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Mr. Curry s 5th Grade Class Welcome Students! Welcome to 5th Grade! This is an important year for you! I will give you an introduction to 5th grade and to our ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mr. Curry

Mr. Currys 5th Grade Class
  • Welcome Students!

Welcome to 5th Grade!
  • This is an important year for you!
  • I will give you an introduction to 5th grade and
    to our classroom.
  • If you have any questions, please be sure to ask

All About Me
  • My Background
  • I grew up in San Francisco.
  • I attended parochial grammar school and attended
    St. Ignatius College Prep.
  • I attended San Francisco State University and
    graduated with a Multiple Subjects Teaching
    Credential and 2 BA degrees in Liberal Studies
    and in History.

All About Me
  • My Experience
  • Ive been teaching since 1981, in San Francisco,
    Oakland and San Jose.
  • I am now starting my sixth year at Vinci.
  • I have taught 4th through 8th grades, but 5th
    is my current favorite grade to teach.

My Family
I work for Fandango in San Diego, but I live in
Tijuana, Mexico
I teach 5th grade at Vinci Park
  • 5 boys and 3 are teachers

I teach 5th grade in Yuma Arizona
I teach 7th grade Near Seattle
Vinci Park
My Family
  • My Wife Noel She often helps us out by going
    on field trips when she can.
  • I met her when I was 18 and finally asked her to
    marry me 17 years later. Talk about

My Family
  • My Foster Son, his wife and their 2 kids
  • Antonio
  • Maravic
  • Analyn
  • AJ (Antonio Jr.)

  • Students will learn the content and the skills
    needed to succeed academically and socially.
  • Students will learn in a supportive, safe and
    nurturing learning environment.
  • We will have fun while we learn.
  • Students will be introduced to the jobs of the
    future and they will be encouraged to start
    preparing for their future.

Class Content
  • We will cover all the subjects and topics that
    our state believes are important for students to
    learn during 5th grade.
  • We will use a Project Based Learning approach,
    especially in the content areas. This will also
    involve cooperative learning activities and the
    use of technology throughout the curriculum.

  • We will learn the basics of math using the 4
    basic operations with whole s, fractions and
    decimals this year in Math.
  • Students will also use algebraic thinking in
    solving problems.
  • Students will be familiar with perimeter, area
    and volume.


  • We will learn the strategies needed to solve
  • Students will also demonstrate basic math facts
    through regular Math Fact Tests
  • Students will be able to create and interpret
    graphs, charts and tables.
  • Students can take challenge tests and can move at
    their own level.


Reading/Language Arts
  • We use the state adopted Houghton- Mifflin
    Reading program.
  • We also have students read a variety of quality
    literature as well..

Reading/Language Arts
  • This year, the 5th grade teachers have decided to
    have students change classes for Reading so that
    we can better serve the students by grouping them
    according to their reading level and their
    instructional level.
  • This literacy block will normally be for 75
    minutes each morning
  • We will also be using Accelerated Reading to help
    students find their appropriate reading level
    from which they can succeed.

Reading/Language Arts
  • This year, Mr. Currys class will be
    participating in 3 additional reading programs.
  • Reading Is Cool Students keep track of the of
    pages they read each month and they can qualify
    for awards. Last year Mr. Currys class got a
    trip to the Shark Tank!
  • Book It! Students can earn free Pizza Hut pizzas
    for reading books.
  • Newspapers In Education- SJ Mercury News Free
    weekly newspapers

  • We will be using the newly adopted Step Up to
    Writing writing program throughout the district
    in grades K-8.
  • Mr. Curry requires a minimum of 3 compositions
    per week plus book reports and research projects.

History / Social Studies
  • Students will study the United
  • States from prehistoric times through the
  • We will study the land forms, Native Americans,
    Explorers, Colonization, the American Revolution,
    The New Nation and Westward Expansion.
  • We will also do a special unit on slavery and
    modern Civil Rights.
  • Students will also do a long term State Project.

For more details, see http//
  • There will be 5 areas we will cover this year in
  • One area is Systems of Living Things We will
    study plants and animals, as well as several
    systems of humans.

  • Two other Units are on
  • Weather
  • Water
  • We will connect these units with our Eco-Project
    in cleaning up Upper Penitencia Creek

Space Science
  • We will do a major unit on The Solar System and
  • This will tie in with our trip to NASA, our
    school Star Party our Project Astro Teacher,
    Mr. Lin who will visit us from Lockheed Martin
    Space Systems.
  • Groups will do Power Point Research Projects on
    the planets.

  • Another Major unit is on Matter

Students will research and present what they
learned about an element in a Power Point and in
a web page.
Art Music
  • Art is taught in my class usually as a means of
    learning in the content areas, such as making Soc
    St maps out of clay, or illustrating a book for a
  • We hope to get accepted for several Arts Express
    field trips this year.
  • Students are encouraged to sign up for
    instrumental music class.

Art throughout the curriculum
  • Learning Geography by building mountains, valleys
    and continents

Science Camp
  • Scheduled for April 2005
  • Fundraising Encouraged
  • Check it out at
  • Official Walden West Website ,
  • Vinci Park at Camp 2003-04
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