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Title: Surah Al-Fatihah

Surah Al-Fatihah
????? Rabb has three meanings Lord and
MasterSustainer, Provider andGuardian,
Sovereign, Ruler (He who controls and directs)

??????????? ??????????
  • The Merciful, The Compassionate or The Most Kind
  • Root word, Ra Hi Ma,
  • which means The Merciful, The Compassionate or
    The Most Kind
  •  Womb of the Mother
  • Ar Rahman indicates the intensity of the quality
  • Ar Raheem indicates intensity as well as

??????? ?????? ????????
  • There are two Qiraat in the Aayah from the
    Prophet (Tirmizi)
  • Maalik Master / Owner
  • Malik King

??????? ?????? ????????
  • Deen
  • Judgment
  • Way of life
  • Obedience

???????? ????????
  • Ibadah has three meanings
  • Worship (Ibadah)
  • Obedience and Submission (itaah)
  • Service ( Ghulaam)

???????? ?????????? ??????????????
  • There are three meaning of Hidayah or
  • Ihdina
  • Guide us to the Straight / Right Path
  • Show us to the Straight / Right path
  • Drop us to the Straight / Right path

  • Aaoozu Billa hi
  • Minush shaita Nir rajeem

  • I seek refuge in Allah from Satan,
  • the Accursed.
  • O Allah,
  • please, Shelter me, Protect me, and take me into
    your Arm.
  • Mother, Birds, Penguin, Kangaroo

Who is Satan?
  • Satan is a Jinn, made of fire.
  • He is your open enemy (Yaseen 36 60)
  • Satan is your enemy, therefore, we should treat
    him as our enemy.
  • (Fatir 35 6)

What is his target?
  • We dont enter Paradise
  • He is inviting people on his way, so they join
    the dwellers of Hell.
  • (Fatir 35 6)
  • Allah invites you to his Paradise,
  • ( Al Baqarah 221)
  • Allah invites you to the house of Peace.
  • (Yunus 25)

  • Taweez
  • Devil worshippers

Why is it important to say Taawuz?
  • Satan attacks from right, left, etc.
  • Then I shell come to them from their front, back,
  • left, and you will not find many of them
  • (Aaraaf 16, 17)
  • Satan whispers (An Naas, 1145)

Let us Say Taawuz

How Satan attacks
  • Makes things seem beautiful
  • (sleep, games, movies)
  • Gives false hopes
  • (dont worry, this is last time)
  • Despair about Allahs Mercy
  • (Allah will not forgive me)
  • Diverts from the right path
  • (Quran, prayers, delay prayers, Sunnah)
  • Takes advantage of our wrong actions
  • (you are dumb)
  • When we are alone

How satan enters into our body
  • When we do not keep ourselves clean.
  • (Hair, Nails, not washing properly after using
    the toilet, staying too long in the toilet)
  • When we eat Haraam
  • Nose, Ears, Eyes (second is yours)

When do we seek Allahs protection?
  • When we read the Quran (An Nahl 16 98)
  • When we enter the washroom
  • When we are angry (Bukhari)
  • When we are not able to concentrate in Salah
    (Khanzab, Muslim un uthman Ibn abilaas)
  • When we enter a dark room / house / town, etc
  • In the morning, before we leave home.

How do we protect ourselves?
  • Remember, only Allah (SWT) can protect me.
  • Pray on time
  • Constant Zikr (Aayatul Kursi / Fourth Kalima)
  • Duas
  • Start everything with the Name of Allah

Bismillah Hir Rahma Nir Rahim ?????? ???????
??????????? ??????????
What do We mean by Bismillah?
  • I begin in the name of Allah
  • Depending upon Him
  • Placing trust in His Mercy
  • Seeking His help over its completion
  • Aiming to win His approval

  • Why is it important to mention the name of Allah?
  • Because we need Allah.
  • Allah blesses, protects, helps
  • Satan shrinks / becomes smaller (Musnad Ahmed)
  • We stop doing bad deeds.
  • When i remember Allah, He remembers me (Al
    Baqarah 2152)

  • When do we say Bismillah?
  • While closing the door. (Bukhari)
  • While turning off the light. (Bukhari)
  • While covering the utensils. (Bukhari)
  • While covering the water container. (Bukhari)
  • While getting onto a ride / putting on the
  • Before Wudu
  • Before eating / drinking
  • (Anaam 6118 / Bukhari)

  • Before going to ones wife (Bukhari)
  • Before slaughtering animals (Bukhari)
  • Before sending emails while on the computer.

Surah Fatiha (Makkiyyah)
Surah Stands for Height and Elevation,
Because they raise the reader from one stage of
knowledge and spiritual advancement to another
higher stage. (Qurtubi)
Fatiha Opening / Dua to Enter the Masjid
Some of the names of this Surah
  • 30 names are mentioned.
  • Examples
  • Fatiha
  • As-Shifa
  • Ad-Dua
  • Ummul Kitaab
  • As-Salah

Merits of this Surah
  • A Likeness or equivalent of this Surah is not in
    Torah, not in Injeel and not even in the Quran.
    (Ahmed / Tirmizi)
  • Fatiha is from the treasures of my Arsh (Baihiqi)
  • Alhamdulillah makes your scale heavy (Muslim)
  • Alhamdulillah is the best of Dua (Mishkaat)

This Surah is divided into three parts
  • Allah
  • Allah and his servant
  • Servant

  • 1st Part Begins
  • ????????? ???????
  • Mentioned 22 times in the Quran.
  • What does it mean?
  • All praise and thanks be to Allah
  • Why do we say Alhamdulillah?
  • When someone gives us a favor, when we are happy
    with somebody, we say what I can do for you.
  • Allah is our creator and provider, what we can do
    for Him.

