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MM Skills


MM Skills Are MM developers computer scientists? Or they are artist, programmers, animators, or musicians? To produce good MM project you need diverse range of skills ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: MM Skills

MM Skills
  • Are MM developers computer scientists?
  • Or they are artist, programmers, animators, or
  • To produce good MM project you need diverse range
    of skills detailed knowledge of computers,
    graphics, text, sound, video and animation.

  • The process of intelligently mapping out a
    cohesive strategy for the entire multimedia
    project, including
  • content, technical execution and marketing.
  • The Production Manager undertakes the following
  • Development of the budget control system
  • Hiring of all specialists involved in the
    multimedia development process
  • Contracting video and audio production crews and
    recording studios
  • Equipment rental, leasing and purchasing
  • Software acquisition and installation
  • Planning the research work of the content
  • Development of the multimedia
  • application outline
  • schedules
  • Coordination of legal aspects of production

The MM project team
  • MM project may requires as many as 18 roles
  • Executive producer
  • Producer/project manager
  • Creative Director/MM designer
  • Art director/visual designer
  • Artist
  • Interface designer
  • Game designer
  • Subject matter expert

The MM project team (2)
  • Instructional designer/training specialist
  • Script writer
  • Animator(2D/3D)
  • Sound producer
  • Music composer
  • Video producer
  • MM programmer
  • HTML coder
  • Lawyer/media acquisition
  • Marketing director

Executive producer
  • Ideally the executive producer arranges for
    financing and tries to keep the project on
  • Responsible for the team performance resource
  • Product Plans and Operations

Producer/project manager
  • Project manager role is at the center of action
  • Responsible of the devising a vision for the
    product and the overall development
    implementation of the project
  • Follow day to day operation running meetings,
    scheduling and assigning tasks, illness, team
  • The glue that holds the project together

1. Production Manager
  • The role of the production manager in a
    multimedia production is to define, coordinate
    and facilitate the production of the multimedia
  • Characteristic of good production manager
  • Able to coordinate and facilitate the production
  • Possess knowledge of the basic principles of
    multimedia authoring
  • Skilled proposal writer
  • Good negotiator
  • Conversant with relevant legal issue
  • Good communication skill
  • Budget management skill
  • Experience in human resource and overall business

MM designer
  • Looks at the overall content of the project (puts
    all media contents together)
  • Creates a structure for the content determine
    the design elements to support that structure
  • Decides which media are appropriate for
    presenting which pieces of content
  • Prepares the blueprint for the entire project
    content, media, and interaction

Art director/visual designer
  • Responsible for presenting screens that should
    present an appealing mix of color, shape, and
  • Maintain visual consistency using only those
    elements that support the overall objective of
    the project

6. Computer Graphic Artist
  • The computer graphic artist is responsible for
    the graphic elements of the program - such as
    backgrounds, buttons, photo collages - and the
    manipulation and editing of pictures, 3-D
    objects, logos, animation, and etc.

  • Creates graphics interactive MM
  • Helps to show how screens would look like using
    paper pencil
  • Develops artwork and animation for the project
  • Produces an original multimedia

Interface designer
  • Interface provides control to the people who use
    the software
  • Creates a software device that
  • organizes the MM content,
  • lets the user access or modify that content, and
  • presents the content on the screen.
  • A good interface designer will create products
    that will encourage use
  • Interface is designed from ground up not after
    all programming is done. Designer should
    visualize ideas as they are discussed

Game designer
  • Designs game plan and background
  • Creates the characters and environments of the
  • Determines choices for characters
  • Designs game levels strategies

Subject matter expert
  • The most import skill of the subject matter
    expert is knowledge of the subject. This
    knowledge could come from formal academic
    training or work experience.
  • This expert will advise the project designer on
    the nature and/organization of the product
  • The expert is also responsible for validating and
    evaluating the content of the product, which may
    be accomplished in stages
  • Provides access to source materials and reference
    items such as books, articles, videotapes, and
    static art

Instructional designer/training specialist
  • Instructional designers identify instructional
    goals, conduct goal analyses, write learning
    outcomes, develop test items, write product
    documentation and identify skill levels.
  • Conducts high-level analysis of training needs
  • Specifies learning objectives, selects
    interactive exercises, and creates evaluation
  • Supervises the formative and summative
  • Instructional designers usually have a formal
    undergraduate and or graduate degree in
    instructional design.

