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Welcome to 3rd Grade Parent Information Night


Welcome to 3rd Grade Parent Information Night Mrs. Combs Mrs. Davis Ms. Foley Ms. Mullens Ms. Ross Expect Success! Grades will be sent home on a slip of paper. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to 3rd Grade Parent Information Night

Welcome to 3rd Grade Parent Information Night
  • Mrs. Combs
  • Mrs. Davis
  • Ms. Foley
  • Ms. Mullens
  • Ms. Ross

Expect Success!
  • Parent Communication
  • Academics/Curriculum
  • Behavior
  • Homework Expectations
  • Grading Guidelines
  • Questions and Comments will be addressed at the
    end of the presentation

Goals of 3rd Grade
  • Third Grade is a big transitional year for both
    students and parents. Concepts moves at a much
    faster pace.
  • Our goal is that students will be active
    engaged in their learning, so that students will
    remain successful learners.

Attendance Punctuality
  • Punctuality and attendance are important.
  • Instruction begins promptly at 800AM. Please
    ensure that your child is in the classroom.
  • If your son/daughter is absent, contact the
    Attendance office. A note is required for each
    absence as soon as possible.
  • Classroom and Campus Incentives for Perfect
  • General Conduct grade drops 1 letter for every
    4 tardies in a grading period.

Campus Classroom Procedures
  • CLASSROOM Procedures
  • Be responsible.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be ready to learn.
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • Follow Directions.
  • Use time wisely.
  • Be respectful.
  • Do your best work.

  • Nurtured Heart Approach
  • This system consists of consistently reinforcing
    positive character traits with praise and rewards
    while still setting firm boundaries.
  • Behavior Reflections
  • Reset
  • Behavior book
  • Student-Teacher conference
  • Parent Contact

  • Students earn tickets for positive behaviors.
  • Prides (previously known as Tribes)
  • Campus wide incentive.
  • Students can earn points for their tribes by
    attendance, character awards, behavior, grades,
    bus behavior.

  • Replaces TAKS
  • STAAR State of Texas Assessment of Academic
  • 4 hour testing window
  • In 3rd grade this will assess reading and math
  • Higher level of thinking, depth of knowledge

Ways to Achieve Success
  • Completing homework correctly
  • Reading daily
  • Using strategies/proving answers
  • Personal academic (attainable) goals

ELA Social Studies Curriculum
  • Assignments are done in class and kept in
    Interactive Journals.
  • Journals are kept at school so students can use
    as a resource.
  • Reading
  • Students should be reading daily to build stamina
    which prepares them for STAAR tests and future
    grade levels.
  • Comprehension and Fluency are components of
    Reading Test.
  • End of Year level P

ELA Homework
  • Choice Board
  • Reflects what is taught in class
  • May include reading, writing, spelling, grammar,
    or Social Studies
  • Reading Log
  • Students should be reading daily and parents
    should sign off on the reading log.
  • Reading homework may include studying for
    science, reading newspapers, recipes, Kid biz and
    other reading websites etc.

Homework Choice Board
Math Curriculum
  • The district curriculum moves at a fast pace,
    however, homework supplements the spiraling
  • Measurement
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication/division
  • Problem solving (2-3 step word problems)
  • Computations (addition, subtraction, etc) should
    be shown on paper
  • enVision available online

Math Homework
  • Homework reflects the days lesson and is due the
    next day.
  • Math book, Investigation worksheets, or other
    teacher chosen worksheets - Check agenda books.
  • Math spirals
  • Filled with notes Teacher Guided Practice
  • Students are encouraged to take home as needed
    but must be brought back the next day.

Science Curriculum
  • Lab Safety if students are not following safety
    rules, they will be asked to observe rather than
  • Hands-on labs are incorporated for each unit.
  • Depth of Knowledge
  • Study guides will be given.

General Homework Expectations
  • Check Agenda Books and Teacher websites
  • Homework will be given daily to reinforce/review
    skills taught in class.
  • If you notice that they worked an assignment
    incorrectly, please assist them.
  • The faster misconceptions are cleared, the more
    successful your child will be.

Classroom Websites
  • School and teacher web pages give you access to
    important dates, information and resources.
  • You can see your childs
  • Upcoming assessments
  • Weekly schedule
  • Links to useful interactive sites such as
    Learning.com, First in Math, Kidbiz.com,
    PearsonSuccess.com for both Math and ELA, and
    many others.

  • Major assessments 50
  • Minor assessments 40
  • Homework 10
  • Late homework will lower homework trait in
    Wednesday folder.
  • Based campus decisions, no extra
  • credit will be given

Grade Speed
  • An online tool that provides parents with access
    to students grades attendance.
  • To view your son/daughters grades online, you
    will need the following
  • Student ID number
  • Lunch pin (obtain this in person at the front
  • student social security number
  • Updated weekly

Wednesday Folders
  • Parent-teacher communication tool.
  • Academics
  • Work Habits
  • Review/discuss the contents work habits with
    your student.
  • Keep the papers unless noted differently.
  • Sign the folder return Thursday.

  • To make sure students are successful, teachers
    will re-teach and reassess on assignments with
    grades 74 or below only.
  • A note will be attached to the assignment in the
    Wednesday Folder for possible make-up times.
  • Retake times could occur before or after school.
  • Student will receive the higher of the two
  • Campus Grading Guidelines

District Campus Assessments
  • District Common Assessments (DCA)/Benchmarks
  • Created by the district
  • Major grade
  • Campus Common Assessment (CCA)
  • created by campus teachers
  • Major grade
  • These are both secure documents.
  • Grades will be in Wednesday folders and on
  • You may set up a conference to view the test
  • Test dates will be on websites and/or student
    agenda book

3rd Grade Common Schedules
  • 930 1015 Specials
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 200 300 Specials
  • Tuesday

Looking Ahead
  • Picture Day Sept. 28th
  • Parent Conferences Nov. 6th
  • Field Trip Pearl Fincher Museum Spring
  • STAAR - April

Visiting Lemm Elementary
  • ALL visitors must enter through the front doors
    and show ID to front office to receive a visitor
  • Visitor badge must be visible
  • Only visit the area stated on the badge
  • This is for the safety of students and
  • Please turn OFF cell phones and remove hats.

Other Lemm Notes
  • Car riders
  • Practice using a seat belt
  • Know Car s
  • Parents, please stay in your car
  • All students need to know
  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Lunch Pin s

Thank You
  • Questions will be taken at this time.
  • Please sign up for parent conferences
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