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Title: Experiencing English 2

Experiencing English 2
  • ??????????????????
  • ??????????????,????
  • The worst thing in life is you're dead with your
    money unspent. And the worst, worst thing in life
    is you're alive but your money is all spent.
  • The worst situation for a person is when you kick
    the bucket you still have money in your pocket.
    Still worst, is when you are not yet ready to
    kick the bucket but no longer have money in your
  • The saddest in life is that you are gone but your
    money is there still the saddest, that you are
    here but your money is gone
  • What's worse than the fact you will be gone while
    your money stays is the other way around
  • The worst thing for a person is you're gone and
    your money is still around. And the still worst,
    you're around but your money is gone.

  • ????gtgtgt  
  • Cambridge University students dance at dawn
    after attending an end-of-term ball in Cambridge,
  • ?????,????????????????,????????

AB treat
  • AB treat has become a fad among young people as
    some males now choose to pay a bigger slice of
    the bill, say 70 percent, while female friends
    dining with them pay the rest.
  • ???AB??????????????????,
  • ????AA????,???(??????),
  • ???(??????)? AB???????????????,
  • ???????????????????
  • ??????????????????
  • AB????,???????????,
  • ???????????,???????????

Unit 1Famous Universities
  • ???2008??????????5??? 2008????????????-QS
  •     ?????????????QS???????5????????,?????????5??
    ??????100?,?2007??2??????37???????????    2008???
    ?200???????,???????????9????????50?,????3 ????????

  • 2008?????????????????
  • 1 HARVARD University United States
  • 2 Yale University United States
  • 3 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
  • 4 University of Oxford United Kingdom
  • 5 California Institute of Technology (Calt...
    United States
  • 6 IMPERIAL College London United Kingdom
  • 7 UCL (University College London) United Kingdom
  • 8 University of Chicago United States
  • 9 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M...
    United States
  • 10 Columbia University United States
  • 12 Princeton University United States
  • 13 DUKE University United States
  • 13 Johns Hopkins University United States
  • 15 CORNELL University United States
  • 16 AUSTRALIAN National University Australia
  • 17 Stanford University United States
  • 18 University of Michigan United States

  • 09???????? ????13???
  • 15???????
  • ???? ???? ????
  • ?????? ????
  • ???? ????????
  • ???? ?????? ??????
  • ??????? ????
  • ?????? ???? ??????  

The content of this Unit
  • first listen, and then talk about famous
  • read about world famous universities, their staff
    and students
  • learn new words and expressions
  • practice the use of the subjunctive mood
  • fill in an application form for admission
  • visit Culture Salon for the missions and
    traditions of some famous universities.

Unit 1Famous Universities
Part I
Unit 1Famous Universities
Directions Listen to the following passage and
try to fill the missing words. Click here to
Famous universities are located all over the
world, and they attract students from all over
the world, too. Oxford and Cambridge are the two
oldest universities in Britain with a history of
Oxford 1._____________1100s. Princeton was
established in 1746 and is 2.________ in
Princeton, New Jersey, a state on the east coast
of America. MIT began in 1861 and is located in
another 3._______state, Massachusetts. Stanford
is a famous university in California. In 1891,
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford wanted to
4._________a university in the west where young
men and young women could 5. ________ a degree.
They donated many acres of land to the
establishment of Stanford. It is one of the
largest campuses in America today. ? Harvard
is the oldest university in America 6.
_____________ many historic buildings and an 7.
__________ of American history. Students 8.
__________ Harvard have more than 40 areas of
undergraduate studies to choose from. There are
schools of medicine, business, design, law,
public health, public policy, to 9. ______ a few.
First year students, called freshmen, are
required to live on campus. Sophomores and upper
classmen can choose off campus living in an 10.
__________ or a house. There are many activities
students can participate in from music to sports
to student government.
dating back to
surrounded by
Communicative Tasks
Goal Practice how to show ones concern,
how to offer help, how to talk about
the problem, how to give advice or make
suggestions, and how to show ones gratitude.

Dialogue Samples
You got to know them
Dialog 1 lost upper classman
good luck with your
  • Dialog 2 how aregoing
  • awful
  • set aside
  • retain the information
  • pair study sessions
  • Im available.

Lost not noticing
  • Try the sentence below
  • ?????,???????????
  • He was reading his book, completely lost to the
  • Get lost??,?????
  • He tried to introduce himself, but she told him
    to get lost.

  • (pl. -men)?(??????)?????
  • Heh-heh-heh, I get the whole info from the
  • ?-?-?,???????????????

Awful terrible
  • I look awful in this blue cap.
  • ?????????????
  • I had awful trouble to get it.
  • ?????????????
  • adv. awfully
  • n. awfulness

Set aside ??
  • I try to set aside a few minutes each day to do
    some exercises.
  • ?????????????????.
  • She sets aside a bit of money every month.
  • ?????????.