????????? ???????
  • Allah increases His favors when we are thankful
    to Him. Allah says
  • If you are grateful to me I will give you
    more but if you are ungrateful to me, then
    remember my Punishment, (Ibrahim 7)
  • Instead of reminding kids of our gift or favor,
    we should remind them of Allahs blessing and His
  • When Allah favors upon His servant and he says
    Alhamdulillah, then Allah says what he gave is
    batter then what he got.
  • (Ibn Majah Anas)

????????? ???????
  • Those who make the habit of saying
    Alhamdulillah in this life they will be able to
    say Alhamdulillah in Jannah as well.
  • (Yunus 10)
  • Alhamdulillah fills the Meezan. (Muslim, Abu
    Malik Ashary)
  • Shukr protects me from loosing Allahs favor
  • We are supposed to say Alhamdulillah even when we
    are afflicted with a calamity.
  • (Story of Imam Abu Hanifa)

????????? ???????
  • A person will get Baytul Hamd if he/she make
    the habit of saying Alhamdulillah at the time
    of difficulties and problems.
  • What my servant said when his little baby have
    died, (Tirmizi)

When do we say Alhamdulillah?
  • When we wake up
  • When we eat (fruits on the table)
  • When we get a new dress
  • After we sneeze
  • After a safe journey
  • When we hear good news

When we pray on time.When we pray in the
Masjid.When any harm is removed from us.When
we gain Knowledge. (saying of Imam Abu
Hanifa)We say Alhamdulillah after we see some
body who is afflicted with a calamity, thank you
Allah that you have protected me from this.When
we drink water we say AlhamdulillahWhen we
pass water we say Alhamdulillah
Beautiful Hadith
  • Ya rabbi lakal Hamdu ( Ibn Majah)
  • Hamden Katheerun Tayyibam
  • Mubarakan Feeh
  • one of the sahabi said from behind, who said
    it?I saw more then 30 angles came down from
    heaven and arguing for carrying this to the
    heavens. (Bukhari)

????? ?????????????
  • Rabb has three meanings
  • Lord and Master
  • Sustainer, Provider and Guardian
  • Sovereign, Ruler (He who controls and directs)
  • What we make, Never Expends
  • What Allah makes, expends and grows
  • This is the beauty of our RABB
  • Parents are called Murabbi
  • HE (SWT) Creates, Retains, and Sustains to its

  • ??????????? ??????????
  • These words are derived from the same root, Ra
    Hi Ma, which mean The Merciful, The Compassionate
    or The most Kind.
  • Rahm Womb of the Mother
  • He (SWT) loves 70 times more then the love of a
  • Love of Rahman Ar Rahman, Allamal Quran

??????????? ??????????
  • Ar Rahman indicates the intensity of the quality
  • Ar Raheem indicates intensity as well as
  • Ar Rahman His Rahmah will manifest in this world
    to the Believers and non believers as well.
  • Ar Raheem His Rahmah will manifest in the
    hereafter to the Believers only

  • ??????? ?????? ????????
  • There are two Qiraat in the Aayah from the
    Prophet (Tirmizi)
  • Maalik Master / Owner
  • Malik King
  • Deen
  • Judgment / Way of Life / Obedience
  • And verily the Judgment shall take place.
    (Azzariyaat 51 6)

  • yaqbi zullah hul Arza yaomal Qiyamati wa yatwis
    samaa biyaminihi, summa yaqoolu, anal malik
    (Muslim, Abu Hurairah)
  • Allah will squeeze the earth into one of His
    Hands and fold the heavens around the other Hand,
    and proclaim I am the King, where are the kings
    of the earth?
  • Reminder Although He is Merciful and Kind, He
    has to be Just as well.
  • Do you know who the bankrupt is?

  • 2nd part begins
  •  ???????? ????????
  • You alone we worship and will continue worship.
  • It signifies deep feelings of love, humility and
  • Ibadah has three meanings
  • Worship (Ibadah)
  • Obedience and Submission (itaah)
  • Service ( Ghulaam)
  • (and Ghulaam has no Choice)

?????????? ???????????
  • You alone, we ask for help and will continue to
    ask for help
  • These are the two areas where people make
    partners with Allah (SWT)
  • That is why the entire religion revolves around
    these two principles.
  • The first negates any association with Allah and
  • The second signifies the trust and dependence on
    Allah alone.

???????? ?????????? ??????????????3rd part
  • Guide us to the straight / Right path and
  • keep us steadfast / strong
  • There are three meaning of Hidayah
  • or Ihdina
  • Guide us to the straight/Right path
  • Show us to the straight/Right path
  • Drop us to the straight/Right path

  • What is the straight / Right Path
  • Quran Ali (Radi Allahu anhu)
  • Islam Ibn Abbas (Radi Allahu anhu)
  • Truth Mujahid
  • I am leaving behind two things, you will not be
    misguided, if you hold on to them.( Last sermon
    of the Prophet)
  • The book of Allah
  • My Sunnah

Only Allah (SWT) has the right to guide us for
our life.
  • Siraat al Mustaqeem connects us with our creator
  • Siraat al Mustaqeem shows us the way to Jannah
  • Are we on the right path?
  • Two things that prevent a person from
  • the right path
  • Wimps and desires
  • What people will think of me?

  • Dua is the most magnificent in the sight of Allah
  •  Ya Allah
  • We dont know our way to salvation and happiness,
    please guide us.
  • This is our Dua at the beginning of the Quran.
  • At least 17 times a day we ask this Dua, that
    requires a genuine effort.

??????? ????????? ?????????? ??????????
  • Who have been blessed
  • Whoever obeyed Allah and His messenger will be in
  • the company of those, whom Allah have blessed
  • The Prophets (spend there life, time, sweat and
  • The Truthful (always follow the truth)
  • The Martyrs (gave there life for their Deen)
  • The Righteous (always follow the right path)
  • What a good company they are. (Nisa 4 69)
  • What is so special about these blessed people?
  • The obedience that we demonstrate is not our own
    achievement, but it is Allahs tawfiq that he has
    granted to us. (Ibn Jareer)

?????? ???????????? ?????????? ?????
  • Not of those who have earned your anger
  • and nor of those who have gone astray.
  • (The Jews, the Christians, the ignorant, the
    arrogant, the hypocrite, etc.)
  • Three people started there way to Jannah.
  • One who has earned Allahs Anger (Al- Maghzoobi
  • One who has gone Astray (Az-Zalleen)
  • One who has been blessed (An Amta Alaihim)

Hadith Qudsi
  • Salah is divided between me and my servant.

Commitment of the week
  • Start everything with
  • ?????? ???????
  • Finish everything with
  • ????????? ???????

