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Welcome to Bunn High School


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to Bunn High School

Welcome toBunn High School
  • Home of the Wildcats

  • 700-705 Introductions
  • 705-720 Presentation by BHS counselors
  • 720-730 Upward Bound
  • 730-800 Open House

Presentation topics
  • High School Graduation Requirements
  • Course Selection
  • General Information

Graduation Requirements
  • Students entering 9th grade in 2009-2010 and
    after fall under new graduation standards known
    as the Future-Ready Core
  • Students with an IEP may qualify for the
    Occupational Course of Study. For more
    information, see the EC department representative
    after the presentation.
  • To receive a high school diploma, students must
  • Earn the required course credits
  • Meet the necessary testing requirements
  • Score a level III or IV on five (5) End of Course
  • English I, Algebra I, Civics Economics,
    Biology, US History
  • Meet BHS/Franklin County requirements
  • Freshman Seminar
  • Composition
  • Graduation project

Future-Ready CoreCourse Requirements
  • English 5 Credits
  • Math 4 Credits
  • Science 3 Credits
  • Social Studies 3 Credits
  • Health/Physical Education 1 Credit
  • Elective Courses including
  • Four course concentration in one of the
  • Career/Technical Education
  • Arts Education
  • Core subject areas (math, science, second
    language etc.)

English 5 credits
  • English IE (9th)
  • Composition (10th)
  • English II (10th)
  • English III (11th)
  • English IV (12th)
  • E Indicates the course includes an EOC test
  • Students must score a level III or IV on the EOC

Math 4 credits
  • Foundations of Algebra
  • Algebra IE
  • Foundations of Geometry
  • Geometry
  • Algebra IIE
  • Additional math courses aligned with the
    students post-high school plans
  • E Indicates the course includes an EOC test
  • Students must score a level III or IV on the EOC

What Math course should I take?
What Math course should I take?
Science 3 credits
  • Earth/Environmental Science (9th)
  • BiologyE (10th)
  • A Physical Science course (11th)
  • Physical ScienceE or Chemistry
  • E Indicates the course includes an EOC test
  • Students must score a level III or IV on the EOC

Social Studies 3 credits
  • World History (9th)
  • Civics EconomicsE (10th)
  • U.S. HistoryE (11th)
  • E Indicates the course includes an EOC test
  • Students must score a level III or IV on the EOC

Other Courses
  • Freshman Seminar
  • Health/PE 1 credit (9th)
  • Electives
  • Career/Technical Education
  • Arts Education
  • Core subject area (math, science, second
    language, etc.)

Typical 9th grade schedule
  • Fall Semester
  • Freshman Seminar
  • Foundations of Algebra
  • Earth/Environmental Science
  • Health/PE
  • Spring Semester
  • English I
  • Algebra I
  • World History
  • Elective Course

High SchoolWhats different?
  • Block schedule Students take 4 courses per
    semester for a total of 8 classes per year
  • Faster paced 90 minutes for 90 days (18 weeks
    vs. 36 weeks)
  • More responsibility Students are responsible
    for getting themselves to the next class, lunch,
  • excessive tardies lunch detention
  • Promotion standards are based on credits earned
  • Exams each course has a final exam that counts
    25 of the students final grade.

In high school, everything counts!
  • Grades
  • All final grades become part of the students
    permanent transcript
  • Attendance
  • It is possible to fail a course due to excessive
    absences even though the student earns have a
    passing grade
  • Course selection
  • Students should take the most challenging courses
    that they can handle.
  • Discipline
  • Can affect grades/attendance and may prevent
    students from reaching their post-high school

Grade Classification
  • Grade assignment is based on the number of
    credits students have earned.
  • Each course is worth one credit.
  • If students do not earn enough credits, they will
    not be promoted to the next grade level.
  • 0-5 credits Freshman
  • 6-11 credits Sophomore
  • 12-19 credits Junior
  • 20 credits Senior

Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • GPA is found by converting each final grade into
    the corresponding number on the four-point GPA
    scale and then averaging the numbers.
  • 92 3.5
  • 90 3.25
  • 84 2.5
  • 96 4.0
  • GPA ( 3.31
  • Honors and Advanced Placement classes are worth
    more quality points. These classes are taken into
    account with the weighted GPA.

  • Attendance is extremely important!
  • Students must be present in class at least 80 out
    of 90 days each semester in order to receive
    course credit.
  • Attendance is taken each class period.
  • If a student exceeds 10 absences in a class,
    he/she must provide evidence (i.e. - note from a
    doctors office) in order for the absence to
    count as excused. Notes from parents/guardians
    do not apply

Exam Exemption Policy
  • Students can be exempt from some final exams
    based on their grades and attendance during the
  • Teacher generated exams are eligible for
  • State tests (EOCs and VOCATS) are not eligible
    for exemption.
  • Students who score below a Level III on any EOC
    will be retested
  • Course Grade Attendance
  • 70-76 (D) Absent no more than 1 day
  • 77-84 (C) Absent no more than 2 days
  • 85-92 (B) Absent no more than 3 days
  • 93-100 (A) Absent no more than 4 days

Academic Eligibility
  • Driving Privileges
  • Students must pass at least 3 classes each
    semester to get and keep their permit or license
  • Students should listen for an announcement to
    sign up for drivers education class
  • Athletics
  • Students must pass at least 3 classes the
    previous semester to play sports
  • Students must not be absent more than 12 days for
    ANY reason

Get Involved!
  • Athletics
  • Fall football, volleyball, girls tennis, cross
  • country, boys soccer
  • Winter basketball, swimming, wrestling
  • Spring baseball, softball, girls soccer, boys
  • tennis, golf, track field
  • Clubs
  • FFA, FTA, NAHS, Spanish club, Beta Club,
    VICA/Skills USA, World Changers, Mock Trial,
    Clogging team, Envirothon

UNC System College Admissions Requirements
  • To qualify for admission into any of the 16
    campuses of the UNC system, students must meet
    minimum requirements
  • Note Meeting the minimum requirements does NOT
    guarantee admission to any college, these
    requirements are considered the minimum to be
    considered for admission.
  • For the Class of 2015
  • Required courses
  • 4 English
  • 4 Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
  • 3 Science
  • 2 Social Studies
  • 2 Foreign Language
  • Minimum GPA 2.5
  • Minimum SAT or ACT score
  • SAT Math Critical Reading combined 800 or
  • ACT Composite score 17

Notes Reminders
  • Registration worksheets are due to Homeroom
    teachers by Friday, March 18th
  • Current teachers must sign off on core academic
  • Student and Parent must also sign
  • Dont forget to include alternate choices!
  • Student schedules for the entire school year will
    be mailed out in August.
  • Freshman/New Student Orientation will be held in
    August prior to the first day of school.
  • Students receive their FINAL schedule on the
    first day of school.

Open House Information Classrooms
  • Career Technical Education (300 hall)
  • Foods Nutrition
  • Business
  • Parent Child Development
  • Digital Communications
  • Computer Classes
  • Air Conditioning Refrigeration
  • Drafting
  • Principles of Technology
  • Agriculture/Horticulture
  • Construction

  • Thank you for coming!
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