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Welcome to 5th Grade!


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Title: Welcome to 5th Grade!

Welcome to 5th Grade!
  • Welcome Parents!

Our Goals in 5th grade
  • To give your children the academic and social
    skills they need to progress to sixth grade.
  • To provide a supportive, fun, and safe
    environment for learning.
  • To enable students with great success this year!
    The 5th grade writing assessment is in February
    and we want to strive for scores of 4 or more!
    This will be the best year yet!
  • To work as a team with students, parents, and
    administration. We work as a 5th grade team.
  • We are the Fantastic 5 of CES!

Mrs. Kathleen Davis
  • My background
  • I grew up in New York.
  • I received by Bachelors from St. Rose and my
    Masters in Education from MTSU.
  • Ive lived in Tennessee for almost 15 years and
    across the street from school for about 11 years.
  • My Family
  • Married with 3 children 11 year old at the
    middle school this year, a 4 year and a 2 year
  • My experience
  • This is my 12th year teaching.
  • This is my seventh year teaching 5th grade.

  • TCAP

TCAP Counts!
  • 2011 2012
  • 20 of Second Semester Final Grade
  • 2012 2013
  • 25 of Second Semester Final Grade
  • TCAP results may be considered for
    promotion/retention purposes.

(No Transcript)
Switching Classes-Flexible Grouping
  • Students will be switching classes. Some of these
    classes will be mixed with other homerooms as to
    serve students best. We will be looking at
    students deficiencies and strengths in order to
    determine what extra support or extension each
    child needs.
  • Last week, we tested and assessed data about your
    child to determine which flex group would suit
    him or her best.

RTIResponse to Intervention
  • Tier II - 60 min extra reading support a week
  • Tier III - Mrs. Molloy gives about 90 min
  • extra a week to help with reading
  • Ms. Molloy and Mrs. Deery may work with any these

Mrs. Christy Brown
  • My background
  • I grew up in Rutherford County.
  • I attended Riverdale High School.
  • I received my Bachelors from Tennessee
    Technological University, and Masters from
    Trevecca Nazarene University.
  • My Family
  • Married to Jay Brown, assistant principal at
    Eagleville School Rockvale Middle.
  • Son, Simon-9 new baby, Emily
  • My experience
  • This is my 12th year teaching.
  • This is my fifth year teaching 5th grade.

Classroom ExpectationsPositive Behavior System
  • Be Respectful
  • To people, including ourselves,
  • To things, such as school property the property
    of others.
  • Be Responsible
  • By having all materials ready for use,
  • By listening and working quietly,
  • By respecting the rights of others to learn of
    the teacher to teach.
  • By following directions the first time. 
  • Be Safe
  • By keeping hands, feet, objects, and negative
    words to self.
  • By following all school rules.

Stamps are given on Roar charts for demonstrating
these expectations. Each nine weeks, those who
fill their charts will be invited to a ROAR party.
Agenda Codes
  • OT-off task during instruction or work time
  • T- inappropriate or disruptive talking
  • DP-Disrespectful to others, oneself
  • DT-Disrespectful to property, things
  • G- Gum
  • R-Responsibility for actions, assigned tasks or
    agenda not signed
  • H-Homework/Class work not completed

  • 1 mark lose 5 minutes of recess
  • 2 marks lose 10 minutes of recess
  • 3 marks no recess
  • 4 marks no recess and contact the parent
  • 5 marks student will be relocated to a specified
  • 6 marks referral to administration

Behavior Rewards
  • Stamps/Stickers
  • Class Passes such as no homework or sit with a
    friend (These are used by teachers discretion)
  • Good Note/Call Home
  • Free Time
  • Special Responsibilities
  • Special Privileges
  • ROAR Parties

Mrs. Deborah Henderson
  • My background
  • I grew up in Williamson County.
  • I received by Bachelors and masters degrees
    from MTSU.
  • My Family
  • Married with baby boy due Nov. 1
  • My experience
  • This is my 11th year teaching.
  • This is my eighth year teaching 5th grade.

Parent-Teacher Communication
  • Agendas
  • Students responsibility- Fill out all
    assignments after each class.
  • Teachers responsibility- Check, sign, record any
  • Parents responsibility- Check agenda and sign
  • Emails
  • Our e-mails were sent home on our newsletters
    last Monday. We will have them again in our
    classrooms tonight.
  • We can check emails from home, before school
    hours, and after school hours. We try to check
    during the school day, but some days it is
    impossible. For emergencies, call the school.

