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PRE-KINDERGARTEN ADMISSIONS TRAINING PowerPoint Cover Little Tiny Mouse designed by: Nyla Pesantes Kindergarten PS/IS 180, The Homewood School, Brooklyn ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • PowerPoint Cover Little Tiny Mouse designed by
  • Nyla Pesantes Kindergarten
  • PS/IS 180, The Homewood School, Brooklyn
  • Andrea Shelfo - Teacher

  • The 2009-2010 public schools Pre-Kindergarten
    Admissions Process provides
  • Equity of access with a uniform enrollment
  • Single application for public school
    pre-Kindergarten programs
  • Clear guidelines and admissions priorities
  • No first-come, first served enrollment for public
    school pre-Kindergarten programs

  • This past 2008-2009 school year
  • 547 schools participated in the centralized NYC
    DOE pre-K enrollment process
  • 23,580 children applied and 20,780 children
    received offers
  • 21,579 students are currently attending a DOE
    school-based pre-K program

Key Dates
  • March 6 Pre-Kindergarten Application Period
    Opens Pre-Kindergarten Directory and
    Applications available in schools, online, and
    Borough Enrollment Offices
  • April 3 - Pre-Kindergarten Application Period
  • Week of May 18 Families receive offer letters
  • May 18 May 29 Families pre-register at

  • Schools should continue to host open houses and
    school fairs, conduct tours, and continue in all
    ways to reach out to parents as they have done in
    the past.
  • The public school pre-K admissions process is the
    same for all eligible students. Therefore were
    asking schools to assist any parent who wants
    information about the pre-K admissions process.
    Schools can provide parents with the
    pre-Kindergarten directory and encourage parents
    to attend one of the pre-K information sessions
    that will be held throughout the city. All
    information sessions will be held from 630pm to
    800pm. See the next slide for sessions dates
    and locations.

Pre-K Information Session Schedule
3/3/09 Brooklyn Andries Hudde
3/3/09 Manhattan H.S. for Health Professions and Human Services
3/4/09 Brooklyn Brooklyn Technical High School
3/5/09 Queens John Adams High School
3/5/09 Bronx Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus
3/10/09 Brooklyn Seth Low IS 96
3/10/09 Manhattan Louis D. Brandeis High School
3/11/09 Bronx PS/MS 194
3/11/09 Staten Island New Dorp High School
3/12/09 Brooklyn J.H.S. 291 Roland Hayes
3/12/09 Queens Aviation High School
Advertising Your Open Houses and Tours
  • If your school would like assistance advertising
    your open houses for your pre-Kindergarten
    programs, etc. please provide the Office of
    Student Enrollment with the dates/locations/times
    and we can post this information on the
    Elementary School Enrollment webpage. We can
    also send the information to families via the DOE
    pre-Kindergarten parent email list.

Pre-K Directories And Applications Available
March 6
  • Pre-Kindergarten directories and applications
    will be delivered to Elementary Schools beginning
    Thursday, February 26 through Thursday, March 5.
    It will take approximately one week to deliver
    directories to all the schools. With that in
    mind, we are asking schools to not distribute the
    directories to families until Friday, March 6,
    the day the pre-Kindergarten application period

  • Children born between January 1 and December 31,
    2005, who will turn four years old between
    January 1 and December 31, 2009, and who reside
    in New York City are eligible to participate in
    UPK programs that are offered by the New York
    City Department of Education.
  • Parents/Guardians of applicants must be NYC
    residents and must apply for a public school UPK
    program through the centralized DOE admissions

Admission Priorities
  • Siblings will be given first preference for
    admission to all UPK programs in public school in
    the following priority order
  • Siblings applying to a pre-Kindergarten program
    at their zoned elementary school.
  • Siblings with no zoned school or whose zoned
    school has no pre-Kindergarten program, applying
    to a school with a pre-Kindergarten program
    within their district.
  • Siblings who are zoned for a school with a
    pre-Kindergarten program, but are applying to
    another school with a pre-Kindergarten program
    within their district.
  • Siblings applying to a pre-Kindergarten program
    outside their district but in their borough.
  • Siblings applying to a pre-Kindergarten program
    outside their borough.

Admission Priorities
  • After sibling preference, non-siblings will
    be admitted according to the following order of
  • Non-siblings applying to a pre-Kindergarten
    program at their zoned elementary school.
  • Non-siblings with no zoned school or whose zoned
    school has no pre-Kindergarten program, applying
    to a school with a pre-Kindergarten program
    within their district.
  • Non-siblings who are zoned for a school with a
    pre-Kindergarten program, but are applying to
    another school with a pre-Kindergarten program
    within their district.
  • Non-siblings applying to a pre-Kindergarten
    program outside their district but in their
  • Non-siblings applying to a pre-Kindergarten
    program outside their borough.

Admissions Priorities Continued
  • If there are more students applying for available
    seats within a priority group, there will be a
    random assignment process for the available
    seats. This admissions process is administered
    by the Office of Student Enrollment.
  • Class size for public school pre-K programs is 18
    students per class. The number of assignments
    will be made in accordance with the projected
    number of classes. This determination is made by
    the Office of Portfolio Development.

