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Biotechnology Industry and Initiative Update


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Title: Biotechnology Industry and Initiative Update

Biotechnology Industry and Initiative Update
EWD EDPAC February 3, 2011 Jeffery ONeal State
Director - Biotechnology Initiative Economic and
Workforce Development California Community
Biotechnology isAdvanced tools of biology used
by many industries, new and traditional
  • Agricultural
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Environmental
  • Energy
  • Law enforcement
  • Military

Law Enforcement/Military
  • CSI
  • DNA typing of felons
  • Huge database
  • Military
  • DNA typing of soldiers
  • 911 and battlefield victims

Law Enforcement/Military/Environment
  • Plants that detect explosives and landmines
  • Sentinel Plants
  • Can react to levels 1/100th of what a dog can
  • Can detect explosives and toxic chemicals

  • Tracking endangered species by DNA typing
  • Environmental clean up
  • Bacteria that eat oil spills
  • Detection of pathogens in the environment/food
  • Rapid detection of weaponized microbes

Biotech in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • US Data
  •  Of revenues from top-selling 100 drugs 28 are
    biotech origin
  •  Four of the top-selling 15 drugs are biotech
    origin, accounting for 22 of revenues 12.7
    Billion, they are 
  • Enbrel             3.4B    Protein         
    Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis 
  • Neulasta         3.1B   Protein    Boost white
    blood cells when doing chemo
  • Epogen            3.1B    Protein     EPO-alpha
    boost red blood cells in chronic renal failure
  • Remicade         3.1B    MAb        Rheumatoid
    arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn's Disease

  • (0

88 of Cotton 91 of Soybean 85 of Corn
Stem Cell Research in California
  • California is on the leading edge due to creating
    CIRM (proposition 71)
  • Many companies relocated to California or
    established an office here
  • Im a big believer in stem cell research. This
    revolutionary science has the potential not only
    to improve the human condition, but it can also
    improve Californias economy.
  • By 2010, a recent economic study projects CIRMs
    funding will have generated at least an
    additional 100 million in new tax revenue for
    the state.

Stem Cell Therapies Under Development
Regenerating nerve/brain tissue Spinal cord
injuries Parkinsons disease Alzheimers
disease Regenerate muscle tissue Heart muscle
tissue damaged by heart attack Regenerate other
specialized cells such as Pancreas and kidney
cells Blood cells in people compromised due to
chemotherapy Bone growth for void fill and
non-union fractures
Stem Cell Therapies
Beating heart cells
Regenerated nerve cells
Personalized Medicine
  • (Pharmacogenomics)
  • Medicines selected based on your genetic profile
  • Less trail and error, less problem with adverse
    drug reactions
  • Clarinex vs Allegra
  • Considered a high growth technology
  • Personal genomics companies
  • Get you genetic profile for as little as 500
  • Google and Microsoft investing heavily in this

Biotechnology as a california employment engine
CHI Biomedical Industry Report 2011
  • Biotechnology Lags Only Computers as
    Californias Largest Technology Employer
  • Has Suffered Less in Recent Downturn
  • First recent employment drop, by 4 from 2009 to

Biotechnology Lags Only Computers as Californias
Largest Technology Employer Has Suffered Less in
Recent Downturn
California Healthcare Institute, PriceWaterhouse
Coopers California Biomedical Industry 2010
Biotechnology is a Major Driver of California
EmploymentInfluencing up to 4 of the States
  • Two data sources
  • California Healthcare Institute
  • Battelle/BIO State Bioscience Initiatives 2010

2011 California Biomedical Industry Report
Eighty percent of biomedical company CEOs in
California report that their companies have been
courted by other countries, state governments or
regional economic development associations in the
past year, according to survey findings included
in the 2011 California Biomedical Industry
Report, published today by the California
Healthcare Institute, BayBio and PwC.
Sixty-seven percent of CEO respondents said that
within five years, another country could
conceivably recreate the ecosystem that has made
the U.S. the leading biomedical region in the
Sixty percent believe that another state could
recreate the ecosystem that has made California
the leading biomedical region in the U.S.
Yet the survey found surprising consensus of
confidence in the state's ongoing attractiveness
to the biomedical industry, with many CEOs
planning to increase jobs, manufacturing,
research and development operations within
California versus elsewhere.
2011 California Biomedical Industry Report
For the first time in the report's 17-year
history, nearly twice as many biomedical CEOs
said they intend to increase manufacturing within
California (41 percent) versus outside the state
(21 percent) over the next two years.
Sixty-eight percent of CEOs said they expected to
expand the overall size of their workforce within
California, while only 31 percent planned to
increase workforce levels outside the state.
Seventy-eight percent of CEOs surveyed said that
they maintained or expanded RD operations within
California over the past year, and 88 percent
plan to do so over the next two years.
The key reasons cited for locating in California
were the availability of a highly skilled,
entrepreneurial workforce and California's
culture of innovation, anchored by leading
research universities.
The Biotechnology Initiative
  • Economic and Workforce Development Program
  • California Community Colleges
  • Biotechnology Initiative
  • Current structure
  • Four centers around the state
  • San Diego Miramar College
  • LA/Orange Pasadena City College
  • SF Greater Bay Area Ohlone College
  • Sacramento American River College
  • Statewide Initiative Director, and two Hubs
  • Expanding affiliate centers? College of
    Canyons, Fullerton College