Surah AlBaqarah

Merits of Surah Al Baqarah
Makkiyah This Surah was revealed in 10 years
time. 1- Surah Al Baqarah / Ale Imran are the two
shining Surah of the Quran. These two surahs will
come on the Day of Judgment as an umbrella or as
a cloud, will be a proof and will intercede. 2-
Reading Surah Baqarah will be a blessing, and
ignoring will be regret. 3- On the Day of
Judgment, Quran and the readers of the Quran will
come together these two surahs will be a light
and will remain ahead of them, will be a proof.

Merits of Surah Al Baqarah
  • 4- Dont make your houses a graveyard, satan does
    not enter a house, where Surah Baqarah has been
    recited. (Abu Hurairah)
  • 5- Al Baqarah Sinam ul Quran Wa Zarwat ul Quran,
    the top part of everything.

1.Alif, Laam, Meem
  • Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu said Every book has
    its mysteries, and the mystery of the Quran is at
    the beginning of its chapters. (Alusi)


2. This is the Book There is no doubt in it
  • Quran is the only book, which claims to have no
    doubt in it.
  • 1- No doubt, this book is from Allah.
  • 2- No doubt in the contents of the book.
  • Quran is a road map, so follow the right path
    without any hesitation.
  • What has happened to other books?
  • In 1940s, Munich university has conducted a
    research on the authenticity of the Quran.
  • Every new research that comes in the world is not
    final and authentic but what the Quran says
    always becomes true.

2. (A Source of) Guidance for the God fearing
  • Guidance for people
  • Those who have the fear of Allah, who want to
    change themselves, who want to save themselves
    from the Hell fire.
  • What is our approach, when we come to the Quran?
  • The river is flowing, how much we want to take
    from it.
  • Why we are here?
  • Sahaba says we have learned the knowledge and
    practice together.
  • In the journey of life, Quran is our luggage /
    Taqwa is our luggage.

Believe in the Unseen(Ayah 3)
  • Believe in the unseen
  • (Believing and depending)
  • Unseen beyond our senses.
  • Honestly I am telling you
  • Salary at the end of the month
  • Believe, supposed to be unseen.
  • Al Ghayb Allah, Angels, Prophets, Resurrection,
    Last day


Establish Prayer (Ayah 3)
  • Proof of our Iman.
  • If Iman is weak, we will be behind in prayers.
  • Meaning they Establish prayer they give
    Priority to their prayer.
  • Yuhafizoon / Daimoon / Yuqeemoon (not whenever,
  • Their schedule is around the prayer, not the
    prayer around their schedule.

  • One of the basic pillar if Islam,
  • (As-Salaatu Ema duddeen)
  • Abdullah Ibn Masood I asked, what is the best of
    action? Salah on time, what comes next? Kindness
    to parents (Bukhari / Muslim)
  • First question a person will be asked on the Day
    of Judgment, is about the prayer (Abu Dawood /
  • Presentation

They Spend What We have given them (Ayah 3)
  • Charity / Zakat / Donation
  • Proof of our Iman
  • Rizq is of two kinds
  • In reality ( Food, Clothing, Car, House, Wife,
    Children etc)
  • In the sense ( knowledge, wisdom)

  • Infaaq and Nifaaq are from the same root,
  • Na Fa Qa (a tunnel or a hole) so the believers
    take from one side and give on the other side,
    they dont love it, this is the sign of
    hypocrites who will gather their wealth and count
    it over and over again.
  • Our charity and donation is a security deposit,
    Allah takes it with His Right Hand and that will
    protect us on the Day of Judgment.
  • O Aisha whatever you have given is saved.

They Believe, what has been revealed to you and
before you. (Ayah 4)
  • They believe, what has been revealed to you.
    (Quran/Ahadith/Sunnah, I have been given the
    Quran and what is similar to it.)
  • And before you (Torah, Zaboor, Injeel)
  • This is the first right of the Quran, but he does
    not believe in the Quran who makes Halal what the
    Quran makes Haraam.

They Believe In the last day, with Certainty
(Ayah 4)
  • Yaqeen is a level higher then Ilm.
  • Next life is batter then this life and forever
    (Aala 87 17)
  • Believers always keep the end result in mind.
  • Example of a Janazah, dead body, graveyard
  • We follow the map until we reach our destination,
  • Our destination / Our goal is Jannah.


They are on the Right Path from their Lord, and
they are truly Successful. (Ayah 5)
Allah gives Hidayah, and He shows the right
path. We will be successful, if we guard our
prayers, spend in the way of Allah, and be
mindful of the last Day. Falah Such a success,
which comes after a hardship and then the person,
is happy and satisfied with it. In Azan we call
come to success, this will come after the
hardship of the prayer.
  • Fallah A farmer who achieve his fruits after
    a hardship, and then he is happy with it, if the
    farmer plant a seed and relax, what will happen.

  • Who will be successful.
  • Those who believe in the unseen
  • Those who establish prayer
  • Those who spend, what we have given them
  • Those who believe in the books
  • Those who believe in Aakhirah, with certainty.
  • They are on the Right Path and they are

And those who have rejected (these things) it is
same to them, whether you warn them or not, they
will not believe. (Ayah 6)
  • Kufr Ka Fa Ra (to hide) this is the opposite of
  • Kufr is of two types
  • Rejecting Allah, His signs, and His Commandments.
  • Being Ungrateful, not being Thankful.

  • We must keep up the good work, whether people
    like it or not.
  • Helping people
  • Inviting people to Allah
  • Inviting non- Muslims to Islam
  • Because we want our reward from Allah, and we
    will get our reward
  • Presentation, Do it anyway

7 reasons for Rejecting Faith, Refusing to follow
the Right Path
  • He is not from our tribe
  • Wealth / Arrogance
  • Our business will be ruined
  • Why Ghulaam are sitting there, they should be
    removed, when we come to talk to you.
  • We want to see Allah
  • Still I have a long life ahead / I am too young
    to practice
  • Follow the trend of the people (Market Trend)

Allah has set a program in their heart and He has
created them on the Fitrah, but they choose the
wrong path.We have 3 sources of knowledge 1-
Eyes 2- Ears 3- Heart and if all of them are
sealed up, then we have a problem.Mujahid
explainsIf we do good, our heart will be open
and bright, and if we do bad our heart will
shrink and will become black or sealed up.
Allah has put a seal on their hearts, and on
their hearings, and their eyes are covered, and
for them is a severe punishment. (Ayah 7)
  • It is up to us what we want in life,
  • Allah says We will turn him wherever he wants to
    turn. (An-Nisa 4115)
  • When they turned away, Allah turned their hearts
    away (As Saff 615)
  • 4 Receptors
  • Instinct, (Fitrah)
  • Dawah, (Dawat)
  • Intellect (Aql)
  • Universe (Kainaat)

