Emerging Higher: Securing Science and Innovation for the Future Dr Caroline D Sudworth Science and Higher Level Skills Development Manager - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Emerging Higher: Securing Science and Innovation for the Future Dr Caroline D Sudworth Science and Higher Level Skills Development Manager


Emerging Higher: Securing Science and Innovation for the Future Dr Caroline D Sudworth Science and Higher Level Skills Development Manager Cogent Sector Skills ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Emerging Higher: Securing Science and Innovation for the Future Dr Caroline D Sudworth Science and Higher Level Skills Development Manager

Emerging Higher Securing Science and
Innovation for the FutureDr Caroline D
SudworthScience and Higher Level Skills
Development Manager
  • Cogent Sector Skills Council Limited

Global, Strategic, Value Added, Skills Intensive
  • UK Gov 2007-082
  • Health 105bn
  • Education 78bn

Sector Turnover 163bn
  • Cogent Skills
  • High Level
  • Science based
  • Engineering using
  • Adult skills

Sector GVA 50bn
  • UK Gov 2007-082
  • Corporation tax 47bn

Source CSR 2007, HMT
Source ABI 2006
Relevance of Higher Level Skills
  • More, and more employable, graduates
  • Raise the skills and capacity for innovation and
    enterprise of those already in the workforce
  • Focus on graduates in science, technology,
    engineering and mathematics (STEM)
  • Universities becoming a key player in
    local/regional problem solving
  • Cogent workforce relies heavily on higher level
    (Level 4) skills
  • Right skills and education employer-led vision
  • Upskilling of the Cogent workforce
  • Getting the right education in the right sectors
  • Emphasis on industry - relevant subjects
  • Skills gaps need addressing to move regional and
    UK business forward

Our employers use these skills to drive forward
business and innovation
Skills Levels for Nuclear Sector
Civil Nuclear Workforce Supply and Demand
Retirement Profile
Retirement Profile in the Future
Nuclear Sector Employment Issues
  • Ageing workforce
  • Need for highly skilled and trained managers,
    researchers, engineers and technicians
  • Need to up-skill/re-skill existing workforce to
    replace retirees
  • Recruitment difficulties, especially skilled and
    experienced personnel
  • Increasing impact of legislation
  • Focus on environmental impact of industry
  • Competence assurance requirements

Higher Level Skills Environment
  • Leitch Higher Level (and STEM) Skills
  • Higher Ambitions (November 2009)
  • Skills Strategy (November 2009)
  • Emphasis on Up-skilling and Re-skilling of
    Existing Workforce
  • Innovation and Enterprise
  • Emerging Technologies (April and September 2009)
  • New Industry, New Jobs
  • Jobs for the Future

Cogent Higher Level Skills Strategy
  • Higher level skills research
  • Frameworks for future skills
  • Placements
  • Professional Recognition, Benchmarking
  • Innovation and STEM
  • Policy and funding
  • Cross Sector Partnerships
  • Published version due December 2009

Higher Level Skills Research
  • Sector Research
  • STEM Research
  • Higher Level Skills
  • Supply/Demand
  • Graduate data
  • Destinations data
  • Trend Data
  • Provision
  • Bespoke research
  • Salary Surveys
  • Higher Level Skills
  • Government Policy/Response
  • Recession Monitoring
  • Employability and Careers
  • Global Competition

Total STEM supply 4,000 p.a.
Frameworks for Future Skills Provision
  • Short courses with bite-sized credit accumulation
  • Modular, flexible and blended delivery
    (e-learning, academic and workplace learning)
  • Accreditation of bespoke programmes, prior
    learning, and in-house training
  • Professional recognition
  • Clearer presentation of the costs

  • Undergraduate
  • Foundation Degrees through Working Higher
  • Higher Level Apprenticeships
  • Professional recognition at e.g. EngTech/IEng
  • Higher Education in Further Education
  • Working with partners in FE/HE
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Postgraduate
  • Flexible Masters Provision by Sector Industrial
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Graduate Training
  • Professional recognition

Placements, Internships and Exchange Programmes
  • STEM Placements
  • Undergraduate levels
  • Employability and On the Job training
  • Increase uptake and participation
  • National scheme in development

Industrial Placements
  • Sectoral approach across the UK
  • Starting with pharmaceuticals sector
  • Undergraduate Year in Industry Model
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • Attraction of best candidates
  • Increase the uptake/ease of access
  • Students
  • Universities
  • Employers
  • Lever and access funding

  • Graduate Benchmarking
  • STEM and employability skills for sector
  • Manage employer expectations of graduates
  • Manage student and university expectations
  • Establish clear training frameworks
  • Linking Gold Standard/Job Contexts
  • Linking Professional Recognition

Graduate Benchmark Statements
  • Sector relevant statements
  • Based on suitable undergraduate/postgraduate
    subjects areas
  • Linked to ideal employment skills
  • What an ideal graduate recruit looks like
  • Informed through thorough sector based research
  • Rolled out with Universities with examples of
    good practice

Professional Development for Graduates
  • Graduates/Post Graduates have the prime
    responsibility for their professional development
  • Employers have the responsibility to provide
    support, encouragement, feedback and resources to
    enable graduate development
  • Graduates/Post Graduates are allocated to
    managers and mentors who are interested in
    developing the next generation of professionals
  • Graduates/Post Graduates are given challenging
    and relevant assignments which are regarded as
    essential to business success
  • Professional development is achieved through a
    mix of broadening experiences, variety of roles,
    skills training and further education
  • Professional development is based around
    graduates/post graduates planning their learning
    and then learning from experience

Funding Leverage
  • Foundation Degree Framework
  • 3M HEFCE Working Higher Project started in May
  • National Funding
  • Higher Ambitions and Skills Strategy
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Placements
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Lever Regional Development Agency funding
  • North West Partnership Funding
  • Energy and Environment/Biomedical/Advanced

Influencing Policy
  • Employer voice to Government on Higher Level
  • Higher Ambitions
  • Skills Strategy
  • Influence Funding and Uptake of Suitable
  • Value on Knowledge and Learning Outcomes
  • Value on Employability Skills
  • Influence Provision in Emerging Technology Areas

Cross SSC Activity
  • Cogent leading on HE across STEM
  • Cross-Sector Research
  • Life Science and Pharmaceuticals
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Low Carbon
  • Regional Aspects
  • Emphasis on working across RDAs to streamline
    skills priorities
  • Emphasis on priority sectors

www.cogent-ssc.com/ Higher_level_skills
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