Primary Goals of the Biotechnology Initiative
  • Direct Services to Industry
  • Serve the industry with quality training and
    technical assistance
  • Capacity Building
  • Assist the colleges to develop and maintain
    capacity to deliver training, and improve their
    responses to advances in technology and shifting
    industry needs
  • Career Pathway Improvement
  • Help build the pipeline of workers/students
    interested in careers in the biotechnology

Regional Biotechnology Centers vs Local Colleges
  • Biotechnology Initiative Centers
  • Workforce development
  • Direct training to incumbent industry workers
  • Often short courses for a specific skill upgrade
  • Develop and encourage model programs
  • Innovative curriculum development
  • Faculty development
  • Workshops for faculty
  • Improving Career Pathways outreach to k-12
  • Local Community Colleges
  • Student courses pre-service (typically for
  • Local workforce development

Biotechnology Centers Services 08-09 fiscal yr
  • 742 employers received services by the Centers
  • Over 126 specialized training events (industry
  • Over 15,000 high school students participated in
    laboratory experiences

California Community Colleges
  • 110 community colleges
  • 27 Colleges with degree programs or certificates
    in biotechnology
  • 23 Colleges offering stand-alone biotech courses

Programs Respond to Local Workforce Needs
  • Biomanufacturing focused programs
  • Solano, Ohlone, CCSF
  • General laboratory skills
  • American River, San Diego Miramar
  • Stem cell culture
  • Pasadena City, CCSF

Number of Students in Biotech Programs is Growing
Near Term Pay for Biotech Graduates
  • One year after graduation median income for
    biotech students rank 16th of 95 fields
    (2002-2003 academic year)
  • 39, 275 - Biotechnology and Biomedical
  • 29,494 - Median for all fields (for 95 fields
    of study)
  • Biotech salaries typically in top 20 of cc grads

Issues of Transparency to Business
  • Often descriptions of programs not there or
    buried on campus web sites
  • Some listed under Biotech, some under Biological
  • Not always clear what skill sets students learn
  • Message often tailored to student

One Portal to Access Biotechnology Training at
Community Colleges
  • All Colleges listed on website
  • Description of program
  • Link to college web site
  • Specific buttons/messages for industry, faculty
    and students

Create Community with Faculty Around the State
  • All Hands meetings North and South
  • Exchange ideas, best practices, technology
    updates industry speakers
  • Sponsor CC faculty at CSU conference and other
    networking events Personalized Medicine World
  • Webinar series for faculty on topics of interest
    and research results
  • Launching this month

Pasadena Biosciences Incubator
  • Operated by the community college in
    collaboration with the city of Pasadena
  • Incubated 16 companies with 5 successful

Pasadena Biosciences Incubator Expansion
To 10, 000 sg ft in 2010 -new 2011 expansion
Exemplary Programs
  • LA Trade Tech College ARRA funded
  • Fast track to work In collaboration with local
    WIBs - Process technician
  • Five weeks at the colleges
  • 10 to 15 week paid internship at company
  • Students screened by WIB
  • Targeting displaced workers
  • First cohort
  • 100 completion - 30 started - 30 completed
  • Many placed
  • 60 now in the pipeline

Exemplary Programs
  • San Diego Accelerated Program - ARRA
  • Accelerated Biotech Program with bridge for
    displaced and underemployed workers.
  • Three semester program, in collaboration with
  • First cohort graduated this spring
  • 60 have found full-time jobs
  • One employer asked for more graduates
  • Lori formerly homeless, single mother

Exemplary Programs
  • Displaced Nummi workers to Ohlone College program
  • Working in collaboration with local WIBs and job
    counselors from Nummi
  • Variety of local companies interested in
  • Hosted Senate Select Committee on Biotechnology
    hearing on workforce in October
  • UC, CSU and CC testified facilities tour and
    conversation with students

Exemplary Programs
Exemplary Programs
  • Biotechnology programs are expensive
  • Increasing pressure to increase enrollments or
    run less expensive classes
  • Students are often underprepared
  • Two thirds of students entering California
    community colleges assess below college level in
    Math, English or both.

  • A number of colleges around the state offer
    biotechnology courses or programs
  • Biotechnology enrollments are growing
  • Biotechnology graduates tend to earn more than
    average for all cc graduates
  • Local programs respond to local workforce needs
  • There is increasing pressure on biotechnology
    programs due to the expense and relatively lower

The Economic and Workforce Development Program
  • Mission
  • We invest in California's economic growth and
    global competitiveness through industry-specific
    education, training and services that contribute
    to a highly skilled and productive workforce.
  • Ten Initiatives
  • Important to Californias economic growth
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