There are people who say, we believe in Allah and
the last day, whereas they do not believe at
all. They try to deceive Allah and the
believers, infect they deceive themselves, and
they do not realize it. They have disease in
their heart and Allah has increased their
disease, and they will have a painful punishment.
(Ayah 8, 9, 10)
Historical background (Ali , Abdullah Ibn
Ubay) Who is Abdullah Ibn Ubay? Prophet (S)
provided the best leadership. Todays hypocrites
Believe in Allah and the last day but do not
believe in the prophet, and we have the same
challenge all over the world, we see the
hypocrites and Jews conspiracy working together.
They do not believe at all, Because Allah knows
what is inside the heart. They try to deceive
Allah and the believers, Even today we have
people who are working against their own people.
  • There are two disease of the heart.
  • Doubt ( Shuk)
  • Wimps and desire ( Shahawaat)
  • We will turn you wherever you want to turn
    (An-Nisa 4115)
  • Allah increases in guidance those who adopt the
  • way.
  • (Maryam 19 76)
  • But it has added more filth to the filth of
  • whose hearts are suffering from the disease (of
  • (At Tawbah 9125)
  • They will have a painful punishment.

When it is said to them, do not spread mischief
on earth, they will say, we are the peace
makers. Beware, they are the one who spread
mischief on earth but they do not realize. (Ayah
11, 12) Why America dropped atomic bomb on
Japan (Encyclopedia Britannica)
When it is said to them, believe as other people
have believed, they reply, should we believe as
fooled have believed. Beware, they are the fools
but they do not know. (Ayah 13)
(Safeeh) is a man who is not conscious of his
profit and loose. What people think when we pray
in a wedding? Honestly is the best policy. When
we ask people to come to the program.
People say We have kept the balance between Deen
and Dunya. Remember, Muslims should not follow
the trend of the society, but they should give a
trend and a direction to the society
(Ayah 14, 15, 16) When they meet the believers,
they say we too are the believers. But when
they are alone with their evil ones, they say,
indeed we are with you, we are only mocking with
these people. They have taken their Deen as a
Joke. Dress, Beard, Parties, Hijaab, etc
(In fact) Allah is mocking at them, (by) letting
them wander on (blindly) in their
transgression. (Abdullah Ibn Abbas) On the Day
of Judgment, it will be said to them to enter
Jannah, But when they will reach to its doors,
it will be closed on them.
These are the one who bought error, at the price
of guidance, but this bargain what they have
made, has no profit, and they are not on the
right (path) at all.
They will cry out to the believers and say,
Were we not with you? Believers will reply,
Yes But you led yourselves into
temptation,  Served the time, entertained
doubts,  and false hopes deluded you until
Allah's Judgment came, and the great
deceiver, deceived you about Allah till the last
moment. (Al-Hadeed, 5714)
  • There are two types of Munafiqeen. (Hypocrites)
  • Munafiq in his Believes
  • Munafiq in his actions

Following is the example of a Munafiq in
believes. (Ayah 17, 18)
  • There example is like a man, kindled a fire, and
    when it illuminated all around him, Allah took
    away the light from their eyes, and left them in
    darkness, where they could not see anything.
  • They are deaf, they are dumb, they are blind and
    they will not return (to the right path)
  • We need two lights to find our way.
  • Inside light
  • Outside light
  • The man is prophet Muhammad (saw), light is the
    light of Quran.
  • Example when we are inside the car, we can find
    our way from its light but if we are coming from
    the opposite site of the car we will be

Following is the example of a Munafiq, in
actions. (Ayah 19, 20)
  • Or (another parable) Heavy rain is falling from
    the sky, with darkness, thunder and lightning in
    it. When they hear the thunderclap, they put
    their fingers into their ears for fear of death,
    but Allah is surrounding the disbelievers from
    all sides.
  • The lightning terrifies them as if it were going
    to snatch away their eyesight from them. When
    they see light, they move on a little further and
    when it becomes dark for them, they stand
    still. Had Allah willed, He could have taken away
    their hearing and their sight.
  • Rain is the mercy of the Quran, with glad tidings
    and severe punishment in the Hell fire.

  • Surely
  • Allah has Power
  • over Everything.

Commitment of the Week
  • Give priority to the Prayer and
  • Pray on Time

  • 21.O Mankind, Submit to your Lord Who created
    you and those who were before you in this way
    only you may expect to save yourselves.
  • 22. It is He Who has made the earth a
    resting-place for you and the sky a canopy and
    it is He Who sends down water from above with
    which He brought forth fruits for your
    sustenance. So, when you know this, you should
    not set up equals to rank with Allah
  • An Open invitation
  • You may save yourselves in this life from false
    beliefs, evil and indecencies and from the
    punishment of Allah (SWT) in the next life.
  • When Allah provides everything, then worship,
    devotion and service must be exclusively for Him.

23.And if you be in doubt whether the Book We
have sent down to Our Servant is from Us or not,
then produce, at least, one Surah like this. You
may call all your associates to help you and
avail yourselves of the help of any one other
than Allah. If you are genuine in your doubt, the
produce. 24. But if you do not do this, and you
can never do this, then fear the Fire which has
been prepared for the disbelievers and which
shall have men and stones for fuel.
  • Quran is a human production, Is it true?
  • An open challenge to all, produce something
    similar to the Quran, if you have any doubt in
    it. Quran repeatedly challenge the entire Hume
  • Not only the unbelievers will be a fuel of the
    Hell fire but the idol-stone they worshiped, will
    also be a fuel of the Hell fire.


And give good news (O Muhammad), to those who
believe in this Book and do good deeds (in
accordance with its teachings). For them there
will be gardens underneath which rivers flow.
Their fruits will so resemble the fruits on the
Earth that every time they will be provided with
fruits, they will say, "Such fruits were provided
to us before on the Earth. " And there will be
pure spouses for them and therein they will live
for ever.
  • In appearance, the fruits of Paradise may
    resemble, but the taste will be absolutely
    delicious. ( Ma La ainun Raat)
  • The word Zauj mean spouses and embraces both
    the husband and wife, in the next life, however
    this relationship will be qualified by purity.

