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New Path, New Vision


STAG The Solution. Steam Treatment And Generation technology. Unique, ... RCR STAG Incineration: 95% MSW green disposal 5% inert ash ... STAG ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: New Path, New Vision

New Path, New Vision
  • RCR STAG System
  • How to Profit from Waste
  • Presented by
  • Dr. Anthony Haden-Taylor
  • Chairman, RCR International

The Challenge
  • Minimise Waste Generation
  • Preserve Natural Resources The Environment
  • Recover, ReCycle, Reuse and Conserve (exceeds EU
    recycling targets)

Current Practices Dont Address the Challenge
and are not sustainable
STAG The SolutionSteam Treatment And
Generation technology
  • Unique, Patented Treatment
  • Alternative to incineration, landfill,
    gasification and pyrolysis
  • 100 environmentally safe
  • No secondary pollution
  • Achieves gt95 Recycle Rate
  • Diversion from Landfills
  • gt95 Diversion exceeds LATS targets

RCR Policy Context
  • Kyoto Protocol Carbon Emissions Reduction
    compliant Solution for MSW
  • Conforms to most stringent EU, UK and US air
    quality standards
  • Rigorous 3-Year Certification
  • Results Far Exceed IPPC Limits

IPPC Emission Compliance
Unit ppm
STAG Features
  • Mature Technology
  • Modular design
  • Eliminate Source segregation or presorting
  • No sensitivity to MSW moisture levels
  • Grade A Outputs Green Electricity
  • 35-Yr Life Span
  • Self-Sustaining and low life cycle costs
  • BAT and BPEO

STAG Processing Options
  • 1 Fibre Conversion
  • 2 Fuel for Steam
  • 3 Anaerobic Digestion
  • 4 Wood Substitute
  • 5 Specialty Plastic Material
  • 6 Solid Fuel Additive
  • 7 Sanitised recyclates

End of Life Tire Disposal
  • Negligible Emissions
  • Saleable By-Products
  • Carbon residue 40, Oil 25, Steel 20 Gas
  • 1000 Tires 1.5T Diesel Fuel

RCR STAG Combustion vs. Incineration only
  • Incineration only
  • 75 MSW toxic Burn
  • 25 toxic ash (costly disposal, no
  • 100 non-desirable option

RCR STAG Incineration 95 MSW
green disposal 5 inert ash
(valuable, saleable output) 100 Kyoto
Technology Partners
  • Babcock Engineering
  • Peter Brotherhood
  • Waterman Sustainable Energy
  • McNicholas Services
  • Preferred Local Sourcing

Financing Partners
  • Bank of America, CitiCorp, HSBC, BNP Paribas, et
  • Lloyds of London
  • Preferred local participation
  • In-house turnkey finance options

RCR Team Capability and Accomplishments
  • Yorkshire Municipal EfW Facility
  • South Wales Municipal EfW Facility
  • Newport - Toxic liquid waste treatment plant
  • 1.5MT St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 150KT Chuvashia, Russia
  • 250KT Laguna, Philippines
  • 125KT Glasgow, Scotland
  • 500KT Cluj, Romania
  • 2MT Tehran, Iran
  • 150KT Thailand
  • 700KT Tripoli, Libya
  • Pending projects in Austria, Bosnia, Brazil,
    Bulgaria, China, Dominican Republic, Germany,
    Iran, Kenya, Libya, Paraguay, Philippines,
    Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa,
    Taiwan, Thailand, Tobago, UAE, USA.

STAG Location Requirements
  • Ideal if adjacent to landfill, national
    electricity grid or existing incinerator
  • Requires 3 acres or 1.3 hectares of land
  • Location can obtain more easily EPA certification
    and necessary licenses

RCR Plant Layout
Custom built facility designed to satisfy all
local needs OR utilization of existing Waste
Transfer Stations for fast track start. NIMBY
issues of MSW sorting and materials recovery
traffic and noise issues already zoned and
  • Best Alternative to Landfill and Incineration
  • Up To 95 Landfill Diversion
  • Highest Recycling, Recovery and Reuse Rates
  • Renewable Green Electricity
  • Grade A Outputs
  • Creates Socially Responsible, Pollution-Free
  • Reduces GHG Qualifies for Carbon Credit Trading

The Way Forward the New Path and New
  • Approved Finance Options
  • Time is of the Essence
  • Mutual Commitment
  • 12-15 Months

ReCycled Refuse International Ltd. P O Box 188
Jersey JE4 9RT Chairman Dr. Anthony
Haden-Taylor Email
Web Offices Bangkok, Chicago,
Jersey, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Stuttgart,
Taipei, Vienna, Zurich THANK YOU
RCR Group proprietary information. No part of
this document may be reproduced or distributed
without the consent and explicit authorization
from RCR Group.
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