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Title: Shabik

Shabik Mobilize The Future
Uncompromised Mobility in Social Networking and
all that surrounds it
What is Shabik , or social networking?
  • A social network service uses software to
    build online social networks for communities of
    people who share interests and activities or who
    are interested in exploring the interests and
    activities of others.
  • Social networking has revolutionized the way
    we communicate and share information with one
    another in today's society. Various social
    networking websites are being used by millions of
    people everyday on a regular basis and it now
    seems that social networking is a part of
    everyday life.
  • Shabik is Social Networking Service (Community
    related features like Profile , Photos , chat
    rooms), its also a platform for Internet
    Applications like Email Push , IM , Social News ,
    etc ..
  • It has a (Stat-of-the-art) technology that
    works on mobiles and web as well.
  • In Short , Shabik is an Internet on the go
    with socialized experience.

25th Nov 2009
Mobile social networking
  • Mobile Social Networking Revenues Could Reach
    Us52 Billion by 2012
  • Mobile Social Networking is already an
    established service in some regions, but in 2008
    and beyond new features are attracting larger
    numbers of users and permitting new business
    opportunities. Mobile Social Networking is now a
    global phenomenon with expansion in all
  • A new report from Informa Telecoms Media
    concludes that the number of mobile social
    networking users exceeded 50 million,
    approximately 2.3 of the global mobile user
    population on December 31 2007. Some of these
    users were registered in multiple mobile
    communities, engaging with friends, having fun
    and sharing their passions with others. With only
    low investments from mobile network operators,
    the growth in users and community registrations
    will continue at a CAGR of 30-50, depending on
    the type of community and the region. By 2012,
    there will be between 12.5 penetration of mobile
    social networks among mobile users globally in
    the most conservative scenario, approximately 23
    in the high growth scenario.
  • In 2006, Mobile Social Networking revenues
    exceeded US1.5 billion and more than doubled in
    2007. The revenue growth will accelerate in the
    next two years but after that point, much depends
    on mobile network operators' policies and the
    interests of users. By 2012 revenues generated
    from all business models in this industry is
    forecast to reach US28.9 billion in the most
    conservative scenario and 52 billion in the high
    growth scenario.
  • Source cellular-news on 11th February 2008

25th Nov 2009
Who is behind Shabik?
  • Shabik is a result of a joint-venture between
    Singaporean based (Mozat) and Saudi based
  • Mozat developed the base product Morange ( Which
    Shabik is based on) and is been in the mark since
    2003 and has 8,000,000 registered users
  • Tajseed localized it and released Shabik , which
    is a local version tolerated for Arab users.
  • Mozat provides the backend and Tajseed provides
    the local moderation and support.

25th Nov 2009
About Tajseed
  • Tajseed started in 2001 as Software development
    company and shifted its direction in 2006 into
    VAS (Value added service) for mobile users.
  • Today we are WEB Mobile 2.0 company , with main
    focus on Social Networking.
  • We employee more then 50 skilled people ranging
    from engineers , localization experts ,
    moderation and support team marketing .
  • We are part of Dar-AlRiyadh group which is been
    in the market for over 30 years and employee over
    2000 people and works across different industries
    and have yearly revenue of over 1 Billion .
  • Dar Alriyadh web site and parteners page

25th Nov 2009
About Mozat
  • MOZAT is a mobile telecommunications technology
    provider boasting a substantial amount of
    knowledge and experience in this domain in order
    to provide the best possible Mobile Social
    Networking Services (M-SNS) platform created,
    designed and supported for any Mobile Services
    Provider (MSP) in the world.
  • Founded in Singapore in 2003 by a group of Ph.D.
    scholars and professors of the National
    University of Singapore (NUS) Mozat has won a
    number of awards for its innovations and grown
    into a business oriented company with increasing
    success among MSPs. The successful concept and
    innovative software with its add-on applications
    has even attracted an excess of 8 million users
    of the Mobile Social Networking Platform under
    Mozats own brand.
  • The company keeps close at heart knowledge within
    the Mobile Phone Operating Systems domain,
    Software Platforms Technologies domain, Online
    Social Networking Services domain and the User
    Interface design domain. The RD and Product
    Development are partly based on the research of
    our 7 Ph.D.s in the domain of mobile
    telecommunications but also based on the
    accumulated knowledge acquired by our MSP
    partners and our own M-SNS. With over 50 years of
    combined mobile telecommunications business and
    technology experience the Mozat team is committed
    to and has also been proven to be a solid partner
    for MSPs worldwide who delivers carrier grade
  • Headquartered in Singapore in South East Asia
    Mozat is constantly growing and is adding
    regional Mozat offices close to the partners.