  • Well, Allah is not ashamed to give the example of
    a gnat (Spider, Bee and Fly) or of something even
    more insignificant than this. As for those who
    believe, they come to know from the same example
    that it is the Revelation from their Lord but
    those who disbelieve, say, "What does Allah mean
    by such example? Allah leads astray many and
    guides many to the right way by the same thing.
  • And He leads astray only those who disobey Allah
    who break Allah's covenant after ratifying it
    who cut asunder what Allah has ordered to be
    joined, and who make chaos on the Earth. These
    are the people who are indeed the losers.
  • Who are the wrong doers?
  • Those who break Allahs covenant, after
    ratifying it. (Kalimah / Hadith Ahd)
  • Those who cut the blood relations, that Allah
    has commanded to be joined.
  • Those who spread corruption / disorder on earth.
    ( Mother / Father)
  • (who debase the relationship between Men and
    God and Men and Men)
  • They are the losers.

How can you be ungrateful to Allah, when the fact
is that you were lifeless and He gave you life,
and He will take away life from you and will
bring you back to life again then you shall
ultimately return to Him. He it is Who created
for you all that there is on the Earth He then
turned to the sky and ordered it into seven
heavens. And He has full knowledge of everything.
  • Allah is the light, and the source of light.
  • ( we will be in darkness, if we turn away from
  • Allah is the peace and the source of peace.
  • ( we will have no peace, if we turn away from
  • None of our actions are hidden from Allah, He is
    well aware of everything that we do.

Quran defines the true nature of man, and
his correct position in the universe.
  • Khalifah Vicegerent Deputy - Servant
  • The authority he has is not of his own, but it is
    set by his Master.
  • He exercise the authority delegated to him by his
    Master in the capacity of his deputy and agent.
  • He is not entitled to do what he likes, but he is
    obliged to carry out the will of his Master.
  • He has no choice except to obey his Master
  • He can not follow the direction of others, it
    will be infidelity and rebellion.

  • Tasbeeh has two meanings.
  • To proclaim the Glory of Allah.
  • To exert oneself energetically
  • Taqdees has two meanings.
  • To celebrate the Holiness of Allah
  • To purify
  • Allah decided to create a being with some
  • We recognize things with their names.
  • Knowledge what the angles have, is
    confined to their assigned task and having no
    knowledge of other things. But the mans
    knowledge is comprehensive and he has some
    knowledge of everything.

  • This demonstration was an answer to the first
    doubt the angles expressed. In this manner they
    were made to realize that Allah had not only
    bestowed some authority to men but also endowed
    him with knowledge.

  • Then We commanded the angels, "Bow
    yourselves to Adam. "All
  • bowed but Iblees refused to do so and
    gloried in his arrogance and thus he became one
    of those who deny the truth.
  • Angles were asked to devote themselves to mens
  • Whenever men wants to use their power,
    irrespective of right or wrong, angles should
    co-operate with him.
  • Iblees mean thoroughly disappointed, one who is
  • Pride and Arrogance is the act of satan.
  • A human being could posses the satanic attributes
    as well.
  • Do not despair of Allah's Mercy, He will forgive
    you all your sins.


Then We said, "O Adam, you and your wife, both
dwell in the Garden and eat to your hearts'
content where from you will, but do not go near
this tree otherwise you shall become
transgressors. Adam and Eve were kept in
paradise, in order to test them, and a tree was
chosen and they were told not to approach it.
Otherwise they will be the wrongdoers. This was
a test, how far they will follow the instructions
of God and overcome the temptation of satan. We
have the same test all around us, how we are
behaving? Allah placed them in Paradise because
this was the most suitable place for man, and if
man turns away and disobeys his Master, he will
remain deprived of paradise in the next life. The
only way he can reclaim the lost paradise, if he
shows resistance to his enemy, who is always
trying to divert him from the obedience of God.
After a time Satan tempted them with that tree to
disobey Our Command and brought them out of the
state they were in, and We decreed, "Now, go down
all of you from here you are enemies of one
another. Henceforth you shall dwell and provide
for yourselves on the Earth for a specified
period." At that time Adam learnt appropriate
words from his Lord and repented, and his Lord
accepted his repentance, for He is very Relenting
and very Merciful
  • This means that the satan is the enemy of man and
    the man is the enemy of satan.
  • But what we see around, we became the friends of
  • satan has defeated and successfully trapped the
    Human beings, but he will have no control and
    power over righteous people.
  • Tawbah to come back / to turn to someone.
  • Rabbana Zalamna Anfusana
  • Dont think He will not forgive, He is always
    there for you, you just need to turn back to Him.

4 Conditions of TawbahO Believers, Repent to
Allah with Sincere Repentance
  • Stop doing wrong (right away)
  • Be Regretful, what has happened
  • Never do it again
  • Pay back


We said, "Now go down, all of you from here.
Henceforth there shall come to you Guidance from
Me now and again whoever will follow it shall
have neither fear nor sorrow and whoever will
refuse to accept it and defy Our Revelations they
shall be doomed to the Fire wherein they shall
remain for ever.
  • We have three feelings.
  • Grief and sorrow (Past)
  • Worries and Fear (Future)
  • Peace and Tranquility
  • People who follow the guidance, will have no fear
    no sorrow

O children of Israel! Just recall to mind My
favor wherewith I blessed you, fulfill your
covenant with Me and I shall fulfill My covenant
with you, and fear Me alone.
  • Israel' means the servant of Allah, the title
    of prophet Yaqoob (A), 12 sons, 12 tribes.
  • Jews were appointed to the leadership of the
  • Allah is addressing the right-minded people, who
    are capable of believing the truth, and
    cooperating the mission.
  • Quran brought the same message as the previous
    scriptures, and the mission of the prophet is
    same as the previous prophets.

Do not oppose the truth.
  • That is why, in the following verses, on one
    hand, the moral weaknesses of the Jews, their
    wrong notions about religion, their wrong ways of
    thinking and living, have been pointed out, one
    by one, while, on the other, the demands of the
    true faith have been stated so that the Muslims
    are able to see the Right Way clearly and avoid
    wrong ways.
  • According to a Tradition, He ( SA) warned that
    they would discard the Guidance and follow, step
    by step, the communities of the past, that is,
    the Jews and the Christians, in their wrong ways
  • What is the greatest favor of Allah, we have in
    our life.

