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Southern Regional Underwriting Conference Social Media: Jumping In


Only 14% of homeowners have a flood insurance policy. ... Social Media: Tools & Tips * This business of blogs * Blogs are an educational approach to marketing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Southern Regional Underwriting Conference Social Media: Jumping In

Southern Regional Underwriting
ConferenceSocial Media Jumping In Staying
AfloatJune 27, 2011Orlando, FL
Presenter Lynne McChristian Florida
Representative, Insurance Information Institute
Social media defined
  • From Wikipedia (the social media encyclopedia)
  • Social media is media for social interaction,
    using highly accessible and scalable
    communication techniques. The term refers to the
    use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn
    communication into interactive dialogue.
  • Highly Accessible Inexpensive, anyone can
  • Scalable Starting small, then growing and

How new traditional media differ
Social Media Traditional Media
Decentralized Centralized
Publically owned Privately owned
Little or no specialized skills needed Requires specific skills and training
Instantaneous, with both content and comments Usually longer production time, but this is changing
Easier to alter Permanence, such as in a magazine article
Explosive growth and growing
  • Social networking now accounts for 22 of all
    time spent online in the U.S., according to
    Nielsen Media.
  • Over 302 million mobile phones in use, as of Dec.
  • Twitter averages 140 million tweets per day, as
    of March 2011.
  • The number of social media users age 65 and older
    grew 100 percent throughout 2010, with one in
    four people in this age group now part of a
    social networking site.

Evolution of social media
What it all means We talk more online than in
Social media, insurance and trust
Trust in industries Global
How much do you trust these industries to do what
is right?
50 51 52
Source Edelman Trust Barometer, 2011
I.I.I. Pulse Poll
Favorability attitudes toward auto and homeowners
insurers reached 60 In May 2011, the highest
rating since 2001, up from 53 a year ago.
Trust in authority
If you heard information about a company from one
of these people, how credible would that
information be?
2011 2011
Academic/expert 70
Technical expert in the company 64
Financial/industryanalyst 53
CEO 50
NGO representative 47
Government official 43
Person like yourself 43
Regular employee 34
2009 2009
Academic/expert 62
Financial/industryanalyst 49
Person like yourself 47
NGO representative 41
Regular employee 32
CEO 31
Government official 29
Source Edelman Trust Barometer, 2011
Trust protects reputation
When a company is distrusted
When a company is trusted
57 will believe negative information after
hearing it 1-2 times
51 will believe positive information after
hearing it 1-2 times
Will believe positive information after hearing
it 1-2 times
Will believe negative information after hearing
it 1-2 times
Source Edelman Trust Barometer, 2011
Repetition enhances believability
How many times, in general, do you need to hear
something about a specific company to believe
that information is likely to be true?
59 of people need to hear about it 3-5 times to
believe it.
Source Edelman Trust Barometer, 2011
Social media means providing information
that is relevant, accessible and friendly.
And, it is a scary venture for traditional
corporations because it defies strict command
and control.
But first.
You have to get your audiences attention. And,
before you can do that, you must determine who
they are.
Timeless Advice Be sincere, be brief, be
seated. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Search engine go-to source
Where do you generally go first for news about a
Source Edelman Trust Barometer, 2011
I.I.I.s social media framework
Much of the consumer information on the site is
also available in Spanish
(No Transcript)
Policymakers website InsuranceMatters
Content is arranged so that material most
important to policymakers is just one or two
clicks away
I.I.I. Disaster Newsroom Blog
Social media provides data to help you
gauge audience interests and spot trends.
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I.I.I. Social Media Outreach Facebook
I.I.I. Facebook Page Over 400 people Like this
page Over 200 links to I.I.I. content
posted Average impressions higher for older posts
Top Ten Content, by Pageviews May 2011
Rank Keyword Total Percent
1 Facts/Stats Auto Insurance 3,327 29.47
2 Issues Update Motorcycle Crashes 1,161 10.29
3 Article What Is Covered In A Basic Auto Policy? 1,007 8.92
4 Issues Update Cellphones and Driving 918 8.13
5 International Fact Book Country Profiles 891 7.89
6 Article What Is Auto Insurance? 877 7.77
7 Facts/Stats Home Insurance 874 7.74
8 Press Release Law Suits Bites Irresponsible Dog Owners 790 7.00
9 Issues Update Catastrophes 773 6.85
10 International Fact Book World Rankings 670 5.94
  11,288 100.00
Top Five Videos by PageviewsMay 2011
Top 10 Referral Sites for the I.I.I.May 2011
Tracking users
Where Insurance Information Institute is
appearing in social media
I.I.I. Social Media OutreachMost Viewed I.I.I.
Videos on YouTube
Source YouTube.
Social Media Tools Tips
This business of blogs
Blogs are an educational approach to marketing.
  • Elements of blogging
  • Add value.
  • - Address a problem, concern or need.
  • Use headlines and hooks and include links.
  • Catchy titles help you stand out in the crowd.
  • Using links directs users to other relevant
  • Share how to tips.
  • - People want to know the how rather than the
  • Love the checklist.
  • - List formats are easy to digest.
  • Be a storyteller.
  • Stories stick, and they let readers sell
  • Comments build a sense of community.

