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Radiological Health Advisory Board Meeting


Radiological Health Advisory Board Meeting November 1, 2006 Agenda Welcome and staff introduction Carl Armstrong Program updates & plans Radiological Health ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Radiological Health Advisory Board Meeting

Radiological Health Advisory Board Meeting
November 1, 2006
  • Agenda
  • Welcome and staff introduction Carl Armstrong
  • Program updates plans
  • Radiological Health Les Foldesi
  • NRC Agreement State Mike Welling
  • Featured Speaker Dean Broga, MCV Safety Officer
  • Opportunity for Public Comment
  • Lunch
  • Tour of corporate emergency operations facility
    for Board members and VDH staff only

Updates PlansRadiological Health
  • New equipment purchases
  • Mobile lab CDC grant of 550,000 received to
    replace mobile radiation lab with incident
    command vehicle. Expected lab delivery August
  • TLD reader software
  • X-ray inspection equipment (3 ion chambers)
  • Staff training

Employee Event Destination From To
Foldesi 38th National Conference on Radiation Control Detroit, MI 05/05/06 05/11/06
Paris NRC Training Chattanooga, TN 06/18/06 06/30/06
Foldesi The Southwest Transportation Corridor Pilot Mid-Term Planning Conference Savannah, GA 09/05/06 09/08/06
Orchel Atomic Junction 2006 Oak Ridge, TN 09/11/06 09/15/06
DeKraft 16th National Radon Meeting (EPA) Kansas City, MO 09/17/06 09/20/06
Foldesi OAS meeting Mobile, AL 09/24/06 09/28/06
DeKraft United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program Exercise Kenova, West VA 10/11/06 10/12/06
  • Internal control weakness, with respect to review
    of outside inspector credentials, discovered and
  • Approval/receipt of new grant funds from EPA for
    the Radon program (56,000), a reduction from
    75,000 with a 60/40 match requirement (versus
  • VDEM has requested additional funds (28,000)
    from Dominion for our activities.  We are
    currently getting 61,000 (39,000 reimbursable
    and 22,000 in revenue) and will be negotiating
    the new 89,000 MOU.

  • Environmental reports on VDH website (electronic
    distribution versus paper)
  • Completed revision of Division of Radiological
    Health (DRH) emergency procedures
  • FDA suspended the state partnership on September
    30th. As of 10/27/06, FDA surplused all
    inspection equipment.
  • EPA is revising their Protection Action Guidance
    (PAG) by 12/31/06

  • Discussing feasibility of converting the PT, wage
    Radiation Safety Technician position (currently
    vacant) into a FT position and adding planning
    duties.  Working to get increased funding from
  • Meeting with the military Civilian Support Team
    (CST) on 11/8/06
  • VDH is providing CDC access for a photographic
    session utilizing staff and resources on 11/2/06

  • VOPEX 12/5/06 North Anna exercise
  • TOPOFF IV- nuclear detonation (2007 exercise to
    be held in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area)
  • Potassium Iodine Thyroid Blocker-liquid form and
    65 mg pills to supplement 130 mg pills
    distributed to the affected counties. NRC has
    agreed to replace KI.

  • Karen Gray has retired from state service
    effective 10/24/06. Recruitment underway to fill
    the position.
  • VDEM has inquired about a joint partnership with
    Dominion in sponsoring the national Radiological
    Emergency Preparedness Conference
  • Budgetary issues (no new program funds are
    expected). If Board members become aware of any
    new funding opportunities, please let us know
  • VDHs emergency preparedness drill in 2007 is for
    a dirty bomb

Updates PlansNRC Agreement State Program
  • Currently, there are 34 states participating in
    the NRC Agreement State (AS) Program, regulating
    over 80 of the Nations material licenses

NRC AS Status
  • Minnesota became 34th Agreement state 3/30/06
  • Pennsylvania submitted draft application in June
  • New Jersey submitted Letter of Intent in June
  • WV has announced they will be submitting a Letter
  • Intent

Virginia AS Status
  • 12 VAC 5-481 went into effect on 9/21/06 for
    Virginia NARM licensees.
  • VAs Statutes and Regulations were submitted and
    to reviewed by the NRC. Comments were received
    on 10/25/06. Our intent is to include NRCs NARM
    regulations (February 2007) in our regulations.
  • The fee schedule Notice of Intended Regulatory
    Action (NOIRA) was approved by the Secretary of
    Health and Human Services 10/05/06 and has been
    submitted to the Governor for approval.

  • Recruitment/selection process completed to hire
    the NRC team
  • Program Supervisor (Michael Welling) started
  • Program Support Specialist (Ron Tanner) started
  • Radiation Safety Specialists begin employment
    11/06 Kim Gilliam, Florentino Laciste and Beth
  • Fourth Specialist will be recruited in 12/06
  • Two Safety Specialists will be working out of
    their homes, covering the Western and Eastern
    regions of Virginia, managing 111 and 102
    licensee locations respectively. The remaining
    two Specialists will work out of the Richmond
    office managing 358 licensee locations.

On the horizon
  • Complete proposed statute and regulation
    revisions by February 2007
  • Complete the proposed fee schedule by February
  • Complete the NRC application by March 2007
  • Commence NRC staff training in 2007

VA Statutes and Regulations
  • NRCs review of VAs statutes concluded with 10
    comments. We are working with the Attorney
    Generals Office to respond and it may require
    amending the Radiation Control Act.
  • NRCs review of VAs regulations concluded with
    96 comments. We are currently reviewing their
    comments and will amend the regulations.
  • We intend to include the NRC NARM regulations in
    the February 2007 revision.
  • We intend use the fast track approach as it
    affords a shorter turn around time.

Proposed VA Licensing Fees
  • Five categories
  • Specific Licenses
  • Financial Assurance
  • Reciprocity
  • General Licenses
  • Enforcement
  • Virginias licensing fees will be based on the
    amount of work needed for license reviewing,
    license amendments and inspections. There will be
    no charge for inspections.

  • 376 licenses in Virginia in FY2006
  • 357 licensees transferable to state
  • 19 licensees not transferable to state
  • In FY2006 NRC fees collected for VA licensees
  • 1,295,850 from 357 transferable licensees
  • 6,262,300 from 19 non-transferable licensees
  • 7,558,150 total

  • Application fees (for a new license) will be
    equal to the annual fee, based on the category of
    the license
  • Annual fees for new licensees will be billed in
    advance. In subsequent years, their annual fee
    will be due at the end of the month in which the
    license expires.
  • Reciprocity fees from out-of-state licensees are
    due prior to commencing work in Virginia
  • General License fees will be due at the end of
    the year

  • Specific Licenses See handout
  • Financial Assurance (same as NRC)
  • 1,125,000 for 104 105 quantities of unsealed
  • 225,000 for 103 104 quantities of unsealed
  • 113,000 for 1010 1012 quantities of sealed
  • Reciprocity 50 of specific license fees

  • General Licenses 100 per site and 50 per
    device exceeding the following millicurie (mCi)
  • 10 mCi of Cs-137
  • .1 mCi Sr-90
  • 1 mCi of Co-60
  • 1 mCi of Am-241 or other transuranic
  • Enforcement 32.1-27 allows for a civil penalty
    not to exceed 25,000 per day. Radiation
    Protection will use severity levels to assign
    civil penalties.
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