25th Nov 2009
Shabik So what is it?
A mobile services delivery platform specialized
in Mobile Social Networking Services
(SNS) Provides an impeccable user interface to
represent the Mobile Operator branded mobile
services offering to the end user covering an
amazing 80 of all mobile handsets in the market
-gt MAXIMUM user reach with the mobile
services Consists of a back end core server that
simplifies regular internet content and makes it
perfectly optimized for mobile handsets of
various hardware and software capacities Complete
billing capable on all thinkable ways to charge
for mobile services Shabik team mobile operator
experienced and focused offering total CARRIER
GRADE support and application consultancy
25th Nov 2009
Shabik Our global track record
  • A social, messaging and entertainment mobile
    networking platform for mobile operators, today
    having launched or soft launched 4 major mobile
  • Supports over 500 handset models covering some
    80 of the average mobile subscribers handsets
  • Over 8,000,000 registered users worldwide till
    date and growing everyday without having
    performed any marketing efforts.
  • App Store for 3rd party partners including a very
    effective Software Development Kit (SDK) to
    accurately implement and launch application on
    top of the plaform
  • Exceeds 500 million page impressions per month
  • Progressively building up more than 900GB of data
    usage monthly
  • tools and apps for the users while running
    on a top end technologies

25th Nov 2009
Shabik in Arab World
  • Shabik was deployed for STC (Saudi Arabia) in
    December 2008 and VIVA in Kuwait September 2009
  • It has attracted large number of active
    subscribers , and has the most consumption of
    GPRS among other VAS services.
  • Its a successful story.
  • Source http//

25th Nov 2009
Shabik with STC
25th Nov 2009
Shabik Features
Shabik! Services
App Store Games Music Applications Services
Y! Msg
F! Test
Ocean Age
Abstraction layer for Symbian, Android, Java,
Windows Mobile, etc
Core server making Internet content mobile
Good old Internet and its content
25th Nov 2009
Shabik Architecture
25th Nov 2009
Shabik Services Glimpse (Arabic)
Home screen
Taking Photo for Profile
Friends List
25th Nov 2009
Shabik Services Glimpse (Arabic)
Friend Page Options
Search Options for Friends
Chat Rooms List
Inside Chat Room
25th Nov 2009
Shabik Services Glimpse (Arabic)
Photo Sharing
Sayings (Twitter Like)
News reading Sharing
Adding IM Account
25th Nov 2009
Shabik Services Glimpse (Arabic)
Accessing Facebook
Adding Email Push Account
Playing Game with Friends
Adding More Applications
25th Nov 2009
What do we do for carrier?
  • Customization of the product , which includes
    Branding , and any agreeable modifications if
  • Hosting of the service Integration with Carrier
  • On-going development of the service (new
  • Costumers support for Carrier and End Users.
  • 24/7 moderation (for users content) specific per
    country and policy to be agreed upon.

25th Nov 2009
Carrier Tajseed Responsibilities
Carrier Tajseed
Branding (Making it Core service) Customization and Integration
Marketing On-going development
Access to backend (Billing Provisioning) Hosting of the service.
First Level Support Second Level Support
24/7 Moderation
25th Nov 2009
Additional Services
25th Nov 2009
Shabik Advantage - Moderation
  • Unlike most Social Networks online , Shabik was
    build from the ground with Safety Control in
    mind , hence a complete Moderation center is
    provided by Tajseed to observe the Public
    content and remove any inappropriate content
    immediately, the Center work 24/7 in Riyadh/KSA

25th Nov 2009
Shabik In-Application Support
  • Shabik has a special feature for support , which
    is a access to a dedicated (Support Line) from
    within the service , a user called (?????? ????)
    is accessible to all users to supports them and
    answer their questions , and the service
    provider has dedicated team to handle that.
  • Users likes this feature since they deal with
  • an expert of the service that help them
  • in a timely manner.
  • There is an average of 1000 received and
    answered messages daily.
  • Messages are mostly Questions , Support
    request , and feedback .

