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Welcome to Seventh Grade


Wildcat Team Expectations. A seventh grader should: 1. Be able to arrive to class on time ... This year the Wildcat Team is selling team t-shirts for $10.00. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to Seventh Grade

Welcome to Seventh Grade!
Wildcat Team
  • Ms. Griffis-Science
  • Ms. Caton- Math
  • Mr. Railey- S. Studies
  • Co-team leader
  • Ms. Michaels-L. Arts
  • Ms. Hyde-L. Arts
  • Ms. Watson-Resource
  • Co-team leader

Who is responsible for what?
  • Ms. Griffis
  • 1. Responsible for any money
  • 2. Schedule a Parent Conference
  • 3. Team Website (Ms. Watson)
  • 4. Rewards/Treats
  • Ms. Michaels
  • 1. Wildcat Newsletter
  • 2. Organize Field Trips/paperwork
  • 3. Lockers (Ms. Hyde)
  • 4. CAT Cards/rewards

Who to contact?
  • Feel free to email any teacher if you have
    questions or concerns.
  • Please, be advised that we will hold parent
    conferences only on Thursday from 915-945 am or
    1230-100 pm as needed. All team members are
    present at parent conferences.

Paddling Along
  • Seventh Grade is a time for students to learn to
    paddle their own canoe. As hard as this is for
    parents, please allow your student the
    opportunity to try and be responsible.

Wildcat Team Expectations
  • A seventh grader should
  • 1. Be able to arrive to class on time
  • 2. Remember to bring materials to
  • class (book, paper, pencil, agenda)
  • 3. Remember deadlines
  • 4. Remember to study
  • 5. Remember to do homework and turn
  • it in when it is due.

  • This year we are starting our first ever Wildcat
    News, which will be a newsletter that will go
    home the second week of each nine weeks.
  • Secondly, our team website is updated daily with
    homework or a daily summary of what happened in
  • In addition, you may choose to sign up for email
    updates from your childs teachers PTSA.
  • Edythe Jones Hayes Middle School
  • Please provide your name your childs name
    during this signup process.
  • If you sign up from home, there is no reason to
    list your email address.

Hayes Marks
  • Cheating- 5 Marks
  • Defiance/disrespect 3 Marks
  • Inappropriate hallway behavior 3 Marks
  • Inappropriate lunch room behavior 3 Marks
  • No Outside Candy, Gum, Drink, Food in class-2
    Marks..Breaking a specific class rule 2 Marks
  • Homework 2 Marks Lack of class Materials 1 Mark
  • Tardiness 1 Mark
  • Off Task 1 Mark
  • Talking at inappropriate times 1 Mark

Cell Phones, MP3 Players
  • This year students at Hayes are no longer
    allowed to have hand held electronic devices in
    the classroom per district rule. Please have
    students either leave their cell phones in
    purses, backpacks or lockers. Any student caught
    with a hand held electronic device in class it
    will be taken away and the parent/guardian will
    have to come to school to pick it up.

Discipline Policy
  • If a student does not follow the rules they will
    be issued marks. The marks are totaled every
    Thursday by the entire team. If a student
    receives 5-9 marks in one week they will be
    issued an alternative packet. If a student is a
    repeat offender (after two times) they will be
    assigned after school detention.

  • C-Conduct (no detentions or Ns or Us on report
  • A-Academics (no Ds or Fs)
  • T-Tardy and unexcused absences (no more than one)
  • Every 4 ½ weeks students will be eligible for
    reward time/treat. Students must earn a CAT card
    based on academics and behavior.

  • The grading and homework policies at Edythe J.
    Hayes Middle are designed to demonstrate a clear,
    accurate relationship between a students
    performance and their learning. (This year
    parents should receive the following 2 ½ week
    progress grade with team newsletter, midterm
    grade, and nine week grade)
  • Although failing at something is considered
    gaining life experience on our team 0s are NOT
    an option. (In other words students must try!)

