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Title: "Extending Green Revolution

"Extending Green Revolution in Eastern
India" Strategic Plan for Chhattisgarh
Chhattisgarh Profile
Agro Climatic Zones
  • Falls under eastern plateau and Hills Zone
    Sub-divided into three agro climatic zones.
  • Geographical area 137.90 lakh ha.
  • (4.15 of the country)
  • Net sown area 47.85 lakh ha.
  • (35 of its geog. area)
  • Forest cover 63.49 lakh ha.
  • (46 of its geog. area)
  • Average rainfall 1351 mm.
  • Net Irrigated Area 13.39 lakh ha (28)

Northern Hills Zone
Chhattisgarh Plains Zone
Bastar Plateau Zone
Agriculture Scenario - State vis-à-vis National
Particular Unit National 2007-08 (Est.) CHHATTISGARH 2007-08
Net Sown Area (Percentage to Geographical area) Lakh ha. 1403.00 (42.6 ) 47.70 (35 )
Irrigated Area (Percentage to net sown area) Lakh ha. 608.60 (43 ) 13.34 (28 )
Cropping Intensity 138 134
Fertilizer Consumption kg/ ha. 117.07 73.00
Productivity of Major Crops
Rice kg/ ha. 2203 1560
Arhar kg/ ha. 824 520
Soybean kg/ ha. 1124 1204
Major constraints
  • Low irrigation potential (28) Mostly
    protective in nature. Only 6 of net sown area
    under assured irrigation.
  • Small and fragmented land holdings.
  • 57 soil is of light to medium texture.
  • Cropping intensity 134, Limited double cropped
  • Low SRR (20).
  • Low and imbalanced use of fertilizers.
  • Inadequate adoption of improved technology.

  • Increasing irrigation potential.
  • Improving soil health through balanced use of
    fertilizer and soil ameliorants (Lime gypsum
    under NFSM).
  • Improving SRR.
  • Promote inter-cropping, mixed cropping and Line
  • Thrust on diversion of upland Rice with
    suitable Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds.
  • Promotion of farm mechanization.
  • Support to Research for evolving AES specific
    improved varieties.

Strategic Plan Implementation
1. Increasing irrigation potential
Rainwater harvesting storage for drought
mitigation and increasing crop productivity
  • The topography of Chhattisgarh being
    undulating, there is good possibility of
    construction of Tanks and Checkdams in low
  • The harvested rain water will be utilized to
    provide protective irrigation to Rice during dry
    spells in Kharif Season.

(Rs. in lakh.)
Component Subsidy Pattern Unit Cost Proposal 2010-11 Proposal 2010-11
Component Subsidy Pattern Unit Cost Phy. Fin.
Construction of Micro-Minor Irrigation Tanks 100 Max. 25.00 lakh 100 Nos. 2000.00
Construction of run-off management structures (Checkdam) 100 Max. 10.00 lakh 200 Nos. 2000.00
Utilization of harvested rain water for
increasing cropping intensity through convergence
  • Harvested rain water will be utilized for
    cultivation of Rabi and Summer crops.
  • Linkage with State plan scheme for providing
    irrigation pumps to utilize stored water.
  • Training and organization of community in the
    form of water user associations for efficient
    management of common pool resource.
  • Compact demonstrations on improved package of
    practices under NFSM, ISOPOM, MMS to be
    organized in the command area.

2. Increasing Rice productivity by adoption of
improved practices
  • Biasi (Bushining) method of Rice cultivation
    which is largely followed in the State is highly
    water dependent and with declining rainfall, it
    is becoming increasingly risky.
  • The technology of Rice line sowing doesn't
    require Biasi operation and suitable for
    declining rainfall situations.
  • The productivity in certain districts is very
    low due to limited use of fertilizers. Balanced
    fertilizers kits are being provided in these
  • Training on INM is being provided through other

