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Spring 2011 Kindergarten Coaches Meeting


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Title: Spring 2011 Kindergarten Coaches Meeting

  • Spring 2011 Kindergarten Coaches Meeting
  • March 22, 2011

What is WYSA
  • Non profit organization run entirely by
  • Coaches are the most important resource
  • 1,200 children in our programs this season
  • Intown instructional play for K-8 grades (70
    teams, 500 kids 125 coaches)
  • Travel - competitive instructional play in the
    Middlesex Youth Soccer League for kids in grades
    3-12 (50 teams 700 kids 130 coaches)
  • TOPS The Outreach Program Soccer for special
    needs children aged 4-18 (physically
    intellectually challenged children paired with
    WYSA players ages 8-18 every Saturday at
    1030am)-volunteers always welcome, contact Caryn
    Goulet or tops_at_wilmingtonyouthsoccer.org

WYSA Board of Directors
  • President Ed Riekstins
  • Vice President Caryn Goulet
  • Treasurer Chuck Otis
  • Secretary Eric Fortier
  • Travel Committee Jon Snider, Chair
  • John Fitzler, Mark Watson
  • Intown Committee Chris Alberti, Chair
  • Mike Fischer, Jamie Ward
  • NE Revs Liaison Caryn Goulet, Jamie Ward
  • Coach/Player Development Joe Haddad
  • Intown Referees Mike Fischer
  • Travel Referees Caryn Goulet
  • Fields Building Stan Souza
  • Registrar Chuck Otis
  • Concessions Tom Genthner, Chair
  • Marianne Gallezzo
  • Equipment Merchandise Ray Masiello
  • TOPS Caryn Goulet

Your Intown Committee
  • Who is responsible for what
  • Chris Alberti, Chairperson
  • Boys Girls 2nd grade and Co-ed
  • Mike Fischer
  • Girls Kindergarten 1st grade, Boys Girls 3/4,
    Intown Refs
  • Jamie Ward
  • Boys Kindergarten 1st grade
  • Joe Haddad
  • Player and Coach Development
  • Caryn Goulet
  • TOPS
  • Questions? We are here to support and assist
  • Were on the fields every Saturday
  • E-mail us intown_at_wilmingtonyouthsoccer.org

Intown Philosophy
  • FUN - Recreational, Developmental, and
  • For many of players, this is a social event, not
    an athletic one
  • First time many of them will have played on a
  • It is NOT about winning the game, but rather
    participating, teaching, encouraging and creating
    a love for the sport
  • Coaches set the tone and set the example

Player Coach Development
  • Director Joe Haddad
  • Objective To develop age appropriate soccer foot
    skill through fun small sided games. Its that
  • How will we be doing that
  • WYSA partners with Challenger for curriculum,
    player coach development and clinics for
    Kindergarten 12th Grade
  • Goals of our partnerships - Staying current with
    or ahead the needs of the players and coaches.
  • Saturday Program (Kindergarten) Observe,
    Deliver, Play
  • April Summer Vacation Clinics
  • Your role in Coach Player Development
  • Activity leadership focused on soccer skills
  • Develop yourself for the next stage

Player Coach Development
  • Things to keep in mind with kindergarteners (U6)
  • First and foremost HAVE FUN with them
  • See the game from the childs perspective, not
    the adults
  • Use positive language instead of dont do it
    that way say that was good, can you try it this
  • Keep the players moving. Limit standing around
    to about 1-2 minutes
  • Priority for this age is ball familiarity and
    control through dribbling
  • Encourage players to get the ball get every
    player engaged
  • Do not give them positions
  • Do not make them stay in a certain spot
  • Encourage players to use BOTH feet
  • Let them learn through experience no long
  • Keep you focus on the individual player, not the
  • Look at the Saturday activities during the week
    to get familiar with them
  • Take the G course (3/28/11) to help you with
    coaching this age group
  • Last but not least HAVE FUN with them

Coaches Are So Important
  • Create a performance-oriented atmosphere (NOT
  • De-emphasize winning (it is out of a players
    control and is unrealistic)
  • Emphasize controllable, realistic goals (skills
    development, fitness improvement, learning
  • Although you have a team development is
    individual based
  • Create opportunities for fun socialization

  • WYSA Main Number (978) 657-8889
  • General information will be on greeting
  • ext 1 Intown program mailbox
  • ext 2 Travel program mailbox
  • ext 3 Referees and training mailbox
  • ext 5 President WYSA mailbox
  • Web Site www.wilmingtonyouthsoccer.org
  • We will communicate by email as much as possible.
  • Email us
  • Intown_at_wilmingtonyouthsoccer.org
  • Training_at_wilmingtonyouthsoccer.org

