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500 Day Plan The NOAA IT Way Ahead


... for Continuity of Operations and performance under the National Response Plan ... IT role in NOAA Continuity of Operations Plan 93.1% of NOAA employees need ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 500 Day Plan The NOAA IT Way Ahead

500 Day PlanThe NOAA IT Way Ahead
  • CIO Council
  • April 3, 2007

  • Update on progress since the NOAA IT Offsite
  • Show connection between the OCIO Value
    Proposition and the 500 Day Plan
  • Share a draft of the NOAA IT 500 Day Plan goals
    and objectives

Progress since the NOAA IT Offsite
  • Agreement on the expected value of the OCIO
  • The NOAA OCIO Value Proposition is directly
    linked to the 500 Day Plan
  • Working towards Reducing Burden
  • Data Calls--Rob Swisher established as focal
    point for all data calls
  • Begging for more Funds--exploring creative
  • Administrative Systemsexploring partnership with
    DOC Acq, and at DOC CIO Offsite
  • IT Security (a hallmark of the 500 Day Plan)
  • Making progress everyday
  • Built integrated CA schedule
  • Completed OMB Watch List CAs
  • Built FIPS 140-2 laptop encryption plans
  • Goal 1 in 500 Day Plan
  • Governance
  • Formulating a selection process to endorse
    prioritized candidates for governance

NOAA OCIO Value Proposition
  • Provide enterprise services
  • Drive architecture and guide common
  • Maintain a skilled and competent workforce
  • Provide secure infrastructure services
  • Ensure IT Security across all of NOAA
  • Make One NOAA a reality for corporate IT
  • Provide IT policy and guidance
  • Oversee IT governance processes
  • Enforce SLAs
  • Create economies of scale with common
  • acquisition vehicles and enterprise licensing
  • Maintain Executive Staff IT support
  • Review and coordinate IT investments
  • Provide NOAA IT Top Cover

500 Day Goals
Enhanced NOAA-wide Focus
Foundational Value To Be The Credible Champion
and Advocate of IT
  • Disaster Resilience
  • Reliable watch warnings
  • Able to adjust IT services within minutes

IT Security
Goal 1 Protect and defend NOAAs IT systems
and information
  • Establish an Information Assurance (IA) plan
  • Promote IA efforts within the IT architecture
  • Develop protection criteria for safeguarding
    information from internal and external threats
  • Use biometrics and identification management
  • Assess IT security threats by engaging with
    intelligence community

Build IT Security Strategy
  • Quarterly report to the CIO Council from NCIRT
    and Security Committee
  • Real Situational Awareness to NOAA Leadership (IA
    posture statement)
  • Integrate IA posture with enterprise-wide
    decision making

Goal 2 Maintain continuous IT services and
information before, during, and after natural or
man-made disasters
  • Upgrade and validate NOAA IT role in NOAA
    Continuity of Operations Plan93.1 of NOAA
    employees need IT
  • Investigate automatic failover for mission
    essential IT infrastructure--NCIRT, MOC, NOC,
    WOC, ITC, etc
  • Explore NOAA IT on wheels response plan for
    disaster situations

Forecast and mitigate effects of surge usage or
unplanned outages
  • Determine/forecast possible surge scenarios for
    NOAA information products
  • Run quarterly exercises (table-top or
    simulation) to demonstrate and evaluate ability
    to handle surge and/or disaster effects
  • Fully identify mission essential functions
    supported by NOAA and required for Continuity of
    Operations and performance under the National
    Response Plan
  • Inventory NOAAs critical infrastructure that
    supports mission essential functions, and catalog
    existing mirrored services, locations, and points
    of contact
  • Establish plans for redundant or mirrored
    services where gaps occur

Fix single points of failure in IT critical
Goal 3 Develop the IT knowledge and skills
needed to support NOAAs mission
  • Develop Workforce Investment Plan
  • Establish critical competencies required for NOAA
  • Identify workforce implications of FY10
    Modernization Plan
  • Build Recognition Programs around IT values and
    goals and NOAA mission
  • Apply for nationally recognized IT award honors
  • Pay for Performance

Define a human capital strategy
  • Focusing on building external and non-government
    partnerships to create feeder pools of IT talent
  • Maintain a steady inflow of qualified IT
    applicants at all levels
  • Leverage current NOAA Recruitment monetary
    incentives to attract the right talent with the
    right skills and knowledge
  • Offer entry salaries according to critical IT job
    skills at competitive market rates
  • Leverage other federal recruiting resources

Foster creative recruiting
  • Establish baseline certifications across the NOAA
  • Provide foundational IT education and training
  • Train workforce to deliver critical competencies
  • Select and support appropriate vendor/industry
    certifications for the NOAA IT workforce

Institute a disciplined IT skills development
Goal 4 Scale NOAAs IT infrastructure to keep
pace with observing capabilities
  • Establish governance model clear business
    processes for archiving serving information to
    the public

Establish Archiving and Dissemination Standards
  • Expand observing system architecture to encompass
    communications, processing, information
    management systems, archival
  • Enable impact analyses by documenting the
    end-to-end value chain of applications that will
    receive, process or archive data from new
    observing platforms
  • Synchronize architecture transition plans with
    the schedule of new observing capabilities

Extend Architecture
  • Integrate architecture planning with PPBES
  • Perform impact and gap analyses of Program
    Operating Plan (POP) alternatives against the
    baselined Enterprise Architecture

