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NEUMANN UNIVERSITY: Catholic in the Franciscan Tradition


1225 Canticle of Creation. 1226 - Death. San Damiano Cross ... Canticle of Creation. All is Gift from a Good God: Gratitude and Care ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: NEUMANN UNIVERSITY: Catholic in the Franciscan Tradition

NEUMANN UNIVERSITY Catholic in the Franciscan
  • Service Learning and
  • The Franciscan Catholic Tradition

A Tradition Develops
  • Persons have ideas
  • Persons begin to discuss and share their ideas
  • Groups circulate the ideas
  • (a movement may form)
  • Ideas are taught and practiced

The Franciscan Philosophical and Theological
  • First they lived it then they wrote it.
  • Vernacular theologians/ philosophers

Historical ContextEurope in the Middle Ages
  • Collapse of feudal system
  • Commercial revolution
  • Rise of merchant class
  • Majores and minores
  • War between Perugia and Assisi
  • Crusades
  • Violence and persecution

Social Context
  • Medieval Italy developed rituals of exclusion to
    protect itself economically and culturally from
    the threat of the Other Lepers, heretics, Jews
    and Muslims, male homosexuals,
  • Whom does our society exclude?

Francis Bernardone
  • 1181 - Birth
  • 1198 Rocca Maggiore
  • 1202 War between Perugia and Assisi
  • 1205 Spoleto Dream San Damiano
  • 1207 Leper
  • 1209 Gospel Rule
  • 1219 5th Crusade meeting with Sultan
  • 1225 Canticle of Creation
  • 1226 - Death

San Damiano Cross
  • Humility of the Incarnation reverence for all
    created beings, especially the least
  • Love of the Passion love and service
  • Love has a human Face

Embrace of the Leper
Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio
Encounter with the Sultan
  • Contradicted attitude toward the Crusades
  • Demonstrated respect for the religion and culture
    of the Other
  • Crossed boundaries to embrace a brother
  • Affected beliefs and teachings

Canticle of Creation
  • All is Gift from a Good God Gratitude and Care
  • Interconnectedness Brother and Sister
  • Interdependence unity in diversity

Franciscan Worldview
  • God is a Community of Love
  • God shares Love through Creation and Incarnation
  • All creatures are brothers and sisters

Implications of Franciscan Worldview
  • Dignity of the human person
  • Goodness of Creation
  • Family of sisters and brothers
  • All is Gift from a generous God

Elements of the Franciscan Tradition
  • Inclusive all cultures, all peoples
  • Critical of injustices
  • Prophetic moving beyond
  • Practical an everyday approach

Counter-cultural Stance
  • Movement toward people on the margins
  • Belief that every creature is a sister or brother
  • Peace and reconciliation in the face of hatred
  • Rebuilding of Church and Society

The Franciscan Tradition Today
  • I have done what was mine to do may God teach
    you what you are to do.
  • Francis of Assisi

REFLECTION in light of the Franciscan Tradition
  • How has this service experience led to a deeper
    understanding of the uniqueness and dignity of
    other people, of the environment?
  • How did this service experience improve the life
    of others?

  • Through this experience what have I learned about
    personal integrity, corporate integrity,
    integrity as the foundation of community?
  • How can my work and volunteer activities
    contribute to the creation of more healthy and
    wholesome communities and to the transformation
    of society?

  • How has this experience helped me to understand
    the challenges persons face in trying to live
    healthy, wholesome lives? How does the experience
    invite me to use the gifts and resources that I
    have to promote a more just and peaceful world?
  • With what Franciscan story can I compare this
    service experience? Explain.
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