  • NO weekday practices for Kindergarten
  • Check WYSA website or hotline for game
    cancellations or field closures (encourage
    parents to do the same so you dont have to call
    everyone separately)
  • Please have your team pick up all debris after
  • Girls Kinders - Have your parents help set-up one
    Kinder net before 800am each Saturday
  • Boys Kinders Please remove only the inside nets
    on the field after your game. (TOPs needs outside
  • Field Layout Next Slide

Kindergarten Game Fields
Waiting for updated layout
Severe Weather Policy
  • When you see lightening or hear thunder seek
  • Coachs Intown Hotline
  • (877) 373-8326
  • Upon hearing tone, dial ext 2604
  • Listen for announcement
  • Not to be distributed to parents this is an
    update line for coaches only (phone system cannot
    handle 700 phone calls)

Game Schedule
  • Game Date Day
  • 1 April 9th Saturday
  • 2 April 16th Saturday
  • 3 April 23th Saturday
  • Town Meeting Day is Saturday, April 30th No
    Intown Games
  • 4 May 1st Sunday
  • 5 May 7th Saturday
  • 6 May 14th Saturday
  • 7 May 21nd Saturday
  • No Games Memorial Day Weekend
  • 8 June 4th Saturday
  • 9 June 11th Saturday
  • No make-up games unless notified by WYSA

Intown Game Times
  • 800 AM Girls Kindergarten, Boy's Girls
    Grade 3/4
  • 915 AM Boys Kindergarten
  • 1030 AM TOPS
  • 1145 AM Girls Grade 1
  • 1200 PM COED 5th-8th
  • 100 PM Boys Grade 1
  • 215 PM Girls Grades 2
  • 330 PM Boys Grade 2
  • Note All Kindergarten coaches are required to
    be at the fields 30 minutes before game time to
    receive training from our Challenger Group for
    that days activities.

Kindergarten Game Day
  • Meet your Challenger Instructor 30 min before
    your time slot
  • Adjourn to you assigned field 10min before your
    start time
  • 8AM slot - Assign one parent to obtain a Kinder
    net from the Field House and set it up on your
  • Introduce yourself to opposing coach
  • Check your players - no jewelry, toe cleats,
    unsafe clothing (i.e. long strings)
  • On your ½ of the field spend 25 minutes teaching
    the two Activities
  • 5 min Break
  • Finish with a 25 min 3v3 scrimmage against the
    other team
  • One coach is allowed on the field to encourage
    players to find the ball
  • Players and coaches shake hands after every game!

Game Day Reports
  • Web based on-line reporting system
  • Go to Intown Page http//www.wilmingtonyouthsocc
  • Then under the Intown section Game Reports
  • 8 different pre-defined reports (4 home 4 away)
  • Must be completed submitted by Sunday at
    1200pm noon for submission to the newspaper
  • Town Crier Wilmington Advocate
  • Please make sure EVERY players name makes the

Intown Rules of the GamePosted on the WYSA
website under the Intown tab
  • Based on FIFA rules (with age-specific
  • Ball Size - Spring
  • (Size 3 Kindergarten, Size 4 1st-8th)
  • Format
  • Kindergarten
  • 3 v 3 with no goalkeeper (1/4 sized field)
  • Grade 1
  • 4 v 4 with no goalkeeper (1/2 sized field)
  • Grades 2 4
  • 6 v 6 including goalkeeper (full field)
  • Grades 5 8 (Coed)
  • 8 v 8 including goalkeeper (Full field)

Competition Success
  • Children DO NOT understand the competition
    process the way adults do
  • For adultsSUCCESS winning
  • For kids...SUCCESS learning, fun improvement,
    confidence, friendships
  • For adultsFAILURE losing
  • For kids.......FAILURE giving up, not trying
    hard, poor sportsmanship

Policy on Intown Post Season Awards
  •   The Board of Directors wants all children to
    have a great experience with our Intown soccer
    program. We respectfully request that no
    trophies, medals or prizes be given out at the
    end of the soccer season. The program is
    developmental and stresses participation as well
    as fun over competition and individual
    recognition. To help recognize participation for
    the players in Kindergarten through 2nd grade we
    are establishing a patch program. For each season
    (Fall Spring) that a player participates they
    will receive a season specific patch. We will
    continue to recognize all players (Intown and
    Travel) with the annual spring awards in addition
    to the patch program. 

