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Five ways to make yourself more comfortable. Introductory video on do's and don't when meeting parents. The do's and don'ts of meeting parents ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How%20To%20Have%20A%20Successful%20Back%20To%20School%20Night

How To Have A Successful Back To School Night
  • The Dos and Donts of
  • Opening Night

  • Typical Back to School Night schedule
  • What you should cover in your presentation
  • Five ways to make yourself more comfortable
  • Introductory video on dos and dont when meeting
  • The dos and donts of meeting parents
  • References

Creating A Friendly Environment
  • Ask Family Member to sit at students desk
  • Have students leave welcome notes
  • Have larger chairs available if necessary
  • Send invitations to family members
  • Promote the night with your students

Typical Schedule
  • 0000Principal's WelcomeOverview of the
    EveningAn Introduction to Standards
  • 0020Parents Follow Children's Schedule
  • 0220 Parents Finish "School Day"
  • 0225Reconvene for Refreshments
  • 0240 Closing Comments/Questions from Parents

What You Should Cover During Your Presentation
  • Introduce yourself
  • Introduce your assistants
  • Present your teaching philosophy
  • Be sure to pause for questions and answers at
    several points in your presentation
  • Let the parents know how to contact you, and what
    form your communication will use with them

What You Should Cover During Your Presentation
  • Discuss supplies you want the children to have.
  • Go over the grading system used in the school for
    your grade level.
  • If you don't know the answer to a question, say
    "I don't know, but I will see what I can find out
    and get back to you.
  • Start on time Finish on time and be Positive

Five Ways To Make Yourself Feel Comfortable
  • Use your overhead projector
  • Create a packet for parents that helps them
    follow along
  • Turn over as much time as possible to the parents
    for questions
  • Make parents wear "Hello" name tags
  • Make up an outline of the topics that you are
    going to present

Some Good Materials To Have Available
  • Have the books the children will be using during
    the school year on each child's desk for the
    parents to view
  • Have prior student work displayed around the room
  • Have an index card or sheet on each desk for the
    parents to tell you anything that they would like
    you to know about their child
  • A calendar with a sign up sheet that allows
    parents to volunteer for upcoming events

Introductory Video On The Dos And Donts Of
Back To School Night
When Meeting Parents Always
  • Greet them warmly at the door
  • Dress in a way that reflects the meetings
    importance and your respect for the parents and
    their child
  • Use positive, nonverbal behavior
  • Engage parents in planning best ways to help
    their child
  • Give parents something to take home with them
  • Use clear and descriptive terms
  • End positively

When Meeting Parents Never
  • Summon parents into the classroom and direct them
    to sit in front of your desk
  • Dress to casually for the occasion
  • Send them home empty handed
  • Use education jargon or acronyms

  • Schedule
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  • Making yourself comfortable
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  • What you should cover during you presentation
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  • Back to School Night tips
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