Script writer
  • Working after an instructional designer has
    created an outline, a writer creates and revises
    the script that actually dictates what words,
    images, video, and audio elements that are
    presented to the audience.
  • The writer works with the artists and programmers
    to ensure that what is envisioned can actually be
    implemented within the time, budget, and
    technology constraints.
  • It is his responsibility to apply navigation
    directions to the scripts, add notes indicating
    any special functions, links, or other software
    behaviors, and create alternate items, if
  • An effective writer has Good communication
    skills. A writing style that is concise, direct,
    and engaging. Creativity to increase learner

  • Responsible for character animation, lighting MM
    environment, and special effects
  • Integration with Other MM objects
  • Deciding on animation methods and keeping
    animation fresh

Sound producer
  • Oversee the pre-production, production, and
    post-production of video and audio elements.
  • Pre-production includes the selection and
    preparation of shooting locations and set up of
  • Production encompasses the creation of raw
    audio/video content and
  • Post-production primarily refers to the editing
    and refinement of content to a desired duration
    and quality.
  • Industry experience is particularly desired for
    these team members.

Music composer (audio specialist)
  • Quality of audio elements can make or brake a MM
  • Audio specialist makes MM projects come alive
  • They design and producing music and sound effects
  • Responsible for scheduling recording sessions
    editing recorded material

Video producer
  • Responsible for videographers, lightening
    designers, and actors
  • Skilled with managing all phases of productions
  • Must be familiar with the tools techniques used
    for digital editing

MM programmer
  • The programmer prepares software code and/or
    works with development tools to integrate content
    and procedures into a multimedia product.
  • The programmer will combine a project storyboard
    and content to build a product by using a
    multimedia-authoring package.
  • Critical skills for the programmer to possess
    include analysis, ability to work with software
    and authoring tools, and the ability to be a team
  • Programmers often have skills in a number of
    authoring environments and/or programming

HTML coder
  • Web site producer familiar with HTML coding of
    tables, frames, and forms.
  • Responsible for maintaining/updating site content
    and developing new site features

Lawyer/media acquisition
  • The Copywriter prepares and reviews text content
    for the multimedia project.
  • They work with a subject matter expert and
    designer to capture critical information and a
    style of delivery.
  • The copywriter must understand the vocabulary
    constraints of the audience and be able to
    translate complex ideas into words or stories
    that are appropriate to the audience.
  • The copywriter may have backgrounds in
    journalism, education, or even be the subject
    matter expert that has writing skills.

Marketing director
  • How to approach consumers who would buy the MM
  • Plans and executes advertising methods

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MM Production Team
  • Production Manager
  • Content Specialist
  • Script Writer
  • Text Editor
  • Multimedia Architect (or Program Authoring
  • Computer Graphic Artist
  • Audio Video Specialist
  • Computer Programmer

2. Content Specialist
  • Responsible for performing all necessary research
    concerning the content of the proposed
  • Program content can be described as
  • The specific information, data, graphics
  • Facts to be presented through the multimedia

3. Script Writer
  • Video and film scripts present a linear sequence
    of events.
  • In multimedia production, the medium has the
    capability of presenting events in a non-linear
    fashion by branching in different directions and
    establishing linkages between different sections
    or components of the program.
  • The scriptwriter of a multimedia production needs
    to visualize this almost three-dimensional
    environment and integration of virtual reality
    into the product.

4. Text Editor
  • The content of a multimedia production, like a
    book or a film, needs to flow in a logical
    fashion and the text must be structurally and
    grammatically correct.
  • Text and narration will be integrated as part of
    the application and the development of
    documentation for the application must be
  • All of the text related elements need to be
    revised by the text editor.

5. MM Architect
  • The multimedia architect is the team member
    responsible for integrating all the multimedia
    elements (graphics, text, audio, music, video,
    photos and animation) by using an authoring

7. Audio Video Specialist
  • The audio specialist is responsible for recording
    and editing narration selecting, recording or
    editing sound effects recording and editing
  • The video specialist is responsible for video
    capturing, editing and digitizing.

8. Computer Programmers
  • The task of the computer programmer in a
    multimedia development team is the programming of
    code lines or scripts in the authoring language.
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