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  • Level 1
  • Parent Orientation

  • Why do you want the Sacrament of Confirmation for
    your teen?

  • Email Address
  • Confirmation Website
  • (was
  • Confirmation Office Phone Number
  • 661-296-3180 Ext 7908

  • The Goal for Confirmation Preparation is
  • Discipleship means to make a conscious decision
    to follow Jesus in the midst of His church and to
    direct ones life with this always in mind. In
    other words, our goal is to help the teens served
    by High School Confirmation develop a personal
    relationship with Jesus that affects how they
    live their life on a daily basis.

  • The Confirmation Sacrament is a celebration of
    our faith in the Holy Spirit. After Baptism,
    along with the Eucharist, it completes the
    baptismal graces and fully initiates the baptized
    as an adult member of Gods adopted family.
  • High School Confirmation Prep is intended to
    bring about conversion in the hearts of teens so
    they see Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life
    and therefore come to the Sacrament with hearts
    properly disposed to receive it.

Who is invited to participate in High School
Confirmation Prep Level 1?
  • Teens entering 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade
    in the fall of 2014
  • 9th, 10th, or 11th graders can complete their
    2nd year of preparation in High School
  • 12th graders will complete their 2nd year in
    Adult Confirmation
  • Weekly mass attendance is expected of students
    enrolled in High School Confirmation Prep

  • 2 Sunday sessions per month
  • Teens meet in the hall at 4pm promptly
  • 4-430pm Large group session where catechesis
    is covered via video, review games and live
  • Small group sessions 435-515pm
  • Mass 530-630pm (teens escorted to sanctuary
    by their facilitator)

Small Group Structure Discipleship
  • Each small group will have 7 teens (ideally), 1
    adult facilitator and 1 Confirmed Teen Peer
  • Small groups stays the same for whole 2 year
  • Team trust building games/activities designed
    to build community within the small group
  • Trusting dynamic within the small group is
    essential for a teens journey to discipleship

Additional Elements
  • Welcome to Confirmation Prep! on Saturday, June
    14 at 445pm (Youth mass then Life Teen
    Freshman Welcome BBQ on patio after)
  • 1 Retreat Experience per year
  • Christian Living
  • Participation in 1 or more of Triduum masses
    during Holy Week
  • Reconciliation (at Penance Services or weekly
  • Confirmation Preparation Rites during mass
  • Life Teen
  • Discernment Interview 1 time per year
  • Sponsors
  • Parent Sponsor Formation Sessions

  • The Goal of Catechesis is to bring about a
    personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Saint Kateri High School Confirmation has adopted
    a new curriculum with this goal in mind
  • CHOSEN Your Journey Toward Confirmation
  • Video Driven Plug Play
  • Leader Guide available to check out or view in
    the Confirmation office
  • DVDs available to view in Confirmation office by
  • Students receive their own CHOSEN resource to
    keep and use as reference personal journal for
    whole 2 year process
  • Parent and Sponsor Guides from CHOSEN are
    excellent resources and provide Conversation
    Starters (available for purchase through the
    Confirmation office)

  • Students will each receive a personal copy of the
    New American Bible at the Rite of Promise on
    November 16
  • Same version of Scripture that is read at mass
  • Facilitators will guide them during small group
    time on how to find the readings they will hear
    at mass in their bible

Confirmation Prep Welcome
  • Saturday, June 14 445-515pm
  • Information Forms needed to begin Christian
    Living over the summer will be covered Ex VBS
  • Volunteering for Vacation Bible School would
    fulfill 1 Christian Living Experience
  • All teens invited to Youth mass at 530pm
  • Parents please attend mass w/teen
  • Life Teen Freshman Welcome BBQ on the patio
    immediately following mass

  • 1 Weekend Retreat per year of Confirmation Prep
  • Luggage drop off for retreat is Thursday, October
    23 6pm-730pm in Hall 3
  • Medications are checked in at retreat drop off on
    Friday at 530pm
  • A pizza dinner will be provided at Saint Kateri
    during retreat drop off
  • Teens all ride on buses to retreat center
    Salvation Army Camp Mt. Crags 26801 Dorothy Dr,
  • Retreat Contract will be part of registration
  • Teens return for Wrap Up with parents in the hall
    about 2 pm
  • Wrap Up will last about 45minutes

Christian Living
  • Each teen asked to participate or serve in 5
    different ministries throughout the year.
  • Purpose is to provide opportunities to explore
    some of the 50 ministries offered at our parish
  • One page worksheet to be completed for each of
    the 5 experiences will be available on the
    website with the goal of finding out who the
    ministry serves and how that ministry helps
    others in their lived relationship with Christ
  • Options available year round will be posted on
    the website and one time options emailed blasted
    to all Level 1 Confirmation families as they
  • 2 of the 5 will be completed in the already
    established Level 1 schedule
  • Level 2 students will join a ministry to
    fulfill Christian Living component

