hazardous industrial wastes
    on Singapore roads.
  • The NEA enforces environmental requirements by
  • inspections and prosecuting offenders in
  • Basel Convention on Jan 1996 for Internal
    storage, handling,
  • use, transport, import, export and disposal
    of hazardous industrial waste

  • The Energy Conservation Act 2012 ,22 April 2013
  • (applicable to business consuming 54
    tera-joules of energy per year) ? businesses are
    required to implement the following energy
    management practices
  • To appoint an energy manager within 30 days of
  • registered (b) monitor and
    report energy use and greenhouse gas
  • emissions to NEA annually
  • (c) submit annual energy efficiency
    improvement plan to
  • NEA
  • ? An energy manager must holds a Singapore
    Certified Energy Manager (Professional Level)
    certificate issued by the Institution of
    Engineers, Singapore.

  • The Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA)
    requires the owner, occupier, employer and other
    stakeholders of a factory or workplace to take
    reasonably practicable measures to ensure the
    safety and health of workers and other people
    that are affected by the work being carried out.
  • ? The WSHA also regulates the permissible
    exposure levels, control and disposal of any
    toxic or noxious materials, whether solid, liquid
    or vaporous from any factories or workplaces.

The Pollution Control Department (PCD) may
require developers of special industries to carry
out ? A Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) in
order to identify and quantify hazards and risks
related to the transport, use and storage of
hazardous materials ? An emergency response plan
(ERP) to mitigate all accident scenarios
identified in the QRA study ? A pollution
control study to assess all pollution impact on
the environment and recommendation of measures to
mitigate such impact.
Reasearch Depelopment for Environment /
  • The government has set aside 680 million to
    build new capabilities in Clean Energy and Water
    Technologies and 20 million Solar Capability
    Scheme (SCS) to encourages innovative design and
    integration of solar panels into buildings.
  • The government had provided funding to support
    the steel industry in the development of Waste
    Heat Recovery System (Organic Rankin Cycle) for
    electricity generation.
  • Developing better practices focusing on working
    at height, material handling, positive energy
    isolation and ergonomics.
  • Waste minimization towards the target of zero

Reasearch Depelopment by NatSteel
  • Using ladle slag as aggregates in precast
    concrete product and for reclamation use
  • Monitoring of CO2 Emission and Abatement (MoniCA)
    Software (developed by Tata Steel RD)

Latest on the Environmental Safety Issues
  • During the period of the 1st 6 months in Vietnam
    3,322 labor accidents occurred
  • ? 323 people killed and 759 people injured
  • VSA has sent petition letter to MoIT and EVN to
    reject the discrimination against the electric
    fee applied for steel mills.
  • ? requests for the proper timeframe so that
    steel mills can improve their technologies
    gradually given that the steel industry is now
    facing a lot of difficulties due to market down

General Information on the Safety Figure
  • Area/industry where the accidents occurred
  • Mining - 22,95 of total cases ( 22,22 of
    total fatalities)
  • Construction - 21,31 of total cases (20,63
    of total fatalities)
  • Electricity/Power supply - 6,56 of total
    cases ( 6,35 of total fatalities)
  • Fabrication - 3,3 (3,2 of total fatalities)

General Information on the Safety Figure
  • Accident contributing factors
  • Falls from height - 26 of total cases (25 of
    total fatalities)
  • Dropped objects and structure collapse - 20 of
    total cases (19 of total fatalities)
  • Being caught/crushed by rotating equipments - 18
    of total cases (17,5 of total fatalities)
  • External road - 13,11 20 of total cases and
    (12,7 of total fatalities)
  • Electrocution - 9,84 of total cases (9,52 of
    total fatalities)
  • Flying objects - 9,84 of total cases (9,52 of
    total fatalities)


Legislation on the Environment Safety
  • Due to the negative trends of safety performance
    countrywide ? MoLISA is collecting ideas and
    feedbacks from local companies/businesses to
    formulate the Safety Law and planned to publish
    the Safety Law and guideline in the next 3 years
  • Due to the power shortage and high CO2 emission
    from old technology steel mills? EVN, DoIT and
    MoNRE requested all steel mills to put in place
    the energy management program (5 year plan) and
    assign Energy Management Officer and may apply
    higher electricity fees to mills operating old
    technologies ( Governance audits on
    annual basis)

Activity related to Environmental Issue
  • Green Products discussion and application to
    promote the environment friendly products in
    steel industry especially roofing walling

Environmental / Safety Programmes by Malaysian
  • Green Technology (GT) Road Map
  • National Energy Efficiency Master Plan (NEEMP)
  • Green Technology Policy
  • Incentives for Environmental Management
  • Occupational Safety and Health Master Plan for
    Malaysia 2015 (OSH-MP15)

Legislation in Environment
  • Enacting the Environment Quality Act (Act 127 -
  • 21 Regulations,
  • 2 Rules and
  • 16 Orders
  • Green Technology Policy