Pair v. ??
  • The teacher paired us off for the purpose of the
  • ?????,????????????
  • Her parents tried to pair her off with a rich
  • ??????????????????

  • Now , your turn to work with your partner to
    start the conversation.
  • Task 1
  • Task 2

Unit 1Famous Universities
Part II
Passage A
Related Information
  • United Kingdom
  • London
  • The Rhodes Scholarship
  • Marshall Scholarships
  • Yale University
  • The Mission of Oxford University
  • The Homepage of Oxford University

Passage A Oxford University
United Kingdom
Click the flag to listen to the Anthem of the
U.K. The God Save the Queen.
  • United Kingdom, officially the United
    Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    England is the largest and most populous division
    of the island of Great Britain, making up the
    south and east. Wales is on the west and Scotland
    is to the north. Northern Ireland is located in
    the northeast corner of Ireland, the second
    largest island in the British Isles. The capital
    of the United Kingdom is the city of London,
    situated near the southeastern tip of England.

Passage A Oxford University
Click the picture to play the
video clip.
Passage A Oxford University
Thames River, London
Big Ben, London
  • London is the capital of the United Kingdom.
    It is situated in southeastern England along the
    Thames River. With a population of about 7
    million, this vast metropolis is by far the
    largest city in Europe, a distinction it has
    maintained since the 17th century.

Passage A Oxford University
The Rhodes Scholarship
  • Rhodes scholarship is a scholarship for
    study at Oxford University, a sum of money
    awarded annually to students from the United
    States, South Africa, and several Commonwealth
    countries to help pay for studies in the United
    Kingdom at Oxford University

Passage A Oxford University
Marshall Scholarships
  • Marshall Scholarships finance young
    Americans of high ability to study for a degree
    in the United Kingdom. Up to forty Scholars are
    selected each year to study either at graduate or
    occasionally undergraduate level at an UK
    institution in any field of study.
  • The scheme allows the Scholars, who are the
    potential leaders, opinion-formers and
    decision-makers in their own country, to gain an
    understanding and appreciation of British values
    and the British way of life. It also establishes
    long-lasting ties between the peoples of Britain
    and the United States. Each scholarship is held
    for two years.

Passage A Oxford University
Yale University
  • Chartered in 1701, Yale University in New
    Haven, Connecticut, is one of the oldest and most
    highly acclaimed universities in the United

Passage A Oxford University
The Homepage of Oxford
Passage A Oxford University
Lead-in Pictures
Before reading Passage A, describe the following
Sundial on College Building
Students at the University of Oxford in Oxford,
England, prepare to receive their academic
degrees. The sashes of their gowns are lined with
different colors of silk, designating each
students respective college or field of study.
Passage A Oxford University
Lead-in Questions
  • 1. What do you know about
  • Oxford University?
  • 2. What do you like about the
  • your university and the teaching quality in
    your university?
  • 3. Have you ever received a scholarship?
  • Do you think universities should try their
  • best to provide their students with more
  • scholarships?

Passage A Oxford University
Skim it
  • Read passage A
  • within a couple of
  • minutes and try to tell

1. What is the text about?
2. What aspects about Oxford are introduced
Passage A Oxford University
Skim it
  • Reference key

1. It is an introduction to Oxford university.
2. The article mainly introduces Oxfords
history, location, programs, scholarships,
mission, etc.
Passage A Oxford University
Scan It Find Key Words
Para 1 history and location (established during
the 1100s located in Oxford, England)
Para 2 Students colleges ( 16300 students from
more than 130 countries 35 colleges and 5
private halls.)
Passage A Oxford University
Scan It Find Key Words
Para 3 Relationship (or roles) university a.
provides some libraries, laboratories,
and other facilities
b. grant degrees ( Para. 5) college a. governed
by its own head and fellows
(including tutors,professors, lecturers)
b. manages their own buildings and
property c. elect its own fellow
and selects and admits its own
undergraduate students d. take
primary responsibility for the teaching
and well-being of students
Passage A Oxford University
Scan It Find Key Words
Para 4 Teaching and learning ( tutorial,
specialized instruction, lectures)
Para 5 Degrees ( from B.A with honors to higher
degrees, diplomas and certificates)
Para 6 Scholarships ( Rhodes scholarship for
students from the U.S. Marshall scholarships to
citizens of the U.S. )
Passage A Oxford University
Scan It Find Key Words
Para 7 scholarship (strong competition with
strict requirements check carefully)
Para 8 Activities (orinitiatives) ( 55 in 2001)
Para 9 Status ( named the UKs most innovative
university in the Launchit2001 competition
awarded top marks in six out of ten subjects
assessed in the national Teaching Quality
Assessment exercises)
Passage A Oxford University
Scan It Find Key Words
Para 10 Cooperation (or expansion) (joint
distance learning venture with Yale)
Para 11 mission -- achieving and
maintaining excellence in its teaching and
research --maintaining and developing its
historical position as a world-class
university, and --enriching the
international, national, and regional
communities through the fruits of its
research and the skills of its graduates.
Passage A Oxford University
Scan It Find Key Words
Para 12 efforts --provide facilities and
support its staff to pursue innovative
research --promote challenging and rigorous
teaching --equip its graduates to play their
part at a national and international level
Passage A Oxford University
  • New words
  • Listen to new words of this text.

