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Projectile Motion


Projectile Motion By: Mujahed Khan Eman Nader Lorenz Schuerch Terms Projectile- is an object upon which the only force acting is gravity, it is any object which once ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion
  • By
  • Mujahed Khan
  • Eman Nader
  • Lorenz Schuerch

  • Projectile- is an object upon which the only
    force acting is gravity, it is any object which
    once projected continues in motion by its own
    inertia and is influenced only by the downward
    force of gravity.
  • Parabola-a plane curve formed by the intersection
    of a right circular cone and a plane parallel to
    an element of the curve

  • The concept of a projectile motion is that an
    object an that follows moving in constant
    horizontal velocity and also drops due to the
    force of gravity, just like free fall except it
    does not immediately hit the ground when it is

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Examples of Projectile
The Laws of Projectile Problems
  • 1.Draw a picture
  • 2. Write givens in terms of x and y
  • 3. Decide what to solve for
  • 4. In horizontal use Vd/t
  • 5. In vertical use dvit1/2atsquared or
    2adVfsquared Visquared
  • 6. If problem is horizontal viom/s in vertical
  • 7. If problem relates to an angle, use SOHCAHTOA
  • 8. If problem dt, vf at top of path0m/s
  • 9. A-9.8 m/s in vertical
  • 10. Solve your problem

Sample Problems
  • 2. A potato is shot horizontally out of a cannon
    with a speed of 60m/s at a target 70m away. How
    long does the potato take to travel the
    horizontal distance?
  • Equation Velocitydistance/time
  • Velocity60m/s
  • distance70m/s
  • time?
  • 6070/t
  • time1.16 seconds
  • If you drop a water balloon from a 5 meter tall
    ledge. How long does the balloon take to reach
    the ground?
  • Equation dvit½atsquared
  • acceleration-9.8
  • initial velocity 0m/s
  • distance5m
  • time?
  • 5m(0m/s)½(-9.8)(tsquared)
  • ½(-9.8)-4.9
  • 5/-4.9-4.9tsquared/-4.9
  • Time 1 Second

Quiz Questions
  1. Lorenz wants to ride his bicycle at 10 m/s at
    heading 40 degrees NE. How much of his velocity
    is north and how much is east?
  2. A bullet is fired horizontally at a target 50
    meters away, and it has dropped 0.5 meters by the
    time it reaches the target, how long does it take
    to drop?
  3. Eman decides to jump of a cliff, she jumps
    horizontally at 3m/s from a 25 meter tall cliff.
    Below her, rocks extend form the base of the
    cliff for 5 meters. Will the she clear the rocks?
  4. If you drop a ball from rest what information do
    you need to predict how time it will take to hit
    the floor?

  • 1. horizontal velocity is 6.43m/s and vertical
    velocity is 7.7m/s
  • 2. time is .32seconds
  • 3. Yes she will clear the rocks
  • 4. You need Distance,Acceleration, Initial
    Velocity, and Time
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