25th Nov 2009
Competition Users Ranking
  • Ranking (???? ?????? ????????)
  • Very sophisticated system to award users
    automatically a Points according to their
    usage and activities, it has many features and
  • Publicly available to all and with an
    auto-updated Top 10 List daily (to encourage
  • Transparency , users knows exactly how the system
    works , making it Trustworthy and first of its

25th Nov 2009
Celebrities Interview - STARs application
  • Facebook Celebrity Page like features , whereby
    Celebrities will have their own profiles and
    users can Become fans , View Photos , Latest
    Celebrity News and most importantly Interact
    with the celerity.
  • A moderated Question and Answers online and
    real-time interview sessions , whereby the
    community will be able to chat real-time with the
    celebrity and ask questions and get answers in a
    completely moderated and personalized manner.
  • Features to show how many users are viewings the
    interview now , and options to invite a friend to
    the show , etc.

25th Nov 2009
Accelerating growth The VIRAL Concept
  • To Make sure we on-going growth, a new Friends
    Invitation engine was developed from scratch ,
    to achieve the following
  • Awarding , with this new feature , if user A
    sends an invitation to user B , we add record in
    database of that , and if later user B does
    actually subscribe , we automatically award user
    A (The Invite) one month free subscription and
    notify him of that by SMS.
  • Simplicity , inviting a friend is very
    streamlined as we will open native user phone
    contacts window and allow him to select as many
    contacts as he wish.
  • Trustworthy , the new feature sends the
    invitation from the user phone number , hence the
    person getting the invitation will know who sent
    it and will get his attention as opposed the old
    method which show Shabik as the sender and many
    see that as a SPAM.

25th Nov 2009
Carrier app store.
  • We are developing an app store platform
    similar to Apple IPhone app store , wherein
    Carrier partners can develop apps easily and
    include them in Shabik , aapplication nd the
    platform will take care of things like (discovery
    , installation and upgrades , billing users , etc
    ) hence making Carrier a large portal to online

Carrier partners will be able to develop
applications using their existing tools
(Programming Languages) and the new platform will
give them access to tools like
Interface builder Emulator/Debugger One click
publish Analysis Improve
25th Nov 2009
Multi-Player gaming
  • We believe this is going to be the next big thing
    in Online Social Networking and the main driver
    for its revenue , as Social Games , as opposed
    to regular games has the social elements wherein
    user can use his existing Social Graph (In
    Shabik Friends List) to find people to play and
    compete with , hence its totally different user
  • We are currently developing 3 games for VIVA now
    , and we plan to release new one each 3 months
  • Ocean Age (Fish Catching War Game)
  • Cards Game (??????? , ????? , ?????, ?????
  • tolerated per each Arabic Country
  • Football Strategy Game (We know young
  • people are Crazy about football and we are
  • developing special Game for that)

25th Nov 2009
Advertizing Platform location
  • In each country we are operating , Shabik is
    generating high monthly Page Views and to
    explorer a new revenue stream , an new
    advertizing platform is being developed to offer
  • Direct Marketing , as with this platform an
    advertiser can specify which segments he is
    interested in reaching , like for example only
    Females , Age range of 18-25 and be-lingual, and
    thanks to Shabik profiles , this is doable with
    high relevancy.
  • Location , we are experimenting with an option to
    extract user location by reading the Cell ID
    location , hence ads can be targeted to
    particular cities or even neighborhoods ( example
    new restaurant opening)
  • Brand Pages , we are making it possible for Brand
    (example Pepsi) to have brand page and engage
    with users and promote their latest offerings.
  • Completely Automated , the platform is completely
    automated and advertisers can create campaign
    , View reports , and manage it completely

25th Nov 2009
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