Text Oxford University
  • 1. Oxford University is the oldest university in
    Britain and one of the worlds most famous
    institutions of higher learning. Oxford
    University was established during the 1100s. It
    is located in Oxford, England, about 80
    kilometers northwest of London.
  • 2. The university has over 16,300 students
    (1999-2000), almost a quarter of these students
    are from overseas and more than 130 nationalities
    are represented. It consists of 35 colleges, plus
    five private halls established by various
    religious groups. Three of the five private halls
    are for men only. Of the colleges, St. Hilda's
    and Somerville are for women, and the rest are
    for men and women.

  • 3. At Oxford, each college is a corporate body
    distinct from the university and is governed by
    its own head and fellows. Most fellows are
    college instructors called tutors, and the rest
    are university professors and lecturers. Each
    college manages its own buildings and property,
    elects its own fellows, and selects and admits
    its own undergraduate students. The university
    provides some libraries, laboratories, and other
    facilities, but the colleges take primary
    responsibility for the teaching and well-being of
    their students.

  • 4. Each student at Oxford is assigned to a tutor,
    who supervises the students program of study,
    primarily through tutorials. Tutorials are weekly
    meetings of one or two students with their tutor.
    Students may see other tutors for specialized
    instruction. They may also attend lectures given
    by university teachers. Students choose which
    lectures to attend on the basis of their own
    special interests and on the advice of their
  • 5. The university, not the individual colleges,
    grants degrees. The first degree in the arts or
    sciences is the Bachelor of Arts with honors.
    Oxford also grants higher degrees, diplomas, and
    certificates in a wide variety of subjects.

  • 6. The Rhodes scholarship program enables
    students from the United States, Canada, and many
    other nations to study at Oxford for a minimum of
    two years. The British government grants Marshall
    scholarships to citizens of the United States for
    study at Oxford and other universities that are
    located in Britain.
  • 7. The competition for scholarships and grants
    is, however, extremely strong and there are
    usually strict requirements. Students should
    check carefully that they are eligible to apply
    for a particular scholarship before making an
    application as most of the schemes are restricted
    to certain nationalities and/or programs.

  • 8. The students and staff at Oxford are actively
    involved in over 55 initiatives (2001), including
    visits to more than 3,700 schools and colleges,
    to encourage the brightest and best students to
    apply to Oxford, whatever their background.
  • 9. The university has been named the UK's most
    innovative university in the Launchit 2001
    competition, which aimed to discover which
    British university has demonstrated the greatest
    achievements in innovation and enterprise across
    the broadest range of activity. In the national
    Teaching Quality Assessment exercises for 2000,
    Oxford was awarded top marks in six out of ten
    subjects assessed.

  • 10. Oxford, Stanford and Yale Universities have
    recently become partners in a joint 'distance
    learning' venture, the Alliance for Lifelong
    Learning, which will provide online courses in
    the arts and sciences. 11. The mission of
    Oxford is to aim at achieving and maintaining
    excellence in every area of its teaching and
    research, maintaining and developing its
    historical position as a world-class university,
    and enriching the international, national, and
    regional communities through the fruits of its
    research and the skills of its graduates.

  • 12. In support of this aim the university will
    provide the facilities and support for its staff
    to pursue innovative research by responding to
    developments in the intellectual environment and
    society at large and promote challenging and
    rigorous teaching which benefits from a fruitful
    interaction with the research environment,
    facilitating the exchange of ideas through
    tutorials and small-group learning and exploiting
    the University's resources in its libraries,
    museums, and scientific collections, to equip its
    graduates to play their part at a national and
    international level.

Notes to the Text
  • 1. Each student at Oxford is assigned to a tutor,
    who supervises the student's program of study,
    primarily through tutorials. (para. 4)
  • Each Oxford student has a private supervisor who
    advices and instructs the student in a one-to-one
  • ???,???????????,
  • ???????????????

  • 2. Students should check carefully that they are
    eligible to apply for a particular scholarship
    before making an application as most of the
    schemes are restricted to certain nationalities
    and/or programs. (para. 7)
  • Students should make sure that they are qualified
    for applying for a particular scholarship because
    most of the plans will only accept applicants
    from some specified nations and/or majors.
  • ????????????????????????,?????????????(?)???????

  • 3. In support of this aim the university will
    provide the facilities and support for its staff
    to pursue innovative research by responding to
    developments in the intellectual environment and
    society at large. (para. 12)
  • To help meet this goal the university will give
    financial and technical support to its teachers
    in their advanced scientific research for
    developing the academic environment and the
    society as a whole.
  • ????????,???????????????????,???????????????????.

