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Arcadias Sixth Grade Teaching Team


How to use this Power Point. Follow the instructions on each or push the buttons. ... Tops should be modest. No tank tops or low necks. No inappropriate logos ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Arcadias Sixth Grade Teaching Team

Arcadias Sixth Grade Teaching Team
  • How to use this Power Point
  • Mrs. Baty
  • Mr. Boone
  • Mr. MacLeod
  • Mrs. Spencer
  • Arcadia Elementary
  • Calendar 2004-2005
  • Before and after school
  • activities
  • Sixth Grade Team
  • School Sixth Grade Rules
  • August News
  • Credits

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How to use this Power Point
  • Follow the instructions on each slide or push the

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Sixth Grade Teacher Team
  • Mrs. Baty
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Mr. Boone
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Health
  • Mr. MacLeod
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Mrs. Spencer
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Arts

My name is Debbie Baty.  I am currently a
sixth grade teacher in Taylorsville although
I have taught other grades (including first and
fourth).  One year I had the unique experience
of teaching (35) 6th graders in the morning and
(19) kindergarteners in the afternoon!  My
immediate family includes a wonderful husband who
constantly makes me laugh with his great sense of
humor, a 25 yr. old daughter  her husband, and a
hyperactive boxer (dog) buddy who keeps us
entertained with his curiosity and desire
to learn about the world around him.  I am the
oldest of 4 children and was born in California
which many people confuse with being a
'foreigner'.       You will usually find me
outdoors hiking/walking the boxer buddy or in the
gym with my husband.  I am well known for my love
of Snickers candy bars, chocolate chip ice cream,
and sugar cookies.  My family and friends know me
also as a baker.  I love to whip up batches of
homemade cookies and various desserts so that is
usually my contribution whenever we get
together.       When asked why I continue to
teach with the ever increasing expectations
and obstacles placed in our way each year dealing
with parents, students, administration, society,
etc. I share the following story  A friend was
once lamenting his job frustrations with me
and wistfully said how nice it would be to have a
'dream job' instead of one like his that
he dreaded getting up in the morning for.  I was
rather surprised at this comment as I have never
considered teaching a job let alone dreaded
getting up in the morning!  Upon further
reflection I realized that what he was talking
about is what I am experiencing every day but
taking for granted.  I teach because it is my
'dream job'.  I look forward to getting up in the
morning and I look forward to welcoming whatever
opportunities/challenges each new day has to
offer me! 
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  • I am Mr. Boone and I have been teaching
    for three years. Prior to teaching I spent 22
    years in the military where I had the opportunity
    to travel around the world. It was a great
    experience meeting people from different cultures
    and not only learning about their traditions but
    also experiencing some of the traditions.
  • I am about to start my fourth year
    teaching and it has been a challenge, but one
    that I am glad to have. The young men and women
    I have had the opportunity to be associated with
    have helped me grow as an individual And to see
    them work so hard and diligently Makes me believe
    that in the future there is hope.
  • I married a wonderful young lady 29 years
    ago and I am fortunate to have her still with me.
    We have three daughters. Our oldest just
    graduated from BYU Hawaii, our middle daughter is
    still trying to decide what she wants in life,
    and our youngest daughter wants to be a Junior
    high school music teacher, but for now she will
    be happy playing her bass clarinet.
  • I am looking forward to the new school year.
    The sixth grade team have planned much for this
    new group of upcoming sixth graders and we are
    hoping to provide a great learning experience and
    maybe even some fun along the way.

Mr. MacLeod
Waiting for the write up from this Teacher.
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Sixth grade teacher, Francene Nichols
Spencer, is beginning her 18th year teaching and
her fourth year at Arcadia. On June 11th
1965 Francene married Kenneth A. Spencer and the
past 39 years have brought them six children-two
daughters and four sons. Through the challenges
of parenting and lifes experiences, they are now
looking forward to spending more time with their
12 grandchildren. A two-teacher couple, Ken
is a technology instructor at Hunter High School,
and Francene enjoys the sixth elementary
experiences she has at Arcadia. In their time
away from school they continue to mingle with the
young people through dancing, various activities
that involve youth of their church, and travel
time together. At the age of six (first
grade) Francene began to take piano lessons. At
the age of 14 she began teaching children in her
neighborhood. At this time she now teaches her
grandchildren as well as students in their new
neighborhood. (She just cant stop doing what
she loves-teaching children the love of music,
both privately and in group settings.) In
her early years of marriage Francene helped to
put hubby through school while beginning her
role as stay at home mom. IN 1986 when their
youngest child was pre-school age, Francene
returned to B.Y.U. In 1987 she graduated with a
major in Elementary Education plus a minor in
Music Education for Children and began her
teaching career at Woodstock Elementary School in
Granite School District. While teaching she
decided that she would return to graduate school.
During after school hours her time was spent
attending classes through Utah State University
where in 1994 she obtained her Masters of
Education Degree. In the after school-hours
her interests focus on her husband, children, and
grandchildren along with finding time to spend
enjoying music and the arts as well as enjoying
handicrafts such as quilting, crocheting, and
knitting, counted cross stitch, and sewing for
family and humanitarian efforts. In keeping up
with music and the importance it has on the lives
of children, Francene reminds others that A
singing child is a happy child, and a happy child
is a singing child.
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Arcadia Elementary School
Click here for link to
Arcadia's Calendar for 2004-2005
Sixth Grade Rules
Arcadia's School Rules
Sixth Grade Rules
Choose One
August News
  • Aug. 16 Teachers report back to work.
  • Aug. 23 First day of the new school
    year. Students return.
  • Aug. 18/19 SEPs Comferences
  • August - No school Labor Day

The End
  • http//

Before and After School Activities
  • Mr. Boone is actively involved with both the
    after school Detention program and after school
    Study Hall.
  • He is also trying to start a before school Chess

Arcadia's School Rules
  • Dress Code
  • Playground Procedures
  • Lunch Room Procedures
  • Restroom Procedures
  • Assembly Procedures
  • Hallway Procedures

Rules Slide
Dress Code
  • Shorts just above the knee NO SHORT SHORTS
  • Tops should be modest. No tank tops or low
  • No inappropriate logos
  • No low-riding or dragging the floor pants
  • Shoe laces tied straps closed
  • Hats worn on playground only
  • Socks are encouraged
  • Flip-flops are discouraged for safety issues
  • Shoes must be worn
  • Clothing should be clean and free from excessive
    holes. Parents will be notified to replace

Back to School Rules
Playground Procedures
  • Use clean language
  • Use playground equipment properly
  • No contact games
  • (All students use the restroom by the
  • Report concerns to playground helpers
  • A pass is needed to enter the building
  • Be kind to others
  • No food on playground

Back to School Rules
Lunch Room Procedures
  • Use Soft voices
  • No Sharing Food
  • Clean Personal Space

Back to School Rules
Restroom Procedures
  • Flush
  • Wash
  • Leave
  • Voices Off

Back to School Rules
Assembly Procedures
  • Enter Quietly
  • No Talking
  • Sit On Pockets
  • Clap to show appreciation
  • Leave Quietly

Back to School Rules
Hallway Procedures
  • Walk quietly
  • Voices Off
  • Body in personal space

Back to School Rules
Sixth Grade Rules
  • You can do anything you want to as long as it
    does not interfere with your learning or the
    learning of anyone else.
  • This is subject to change.

Rules Slide
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