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Property Management for Small and Medium-Sized Housing Corporations


Property Management for Small and Medium-Sized Housing Corporations March 6, 2012 Lease Agreements The lease establishes contractual obligations, sets expectations ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Property Management for Small and Medium-Sized Housing Corporations

Property Management for Small and Medium-Sized
Housing Corporations
  • March 6, 2012

How Webinar Technology Works
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    others are in listen-only mode.
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    to enter into your conference call. This will
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  • If we dont get to you during the session, we
    will follow up with you afterward.

Goals for Today
  • Hear an excellent example of a property
    management program from a medium-sized housing
  • Review DHN recommendations regarding Property

Todays Presenters
  • Bob King, Property Manager, PDC, Inc. (Richland
  • Jill LaRock, Executive Director, Homecroft, Inc.
    (Greene County)

Property Management at PDC
  • Bob King

Snapshot of PDC, Inc.
  • We consider ourselves a smaller corporation with
    17 units in 16 community homes.
  • We also own 6 ICFs/DD homes we lease to the
    Richland County Board of DD and another provider
    for a total of over 100 residential opportunities
    in a wide variety of settings.

Lease Agreements
  • The lease establishes contractual obligations,
    sets expectations and lays out responsibilities
    of the lessor and lessee, as well as providing
    legal grounds for recourse.
  • Each tenant signs initial lease with PDC.
  • Leases are updated/signed annually after rents
    are recalculated using the 30 model.

Home Maintenance Three Keys
  • 1. Maintenance need reporting/identification
  • (See Handout 1)
  • 2. Maintenance request/need tracking
  • (Next slide)
  • 3. Preventive maintenance planning/tracking
  • (includes inspections)

Maintenance Request Tracking
  Home Date of call Reported by Problem Contractor/solution Date of repair Cost  
1 MIDBELL 1/7/2012 staff no hot water RLL 1/7/2012 t/m
2 MIDBELL 1/12/2012 staff no hot water at Ron's tub RLL 1/12/2012 t/m
3 arlington 1/16/2012 Shellie HR ice build up at end of drive Sunshine 1/16/2012 ?
4 Mid bell 1/17/2012 Red water heater non operatinoal, replace RLL 1/17/2012 t/m
5 Pax 913 1/18/2012 Kelly Tiley _at_ Aspen KC broke out porch screens, reinstall screen and lattice, bill to KC RLL 1/17/2012
6 mid bell 1/7/2012 staff leaking water valve RLL
7 Pax 913 1/1/0/12 staff leaking water valve RLL
8 Sunset 1/11/2012 staff bathroom floor trim loose RLL
9 Mid bell 1/13/2012 staff pop off vavle on hot water tank leaking RLL
10 Mid bell 1/17/2012 Red found hot water tank leaking RLL
11 Sloane 1/19/2012 Red drain backing up in basement RLL 1/18/2012
12 Harding 1/19/2012 Red refrigerator found bad water line RLL 1/19/2012
13 Mid bell 1/21/2012 staff no power to back bedrooms RL/Spring elec

The Inspection Loop
  • Inspect
  • Plan
  • Fund
  • Implement
  • Inspect again
  • (yes, a blatant rip off of the assessment loop).

Inspection Loop
  • Keep it regular stay on top of maintenance
    issues create solid long term plans.
  • How often we conduct home inspections on our
    community homes three times per year and link the
    inspections to our seasonal preventive
    maintenance work.
  • (See Handout 2)

Inspection Form 101
  • There are many excellent examples of home
  • inspection forms/checklists posted at,
  • including one from DODD and one from HUD.

Fill out the form, please
  • Adapt the form to meet your needs and systems
  • Flush every toilet, run every faucet, test all
    kitchen appliances, GFCIs, smoke
    detectors/monitoring, HVAC systems, etc.
  • Document, document, document maintenance
    tracking and inspection follow up
  • Divide and Conquer
  • (See Handout 3)

Tenant Input
  • Establish positive relationship with provider
  • Follows person-centered practices
  • Emphasize health and safety as first priority
  • Utilize input to assist in development of capital
    improvement plan

Money Makes the Roof Go On
  • CCA/RRP/RHAP basic funding
  • County Board supports
  • Other funding streams
  • The 30 rule

Capital Planning at PDC
  • Capital Reserve planning model
  • (See Handout 4)
  • 2011-12 PDC Capital Improvements Plan
  • (See Handout 5)

DHN Recommendations for Property Management
  • Housing Corporation Self-Assessment Tool
  • Jill LaRock

Self-Assessment Tool Rent Collection
  • 65. HC has leases in place noting monthly
    payment, payment date, and late penalties.
  • 66. An individual tenant ledgers noting rent
    received, deposits provided.
  • 67. A system of internal controls for receipt of

Self-Assessment Tool Maintenance
  • 68. A system for logging in, prioritizing,
    tracking work orders (data base).
  • 69. A system for handling emergency calls 24/7.
  • 70. A furnace inspection by certified personnel.
  • 71. An electrical inspection by certified
  • 72. Tests for radon.
  • 73. HC tests the quality of potable well water.
  • 74. Property Committee.

Self-Assessment Tool Maintenance
  • 75. Safety Policy.
  • 76. Safety Committee which meets routinely.
  • 77. Policy and/or procedure for mold including
    how to inspect and what to do if found.
  • 78. Policy/protocol for the identification and
    treatment of bed bugs.
  • 79. Requirement that Board members visit a
    sample of properties.
  • 80. Requirement that top executive to visit all
    properties annually.

Self-Assessment Tool Maintenance
  • 81. Safety Policy for its properties.
  • 82. A standard for the installation of Fire
    Safety equipment in all properties.
  • 83. Fire Safety equipment inspected according to
    NFPA and equipment inspection/ replacement

Self-assessment Tool Safety
  • 84. A partnership with support agencies and
    county boards program in place to evaluate
    tenants ability to evacuate in fire and provide
    special accommodations if they cant successfully
    self evacuate.
  • 85. Fire safety is part of regular inspection.
  • 86. A protocol for tracking fires, alarms, etc.

Self-Assessment Tool Tenant Relations
  • 87. Tenants are involved in property selection
    and special adaptations.
  • 88. System in place for regularly informing
    tenants how to resolve complaints and/or initiate
  • 89. Leases are explained to tenants.
  • 90. Regular solicitation of input from
    tenants/families with regard to satisfaction and
    continuous improvement.

DHN Technical Assistance
  • Funded by Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council
  • Provides DHN consultant who can
  • Assist with self-assessment
  • Attend/facilitate board meetings
  • Attend/facilitate stakeholder meetings
  • Facilitate strategic planning retreats
  • Provide consultation on board development, policy
    development and housing operations

Upcoming Events
  • April 4 Webinar Understanding the Master
  • Spring Conference - April 17 and 18, in
    conjunction with OPRA
  • May 2 Webinar Operating Budgets
  • Spring Regional Meetings
  • Northeast March 7
  • East May 8
  • South May 9
  • West May 15
  • Northwest May 16

Staff Contacts
  • Jacalyn Slemmer, Executive Director
  • 614-595-4110
  • Cathy Allen,
  • Technical Assistance Consultant
  • 419-732-1770

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