Ensure Programmatic Integration
Increase Computing Systems Capability
Goal 5 Maximize efficient and effective
enterprise-wide solutions across NOAA
  • Build an enterprise architecture and develop a
    governance process that spans across all NOAA
    platforms and systems
  • Establish and operate a NOAA IT Program
    Management Office
  • Develop plan for NOAA-wide portfolio/project
    management capability

Develop an enterprise-wide strategy
  • Develop IT Standards for mobile support of
    executive team
  • Coordinate and manage IT administration and
  • Develop Service Level Agreements for
    enterprise-wide solutions

Develop standards for quality of service
  • Develop plan and begin implementation of OneNOAA
    Web Presence (i.e., enterprise-level web
  • Continue development and implementation of
    NOAAnet single enterprise network
  • Provide Enterprise Network Operations Support
  • Provide New Telephone System for NOAA Silver
    Spring Metro Center (SSMC) Campus
  • Develop plans and begin consolidating NOAA IT
    Service Centers
  • Implement a collaboration software solution
  • Consolidate Commerce Business System (CBS)
  • Implement Management Accounting Reporting System
    (MARS) and End-to-End Resource Management System

Manage the infrastructure as an enterprise
Mapping of goals to functions
CIO and D/HPCC Executive Staff Budget and
High Performance Computing and Communications
Homeland Security Program Office
  • Risk Management and Incident Response

Information Assurance Office
  • Lead NOAAs Principal IT Research
  • Manage RD HPCC
  • Explore Advanced Networking and Information
  • Cyber Security and Compliance Management

IT Operations and Support Office
  • NOAA Executive and Staff Office Support
  • Corporate Business Apps
  • Network, Mail, Web and Phone Services

Next Steps
  • Solicit feedback from CIO Council
  • Continue to refine the objectives and initiatives
  • Brief Jack Kelly (Apr 25)
  • Brief NEP (Jun 28)

NOAA OCIO Value Proposition(DRAFT)
  • Establish and maintain credibility (foundational)
  • Promote One NOAA
  • Provider of secure infrastructure services
  • Honest broker across programs (SLAs for example)
  • Advocate in the PPBES process for NOAA IT
  • Provide cross-LO and cross-goal coordination
  • Provide architectural guidance to implementers
    regarding common infrastructure (including SOA
  • Enforce SLAs
  • Driving increased simplicity (architecture and
  • Create economies of scale (common acq vehicles,
    enterprise licensing)
  • Champion for IT at the executive table and joint
  • Advance the importance of Info mngt to advance
    the mission of NOAA
  • NOAAs mission performance cannot be improved
    faster than you can improve IT
  • Executive support taking care of the executive
  • Policy and guidance
  • Security across all of NOAA
  • Investment review and coordination
  • Enterprise services (admin, operations,
    messaging, e-mail)
  • Maintain a skilled and competent workforce

500 Day OutlookRisks to NOAA Mission
  • IT systems are continually attacked and the
    threat is rapidly increasing
  • IT system operations and successful recovery are
    at risk in the event of natural or man-made
  • IT services will deteriorate without a highly
    skilled and qualified IT workforce
  • Data volume will continue to grow exponentially
    due to next generation observing systems
  • Fragmented IT systems cannot support cross-NOAA
    priorities (e.g., regionalization, IOOS)

NOAA IT Should Enable the NOAA Mission
Risk IT SecurityAttacks and Threats Continue
  • March 05, 2007 A section of the NOAA Website
    was hacked and packed with several pages
    promoting a muscle relaxant. Source Dark
    Reading website

Risk Business ContinuitySingle Points of Failure
Pandemic Flu stay at home plan overtaxes NOAA
remote access capacity
Hurricane directly hits the DC metro area
NOAAs Silver Spring campus only internet
connection goes down
Silver Spring power outage with no generator
Potential Impact on NOAA SSMC Ops
IT Infrastructure
Risk IT Workforceis Aging
Federal IT Workforce
24 Younger than 40 years old
33 Over 50 years old
43 Between 40 and 50 years old
NOAA OCIO Workforce
14.4 Younger than 40 years old
59.3 Over 50 years old
26.3 Between 40 and 50 years old
Sources NOAA Human Resources Data
System Information Technology (IT) Workforce
Capability Assessment Survey (2004), CIO
Council Computer World 2006 Salary Survey
Risk Data VolumeData growing exponentially
  • Over the next 15 years, data that are archived
    will grow to more than 140 PetaBytes

Geospatial satellites will increase by 10,000
times the volume of data that needs to be
Risk Fragmented IT systemsIndependent services
do not benefit One NOAA
  • Independent services
  • Webservers 129 (including web clusters)
  • Phone systems 60 (SSMC)
  • Storage 35 RAID arrays
  • Email 19 different mail servers
  • Help Desk 18 help desks (in DC)
  • Networks 7 major backbones
  • Collaboration tools 5 (no standard)
  • Server Farms ____

NOAA IT Assessment and Accomplishments
100 Day Accomplishments
30 Day Assessment
  • Built integrated CA schedule
  • Completed OMB Watch List CAs
  • Built FIPS 140-2 laptop encryption plans

IT security fragmented and lacks enterprise-wide
controls, standards and tools
  • Co-defined the OCIO Value Proposition with the
    LO CIOs

OCIO role and authority not exercised in NOAA
Need to Validate
One NOAA IT progress limited
  • Consensus among CIOs to replace phone systems
  • Defined IT Facility Standards

NOAA IT has not evolved with industry best
  • Built a 500 day plan to address IT areas
    including instituting best practices and building
    IT talent

Lack of focus on attracting, retaining and
growing IT talent
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