(Rs. in lakh.)
Component Subsidy Pattern Unit Cost Proposal 2010-11 Proposal 2010-11
Component Subsidy Pattern Unit Cost Phy. Fin.
Incentive to the farmers to promote line sowing of Paddy crop (Hire charges of Tractors with Seed-cum-fertilizer drill) 75 Max. Rs. 1000 per ha. 2000 ha. 15.00
Integrated Nutrition Management and Balance fertilizer kits for Rice (05 district) 75 Max. Rs. 1000 for 0.4 ha. 35000 Nos. 262.50
3. Promotion of HYVs / Hybrids to increase
productivity through demonstration
  • HYVs are being promoted in tribal districts
    where local varieties are commonly grown.
  • Hybrids demonstration are planned in districts
    where farmers have reached to the potential
    yield of HYVs.
  • Diversification from upland and summer Rice to
  • Use of tissue culture plants to ensure
    availability of quality and disease free
    planting material of sugarcane.

Component Unit Cost Proposal 2010-11 Proposal 2010-11
Component Unit Cost Phy. (Nos.) Fin. (Lakh)
Demonstration of HYV/Hybrid Rice Max. Rs. 1500 for 0.4 ha. 15000 250.00
Demonstration of HYV (OP) / Hybrid Maize Max. Rs. 1500 for 0.4 ha. 15000 250.00
Demonstration of Sugarcane tissue culture plants Rs. 7500 for 0.5 ha. 5000 375.00
4. Increasing production of Pulses Oilseeds
  • Area under Pulses 9 , Oilseeds 7.
  • Large area in the form of uplands (30) is
    available where Rice is being diversified into
    Pulses and Oilseeds in Kharif Season.
  • In rainfed low lands, Pulses and Oilseeds will be
    promoted on residual moisture after paddy
  • About 2 of Rice area is available as bunds where
    Pulses (Arhar) and Oilseeds (Sesamum Niger) are
    being promoted.
  • Inter-cropping of Arhar with Soybean and
    Urd/Moong with Maize is being promoted for
    diversification risk reduction.

(Rs. in lakh.)
Component Subsidy Pattern Unit Cost Proposal 2010-11 Proposal 2010-11
Component Subsidy Pattern Unit Cost Phy. Fin.
Distribution of seed minikits of pulses oilseeds for inter-cropping / bund farming 100 Actual Cost or Max. Rs. 300/ Kit 90000 Nos. 270.00
5. Promotion of organic farming
  • There is good possibility of organic farming,
    particularly in tribal regions.
  • An NGO developed and tested model of organic
    vegetable cultivation named "Akshya" Model is
    being replicated.
  • This has been adopted by large number of
    farmers in Bilaspur district.
  • The model ensures round the year availability
    of compost for organic cultivation in one acre
    of land.
  • This scheme is being implemented through PPP

(Rs. in lakh.)
Component Subsidy Pattern Unit Cost Proposal 2010-11 Proposal 2010-11
Component Subsidy Pattern Unit Cost Phy. Fin.
Organic Vegetable Production Model in cluster 75 Max. Rs. 6000 for 0.4 ha. 5000 units 270.00
6. Input technology support to Traditional
Forest dwellers
  • 2.5 lakh tribal families have been conferred
    with land rights (Pattas) under the Traditional
    Forest dwellers' Rights Act.
  • Their land has been developed through
    convergence under NREGA.
  • Technology support in the form of improved
    varieties and balance fertilizers is being
    provided to these families.

(Rs. in lakh.)
Component Subsidy Pattern Unit Cost Proposal 2010-11 Proposal 2010-11
Component Subsidy Pattern Unit Cost Phy. Fin.
Input support to the beneficiaries under Traditional Forest dwellers' Rights Act. 100 Max. Rs. 1250 for 0.4 ha./ per farmer 80000 Farmers 1000.00
  • Implementation status
  • Construction of rain water harvesting structures
    will be done through soil conservation wing of
    the department for which sites are selected and
    DPRs are under preparation.
  • Beneficiaries identified and critical inputs
    arranged for demonstration of improved practices
    of targeted crops.
  • Demonstrations of Maize, Sugarcane and "Akshya"
    model of organic farming will be done under PPP
    mode. The selection of private partner is under
  • District-wise targets allocated and detailed
    guidelines are issued to field staff.
  • Critical inputs are being distributed in the form
    of Minikits, Fertilizers kits.
  • Sowing of targeted crops in progress.

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