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Networking: On Campus Recruiting


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Title: Networking: On Campus Recruiting

NetworkingOn Campus Recruiting
Leslie Lynn Office of Career DevelopmentSpring
  • OCDs Two Functions
  • Importance of Networking for On Campus Recruiting
  • Events and Activities
  • Online Resources
  • Terminology and Concepts
  • Role of Current Job Postings
  • Questions When and How?

Mission and Function
  • OCD has two primary functions
  • To prepare students for a successful career
    search and
  • To develop and manage corporate relationships
    with recruiters who hire at Ross School of

OCD is Comprised of Two Teams
  • To develop and manage corporate relationships
    with recruiters who hire at Ross School of
  • Recruiting
  • 4 Recruiting Relations Managers
  • Manage company relationships by industry
  • To prepare students for a successful career
  • Career Education
  • 4 staff counselors
  • Approx. 45 MBA peer counselors

OCD Recruiting Team
Lisa Kozlo Cindy Cantrell Dwana Jones Maria Hayes
Industry Breakout Industry Breakout Industry Breakout Industry Breakout
Brand/CPG Consulting Investment Banking Automotive
Pharma Accounting Financial Services Manufacturing
Health Care Non-Profit Real Estate Energy
Retail Technology Government
Entertainment Telecom Utilities
Please Remember
  • Employers like to hire people they know and
    trust therefore, relationships with potential
    employers are critical to obtaining a job
  • True for both on- and off-campus jobs

Company Goal Meet students, promote
opportunities within company, and select students
for jobsStudent Myth On-Campus recruiting is a
smorgasbord of opportunities and an easy way to
get a jobReality On-Campus recruiting is a
very competitive process. Focused candidates are
much more successful than those who try to
recruit for multiple functions. Networking among
several functions is very challenging from a time
management standpoint.
On-Campus Recruiting
Presentation Format
  • Corporate presentations are M-Th beginning Sept.
  • Generally held at Ross at 5 or 7 p.m.
  • May be off-site if large crowd expected
  • Company will bring alums/HR reps
  • Short presentation on positions offered
  • Q A
  • Reception

  • Business casual dress (unless Fin. Services
  • Entering and leaving presentation (watch doors)
  • Laptops
  • Dont take them out (notes or solitaire?)
  • Cell Phones
  • Turn off
  • Questions during presentation
  • Remember, you are not in an audience of one
  • Send thank you e-mail with reminder of
  • Get recruiters business card

The Reception
  • Be careful about eating and talking at the same
  • Do not monopolize a recruiters time
  • Be considerate of classmates who would like to
    join the conversation
  • Do not corner recruiters
  • If you are not familiar with this type of
    networking, make a counseling appointment for

Tips for Success
  • Research companies prior to presentation
  • Be on time/familiarize yourself with locations
  • Sign in and collect literature
  • Attend the reception
  • Ask for business cards if you talk with someone
  • Be courteous of your fellow students
  • Relax -- people at the presentation want to see
    you succeed

  • Introduce yourself to the person to your right
  • Feedback
  • How was the handshake?
  • Did your partner seem confident?

Potential Pitfalls
  • Coming in late/Leaving early
  • Being overly aggressive when trying to meet
    company representatives
  • You are only in competition with yourself show
    your best side!
  • Asking inappropriate questions
  • Dressing in an unprofessional manner
  • Taking food from receptions for presentations you
    did not attend

Common Questions
  • What should I wear?
  • What is business casual?
  • Do most companies have more than one
  • What if two or more companies in which I am
    interested are presenting on the same night?
  • Should I bring a resume/business cards?

Networking Hours
  • Tables in the Wintergarden or one-on-one appts.
  • Check recruiting events calendar on iMpact
  • Tips
  • Business casual dress (unless Fin. Services or
  • Research companies and positions prior to
  • Wear your Michigan Ross Name tag on the right
  • Shake hands with the recruiter
  • Be ready with elevator pitch
  • Be comfortable with small talk
  • Bring resume/business cards

Networking Hours
  • Usually held in Wintergarden, similar to a career
  • Some companies have more formal procedures
  • Drop by and by appointment (becoming more
    prevalent, set up via clubs), individual and
    small group formats
  • Great way for students to ask specific questions
    and make contacts within the company
  • Tips
  • Business casual dress (no jeans)
  • Be prepared with conversational items
  • Previous tips (bring resume, be courteous, send
    thank you)

Etiquette Networking Hours
  • Business casual okay (except Fin. Services
  • One-on-one format, usually, so can ask more
    personal-professional questions
  • Take literature
  • Do not ask overly personal questions
  • Stay positive
  • Do not monopolize a recruiters time
  • Be aware of time