And believe in the Book I have now sent down as
it confirms the Scriptures you already possess,
be not the first to reject it barter not away My
Revelations for worldly gain, and guard
yourselves against My wrath.
  • To reject the Quran or the teachings of the
  • You have been given the knowledge, more
  • Worldly gains in return of discarding the
  • of Allah. As a matter of fact, even the whole
    wealth of
  • the world put together is worthless, if it is
    gained in
  • exchange for Allah's Guidance

Confound not the Truth with falsehood nor conceal
it knowingly. Establish the Salat, pay the
Zakat and bow down before Me along with those
who bow down.
  • Jews were the most educated, and the Arabs were
    generally illiterate and uneducated. So the Arabs
    were impressed the influenced by the Jews.
  • When prophet brought the divine message, the
    Arabs of Makkah and Madina, turned to Jews for
  • We are facing the same problem today, we turned
    to people for guidance, because of their
    appearance or little knowledge of Islam

  • Jews would never admit the righteousness of the
    teachings, nor they had the courage to refute it
    openly, nor were they willing to profess the
  • Instead, they would devise a plan to oppose it,
    create suspicion, make allegations, make false
    propaganda in order to involve people in useless
  • That is why they have been warned not to conceal
    the truth by covering it with falsehood, nor
    suppress it by spreading suspicions and by
    raising silly objections.
  • The Salat and Zakat were always the essential
    elements of the revealed religions.
  • Like all other Prophets, the Israelite Prophets
    also had strictly enjoined to pray and pay Zakat,
    but the Jews became wholly neglectful of them.
    They gave up the performance of Salat in
    congregation and the majority of the people did
    not even offer it individually.
  • Instead of paying Zakat, they started charging
    interest on money

How is it that you enjoin others to follow the
Right Way, but forget it yourselves, though you
read the Scriptures? Have you no sense at all?
Seek help with Salat and Sabr no doubt, Salat
is hard but not for those obedient servants, who
realize that ultimately they shall meet their
Lord and shall return to Him.
  • It is too bad in the sight of Allah, That you
    ask others what you yourself dont practice.
  • Many of the hypocrites of my Ummah will be among
    those who read the Quran.
  • If you have difficulties in following the right
    path, then hold on to Salat and Sabr.

  • Our key to success, Salat and Sabr ( iza Hazabahu
    Amrun Fazia ilas Salati ( Musnad Ahmed)
  • Salat is a hard task, only for those who are
    disobedient to Allah and does not believe in the
  • As for the Believers it is an enjoyment.
  • Sabr is of three kinds
  • 1-Sabr in obedience
  • 2-Sabr from disobedience
  • 3-Sabr at the time of difficulties

O Children of Israel! recall My favor which i
bestowed upon you, and remember that I exalted
you above all the nations. Fear the Day when no
one shall avail another when no intercession
will be accepted when no one will be ransomed
and no criminal will receive any help.
  • Remember the time when you were the leaders of
    the world and were required to invite all other
    nations to His submission and to guide them on
    the Right Way.
  • Now the Muslims are assigned the duty of inviting
    people to His submission and to follow the right
  • And if you dont perform your duty then remember
    the Day, when you will come back to me.  

  • They were under the delusion that they would win
    salvation just because they are beloved to Allah,
    and they are the descendants of great Prophets
    and had relations with great saints and pious and
    righteous people.
  • That is why they neglected the religion and
    involved themselves in sin.
  • They are warned that they will not escape the
    consequences of their evil deeds by virtue of
    their relation with some holy person or his
    intercession in their behalf.
  • We are in the same delusion, today.

  • Recall The time when We rescued you from the
    slavery of Pharaoh's people. who had afflicted
    you with dreadful suffering they killed your
    sons and let your daughters live. That was a
    tremendous trial for you from your Lord.
  • Remember the time when We parted the sea to make
    way for you and let you pass safely through it
    and then drowned Pharaoh's people before your
    very eyes.
  • The event was well known among the Jews, but they
    still remained ungrateful.
  • They were put to the test to see whether they
    would be grateful to Allah after their miraculous
  • Some times people have been saved to life, after
    a sickness or an accident, but do we appreciate.

Call to mind, when We invited Moses for a fixed
term of forty nights and days, you took cow, to
worship in his absence. Though you had committed
a wicked crime, yet We pardoned you even after
that, so you might become grateful.
  • When after their escape from Egypt the
    Israelites entered the Sinai Peninsula, Allah
    invited the Prophet Moses to Mount Tur for forty
    days and forty nights to give him Laws,
    Instructions and Commands for the guidance of the
    people who had recently been liberated from
    slavery. ( we do things when we dont see our
    parents around)
  • Cow-worship was very common in Can' an, Egypt
    and the neighboring countries. When the
    Israelites degenerated and became slaves of the
    Copts after the death of Prophet Joseph, they
    learnt this evil practice too from their rulers
    along with other evils.
  • They asked the samiri to make a cow for them, how
    superficial we are. ( getting involve in Bidaat)

Remember that (at that very time, when you were
committing this gross iniquity) We gave Moses the
Book and the criterion of right and wrong, so
that you might be guided aright.
  • "Furqan" a criterion for distinguishing truth
    from falsehood.
  • Here it stands for the knowledge and
    understanding of religion which enables a person
    to distinguish between right and wrong, truth and

Remember that when Moses (returned with the
Divine Gift, he) said to his people, "O my
people, you have wronged yourselves by taking the
cow for worship. Therefore, turn to your
Creator . and slay the guilty ones among you.
This is best for you in the sight of your
Creator." At that time your Creator accepted your
repentance because He is Relenting 'and Merciful.
( 70,000 people were killed)Remember when you
said, "O Moses, we are not going to believe you
until we see with our own eyes Allah (talking to
you)". At that very time a thunderbolt struck you
while you were looking on and you fell
lifeless.Then We raised you to life so that you
might become grateful for this favor.
  • Moses went to Mount Tur for forty days and forty
  • He was also told to bring seventy of the chiefs
    of Israel.
  • Then Allah bestowed upon him the Book and
  • He presented these to the chiefs.
  • The wicked one said "How can we believe, your
    statement, that Allah has had a talk with you?.
  • At this Allah became angry with them and punished
    them. ( they were struck by the lightening)