Telling Personal Stories
Blogs are about personality audience
I.I.I. Blogs
  • Terms Conditions
  • Written by Claire Wilkinson.
  • Daily blog.
  • National scope.
  • Audience is insurance industry professionals.
  • Blog title makes sense to practitioners.
  • Led to column in National Underwriter magazine.
  • Straight Talk
  • Written by Lynne McChristian.
  • Weekly blog.
  • Florida only.
  • Audience is consumer.
  • Blog title addresses Florida market challenges.
  • Led to monthly column in Florida Underwriter

Talk on Twitter
Think of it as headline news.
  • 140-character limit.
  • A bare-bones version of Facebook.
  • A chat room for friends and contacts.
  • Enables direct messaging.
  • Connecting with the media.
  • Helps you monitor what is going on.
  • Get retweeted!

Following the I.I.I.
  • Twitter accounts
  • _at_InsuringFLA
  • _at_iiiorg
  • _at_III_Research
  • _at_Bob_Hartwig
  • _at_LWorters
  • _at_JeanneSalvatore
  • and more

Facts on Facebook
  • Why use it?
  • Feeds your content dynamically to your followers
    pages, so you can proactively push out
    information you most want them to access.
  • It helps maintain a presence with customers
    during the long periods when your company may not
    be top of their minds.
  • They can hear stories that remind them of the
    value insurers provide every day.
  • This is your chance to re-invent relationships
    with customers and create a real dialogue and
    sense of community.

Develop a social media strategy
  • Develop an overall social media policy with
    written procedures, processes and goals.
  • Remember, social media makes PEOPLE interact, not
    the company. Identify the professional talent
    within your organization who is empowered to
    engage in online chatter.
  • Ask
  • What do you want to achieve with social media?
  • How do you get what you want?
  • How are your competitors using it?
  • How will you get noticed? What will you do to
    create community?

Social Media and InsuranceInsurer Engagement
How are insurers doing in the social media space?
Source Leveraging Social Networks An In-Depth
View for Insurers, Celent, April 14, 2010.
A sampling of insurers in the social
media mix
  • What others are
  • saying.
  • Reviews

Facebook Fans Getting personal and being a
Corporate Site
All business 30,893 fans
Going with the Flo
Flo, the Progressive Girl
  • Other Flo pages
  • Want to dress like Flo?
  • Dress like Flo for Halloween.
  • Flo Fun Pack.
  • Bobble-head doll.
  • Screen saver.
  • Ringtone.

(No Transcript)
Promoting social causes
State Farm examples
The Youth Advisory Board is charged with helping
State Farm design and implement a 5
million-a-year signature service-learning
initiative to address important issues.
The Embrace Life Awards program honors 13 men
and women who have renewed their lives and
inspired others through their perseverance
following the loss of a spouse or parent.
Link for more background info
Opportunities to jump into social media
I.I.I. Pulse Poll summary
Educational opportunities
  • Nearly all of American homeowners have homeowners
    insurance, but just under a third have renters
  • Slightly less than one-half of homeowners say
    they have an inventory of their possessions to
    document losses in case of disaster.
  • More than half of Americans think it is unlikely
    that their home will be destroyed by a disaster.
  • 50 in the South think it is unlikely 73 in
    the Northeast.
  • Only 14 of homeowners have a flood insurance
  • One in five homeowners believe their homeowners
    policy covers flood damage.

Source I.I.I. Pulse Poll, May 2011.
Social Media and InsuranceMeasuring Success
  • Perspectives on ROI.
  • Financial.
  • Coupons redeemed, sales, repeat customers.
  • Digital.
  • Improved visibility for your company in search
  • Brand.
  • Online efforts improve offline branding for
    building awareness, purchase intent, preference
    and brand associations.
  • Risk Management.
  • Its more about reducing negative ROI than
    creating a positive ROI.

Source Augie Ray, The ROI of Social Media,
July 19, 2010
Social media as risk management
Description Example
Estimated costs should customers create hundreds of thousands of negative impressions about product quality 50,000 of outside PR costs 100,000 extra ad media costs 50,000 extra customer service costs 100,00 lost executive time/focus 50,000 short-term sales loss 20,000 to fly advocates to facility 5,000 cash outlays (such as charities) 375,000 total for worst-case scenario
Likelihood of occurrence 20 (once every 5 years)
Percent social media assets can mitigate effects 33 (because companys rapid response team can engage advocates, reduce loss costs)
Total value of risk mitigation 375,000 x 20 x 33 25,000
Source Forrester Research, Inc.
Tips for building an online presence
  • Respond to everything.
  • Go where your customers go.
  • Engage in conversations.
  • Acknowledge poor reviews.
  • Provide useful information.
  • And, one more tip

Have fun!
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