  • For the purpose of assignment priority, a sibling
    is a brother or sister (including half-brothers,
    half-sisters, stepbrothers, stepsisters, foster
    brothers, and foster sisters) of the applicant,
    who lives in the same household.
  • In an elementary school, a younger sibling
    receives sibling priority only if the older child
    will be enrolled in grade five or below in that
    school at the start of the following school year.
  • We are asking schools to verify sibling status
    before assignments are made.

Siblings Continued
  • Schools will be provided with a list of students
    who have applied to their school, and identified
    as having an older sibling who will attend that
    school for the 2009-2010 school year. Schools
    will need to verify that the sibling priority is
    valid for the child applying.

There is NO Pre-K to K Articulation
  • There is no guarantee for a placement into a
    pre-Kindergarten program. Students do not
    automatically articulate from pre-Kindergarten to
    Kindergarten. All pre-Kindergarten students must
    apply for admission to a Kindergarten program.
    At every opportunity, parents should be reminded
    of this policy.

Pre-K Enrollment Projections
  • The Office of Portfolio Development, in
    coordination with the Office of Early Childhood
    Education and the Office of Student Enrollment,
    determines the number of pre-K classes per
    school. Decisions are based on available
    funding, facility space and program demand.
  • This past fall, Portfolio Development solicited
    requests to increase or decrease current pre-K
    allocations. If the current number of pre-K
    classes at your school changed from last year to
    this year, this change will be reflected in your
    pre-K enrollment projection.

Application Guidelines
  • All eligible students (current residents of NYC
    born in 2005) applying to a public school pre-K
    program this year will have two ways in which to
  • Families can choose to either complete the online
    application or complete the application included
    in the directory.
  • Based on feedback from last years process and
    our commitment to continuous improvement of the
    process, we are excited to launch a new online
    pre-Kindergarten application.
  • We would like to encourage families to apply
    using the new online application. The online
    application only takes about 30 minutes to
    complete and families will receive an email
    confirmation that their application has been
    received. In addition, when families apply
    online they will receive their childs pre-K
    assignment offer by email. This will streamline
    the process for families.

Application Guidelines Continued
  • For families that choose to complete the
    application included in the directory, a business
    return envelope will be provided (also included
    in the directory) to mail the completed
  • An application receipt card will be sent to
    families within two weeks after the application
    is received to confirm receipt of the
  • Only one application per child either online or
    the application included in the directory must be
    submitted for public school pre-K.
  • Families should check the directory to see which
    sessions (AM, PM, or Full Day) are offered in the
    schools. Families can list only one session time
    for each school choice. This means that families
    must list a school more than once if they are
    applying for more than one session time at that

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Pre-Registration Guidelines
  • Families will be notified about their pre-K
    assignment offer the week of May 18, 2009.
  • Families who accept an assignment must bring the
    child to pre-register for pre-Kindergarten
    between May 18 and May 29 at the school in which
    the family was offered a placement.
  • The pre-registration screen in ATS will remain
    open through June 5 for schools to complete round
    1 pre-K pre-registration. Details will be
    available on ATS news.
  • Families must provide proof of birth and
    residence during the pre-registration period.
  • Pre-registration becomes effective after all
    documentation requirements are met.

Round 1 ATS Pre-K Pre-Registration
  • The Pre-K Pre-Registration Screen (QPKF) will be
    available on ATS beginning May 18. Schools will
    access the QPKF screen to complete the
    pre-registration process for students who have
    been offered an assignment to that schools DBN.
    This file will contain a roster and some
    pre-populated student biographical data, parent
    data and address data.
  • A student must appear on the roster provided to
    be pre-registered into pre-K.

Required Documents for Pre-Registration
  • In order for a student to pre-register into a New
    York City public school the parent and the child
    must both appear and must present the following
  • - 2 verifiable proofs of residence
  • - Childs birth certificate or passport
  • - Childs immunization records
  • Please refer to Chancellors regulation A101
    for details.

Community-Based Organization (CBO) Universal
  • Families who wish to apply to a Community-Based
    Organization (CBO) program must obtain the CBO
    application directly from the CBO or the DOE
    website. Community-based organizations will
    continue to enroll their own students. Unlike
    the public school UPK process in which a single
    application is used to apply to all schools,
    families must submit an individual application to
    each CBO program they are considering for their
    child. Each CBO will notify parents directly
    about their placement offers and about how to
    pre-register at the CBO UPK site. It is
    therefore possible for students to apply to
    public school and CBO UPK programs and to receive
    offers to both.

For Families Applying to Community-Based
Organization (CBO) Universal Pre-Kindergarten
  • STEP 1 Review the list of CBO UPK programs
    provided in the Pre-K Directory to identify
    programs that may be right for your child and
  • STEP 2 Call and/or visit CBO UPK programs that
    interest you.
  • STEP 3 Complete one CBO UPK application for
    each CBO program to which you are applying.
    Submit each application directly to the UPK at
    the CBO site.
  • STEP 4 Each CBO UPK site will notify you
    directly about whether space is available for
    your child and about pre-registration procedures
    for September 2009 admissions.

  • Any questions or concerns please contact Marty
    Barr, Executive Director Elementary School
    Enrollment at or Kim Cobb,
    Manager Elementary School Enrollment at
  • Information about Universal Pre-Kindergarten
    admissions can be found online at
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