Holy Week/Triduum
  • All teens attend at least 1 of 3 of the following
    Triduum masses
  • 1. April 2 7-830pm Mass of the Lords supper
    with washing of feet
  • 2. April 3 1pm Good Friday Mass including
    Veneration of the Cross
  • 3. April 3 730pm Good Friday Mass including
    Veneration of the Cross
  • Teens that attend training on March 22 3-4pm may
    serve during the Triduum and to fulfill a
    Christian Living
  • FYI Hart District Spring Break is Monday, April
    6-Friday, April 10

  • Sacrament of Reconciliation is crucial to
    preparing for a properly disposed heart when
    receiving the Sacrament
  • Level 1 Teens will be encouraged to start
    frequenting the Sacrament of Reconciliation after
    their February 22 session Why tell my sins to a
    priest? The Healing Power of Confession
  • Teens may attend Reconciliation during an Advent
    Penance Service, Lenten Penance Service or
    Confession times offered weekly at local parishes

High School Confirmation Rites
  • 1st Time offered at Saint Kateri as part of High
    School Confirmation in our new Church
  • Rite of Promise during Sunday 530 mass after
    Confirmation session on November 16
  • Sponsor presence requested as they are part of
    the rite
  • A parent may stand in for a sponsor for Rites
    only (not the Confirmation ceremony)
  • Opportunity for public commitment to Confirmation
  • Opportunity to connect candidates to wider
    parish community and for the parish community to
    show their loving support

Discernment Interviews
  • Designed to help confirmandi, aka teens in the
    Confirmation preparation process, to discern
    where they are in their relationship with Jesus,
    their readiness to continue on the Confirmation
    Preparation journey and what ministry in the
    parish to which God may be calling them
  • Scheduled in 20 minute intervals on April 14, 15
    or 16

Confirmation Saint
  • Teens encouraged to find a saint that inspires
    them personally
  • Teens will be asked to complete a report about
    their saint over the summer between Level 1 and
    Level 2
  • Teens will be able to declare a Confirmation
    Saint Name

Life Teen
  • The most prolific youth ministry in the Catholic
  • Leads teens closer to Christ by participating in
    lively youth masses and offering a fun,
    teen-centered community in which to grow in faith
  • Saint Kateri Youth Mass is every Saturday at
  • Following the Youth Mass, Life Teen ministers and
    CORE members lead Life Nights that start with a
    yummy dinner
  • Life Nights Themes are either faith-building,
    social or deal with current teen issues
  • Is a drop in program, after registering for the
    first night of attendance teens are welcome to
    come as often or as little as works for them
  • 2 Retreats offered each year, one in the summer
    one in the winter
  • Current 8th graders are eligible to attend Life
    Teen Retreat this July
  • Check out their website for more info or the Life Teen International site

Choosing a Sponsor
  • The best sponsor is someone that is truly excited
    about their Catholic faith and wants to share it
    with your teen
  • Must be 18 years old and a Confirmed, practicing
  • May be male or female
  • May not be a parent
  • Eligible to receive the Sacraments and expected
    to receive Holy Communion at the Mass of
  • Sponsors are asked to commit to being in regular
    contact (weekly ideal) with their candidate so
    they can share their faith, answer questions and
    discuss the Confirmation journey. Text, skype,
    email, snail mail, social media, phone calls, etc
    are all valid avenues
  • Sponsors are asked to commit to attending 3
    Parent Sponsor Formation Sessions

Confirmation Preparation is a Family Journey
  • Parents asked to commit to attending 3 Parent
    Sponsor formations
  • Parent and family members attitudes greatly
    affect their teens experience
  • Confirmation Preparation provides the time and
    space for teens to explore and decide what they
    believe in so they can experience the invitation
    to Jesus call personally.
  • This invitation and opportunity to make faith in
    Jesus and His Church their own will only be
    effective if your teen is supported by you
    prayerfully, vocally and physically
  • Momentum, frequent participation, is crucial to
    growth in faith and understanding therefore
    regular attendance needs to be a family priority

Parent Sponsor Formation
  • 415-515pm in the Sanctuary 3 times during the
    year during your teens Confirmation session
  • September 14, November 16 and February 22
  • Covers some of the same topics Level 1 teens are
  • Videos from CHOSEN curriculum will be used (you
    will see some of the videos your teens will see!)
  • Designed to encourage conversations interaction
    with your teen as well as inspire parents
  • If unable to attend all three, attendance at a
    Level 2 Parent Sponsor Formation Session is
    requested or attending another parish wide
    formation opportunity. Check page 7 labeled
    FORMATION in the Saint Kateri bulletin for
    parish wide opportunities
  • Parents will be asked to sign a covenant
    committing to Formation attendance as part of
    registration process
  • Sponsors will be asked to sign a covenant
    committing to Formation attendance and frequent
    contact with their candidate at the November 16
    session (same day as Rite of Promise)

