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2014 Oklahoma 4-H Roundup


2014 Oklahoma 4-H Roundup County Delegate Orientation * 93rd State Roundup Your State 4-H Leadership Council is excited you are planning to attend Roundup and look ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 2014 Oklahoma 4-H Roundup

2014 Oklahoma 4-H Roundup
4-H Making Superstars!
County Delegate Orientation
93rd State Roundup
  • Your State 4-H Leadership Council is excited you
    are planning to attend Roundup and look forward
    to seeing you. We hope you enjoy the speakers,
    workshops and recreation planned.
  • Sincerely,
  • Ricki Schroeder

Ricki Schroeder President State 4-H Leadership
2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Roundup Program
  • Everything you need to know!
  • Keep it on your person each day because it
  • Map of Campus
  • Schedule
  • Dress Code for the Day

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
County Travel Plan
  • July 22/23
  • _____ am/pm Load Luggage
  • _____ am/pm Depart County Office
  • Travel to Stillwater with stops for __________
  • July 25
  • _____ am/pm Depart Stillwater
  • _____ am/pm Lunch in _____
  • Travel to ______ with stops for __________
  • _____ am/pm Arrive at County Office

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
  • Workshops
  • Purpose is to increase your knowledge, motivate
    project work or expose you to new information
  • Return home and share information
  • Read description and rank choices carefully on
    the registration form
  • Workshop assignments are based on when county
    submission are received
  • Important to go to workshops that are assigned.
    Role will be taken and attendance will be posted!

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Programming - continued
  • First Timer Orientation
  • Recreation and Free Time
  • Meet people from other counties and districts
  • Renew old friendships
  • Learn about 4-H experiences in other counties
  • Share what your county does

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Programming - continued
  • Assemblies
  • Welcome and Political Rally
  • District Rally
  • Spirit Town Hall, spirit contest, Ambassador
  • Honor Night recognize alumni, state record book
    winners and State Hall of Fame
  • Friday 4-H Has Talent, election results, etc.

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
State Elections
  • Political Rally and Town Hall Meeting Speeches
    and questions for President, Vice President,
    Secretary and Reporter of the 4-H Leadership
  • Responsibility each delegate should take time
    to meet candidates on Thursday or after the rally
  • County Voting Delegate (CVD) select a minimum
    of two CVDs.

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
State Elections - continued
  • Town Hall Meeting (Thursday Morning Assembly)
    Candidates will address questions submitted by
    the counties. CVD should take notes to discuss
    with the delegates at the county meeting.
  • Candidate Questions each county may submit two
    questions prior to Roundup/

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
State Elections - continued
  • County Meeting
  • CVD will facilitate the meeting - discussing
    speeches and what was heard in the Town Hall
  • Delegates cast votes for candidates.
  • CVD tallies, shares results and marks the
    Countys ballot in front of the delegation based
    on the votes counted.

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Bedding
  • Beds in Kerr Drummond are XL Twin
  • Beds in Suites are Full
  • Towels
  • Spending Money (Bring Change)
  • Supplies or Equipment competitive events,
    workshops, etc.
  • Snacks

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Dress Code
  • Rule 1 in doubt, leave it at home!
  • Below are the classifications of clothing for
    scheduled activities
  • Snappy Casual to be worn at some competitive
    events, workshops and designated assemblies
  • Business Professional or Dress wear some
    competitive events, banquet and honor night
  • Casual Roundup t-shirt with appropriate

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Dress Code
  • Youth or adults not adhering to the code will be
    asked to change
  • Competitive event professional dress is HIGHLY
  • Etiquette - NO western hats or caps are to be
    worn in a buildings at any time
  • P.J.s only to be worn in your room or on the
    residence hall floor.

