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The Art of Design andCreativity


The Art of Design andCreativity ... slogans or taglines Key Elements to Print Advertisements Art/Visuals visual elements illustrations, photography, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Art of Design andCreativity

The Art of Design andCreativity
  • How Do I Design the Perfect Advertisement?

Key Elements to Print Ads
  • Copy
  • headlines
  • indirect - questions, provocation
  • subheads - a kicker, smaller than headline,
    larger than body copy
  • body copy, the captions, slogans or taglines

Key Elements to Print Advertisements
  • Art/Visuals
  • visual elements
  • illustrations, photography, logotypes,
    signatures, layout itself

Illustrations And Visuals
  • along with the headline - most likely to stop the
  • pictures are worth a thousand words
  • gradual shift away from copy only ads
  • shift represents power of visual

Design Principles
  • Balance
  • optical center
  • formal balance - symmetry
  • informal balance
  • Movement
  • z-pattern
  • Guttenberg diagonal
  • Continuity
  • same tone. design format, consistent slogans

Design Principles
  • Proportion
  • space according to importance
  • avoid monotony and consistency
  • Contrast
  • reverse the ad and print
  • borders
  • Focal Points
  • main product benefit, draw in the reader, can be
    copy or visual
  • Emphasis

Design Principles
  • Unity and Harmony
  • Unity
  • singular impression, ad conceived in its entirety
  • use borders to hold together
  • Overlap/avoid visual confusion
  • use of white space
  • Harmony
  • All elements must be compatible (strips and
    plaids with solid colors

Psychological Impact of Color
  • Red - symbol of blood and fire 2nd favorite
    denotes action, strong masculine appeal
  • brown - also masculine, associated with the
    Earth, woods, age, warmth, comfort
  • Yellow - eye catching, good with black
  • Green - symbol of health and freshness mint
    products, soda
  • Blue - coldest color with most appeal frozen
    foods, in lighter tones viewed as sweet
  • Black - sophistication, high end background
  • Orange - most edible color

  • Can yield parity for brands
  • not sufficient alone
  • vampire creativity
  • Successful when combined with relevance, surprise
    and emotion

Creative Pyramid
Action Desire Credibility Interest Attention
Creative Pyramid
  • Attention - the ad is a stimulus - break through
    the psychological screens
  • Interest - keep the prospect excited - add facts
    related to the headline
  • Credibility - back up claims with facts well -
    known presenters
  • Desire - want prospects to picture themselves
    enjoying the benefits!

Content Approaches
  • Informational
  • messages built on logic or fact
  • Emotional
  • built on psychological appeals such as fear or
  • Image Appeals
  • linking image or products to lifestyle

Types of Rational Appeals
  • Feature
  • Competitive advantage
  • Favorable price
  • News
  • Product/service popularity
  • Continental Airlines
  • Avis vs. Hertz
  • Wal-Mart
  • Quaker Oatmeal
  • Ford Taurus

  • The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1998

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Emotional Appeals
  • Based on psychological states
  • sex
  • status/image
  • fear
  • belongingness
  • pleasure/self
  • commercials are excellent for emotional appeals

Use of Celebrities as Sources
  • Attractiveness
  • encompasses familiarity, likability and
  • Persuasion occurs through identification
  • motivated to seek relationship, so adopts similar
    attitudes, opinions, beliefs

Problems with Celebrities
  • Overexposure
  • Michael Jordan, Bill Cosby
  • Overshadowing the Product
  • Remember the product as well as the star at the
  • Target Audiences Receptivity
  • especially problematic with educated target
  • Risk
  • personal behavior and issue

Use of Experts or Man on the Street Endorsers
  • Source Credibility
  • extent to which the recipient views the source as
    having relevant knowledge, skill and experience
  • Persuasion occurs through internalization
  • Trustworthiness and Expertise Factors
  • Source Power
  • source can administer punishments and rewards to
    the receiver
  • Persuasion occurs through compliance
  • Compliance much more difficult to apply in
    non-personal situations - why?

Advertising Execution
  • Straight sell or factual message
  • Scientific/technical evidence
  • Demonstration
  • Comparison
  • Testimonial -Experts or Unknown Man on the Street
  • Slice of Life - package goods

  • The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1998

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Advertising Execution (cont.)
  • Animation - Green Giant, Claymation Raisins
  • Personality symbol - Mr. Whipple, Tony the Tiger
  • Fantasy - escapism
  • Dramatization
  • Humor
  • Combinations

  • The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1998

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Creating Effective TV Commercials
  • Begin at the finish! Concentrate on the final
    impression desired.
  • Attention grabbing opening
  • Use a situation that grows naturally out of the
    sales story
  • Keep it simple
  • Concise audio copy
  • Be conversational and fresh
  • use believable drama

Criteria for Evaluating Creative Approaches
  • Is the creative approach consistent with the
    brand's marketing and advertising objectives?
  • Is the creative approach consistent with the
    creative strategy and objectives and does it
    communicate what it is supposed to?
  • Is the creative approach appropriate for the
    target audience?
  • Does the creative approach communicate a clear
    and convincing message to the customer?
  • Does the creative execution overwhelm the
  • Is the creative approach appropriate for the
    media environment in which it is likely to be
  • Is the advertisement truthful and tasteful?

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  • The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1998
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