Parent-Teacher Communication
  • Website-we are all trying to get updated
  • www.ces.rcs.k12.tn.us
  • Class Assignments
  • Projects
  • Wish lists
  • Classroom news
  • Grades

Parent-Teacher Communication
  • Take Home Folders
  • These are sent home every Monday.
  • Review all papers with your child.
  • Any grade except for tests and quizzes with a
    grade below 70 can be redone for a better grade
    this first nine weeks only.
  • Sign and return by Tuesday of the following week.
    Late folders will receive a Responsibility mark.

Parent-Teacher Communication
  • Progress Reports
  • Progress reports will be sent home every 4-5
    weeks. These dates are determined by the county.
  • These reports give an idea of how your child is
    doing in each subject thus far. Grades can also
    be checked online.
  • These will normally be found in the red take home
    folder or stapled in agenda.
  • Must be signed and returned.

Monthly Calendar/ Newsletter
  • A monthly calendar of events will be sent home
    each month in the Take Home Folder for you to
    keep on the refrigerator or other safe spot for
  • Class newsletter will be on the top.
  • WOW (Wildcat of the Week) reminders.

Mrs. Jessica Medley
  • My background
  • I grew up in Manchester, TN
  • I received by Bachelors from Martin Methodist
    University .
  • My Family
  • Married this past summer
  • My experience
  • This is my 2nd year at CES teaching fifth grade.

Wildcat of the Week
  • When your child is scheduled to be the W.O.W.,
    he/she can create a poster displaying photographs
    and information about family members, pets,
    hobbies, friends, sports, etc. or just bring in
    pictures to hang up. When it is your childs
    week, he/she will be given special privileges.
    Students can bring in their posters or pictures
    on Monday of their assigned week, and they will
    share what they bring in with the class.

  • We encourage students to bring healthy snack and
    a water bottle to school.
  • Our lunch time is after noon so it is important
    for students to eat a healthy breakfast and a
    snack for optimal learning.
  • There will be a snack cart starting soon selling
    healthy snacks for 50 cents.

Related Arts 125-200
  • PE, Art, Computer, Music, Library
  • These classes rotate on a 6 day schedule
    identified as colors.
  • We now have 2 full-time PE teachers so students
    will receive PE twice every 6 school days.
  • Every Monday, students will have an additional
    class with one of these teachers.

Attendance Missing Work
  • Students need to be here at school in order to
    learn and achieve their goals.
  • However, students who are sick or hurt will not
    have a productive learning day. There are days
    that your child needs to stay home and
    recuperate-we understand that, but please
    reinforce the importance of learning.
  • Students will have 5 days after returning to
    school to complete any work missed while absent.
    It may be necessary for parents assistance when
    trying to complete these assignments.

  • Grades are taken in every subject.
  • All assignments merit equal value.
  • Extra credit opportunities are available at
    specific designated times.

Mrs. Rebecca Miller
  • My background
  • I grew up in and actually attended Christiana as
    a student.
  • I received by Bachelors from MTSU.
  • My Family
  • Married for 19 years with 2 sons Mitchell-16,
  • My experience
  • This is my 8th year teaching at CES.
  • This is my 4th year teaching 5th grade.

Reading Fluency
  • Reading fluencies are given each nine weeks to
    assess the accuracy and comprehension.
  • Students are given one minute to complete the
  • We will record the of words your child can read
    per minute on the report card.
  • We work on this each week in class.

  • Homework will be assigned on a nightly basis.
    Homework is used to reinforce skills taught at
    school. We try to keep it limited to no more than
    45 minutes.
  • Students will have some time to work on homework
    in class.
  • If students are absent, it is their
    responsibility to check the missing work binder
    and pick up work they missed. Students have 5
    days to make up work due to an absence.

Changes this year
  • Lunch Money- Students will be responsible for
    bringing their own much money to the cafeteria
    during designated lunchtime.
  • That means you, the parent, must send in any
    lunch money in a sealed envelope with your
    childs name, teacher, and amt labeled on the
  • Better yet, you can go online to the county
    website and put money in your childs account and
    note what they are buying.

Wish Lists are posted outside teachers
  • Color Copy Paper and card stock
  • Check your teachers room tonight
  • Thanks for any help you can provide!

Back to School Bash!
  • When? Thursday, September 1, 330-530
  • Where? CES Gym
  • Why? Fundraiser for 5th grade
  • Who? 5th grade students
  • Monitors? 5th grade teachers Mrs. Benson or
    Mrs. Ezell
  • Cost? 5 for 2 pieces of pizza and a drink
  • Extra items? .50 for snacks/ extra drinks
  • Pictures? 1 for pictures

These notes will be sent home in the red take
home folder next week.
Questions or Concerns?See your childs homeroom
teacher afterwards in their classroom.
Its going to be a Great Year!
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