Words and Expressions
  • 1. represent stand for or be a sign or
    symbol of

  • The foreign minister represented the country
  • at the conference.
  • Each dot on my map represents a town.

Words and Expressions
  • 2. consist of (no passive) be made up of

  • The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain
  • and Northern Ireland.
  • That area's future weather pattern might
  • consist of long, dry periods.

Words and Expressions
  • 3. plus (prep.) with addition of
  • (adj. )higher than zero

  • Eight plus seven equals fifteen
  • The work of an engineer requires intelligence
    plus experience.
  • Her mark was B plus
  • Three is a plus quantity.
  • ?????

  • a corporate body
  • ?? ????
  • corporate responsibility
  • ????
  • corporate town
  • ????

Words and Expressions
  • 4. distinct different, separate

Although they look similar, these plants are
actually quite distinct. Mozarts style is quite
distinct from Haydens. ??????????????? They were
classified into two distinct groups. 2)clear,obvio
us There is a distinct improvement in your study.
Words and Expressions
  • 5. elect choose (somebody) by voting

  • They elected him to represent them.
  • We must urge that delegates be elected from
  • the various factories in a district.

Words and Expressions
  • 5. facility aids, circumstances, which make
    it easy to do things

  • One of the facilities our students have is a
  • large library.
  • This kitchen has a garbage disposal and other
  • modern facilities.

Words and Expressions
  • 6. assign give as a share or duty

  • They assigned me a small room.
  • Two pupils were assigned to sweep the floor.
  • ?????????
  • She was assigned to a new post
  • ???????????
  • The monitor was assigned to take notes for the

Words and Expressions
  • 7. enable make able

  • This train enables me to get there in time.
  • This would enable them to double their output
  • of machine guns.

Words and Expressions
  • 8. apply write to ask for (a job, membership,

  • He has applied for a post in England.
  • I applied to four universities and was accepted
  • by all of them.

  • 1.University students ' innovative undertaking 
  • ."The Americans were hilarious, the Russians
  • ???????????,????????????
  • Obama is an innovative leader
  • Being active, creative and innovative is a plus. 
  • ????????????????

Words and Expressions
  • 9. demonstrate show clearly by giving
    proof(s) or example(s)

  • The salesman demonstrated the new
  • washing-machine to the customers.
  • These figures clearly demonstrate the size of
  • the economic problem facing the country.

Words and Expressions
  • 10. enrich make rich, improve (in quality,
    flavor, etc.)

  • An education enriches the mind.
  • American culture has been enriched by
  • European immigrants.

Words and Expressions
  • 11. at large as a whole

  • The people at large wanted peace.
  • The country at large is hoping for great
  • changes.

Words and Expressions
  • 12. benefit from / by gain by receive
    advantage from

  • Who would be most likely to benefit from the
  • old man's death?
  • You will benefit by taking a holiday.

Words and Expressions
  • 13. property 1) land, buildings or both together
    2) the things or things that someone owns
  • Examples
  • The statue was considered town property.
  • The police found some stolen property in the
    thiefs house.

Words and Expressions
  • 14. on the basis of
  • Examples
  • Students are able, on the basis of experience, to
    choose which subjects to specialize in.

Words and Expressions
  • 15. eligible fit, suitable
  • Only native-born citizens are eligible for the
    U.S. presidency.
  • Anyone who can speak French is eligible to join
    the club.

Words and Expressions
  • supervise vt. watch or otherwise keep a check on
    (sb doing sth or sth being done) to make sure it
    is done properly
  • Examples
  • ?????????????
  • I supervised the workers loading the lorry.
  • n. supervisor

Words and Expressions
  • grant vt.1) grant sth to sb give sth formally
    or leagally 2) agree to give or allow(what is
    asked for)
  • She was granted a pension?????????
  • They granted him permission to go. ???????

Words and Expressions
  • n. grant (to do sth/towards sth) thing given for
    a particular purpose,esp money from the
    government ??? (?????)??
  • student grants,(ie to pay their education)?????
  • award sb a research grant ??????

Words and Expressions
  • restrict v. sb./sth. (to) sth. keep within
    limits of size or number or to a certain limit??
  • Examples
  • Fog restricted visibility.
  • She restricts herself to one meal a day.
  • Families are restricted to having one
  • involve sb/sth in doing sth cause sb/sth to take
    part in (an activity or a situation)
  • ???/??????????????
  • Examples
  • Dont involve me in solving your problem!
  • ???????,????????

Words and Expressions
  • rigorous adj
  • 1)strictly accurate or detailed ???????????
  • Examples
  • Rigorous attention to detail ????
  • A rigorous search, examination, analysis etc
  • ?????????????????
  • 2)severe strict??????
  • 3)(of weather) harsh ???

Words and Expressions
  • facilitate vt. make sth easy or less difficult
  • Examples
  • It would facilitate matters if you were more
  • ????????????