The Confirmation Program Needs Volunteers
  • How can you help?
  • Become a facilitator
  • Office Help
  • Set Up before sessions
  • Audio Visual help during sessions
  • Please see a member of the Confirmation team
    after the meeting if you are interested

  • Opens April 23 by1159am
  • Cost is 300.00 all materials and level 1
    retreat costs are included in registration fee

Registration contd
  • Items needed to gather BEFORE starting the online
    registration process
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • First Communion Certificate
  • Sponsors name and email
  • Emergency Contact information
  • Health Insurance Information
  • Print out a copy of the Level 1 Schedule
    (available on the Level 1 home page at

How to register
  • Go to our website
  • Click on the link for Level 1
  • Enter registration access code SKCL1
  • Enter registration information as prompted
  • Print out all materials as prompted and mail them
    to Saint Kateri Confirmation office along with
    full payment
  • You will receive an email confirming submission
    of registration once paper work and payment has
    been processed your registration is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if I do not have a sponsor committed to my
    teen by November 16? Parents may stand in for
    sponsors during a rite, but are asked to find a
    sponsor no later than Level 1 Discernment
    Interviews in April
  • What if I cannot find a sponsor? Email the
    Confirmation office at confirmation_at_saintkateripar and we will try you find someone in the
    parish to match with your teen
  • Can I request that my teen be placed with a
    friend in their small group? Yes, there will be a
    space for that on the registration form. Your
    friends request must match up with your own
    friends request. Please use honest discretion
    when deciding to request a friend in your teens
    small group. Only request a friend if you truly
    believe it will help your teen experience
    transformation on this Confirmation Preparation
    journey. Do not request one if that relationship
    will be a distraction or cause for your teen to
    not bond with others in their small group. We
    will provide ample time and fun opportunities at
    the beginning of Level 1 (especially on retreat)
    for small groups to get to know each other.

FAQs contd
  • What if we are attending mass as a family earlier
    in the weekend, does my teen have to stay for
    mass? No. A parent may retrieve their teen from
    their facilitator in the sanctuary before mass.
    We hope you will choose to attend the Sunday 530
    mass when your teen does, but we also strongly
    encourage attendance at the 530pm Saturday Youth
    Mass (with Life Teen available after!) We are
    thrilled to offer lots of options for mass
    attendance here at Saint Kateri.
  • What are some other ways to fulfill the Christian
    Living component? Christian Living is new so we
    are still meeting with the ministry leaders in
    order to fully integrate the component. Some
    more examples of Christian Living we hope to be
    able to offer are serving at mass as an
    usher/bringing up the gifts/greeting, attending a
    session of a Life Teen bible study, trying out
    being in the choir or band at mass, helping
    decorate the sanctuary with our Environment
    ministry, assisting as a peer leader in
    training during a Monday night Jr. High Edge
    volunteer, assisting in an elementary or Little
    Church RE classroom, serving at Sunday
    Hospitality, helping in the Gift Shoppe, etc.

FAQs contd
  • What if I am unable to afford the 300
    registration fee right now? We do have payment
    and reduced fee options. Please email the office
    at to request
    an application.
  • What if my teen misses a session? Can they make
    it up? Not really. There will not be a make up
    lesson provided. The teens CHOSEN resource does
    have a summary of the main points covered during
    each lesson. There is really no way to replicate
    the small group discussion experience, which is
    where we anticipate the most transformative
    experiences during Sunday meetings. However, the
    CHOSEN videos are very engaging. If your teen
    misses a session, we hope to offer a way for the
    videos segments to be viewed at a later time. As
    of right now, we have not established a format in
    which to provide this.
  • What if we discontinue during the year, do we get
    a refund? If the Confirmation office is notified
    at least 1 week before the retreat, we can refund
    200. 2/3rds of the registration fee goes
    directly to retreat costs. The rest go to
    material costs that are expended or budgeted for
    based on the number of enrollees at the close of

FAQs contd
  • How many sessions can my teen miss and still
    remain in the program? This question would need
    to be answered on a case by case basis. Humans
    get sick, grandmas turn 100 and teams earn their
    way to national championships. In other words,
    there are certain events in life that are
    unavoidable or so special that one must not miss
    them. When important events like these conflict
    with a meeting time, we ask that you just let
    your teens facilitator know. If a teen misses a
    session and we have not heard from them, we will
    follow up to make sure all is well. If a teen
    misses more than that, we will also follow up and
    try to help your family discern if the
    Confirmation preparation we are offering is able
    to meet the needs of your teen and family
    schedules. If your teen will be committing to
    something during the 2014-15 year that will
    frequently conflict with the scheduled meetings,
    we ask you to either wait to start the
    preparation process another year or look into the
    Confirmation processes offered at the other
    parishes in our area.

Thank you for attending
  • Have a blessed evening
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