Legislation in Safety and Health
Acts implemented by Department of Occupational
Safety and Health (DOSH) under the Ministry of
Human Resources
  • Factories and Machinery Act 1967 (Revised - 1974)
    (Known as FMA 1967 or Act 139)? Involving The
    Iron and Steel Industry
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (Known as
    OSHA 1994 or Act 514)
  • Petroleum Act (Safety Measures) 1984 (Act 302)

Mitigation / Measures on the Environmental Issues
  • Investment in new facilities/process to recycle
    the byproducts for process line by Steel
  • ? to minimize waste and reduce environmental
  • Some non steel industries in Malaysia are
    collecting waste from Malaysia Steel industries
    as parts of their raw materials.(With references
    from advance country like France, America and
  • DOE officers are picking up steel industries as
    one of their KPI.
  • Steel industries require to employ competent
    environmental specialist to look at Waste water
    treatment, gas emission quality and disposal of
    schedule waste. ? Report on monthly basis.

Environmental activities by NGO
  • Seminars, forums and conferences to increase the
    environmental consciousness among publics
  • ? the impact of air pollution, ozone layer
    depletion, greenhouse effect/global warming, acid
    rain, deforestation, water pollution, land
    pollution etc.
  • Among of the involved organisations are
  • ENSEARCH (Environmental Management and Research
    Association of Malaysia)
  • CETDEM (Centre for Environment, Technology
    Development, Malaysia)
  • WMAM (The Waste Management Association of

Research and Development
  • Some steel industries have joint study with
    environmental facilities provider to extract oil
    from coolant.

Boiler Fuel
Extract oil
Waste Water Treatment
Waste Water Discharge (with the quality specified
in Act 1974 schedule B)
Environment Related Issues in Philippines
  • Proposal of DENR Administrative Order (DAO)
    establishing the National Ambient Air Quality
    Guideline Values for PM2.5 ( to include PM2.5 as
    hazardous air pollutant) ? The proposed DAO is
    mandating a more stringent standard of PM2.5 than
    the current PM10 policy under RA 8749 of the
    Clean Air Act (CAA) of 1999
  • Construction, installation and operation of
    2x150MW CFB Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant in
    Subic, Zambales? The proposed Power Plant project
    as its perceived environmental effects and
    alleged non-consultation with the Local
    Government Units.

Latest on the Issues
  • The FPI Environment Committee, suggesting the
    deferment of the proposed DAO until all concerns
    and hanging issues are finally resolved ? An
    FPI-EMB Consultation meeting was conducted on
    Oct. 2012 at EMB-DENR office.
  • The Industry would want to request Philippine
    Judicial Academy (PHILJA) Chancellor to intervene
    for industries that might be affected by the
    misconceptions and misunderstandings of
    Phillipines laws as against the international

General Information
  • Thailand steel demand was predicted to rise
    approximately 14.7 million ton in 2011, jump by
    5 from 2010. Its expected that consumption rate
    would be increased to nearly 20 million tons in
  • In 2005, the Pollution Control Department
    developed the emission inventory of PCDDs/PCDFs
    in Thailand. The annual release from Ferrous and
    Non-ferrous metal production were found 19.776 g
    I-TEQ to air and to 98.77 g I-TEQ residue, which
    accounted for 7 and 12.99 of total release

External Factors
  • The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) shall be the
    goal of regional economic integration by 2015
  • International, green peace, and local NGOs are
    actively involved in any development in Thailand
    especially major industry projects
  • Thailands Constitution B.E 2550 (2007) Clause 67
    paragraph 2 under human rights subject ? all
    projects that might cause major harmful to
    communities in term of natural resources,
    environment and health to make comprehensive
    study of EHIA, to have public participation and
    to have independent organization on health and
    environment review before permitting

  • Trend in Waste Management and Recycling
  • The owner of factory type no. 106, recycling
    materials shops, has to obtain permission from
    Department of Industrial Works before
    transporting the reuse/recycle materials to iron
    steel plants.
  • Promotion of Eco-Industrial Town
  • The Ministry of Industry has set the eco
    industrial projects as the main policy for the
    next few years. The projects introduced the waste
    exchange and waste utilization within and outside
    the industrial area.
  • Promotion of Sustainable Development for Thai
  • This project might enforced the steel plant to
    use more environmental sound technology to
    prevent the environmental impact. Implemented
    tools using by Thai industry to support
    sustainable development in the enterprise are
    include Cleaner Technology (CT), EMS for SME,
    LCI/LCA, etc.

Measures on the Environmental Issues
  • In 2010-2015, Thai government supported by JICA
    conducts the development of Pollutant Release and
    Transfer Register (PRTR) project to develop the
    data system to identify the specific chemical
    released from sources
  • ? Risk communication process to public to gain
    more trust from public in chemical management
    field of plants.
  • Since 2003, Thai government agencies, leading by
    MTEC, has generated the National Lifecycle
    Inventory (LCI) for basic materials and energy
  • ? to support steel industry in implementing
    the eco labeling program such as carbon
    footprint, water footprint

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