Equip vt.??, ??, ?? ?????, ?? ???
  • The traveler was well-equipped. ??????????
  • He equipped himself for a long journey.
  • Proper education will equip one for a job.
  • ??????????????????
  • The soldiers were equipped with the latest
  • ?????????????
  • We equip our children with a good education.
  • ??????????????

Review It Retell the Passage
Retell Passage A with the help of the key words
7. Competition and method 8. Activities
(initiatives) 9. Status 10 .Cooperation
(expansion ) 11. Mission 12. Efforts
  • 1. History location
  • 2. Students colleges
  • 3. Relationship
  • (individual colleges university)
  • 4. Teaching and learning
  • 5. Degrees
  • 6. Scholarships

Passage A Oxford University
  • Oxford is one of the world's most famous
    universities.It began in the 1100's. In 1999-2000
    it had over 16,300 students in 35 colleges and 5
    private halls. Each college has its own
    buildings, teachers, and students. But the
    university grants the degrees, not the colleges.
  • Oxford has students from over 130 countries.
    Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships are among the
    ways foreign students may attend Oxford.
    Competition for admission and financial aid is
    intense, but students of all backgrounds are
    strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Recently Oxford has won a national innovation
    award and formed an international distance
    education partnership with Stanford and Yale.
  • Oxford is a leader in research, while also
    promoting good teaching with individual tutorials
    and small group interactions.

  • 4. Fill in the blanks with the words given below.
    Change the form where necessary.
  • pursue responsibility grant equip restrict
    distinct minimum exploit award elect

  • 1. The group elected one of its members to be
    their spokesperson. 2. Wage increases are being
    kept to a(n) minimum in many companies because of
    the economic depression. 3. The engineering
    profession now has many distinct branches. 

  • 4. Now that you're 13 you should have more sense
    of responsibility. 5. Students usually pursue
    one or more of the subjects which they have
    studied at "A" level, such as Art, Drama,
    English, Music, etc. 6. We need to make sure
    that we exploit our resources as fully as

  • 7. Congress is considering measures to restrict
    the sale of cigarettes. 8. College courses
    should be designed to equip students with
    knowledge and skills to help them survive in
    modern society. 

  • 9. The local government granted 1.1 million so
    that the old theatre could be taken down and
    rebuilt. 10. For his achievement in the medical
    field, the Mayor awarded him a medal of merit. 

  • 5. Complete the following sentences with phrases
    or expressions from the passage.
  • 1. The organization provides information on
    health issues to the public at large.2. On the
    basis of what the Minister says, we will learn
    whether the Government's thinking has advanced.

  • 3. I'd like to say a word or two in support of
    his proposal.4. In response to your
    advertisement in the Bedfordshire Reporter, I am
    writing to apply for the post of secretary.5.
    Our company is aiming at a 50 increase in
    production this year.

7.Translate the following sentences into English.
  • 1. ????18?????????(vote)?(be eligible to)
  • Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote.
  • 2.??????,???????????????????????(apply for,
  • A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by
    the university to each student before the start
    of each semester.

  • 3. ???????,??????(on the advice of)
  • On the advice of my doctor, I decided to give up
  • 4.???????????(be located in)
  • The park is located right in the center of town.

  • 5.????????????????????(facilities)
  • The university provides all the materials and
    facilities we desire.

Passage B
Related Information
  • Stanford University
  • Sept. 11 Attacks
  • Sen. Leland Stanford
  • The Homepage of Stanford University

Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Stanford University
  • Stanford University is a private,
    coeducational institution of higher education in
    Stanford, California. It was founded in 1885 by
    Leland Stanford and his wife, in memory of their
    son, Leland Stanford, Jr. The university opened
    in 1891.
  • A prominent teaching and research
    institution, Stanford confers bachelors,
    masters, doctoral, and professional degrees in a
    broad range of fields.

Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
The Sept. 11 Attacks
A fireball erupts from the south tower of the
World Trade Center in New York City after a
hijacked passenger jet crashed into it on
September 11, 2001. Another hijacked jet had
crashed into the north tower about 15 minutes
earlier. Both of the 110-story skyscrapers soon
collapsed completely.
September 11 Attacks is a coordinated terrorist
strike on the United States in 2001 that killed
more than 3,000 people. On the sunny morning of
September 11, 2001, 19 terrorists, working in
teams of 4 or 5, hijacked four commercial
jetliners and turned them toward targets chosen
for destruction. Two of the planes, loaded
with fuel and passengers, were flown at full
speed into the twin towers of the World Trade
Center in New York City. The buildings burst into
flame and then collapsed, killing thousands. A
third terrorist crew smashed their plane into the
Pentagon, headquarters of the U.S. military in
Arlington, Virginia. The hijackers of the
fourth airliner apparently intended to hit
another target in the Washington, D.C., area, but
passengers on the plane realized what was
happening and fought back. This airplane crashed
in a field in rural Pennsylvania. http//encarta.
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Sen. Leland Stanford
  • In 1891, Jane and Leland Stanford, grieving
    the memory of their 15-year-old son, opened the
    doors of their free university so that the young
    men and women of California would have access to
    a higher education. Sen. Stanford said in his
    Opening Day speech in 1891, "A man cannot have
    too much health and intelligence, so he cannot be
    too highly educated."

Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
  • A man cannot have too much health and
    intelligence, so he cannot be too highly educated

The Homepage of Stanford
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Lead-in Pictures
Before reading Passage B, describe the following
At the play
To the class
At the library
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Lead-in Questions
  • 1. Who have supported you on your road to college?
  • 2. What do you feel at the sight of the title
  • Students, You Represent Our Best Hope?
  • 3. How did you prepare
  • for your college journey?

Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Skim It
Read passage B within a couple of minutes and try
to tell
1. What is the text about?
2. What might the president say in his speech?
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Skim It
Reference Key
1. The text is a welcome speech on the opening
Convocation delivered by the President of
Stanford University.
2. He might extend his welcome and tell the
freshmen what they should do after they step into
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Scan It Find Key Words
Directions Split the class into 12 groups. Go
over the whole passage B quickly. Then, discuss
with other members of your group and try to use a
couple of words to summarize each paragraph. The
groups which get the right answers first will be
given 1 point for their classroom performance.
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Scan It Find Key Words
Para 1 greetings ( or welcome)
Para 2 struggle and decision (did not know what
to say, and decided a convocation is the most
fitting way to resume our normal activities)
Para 3 encouragement ( you represent our best
hope and will face the challenge of building a
new world)
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Scan It Find Key Words
Para 4 Pluralism (or tolerance / understanding /
appreciation) (you will get to know people with
different background, culture or beliefs, etc.
here and discover a new understanding for the
pluralistic society)
Para 5 new chapter ( or transition) (for both
your pursue for knowledge and your role in the
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Scan It Find Key Words
Para 6 Our support ( you are not alone here)
Para 7 acknowledgement ( to people supported you
on your road to Stanford)
Para 8 My urge and hope ( I urge you to pursue
your journey here with vigor. I hope that this
place may help you to pursue your journey. I hope
you can find an intellectual pursuit here and you
can pursue it for the rest of your life with
enthusiasm and joy.
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Scan It Find Key Words
Para 9 My urge (to follow Lelands words)
Para 10 Lelands words (it rests with you to
grasp and improve your opportunities)
Para 11 welcome and hope (welcome to Stanford
family and I hope your time here may transform
your lives and provide a foundation for you
future life)
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Review It Retell the passage
Directions Go over passage B quickly and try to
remember what each paragraph is about within 2
minutes. Close your book, try to retell the whole
passage B one paragraph by another with the help
of the key words on the screen. Anybody who fail
to continue the chain should stand up and the
next student should resume the task. Remember,
each student retells only one paragraph.
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Review It Retell the Passage
Retell Passage B with the help of the key words
  • 1. Greetings
  • 2. Struggle and
  • decision
  • 3. Encouragement
  • 4. Pluralism
  • 5. New chapter

6. Our support 7. Acknowledgement 8. My urge and
hope 9. My urge 10. Lelands words 11. My hopes
Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
  • In welcoming the new students to campus ten days
    after the 9-11 tragedy, the President of Stanford
    University encouraged them to help build a world
    in which such acts can never occur again. He
    reminded them of the help they had already
    received from friends, family, and others, as
    well as the help they would soon receive from the
    Stanford faculty and staff. But he encouraged
    them to find their own passionate sources of
    inspiration to develop their talents. Finally, he
    welcomed speech given in 1891 by Senator Leland
    Stanford. In that year the founder said that a
    university can place opportunities within a
    student's reach but it's up to the student to
    grasp and improve them.

  • TEXT

Language points
  • 1. transfer moving from one place, job,
    position, etc., to another
  • 1). Within a few years they had transferred
    barren wastes into fertile fields.
  • 2) .You can take the subway and then transfer
    to a bus.

  • 5. resume (v.)
  • 1) begin again after a pause
  • e.g.a.).We resumed our journey after a
    short rest.
  • b). Please resume what you were doing.
  • 2) to return to a place ??,??(??)
  • e.g. resume ones seat resume possession
    of a title ????

  • 6. mourn (v.) grieve for (the death,loss,etc of
  • 1) The whole nation mourned the death of a
    much-loved king.
  • 2) Mary mourned her lost doll.

  • 7. tragedy a terrible, unhappy, or unfortunate
  • 1.)Their holiday ended in tragedy when their
    hotel caught fire.
  • 2).The accident was a terrible tragedy they all

  • 8. morethan it is more true to say than
  • 1).The child was more frightened than hurt.
  • 2.).He always seemed old to me, more like a
    grandfather than a father.