Patches for Participation
  • New program starting this year
  • The intent is to provide all Intown players with
    a patch at the end of the season as recognition
    for their participation in the program.
  • Each season they participate in they will receive
    a new, season specific, patch to add to their
  • Sample

Concessions and Merchandise Stands
  • Open game days 700 AM 6 PM
  • Helps WYSA to defray registration costs w/sales
  • Staffed by volunteers
  • Volunteers should NOT be you or your family
  • You, as a coach, are responsible for
  • Procuring five volunteers
  • Forwarding volunteers contact info to the
    concessions team

Other WYSA Programs and Benefits
New England Revolution
  • WYSA has partnered with the Revs!
  • Chance to win four (4) Tier 1 tickets for each
    home game via raffle
  • Boston Breakers games, too
  • Free reserved parking
  • Group outings at discounted ticket prices
  • If interested, please e-mail Caryn Goulet at

Travel Program
  • 750 players and 50 teams ages U9-U18 this
  • Playing formats are age-specific and all games
    are officiated by U.S. Soccer Federation
    certified referees
  • U10 6 v 6 for (2) 25min halves
  • U12 8 v 8 for (2) 30min halves
  • U14 - 11 v 11 for (2) 35min halves
  • U16 11 v 11 for (2) 40min halves
  • U18 11 v 11 for (2) 45min halves
  • WYSA is part of Middlesex Youth Soccer League
  • Single-age groups playing within double
    age-banded divisions
  • Players may begin playing travel as early as 3rd
  • Tryouts take place over 2-days towards end of
    Spring season for subsequent year (i.e. Spring of
    2nd grade, players may tryout to start in Fall of
    3rd grade)
  • U9-U14 team assignments are for a two-season
    commitment Fall and Spring seasons
  • U15-U18 tryouts take place in the Fall for a
    Spring-only season (play for the high school in
    the Fall)

Travel Program Continued
  • Players are evaluated and placed on teams
  • WYSA does its best to make sure all kids are
    placed on a travel team.
  • Each season consists of 9 games (generally half
    played at home, half played away)
  • U10 Post Season play depending on results of
    Spring season, may qualify for Commissioners Cup
    (weekend after regular season ends)
  • U12-U14 Post Season Play depending on results
    of Spring season, may also participate in
    Commissioners Cup as a playoff process with the
    possibility of additionally qualifying for Mass
    Tournament of Champions (MTOC) held the
    subsequent weekend
  • WYSA awards Commissioner Cup and MTOC
    eligible-teams gifts, as well as winners

Equipment Merchandise
  • Merchandise Equipment Coordinator Ray
  • Coachs bags after meeting proceed to Field
  • Uniform shirt socks
  • First Aid Kit w/ extra ice packs
  • Practice cones
  • Ball for each player and a game ball
  • Players to provide
  • Shin pads (stop 1-2 inches below knee cap, do not
    sit on shoes)
  • Shorts/warm-up pants
  • Soccer cleats, only or sneakers (no baseball
  • Water for games
  • Merchandise Tent open every Saturday w/ logo items

  • The Outreach Program of Soccer
  • 78 special needs children ages 4-18 from
    Wilmington and surrounding towns
  • Autism, Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Downs
    Syndrome, Sensory Integration Dysfunction,
    Multiple Sclerosis, Verbal, Non-Verbal, etc..
  • Free program for TOPS players (uniform, ball
    free concession ticket every week)
  • Fostering physical, mental, emotional (social)
    growth through play sport
  • Fun, energy, acceptance soccer
  • Structure without rigidity

TOPSoccer Continued
  • Coaches - Wilmington players ages 8-18
  • Responsibility, companionship, and friendship
  • Wear coaches shirt
  • Field set-up
  • Personally greet all athletes
  • Focus 100 of attention on athletes
  • Control the experience
  • Breaks as necessary
  • Lots of high fives!
  • Lots of energy
  • Concession tickets at end
  • If interested, contact Caryn Goulet at

You are not on your own
  • We are here to help just ask

WYSA Resources
  • Coaching Certification Classes Lined Fields,
    Nets Frames
  • Game Reporting Newspapers TOPS
    Player/Volunteer Involvement
  • Challenger Online Curriculum New England
    Revolution Partnership
  • April Summer Vacation Clinics Coaching
    Resources on Website
  • Season Development Plans Concessions WYSA
  • Uniforms Website
  • Game Balls Hotline for Field Closures
  • Practice Cones First Aid Kits
  • Spring Awards and many more

Thank You !
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