(Remember that) We caused the cloud to comfort
you with shadow and provided you with manna and
salva for your food, saying, "Eat of the clean
and pure things We have bestowed upon you" (In
spite of this, they violated Our commands)
however, they did not harm Us but harmed only
  • We sheltered you with clouds when you entered the
    Sinai Peninsula.
  • when Israelites had emigrated in large numbers
  • Egypt and had no place in the Sinai Peninsula
    to hide their heads, not to speak of houses and
  • Allah kept the sky cloudy for a long time.
  • Allah provided them with food as well, that whole
    nation lived on them for forty years, but they
    wronged themselves.
  • In modern times, we see the developed countries
    can not provide enough for few hundred thousand,
    who immigrate suddenly.


And Remember the time when We said, "Go into the
town and eat to your hearts' content, and enter
the gate bowing down with humility, repeating
'hittatun' We will forgive your sins and
increase the reward of the righteous". But the
transgressors changed the words said to them
entirely into a different thing. So We sent down
upon the transgressors a severe torment from the
sky that was the punishment for the
disobedience they were showing.
  • They were told not to enter the town like cruel
    and ruthless tyrants but to go with humility like
    God-fearing people, just as the Prophet Muhammad
    did at the conquest of Makkah.
  • "Hittatun" can have two meanings "You should
    enter the town,
  • (1) begging Allah's forgiveness for sins,
  • (2) granting general amnesty and refraining
    from plundering and
  • murdering the inhabitants."

  • They changed the word with Habbatun
  • Disobedience of Allah and making their religion a
  • They dont change themselves, but they change the
  • The punishment
  • Allahs Anger
  • Extremely cold weather.
  • Deadly virus

Remember that when Moses prayed for water for
his people, We answered, "Strike the rock with
your stick" whereupon twelve springs gushed out
from it each tribe came to know their drinking
place. (Then they were enjoined) "Eat and drink
of what Allah has provided and do not spread
disorder on the earth."
  • Remember You grumbled "O Moses, we cannot
    endure one and the same sort of food. Pray your
    Lord to bring for us the products of the earth
    green herbs, vegetables, corn, garlic, onions,
    pulses and the like." Moses replied "What! would
    you exchange that which is meaner for that which
    is nobler? Well, go and live in a town and you
    will get there what you demand." By and by, they
    became so degraded that disgrace and humiliation,
    misery and wretchedness were stamped upon them
    and they incurred Allah's wrath. That was because
    they began to reject the Revelations of Allah and
    kill His Messengers without any just cause that
    was the consequence of their disobedience and
    their persistent transgression against the Law.

  • Rest assured that whosoever from among the
    Muslims or the Jews or the
  • Christians or the Sabaeans believes in Allah and
    the Last Day, and
  • performs good deeds, he will have his reward with
    his Lord and he will
  • have no cause for fear and grief.
  • Sabiean (they must have been the followers of a
    prophet or book, but later on changed their way)
    they are either angle worshipers or star
    worshiper or atheist.
  • Yahood had a misunderstanding that only they
    will be successful Allah (SWT) clarified
    whoever believes in Allah and the last day and do
    righteous deeds will be rewarded and will have no
    fear, no sorrow.
  • Some say all religions are same.
  • Salman Farisi (RA) asked the prophet about
    his friends who have died before Islam, but they
    were pious people, then Allah revealed this Ayah.
  • Allah clarifies that evil-doers from the
    followers of any prophet or book will have their
    punishment but righteous people who have died
    before Islam, will have their reward with their

Believing in the prophet Allah says, there
came to you a messenger from your Lord with
Truth, so believe in Him and that is batter for
you. (An-Nisa 4170)Prophet (saw) Said, By
Allah whoever heard of me from the Jews and
Christens and does not believe in me but will
enter the Hell fire. (Muslim)Allah is
addressing the Muslims as well whoever believes
in Allah and the last day and do good deeds will
have their reward with their Lord.Whatever good
you do, do it only for Allah, and do not expect
an appreciation from people.Do not worry, if
people do not appreciate because Allah has a
great reward for you in the next life.(Ya Ibadi
la khaufun Alaihim wala Hum yahzanoon)
Call to mind the time, when We raised above you
the Tur and made a covenant with you, saying,
"Hold fast to the Book which We are giving you
and bear in mind the commands and precepts
contained therein. It is expected that this will
lead you on to the paths of virtue and piety."
But even after that you turned away from the
Covenant nevertheless Allah did not withhold His
grace and mercy from you otherwise you would
have been utterly ruined long before this.
  • After they repented Musa (AS) went to the valley
    of Sinai with 70 leaders of 12 tribes and Allah
    (swt) took an oath from them.
  • The situation was created that mount Tur was on
    top of their head as a shadow but they got scared
    and gave a pledge to worship Allah and to obey
    the commands of Torah.
  • Many times Allah (swt) gives us opportunity to
    turn back to Him, he saves our life, shows His
    signs, we repent to Him and pledge His obedience
    but then again we turn away.

And you know well the story of those among you
who broke Sabbath. We said to them, "Be apes,
despised and hated by all. Thus We made their
end a warning to the people of their time and the
generations to come, and an admonition for
God-fearing people.
Law of Sabt They will rest and worship on
Saturday, will not do any business not even
cooking, and it was so emphasized, that whoever
does not respect this law should be killed. But
when their moral and religious declination
started, they disrespected the law and openly
started business in their towns. They played a
trick, either they will set the fishing net on
Friday night or they will dig a hole on the side
of the river. Allah does not punish this Ummah
right away, but He delays, gives warnings and
opportunities to return back to Him and some
times He punishes and some time he delays until
the Day of Judgment. That is why we seek refuge
in Allah, from the evil consequences of our
actions. Their minds were allowed to remain
intact, but their bodies were changed into the

  • Then call to mind the other event when Moses
    said to his people, "Allah
  • commands you to sacrifice a cow," they replied,
    "Do you mean to have a jest
  • with us?" He answered, "I crave Allah's
    protection from behaving like
  • ignorant people." Then they said, "Please make a
    request to your Lord to
  • give us some details of the cow." Moses answered,
    "Allah says that the cow
  • should neither be old nor immature but of middle
    age. Do, therefore, as you
  • are bidden." But they further asked, "Please
    request your Lord to make it
  • clear to us of what color she should be." Moses
    answered, "He says that she
  • should be of yellow color, so deep and bright as
    to delight the beholders."