  • 9. prejudice (n.)
  • 1).c,u ?? e.g A judge must be completely free
    from prejudice.
  • ?????????????

  • 10. contribute to help to achieve give help
  • 1).Plenty of fresh air contributes to good
  • 2).Cigarette smoking is a major factor
    contributing to cancer.

  • 12. undertake (v.)
  • 1) (a) e.g. The UN was supposed to undertake the
    role of global peace-keeper.
  • (b) She undertook the training of the new
  • 2) undertake to do something ??,?????
  • e.g She undertook to pay the money back within
    six months.

  • 13. dedicate devote (one's time, energy, etc.)
    to a noble cause or purpose ???,???
  • 1).The doctor dedicated himself to finding a
  • 2) She dedicated herself to conserving our
    natural resources.

  • 15. accomplishment achievement
  • 1).Your suggestion has greatly contributed to
    the accomplishment of our work
  • 2).The first walk on the moon was quite an

  • 16. acknowledge (v.) Acknowledgment (n.)
  • 1) express thanks to ??
  • e.g Mary acknowledged the gift with a pleasant
  • 2) agree to the truth of recognize the fact
    or existence of ??
  • e.g They acknowledged having been defeated.

  • 17. in recognition of in order to reward
  • 1).Please accept this check for 30 in
    recognition of your service.
  • 2).He was awarded a knighthood in recognition of
    his truly great contribution to the British cinema

  • 18. urge request earnestly try to persuade
  • 1).They urged that the library be kept open
    during the vacation.
  • 2).They urged the local government to approve
    plans for their reform program.

  • 19. pursuit an activity to which one gives one's
    time, whether at work or for pleasure
  • 1).He devoted every spare moment to the pursuit
    of his passion.
  • 2).The whole magazine is produced and edited
    in the pursuit of excellence.

  • 20. passion strong feeling or enthusiasm
  • 1).Mr. Smith had a genuine passion for music.
  • 2).I'm glad you have a passion for the country

  • 21. within one's reach the distance that one can
  • 1).You should choose a goal within your reach.
  • 2).I'd like to have my reference books within
    my reach

  • 22. rest with be left in the hands or charge of
  • 1).It rests with you to propose terms
  • 2)The final decision rests with the

  • 23. transform change completely in form,
    arrangement, or nature (??)??,(??)????????
  • 1).The five years that he spent on the ship
    transformed him from a boy to a man.
  • 2).He transformed the kitchen into a beautiful
    sitting room.

Notes to the Text (Detailed Study of the text)
  • 1. I have struggled with the format of this
    Convocation and the content of this speech for
    the past 10 days. (para. 2)
  • For the last ten days I've been thinking of the
    way this ceremony should be conducted and what I
    should say at this student gathering.
  • ???10?,???????,??????????????,???????????

  • 2.Americans and good-hearted people of all ages
    throughout the world will mourn this tragedy and
    carry the memory of that terrible day in their
  • Americans and warm-hearted people all over the
    world, young or old, will feel sorrow for this
    disastrous event and remember it in a very
    personal way.
  • ???????????????,????,?????????,????????????????.

  • 3.I hope that you will discover a new
    understanding and appreciation for the
    pluralistic society in which we live and find
    constructive ways to contribute to the world.
    (para. 4)
  • I hope you will learn the way to understand and
    appreciate the diversified society we live in and
    find your own way to offer your service.
  • ???????????????????,????????????

  • 4. Let it also be a moment you remember as the
    initiation of your journey into the
  • larger world, a time when you consider your role
    as a citizen and what your future contribution
    might be. (para. 5)
  • Also be sure to make it a special time when you
    start to think how you can become a more useful
    citizen and what you can contribute to the
    society in the future
  • ??????,??????????????,???????????????????????????

  • 5. I hope you are proud of the accomplishments
    that have brought you to this important
    transition in your lives. (para. 7)
  • I hope you are proud of the good things you've
    done to prepare for the big changes that will
    soon occur in your lives.
  • ???????,?????????????,???????????

  • 6. And I hope that you will find an intellectual
    pursuit that excites you and engages you so much
    that it will keep you up at night and get you out
    of bed early, even on the weekend! (para.8)
  • I hope you will find the academic field so
    exciting and engaging that you'll study it late
    at night and early in the morning, even through
    the weekend
  • ????,?????????????,??????,???????,??????,??????,??

  • 7.Students, I hope your time here transforms your
    lives, just as it has transformed the lives of so
    many alumni. (para. 11)
  • Students, I hope your university life here makes
    you a different and a better person, just as it
    did so many previous students.
  • ???,????????????????????,?????????????????

  • ????,2005????? ???!??????????????,??????1717??
    ????????? ???10?,???????,??????????????,???????
    ???? 9?11?????,???????????????????????,???????????

  • ???,?????????????????????????????????????,????,???
  • ???????????,???????,?????????????????????,????????

  • ????????,???????????????????????,??????????????

