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Welcome to Third Grade Informational Parent Night


Welcome to Third Grade Informational Parent Night Welcome to Third Grade Informational Parent Night Hosted by: Mrs. Bagby, Mrs. Rosita and Mrs. Moyers – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to Third Grade Informational Parent Night

Welcome to Third Grade Informational Parent Night
Welcome to Third Grade Informational Parent Night
Hosted by Mrs. Bagby, Mrs. Rosita and
Mrs. Moyers
Reach for the Stars

Our goal is for the students to become an active
community of learners. The students will work
together cooperatively, and individually, in
improving skills in reading, writing,
mathematics, science discovery and social
studies. We look forward to an exciting year of
growth educationally and collaboratively!
About Third Grade
Third Grade is a big transitional year for both
students and parents. Concepts move at a much
faster pace and students are expected to do more
independently. Lunches and homework can NOT be
delivered to the office. Punctuality and
attendance are especially important this year.
Every minute of your childs day is valuable
educational time. In order to utilize every
minute to its fullest, it would be most
beneficial for your child to be in the classroom
at 805 a.m. (when the first bell rings).
Homework will be given Monday-Thursday. All
work is expected to be shown and completed using
a pencil. Please make sure your child shows
all work and uses the strategies taught in class.
The child should complete his or her practice
activity independently, but if you notice that
they worked out a problem incorrectly, please
help them use problem-solving strategies until
they discover the correct answer. The faster
misconceptions are cleared, the faster your child
will be successful with the concepts.
Homework Report Card Grade
First Nine Weeks E 3 or less missed or late
homework assignments. S 4-6 missed or late
homework assignments. N 7-9 missed or late
homework assignments. U 10 or more missed
homework assignments. Second Fourth Nine
Weeks E 2 or less missed or late homework
assignments. S 3-4 missed or late homework
assignments. N 5-6 missed or late homework
assignments. U 7 or more missed or late
homework assignments.
Behavior Plan
We will consistently reinforce positive
character traits with praise and rewards while
still setting firm boundaries. Every child
will be given a verbal warning before a mark is
recorded on the clipboard unless safety becomes
an issue. A chart is kept documenting each
infraction. The number of infractions a child
acquires each day/week corresponds with his/her
consequences and conduct grade.
Positive Ponies
We try to use as much positive reinforcement as
possible with your child along with the rules to
make the classroom a safe and nurturing place.
Brownie Points When the whole class is
giving their best, a brownie is placed on the
pan. When the pan is full the class gets a party,
a prize, or extra recess. Tickets Individuals
earn tickets for showing positive character
traits such as responsibility, respect,
initiative, commitment, integrity and
participation. Students can use these tickets to
purchase items or privileges in class.
Homework/Behavior Incentives
FRIDAY FREE-TIME Students who obtain less than
three marks on the clipboard (which include
homework completion and behavior) will get to
enjoy a Friday Free-time celebration. Friday
Raffle Students who do not obtain any marks on
the clipboard for behavior or homework for the
week are entered in a class raffle. One winner
will be drawn for each class at the end of each
Teacher Web Pages
School and teacher web pages give you access to
important dates, information and resources. You
can see your childs weekly schedule (remember to
wear tennis shoes on P.E. days), weekly
curriculum content and links to useful
interactive sites such as Learning.com,
Envision, Pearson Success for ELA, Kidbiz3000,
First in Math and many others!
Navigating For Resources visit www.kleinisd.net
Major assessments 50 Retakes A student who
scores below 70 on a major campus assessment
will be given the option to retest (usually
occurs before school). The higher of the two
scores will be taken, but not to exceed
70. Benchmarks There will be no retakes on
any district benchmarks or common assessments.
Minor assessments 50 Students who fail minor
tasks will receive extra instruction in the
subject area, but the original grade will not be
replaced. Based on a campus decision, no
extra credit will be given. You may also view
your childs grades online.
See Your Childs Grades
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Parent Connect Login Page
Your child will participate in a unique
classroom supplement called EarthTrek. They will
work as teams in a virtual race around the world.
Throughout the race, they will be exploring other
countries and cultures through academic
activities that are based on the third grade
curriculum. EarthTrek for fourth and fifth
grade is now offered after school!
Visiting your child Please enter through the
front door and stop at the front office. Obtain a
visitors sticker and place it where it can be
VISIBLE by any staff member. Please visit the
location your sticker states only. If you need to
visit a new location, a new sticker must be
obtained from the front office. Per a campus
decision, visitors are not permitted on the
playground. Thank you in advance for your help
with this matter this procedure helps ensure the
safety of every child.
Special Occasions Birthday treats may be
purchased from the cafeteria through your childs
teacher. Two weeks notice for your purchase is
requested. This aides in avoiding allergy
Choices and Prices Chocolate  or Vanilla
Cupcakes  .60 Rice Crispy Treats   
.50 Chocolate Chip or MM cookies  .30 (baked
fresh daily) Ice Cream- .60                 Mini
Rainbow Pops                 Cookies N Cream
yogurt                 Chocolate
Yogurt                 Strawberry
Yogurt                 Sherbet Pushpop            
     Strawberry Fruit Bar They may also order
Bottled Water .75 or Juice Box .55. In the
past, the treats were given during lunch in the
cafeteria. The snacks will now be dispersed in
the afternoon in your childs classroom.
Thank you for coming!
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