Wildcat Team Schedule
  • 905-1000 First Hour Elective
  • 1004-1055 Second Hour
  • 1059-1215 Third Hour and Lunch
  • 1219-110 Fourth Hour Elective
  • 114-205 Fifth Hour
  • 209-300 Sixth Hour
  • 305-355 Seventh Hour
  • 355-405 Dismissal

  • Students will be given approximately 25 minutes
    for lunch, including a bathroom break.
  • Lunch prices are 2.10, breakfast is 1.35.
  • Students will eat lunch with their 3rd hour
    class and must sit at their assigned lunch table.

  • Students will be assigned a math textbook, social
    studies textbook, and a science textbook.
  • If a student loses their textbook, or the
    textbook is torn and/or damaged, they must pay
    for the textbook before another one is issued.

Required Fees
  • 1. All students at Hayes are required to purchase
    an agenda for 5.00. This agenda is to help
    organize students, and to be used to relay
    information to parents, and for student hall
  • 2. All students are charged a non-refundable
    2.00 locker fee. Once the fee is paid the
    student will be issued a locker during the first
    week of school.

Required Fees
  • 3. All students will be charged 5.00 for science
    lab fees, which allow hands on experiments
    throughout the year.
  • 4. All students will be charged 5.00 for a
    required Social Studies Brain book.
  • Total Fees 17.00

Sick Days
  • Although our school policy is to leave work up
    front in the office after 130 pm for students
    that are sickwe strongly suggest that your child
    rest and get well. Upon returning to school we
    will give your child time to make up work based
    on the time they missed.

Sick Days and Doctor Appointments
  • If your child has an appointment or is sick, they
    must turn in a note to the front attendance clerk
    (Ms. Bradley) on the day they return to school.
    Failure to turn in notes will result in
    (unexcused absences/tardiness) truancy issues
    which can effect field trips, and CAT Cards.

Social Studies
  • Mr. Railey
  • Ancient Civilization
  • Sumerians, Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks

Summer Reading
  • ThemeJourney Through Literature
  • 1. Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz
  • Ryan
  • 2. Missing May by Cynthia Rylant
  • 3. Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson
  • Rawls
  • 4. Brians Winter by Gary Paulsen  

Math topics
  • Algebra/Ms. Caton Ms. Foster
  • Linear equations
  • Systems of equations
  • Inequalities
  • Polynomials
  • Radicals
  • Quadratics
  • Pre-algebra
  • Integers
  • Rational Numbers
  • Linear equations, Inequalities
  • Functions and graphing
  • Course 2-
  • Algebra Patterns and Functions
  • Integers
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Ratio, Percent and Proportions
  • Geometry

  • 7B Wildcats-Ms.Griffis
  • Change over time
  • Energy
  • Newtons Laws of Motion
  • Genetics Reproduction
  • Properties/Changes in Matter
  • Labs

Team Field Trips
  • We try and schedule field trips as an entire
    seventh grade and not just by teams. Keep in mind
    sometimes this just doesnt work.
  • Our first field trip-the entire seventh grade is
    going to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum to
    see the King Tut Exhibit on October 1st. Look for
    details on this exciting trip in an upcoming

Team T-shirts
  • This year the Wildcat Team is selling team
    t-shirts for 10.00. These will be on sale
    tonight at Hayes Craze at the Wildcat Team
    Table-stop by and be the first to support your

First Day of School
  • On the first day of school students will report
    to the 7B team complex and go to rooms based on
    their last name initial. (Refer to the signs on
    the classroom doors)

First Day of School
  • Room 318 Mr. Railey Last Name A-E
  • Room 317 Ms. Caton Last Name F-K
  • Room 313 Ms. Hyde Last Name L-O
  • Room 312 Ms. Michaels Last Name P-S
  • Room 311 Ms. Griffis Last Name T-Z

Team Families
  • Our team is a big family. In our family, we take
    care of each other and support each other. We
    also have rules to help us get along and be
  • Some of our rules are
  • Be respectful and responsible
  • Be organized and follow directions
  • Be prepared to laugh and learn!

We look forward to a great 7th grade year!
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