  • ???????,?????????????,??????????????,?????????????

  • ???,?????????????????????????????,????????????????

  • ???,???????????????????,?????,???????????????????

  • ??????????????????,????????????,??????????????????

  • transform
  • engage
  • belief
  • Foundation
  • prejudice
  • challenge
  • cancel
  • urge
  • occur
  • constructive
  • 13. Fill in the blanks with the words given
    below. Change the form where necessary.

  • 1. Reducing unemployment will be the main_____
    for the new government
  • 2. He said she _____ him from a hard-drinking
    person to a devoted husband and father.
  • 3. The new toy didn't_____ the child's attention
    for long a few minutes later he cried again.
  • Challenge
  • had transformed
  • engage

  • 4. The tragedy_____ only a few minutes after
    take-off more than one hundred people were
    killed in the crash.
  • 5. My tutor______ me to take the time to read at
    least three books on the list.
  • 6. The band were forced to _____their appearance
    at the recent MTV awards ceremony due to George's
    poor health.
  • occurred
  • urged
  • cancel

  • 7. They accused him of having a ______against his
    women employees.8. The mutual understanding
    between the couple provides a solid_____ for
    their marriage.9. All non-violent (????)
    religious and political ______should be respected
    equally.10. At the meeting, she made a number of
    _____remarks to help us to improve our work.
  • prejudice
  • foundation
  • beliefs
  • constructive

15.Translate the following sentences into English.
  • 1. ???????,???????????(in ones heart)
  • Answer He knew in his heart that they would
    never meet again.2.?????????????,?????????????(o
    n the road to)
  • Answer He finally felt that he was on the road
    to success after they agreed to publish his first

  • 3.????????(a sip of)?,???????(resume)
  • Answer He stopped to take a sip of water and
    then resumed speaking.
  • 4.???????????????????????(engage so much that)
  • Answer The big project engages us so much that
    we cant manage to take a holiday this year.

  • 5.??(oxygen)??????????,????????????????(just as)
  • Answer Just as water is the most important of
    liquids, oxygen is the most important of gases.

Talk About It
  • Directions Work in pairs and talk about any
    university you are familiar with. In your
    conversation, you should give a brief
    introduction to the university, like where it is,
    something about its facilities, staff, teaching,
    research, etc. Volunteers (2 pairs at most) are
    welcome to give their performance.

Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
Unit 1Famous Universities
Part III
General WritingThe Subjunctive Mood
  • The subjunctive mood is used to express
    wishes, suggestions, orders or statements
    contrary to fact. In these types of statements
    the subjunctive were is used instead of the
    indicative was. The present subjunctive form of
    the verb to be is invariably be for all persons,
    and the past subjunctive form of the verb to be
    is invariably were. In all other verbs the
    subjunctive form varies from the indicative only
    in that, in the present tense, the third person
    singular ending is lost.

Passage B Students, You Represent Our Best Hope
  • Examples I wish I were a little girl. (wish)
    I suggest that he take the subway to his
    friends house. (suggestion) The instructions
    were that ten sentences be revised. (order) If
    I were you, I would give his suggestion strong
    consideration. (statement contrary to fact)

Culture Salon
  • Mission Statement of Birmingham University

Culture Salon
  • A Tradition of Princeton University

Unit 1Famous Universities
This Unit
Review of Unit 1--Dictation
  • Directions Take out a piece of paper and get
    ready for dictation of the words and expressions
    in this unit. Sign your name and your groups
    name at the bottom of the paper.
  • After the dictation, the teacher is going to
    take one copy of the dictation from every group
    and give your dictation paper to another group to
    check. The final score of the chosen paper is to
    represent his groups performance.

Review of Unit 1-Key to Dictation
1.pursue 11.grant 21.minimum
2.at large 12.in support of 22.apply for
3.challenge 13.engage 23.occur
4.urge 14.cancel 24.prejudice
5.rest with 15.in recognition of 25.provide for
6.urgent 16.poverty 26.varied
7.considerable 17.blame for 27.be true to
8.available 18.frustrate 28.on behalf of
9.restrict 19.take advantage of 29.make sense of
10.constructive 20.ambitious 30.access
Review of Unit 1-Relative Vocabulary
  • Directions Your are allowed 10 minutes to
    work with your group and try to find words about
    university as many as possible. Classify the
    words you find into different categories, such
    as staff, facilities, degree, courses, etc.
  • The most efficient group will be graded A
    for todays classroom performance.

Review of Unit 1-Reference Key to Vocabulary
student staff degree facilities courses financial aid
freshman sophomore junior senior upper classman undergraduate graduate post graduate doctoral student dean president fellow head instructor tutor professor lecturer assistant vice-professor B.A. with honor B.A B.S M.A M.S PhD certificate diploma library laboratory playground stadium chapel computer center lodging canteen architect mechanism engineering automation psychology economics law biology chemistry student loan scholarship fund grant
Thank You!
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