  • Again they said, "Pray your Lord to specify for
    us the kind of cow that is required for cows (of
    this type) look alike to us. We shall then find
    her, if God so wills." Moses answered, "Allah
    says that she should be a cow which has not been
    yoked nor has ploughed the land nor watered the
    fields which is sound and whole, without
    blemish. " Then they cried out, "Now you have
    given an accurate description. " Then they
    sacrificed her but they did not appear to be
    doing this willingly.
  • Because they started worshiping cow, they were
    ordered to slaughter the cow.
  • They had a test to break their own idle that they
    were worshiping beside Allah.
  • It was a great test for them so they started
    finding excuses and asking unnecessary questions,
    so they can escape.
  • More questions, More stuck
  • We should not be asking too many questions to
    escape our self but if we have real questions
    that we want to understand how to practice it,
    then Allah will make it easy to understand.

You should also recall to mind another incident
You killed a man and began to dispute and accuse
one another of it, but Allah had decreed that
what you were trying to hide should be disclosed.
So We commanded, "Strike the corpse of the
murdered man with a part of the sacrificed cow.
See how Allah brings the dead to life and shows
you His Signs, so that you may understand". But
even after seeing these Signs your hearts
hardened and became as hard as rocks nay, even
harder than rocks. For there are some rocks out
of which springs comes out, and others which
split open, and water flows out of them then
there are some which tumble down for fear of
Allah. And Allah is not unaware of what you are
Nephews killed his uncle and threw his body in
front of somebodys house. Now nobody knows the
killer, they started arguing and blaming each
other. Allah ordered to touch a piece of the
cow with this person and the person was alive
again and he informed the killer and died
again.Two reasons,To show them the greatness
and the power of AllahTo clear to them the power
of so called god, they is so powerless, can not
even save themselves but killing this cow became
beneficial to them, now they know the
killer.This crime was done in the darkness of
the night but Allah (swt) revealed to them.
Whatever we do, good or bad, Allah knows
everything and Allah has the power to open it to
other people, that is why dont do bad, not even
in the darkness of the night when you are alone.
After seeing lots of proofs and Miracles, still
they did not return and repent to Allah, their
example is like a rock.The rock, in spite of
being hard, still you get some benefit of it,
because they have feelings too, we might dont
understand.Allah says everything Glorifies
Allah (swt) but you dont understand their glory
(Bani Israel 1744)We should look at
ourselvesOur hearts are soft or hard,
We listen to Allah at once or we delay.
We listen to our parents and ignore them.
We pay attention to the advice that
our elders give or we become
headless.Quran is the Miracle of this Ummah,
but we ignore this Miracle. Whatever we do
Allah is aware of everything.
O Muslims, do you expect these people will become
believers? Whereas, among them there are people
who hear the Word of Allah, understanding it well
and changing it knowingly. When they meet those
who believe in Muhammad, they say, "We also
believe in him." But when they meet one another
in private, they say, "you got no sense, you
disclose to them what Allah has revealed to you,
they will make it a proof against you before your
Lord? Do they really not know that Allah is
fully aware of what they hide and what they
  • There are among them, some un-lettered people
  • who have no knowledge of the Book but living with
  • false hopes and are guided by conjecture and
  • work. So woe to their learned people, who write
  • law with their own hands and then say to the
  • "This is from Allah," so that they might gain
  • worldly benefit.
  • (They do not see the consequences of that)
  • This writing of their hands will bring woe to
    them and
  • what they gain thereby will lead to their ruin.

  • They also say, "The Hell fire will not touch us,
    and even if
  • It does, it will be only for a few days". Say,
    "Have you
  • obtained a promise from Allah which He would not
  • Or, do you attribute to Allah things you do not
  • This was their misunderstanding,
  • Whatever we do we will not go to Hell fire, even
    if we have to go then soon we will be out of it.
  • Life of this Dunya 7000 years, that mean 7 day,
    or only 40 days that we worshiped the cow.
  • Have you made an agreement with Allah on this?
    Bring the proof of it.

  • Why the Hell fire will not touch you?
  • Whoever earns evil deeds and covered in sin shall
  • destined to Hell and abide therein for ever.
  • Only those people who believe and do good deeds,
    will be
  • the dwellers of the Paradise and live therein for
  • Now Allah is giving the criteria of success.
  • What is the meaning of Kasb?

  • Remember the covenant we made with the
  • children of Israel
  • 1-Worship none but Allah2-Be good to your
  • 3-To your Relatives, 4- To the Orphans and
  • 5- To the Helpless 6- Speak good with people
  • 7- Establish the Salat and 8- pay the Zakat.
  • But with the exception of a few, you all turned
  • back from it and were paying no heed to it.

  • Remember, when We made another covenant with you
    you shall not shed blood, nor expel one another
    from your homes. you confirmed it and you are a
    witness to it.
  • But in spite of this, you are killing your
    brethren and driving them out from their homes
    and making unjust and aggressive alliances
    against one another. And when they come to you as
    a prisoner of war, you trade on their ransoms
    whereas their expulsion itself was unlawful for
  • Do you then believe in one part of the book and
    disbelieve in the other? What other punishment
    you deserve except humiliation in this world and
    the most grievous punishment on the Day of
  • Allah is not unaware of what you are doing.
  • These are the people who have preferred the
    worldly life to the life Hereafter. Therefore
    their torment shall not be lightened nor shall
    help be given to them.

Are we of those who believe in part of the book
and reject the other.
  • Why people dont practice.
  • Does not want to go against their desire.
  • Can not sacrifice.
  • It is too hard ( it is too hot)
  • Not time yet
  • Can not bear the comments of the people

And We gave Musa the Book and sent Messengers
after him. Then We sent Jesus, son of Mary, with
clear Signs and supported him with the Holy
Spirit. Then how is it that whenever a
Messenger came to you with that what is against
your desire, you rebel against him, and rejected
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