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Teaching American History Grants in California


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Title: Teaching American History Grants in California

Teaching American History Grants in California
  • Jack Bareilles

Federal Site
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • http//www.ed.gov/programs/teachinghistory/index.h

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Key Points of the TAH Program
The program is designed to raise student
achievement by improving teachers' knowledge,
understanding of, and appreciation for
traditional U.S. history.
Grant awards will assist LEAs in partnership with
entities that have content expertise, to develop,
document, evaluate, and disseminate innovative
and cohesive models of professional development.
Grant Award Amounts
  • LEAs and Consortia Under 20,000 students 500,000
    max for three years
  • LEAs and Consortia 20,000-199,999 students
    1,000,000 max for three years
  • LEAs and Consortia with 200,000 students
    2,000,000 max for three years

Who Controls the Money?
  • The TAH program must be housed by an
    LEAuniversities and other organizations are
    content partnersnot the grantees.
  • Your district controls the money
  • This also helps minimize overhead costs
  • Most California LEAs indirect cost rate is much
    lower than the CSU and UC systems indirect cost

Program Length
  • Historicallythree years with a no-cost
    extension for a fourth year
  • Starting December 10, 2007 Competition a fourth
    and fifth year are possible (with continued
  • The procedure has yet to be determined for the
    new grantsand we wont find-out who received the
    grants until April.

These programs will improve instruction and raise
student achievement by helping teachers to
develop a deeper understanding and appreciation
of U.S. history as a separate subject matter
within the core curriculum.
In order to receive a grant, a local educational
agency must agree to carry out the proposed
activities in partnership with one or more of the
  • Institutions of higher education
  • Nonprofit history or humanities organizations
  • Libraries
  • Museums

Content Partners
  • California TAH programs have had great success
    partnering with non-profit history museums and
  • Some examples
  • Constitutional Rights Foundation
  • National Council for History Education
  • Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
  • Local Museums

Through these projects, districts will
demonstrate comprehensive professional
development approaches for providing high-quality
American history instruction.
Through their teachers participation in the TAH
program, students will develop an appreciation
for the great ideas of American history.
Content is King
  • TAH focuses on greatly improving teacher content
    knowledge of Traditional American History.
  • How do you ensure this?
  • Books, books, and more books
  • Graduate level classes
  • Presentations by leading scholars

What TAH Isnt
  • This is not a pedagogy grant.
  • If you are enamored with a certain pedagogical or
    classroom management system and want to train
    your teachers the TAH program probably isnt the
    grant you should apply for.

Types of Projects
  • Who will be served?
  • One cohort of teachers (30-50) for three years.
  • A new cohort of teachers (30-50) each year of the

Types of Projects
  • TAH Session format
  • Meetings throughout the school year
  • Inservices (with subs provided)
  • Meetings outside of school hours
  • Saturday sessions
  • Blended two day workshops (Friday and Saturday)

Types of Projects
  • Summer focused TAH programs
  • One to three week workshop during the summer
  • These usually involve follow-up sessions during
    the school year
  • Summer Travel
  • Travel to historic sites

Units for Teachers
  • Most grants offer unitsit is encouraged in the
    TAH application
  • Some programs offer the opportunity to earn an MA
  • Who pays for units?
  • Some districts pay out of the teachers stipends
  • Some districts pay nothing

Teacher Stipends
  • Teacher stipends range from 500 to 2,500 per
  • Most are paid on a per attendance basis.
  • Teachers do not receive a stipend for workshops
    held during school hours.
  • I pay my stipends as Travel Per Diemthere are
    fewer deductions for teachers
  • I also deduct the cost of books from the stipend

Northern Humboldt UHSD TAH Websitewww.nohum.k12.
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California TAH Directors
  • www.nohum.k12.ca.us/tah/CA-TAHdirectory.htm

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Denotes former grants Denotes former grants Denotes former grants Denotes former grants
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Can any TAH directors in the room please
stand up and introduce yourself?
Jack Bareilles Humboldt County and Northern
California Teaching American History Programs
McKinleyville High School 1300 Murray Road
McKinleyville, CA 95519 (707) 839-6492
(work)(707) 854-6546 (cellular)jbareilles_at_nohum.
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