Other Activities (Not OCD)
  • Companies may invite you to private events such
    as dinners and company tours (via resume database
    or club)
  • Clubs will often bring in companies for resume
    reviews, mock interviews, career symposia,
    mentoring opportunities, private dinners and
  • Tip though some of these interactions may seem
    light-hearted, companies are evaluating you
  • e.g., do not let a company give you your first
    mock interview/resume review!
  • Dont get too informal with recruiters/alums

  • Small Talk
  • 3 Minutes
  • Partner A Recruiter
  • Partner B Student
  • Make small talk
  • Switch 3 minutes
  • Partner A Student
  • Partner B Recruiter
  • Small talk on another subject

Elevator Pitch
  • What is it?
  • 15-60 second speech about who you are and what
    type of job youre seeking
  • When is it used?
  • Informational interviews, career fairs, corporate
    presentations, office hours
  • Can even be used with classmates, at the grocery
    store, etc.

Elevator Pitch Goals
  • Engage people in everyday life to help you
    brainstorm career search strategies and connect
    with others who work in similar functions or
    industries (could be for informational or
    strategic networking OR direct job leads)

Be Specific
  • Looking for a restaurant
  • Do you know any good restaurants in Ann Arbor?
  • Vs.
  • looking for a restaurant near the business
    school that offers a variety of different foods,
    is quick and inexpensive and also offers

Your Elevator Pitch
  • Broad Statement
  • Im hoping to find a finance position.
  • Tailored Statement
  • I am seeking an opportunity in finance within
    the high-tech industry where I can utilize the
    analytical skills I have developed as an
    automotive engineer. I would love to work for a
    mid-sized company in the Bay Area where there is
    a balance of structure and the freedom to

Practice your Elevator Pitch
  • Partner with a classmate
  • A give pitch, B make conversation
  • B give feedback to A
  • B give pitch, A make conversation
  • A give feedback to B

Online Resources
  • Recruiting Events
  • Job Database
  • View positions by On Campus or by Interview Week
    (contrast with Job Postings)
  • On-Campus job posting anatomy
  • Timeline, Interview Schedule, Citizenship
  • Contact Company Rep for real and specific
    questions related to the position NOT for
    general networking or finding an alumnus

  • Questions?
  • Got some? Timing is everything.

Asking Questions Dos and Donts
  • Do know the art of asking questions
  • Be considerate of the person to whom you are
    asking the question.
  • Try to frame the question positively.
  • Give the person the opportunity to shine rather
    than defend.
  • Be considerate of others. Does the question have
    general applicability?
  • Make sure you are interested in the response.
  • If possible, do research in order to pose
    well-informed questions.
  • Know when to stop asking questions.

Asking Questions Dos and Donts
  • Dont ask the following types of questions
  • Question solely intended to show how smart you
  • I read in the WSJ today that, I think
  • Question that is really a speech.
  • Dont you think that your company should
  • Question framed in the form of a resume.
  • When I was working at Acme Consulting, I
  • Question that is easily researched.
  • Where is your company located?
  • Question involving sensitive topics.
  • What do you think of the recent layoffs at your

Sample Question Types
  • Large group (10 people) situations
  • Questions on company structure or organization.
  • Questions on organizational values.
  • Questions on relevant industry trends affecting
    the company.
  • Questions on current or future initiatives.
  • Questions on MBA-specific topics
  • Roles and responsibilities of new hires
  • Expected career progression
  • On-campus recruiting process
  • In large group settings, it is especially
    important not to put the recruiter on the

Sample Question Types
  • Small groups (2 to 10 people) situations
  • Questions on the recruiters role in the company.
  • Questions on recruiters background with the
  • Follow-up questions based on recruiters role and
  • Questions on recruiters perception of the
  • Questions on recruiters experience with the
  • Questions on MBA-specific topics
  • Desired skills and experiences
  • Expected career progression
  • In a small group setting, take into account the
    relevance of your question to others in the group.

Sample Question Types
  • Individual (one-on-one) situations
  • Introduce yourself and your background.
  • Questions on the recruiters role and background
    with the company.
  • Questions on organizational culture. (What kind
    of people do well?)
  • Questions on how to succeed in the recruiting
  • Questions on your fit with the company.
  • Sensitive Questions.
  • In the one-on-one setting, take care to develop
    rapport first. Sequence of questions should not
    disturb the flow of conversation. This is not an

Other Opportunities to Meet Employers
  • Zell Lurie Entrepalooza
  • MPowered Career Fair
  • Diversity Conferences NSHMBA, National Black
  • Many functional/geographic/diversity clubs hold
    forums during the fall
  • Join the club that encompasses your interests to
    learn more!

Your On-Campus Approach
  • What is a closed list?
  • Why do I want to be on it?
  • How do I request inclusion on the close list of a
    company of interest?
  • The answers to all these questions and more!
    will be addressed in the bidding workshop

  • Questions?
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