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Dress Code Ladies snappy casual
  • Slacks or jeans no fashion jeans/slacks with
    holes or worn look
  • Shorts, dresses and skirts - no shorter than your
    fingertips when standing straight with your arms
    at your side
  • Coordinated separates, dresses, blouses,
    remember modesty
  • Shoes - casual shoes, sandals or nice tennis shoes

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Dress Code - Ladies
  • Cute and fashionable but LEAVE at home
  • Spaghetti straps - three finger rule will be
  • Any top/shirt showing midriff
  • Tank tops
  • Short shorts
  • Miniskirts
  • Clothing with holes

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Dress Code Male snappy casual
  • Slacks or jeans no fashion jeans/slacks with
    holes or worn look
  • Dress shorts - appropriate length
  • Shirts with a collar or a dress t-shirt
    without a slogan
  • Shoes - casual shoes, sandals, nice tennis shoes
    or boots

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Dress Code - Males
  • Fashionable but LEAVE at home
  • Tank tops
  • Any clothing or accessory with holes/worn look,
    sayings or art which could be misinterpreted
  • Well worn or comfortable hats

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Dress Code ladies Dress wear or professional
  • Dress - semi-formal or best dress
  • Coordinated separates
  • Dress Suit
  • Leave at home
  • Formal
  • Backless or spaghetti strap dresses

No Denim of any kind or color dresses, shirts,
skirts, vests or jackets
2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Dress Code Male professional dress
  • Dress Shirt - with a collar
  • Dress Slacks
  • Suit jacket or sport coat
  • Dress shoes or boots

No Denim of any kind or color shirts, vests,
pants or jackets No Hat of any kind
2014 Oklahoma Roundup
  • Positive reflection of yourself and our county
    4-H program
  • Code of Conduct youth and adults held
    responsible for their decisions and actions
  • Respect youth and adult Roundup delegates, OSU
    students and campus employees

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Performance - continued
  • Manners - positive etiquette 24 hours a day
  • Dress Code youth and adults held accountable
    for dressing appropriately for each activity
  • Time have a watch/time keeping device so you
    wake up on time and make it to scheduled

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Performance - continued
  • Poor Personal Choices will be grounds for being
    sent home and/or paying for any damage which
    occurred as a result of a personal choice
  • Cell Phones OFF at all scheduled activities, to
    be used only during free time

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
  • Wear nametag at ALL times
  • It should be hung in plain sight around the
    youth/chaperones neck
  • It is your admission into dances, activities,
    meals and workshops

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Damages or Losses
  • Graffiti delegates will pay for defacing any
    campus or personal property (includes
    tape/paint/signs hung in windows)
  • Damage delegates will pay for any damage to
    campus or personal property (includes elevators,
    rooms, common areas, landscaping, etc.)

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Damages or Losses - continued
  • Replacement of lost key a minimum of 60
  • Replace lost meal ticket/access card a minimum of

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Safety First
  • Keep your key on your person at all times (even
    when going to the restroom or down the hall to
  • Keep room locked
  • Keep valuables and money out of sight and safe
  • Use good judgment about giving out phone number

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Safety First - continued
  • No boys in girls rooms
  • No girls in boys rooms
  • No boys on floors designated for girls
  • No girls on floors designated for boys
  • No riding elevators on a side designated for the
    opposite gender

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Safety First - continued
  • Severe weather procedure
  • Curfew - Do not leave your room after room check
    - except to go to the bathroom
  • Walk in groups on campus after dark
  • Do NOT leave campus property

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Safety First - continued
  • State 4-H Office - (405) 744-5390
  • Kerr Drummond Residence Hall - (405) 744-5004
    (Staffed 24 hours)
  • OSU Hospital - (405) 744-7665
  • Stillwater Medical Center -
  • (405) 372-1480
  • OSU Police - (405) 744-6523
  • Emergencies - 911

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
Recreation/free time
  • Dance Dance like Grandma and Grandpa are
  • Good Judgment - No horsing around
  • Rules - Follow directions given by those in
  • Visit with friends, make new friends and have FUN!

2014 Oklahoma Roundup
See you in July!
2014 Oklahoma Roundup
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