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drawing on the Hebrew and Greek words; 'ruach' and 'pneuma' ... Philip Sheldrake, Images of Holiness: Explorations in contemporary spirituality. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Spirituality

Spirituality Personhood
  • Rev David Stroud

  • The root from which spirituality springs is the
    Latin noun Spiritus
  • drawing on the Hebrew and Greek words ruach
    and pneuma,
  • broadly meaning Spirit, but encapsulating both
    breath and wind .

Meaning? Significance of life making sense of
situations deriving purpose.Martsolf
Mickley (1998)
  • Beliefs, standards and ethics that are cherished.
  • Martsolf Mickley (1998)

  • Experience and appreciation of a dimension beyond
  • Martsolf Mickley (1998)

  • Increased awareness of a connection with self,
  • others,
  • God/Spirit/Divine and nature.
  • Martsolf Mickley (1998)

  • An unfolding of life that demands reflection and
    experience includes a sense of who one is and
    how one knows.
  • Martsolf Mickley (1998)

The Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • In healthcare, spirituality is identified with
    experiencing a deep-seated sense of meaning and
    purpose in life, together with a sense of
    belonging. It is about acceptance, integration
    and wholeness.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • According to one definition, The spiritual
    dimension tries to be in harmony with the
    universe, strives for answers about the infinite,
    and comes especially into focus in times of
    emotional stress, physical and mental illness,
    loss, bereavement and death. This desire for
    wholeness of being is not an intellectual
    attainment, for it is no less present in people
    with learning disability, but lies in the essence
    of what it means to be human.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • How is spirituality distinguished from religion?
  • Spirituality, described as linking the deeply
    personal with the universal, is inclusive and
    unifying. It naturally leads to the recognition
    that to harm another is to harm oneself, and
    equally that helping others is to help oneself.
    It applies to everyone, including those who do
    not believe in God or a higher being. 

The Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • The universality of spirituality extends across
    creed and culture at the same time spirituality
    is felt as unique to each and every person.

  • (1) Spirituality is that inner dimension of the
    person called by certain traditions the spirit.
    This spiritual core is the deepest centre of the
    person. It is here that the person experiences
    ultimate realty (Encyclopedia of world
  • (2) Spirituality concerns the quest for a
    fulfilled and authentic religious life, involving
    the bringing together of the ideas distinctive of
    that religion and the whole experience of living
    on the basis of and within the scope of that
    religion (McGrath. A. 2002 Pg2)

  • Lectio Divina

Michael Downey, Jean Vanier Recovering the
Heart, Spirituality today 38 (Winter
  • the term spirituality refers to the spirit at
    work in persons 1) with in culture, 2) in
    relation to a tradition, 3) in memory of Jesus
    Christ, 4) in the light of contemporary events,
    hopes, sufferings and promises, 5)in effort to
    combine elements of action and contemplation, 6)
    with respect to charism and community, 7) as
    expressed and authenticated in praxis

Elizabeth Dreyer, Christian Spirituality, The
Harper / Collins Encyclopaedia of Catholicism,
ed. Richard McBride (San Francisco Harper /
Collins, 1995)
  • Christian spirituality is the daily, communal,
    lived expression of ones ultimate beliefs,
    characterized by openness to the self
    transcending love of God, self, neighbour, and
    the world through Jesus Christ and in the power
    of the Holy spirit.

Alistair McGrath, Evangelicalism and the future
of Christianity. (Downers Grove IVP, 1995125)
  • In its fundamental sense, spirituality is
    concerned with the shaping, empowering and
    maturing of the spiritual person(1Cor214-15) -
    that is, the person alive to and responsive to
    God in the world, as opposed to the person who
    merely exists within and responds to the world.

Philip Sheldrake, Images of Holiness
Explorations in contemporary spirituality. (Notre
Dame Ave Maria, 19882)
  • A friend once described spirituality to me as
    theology on two feet. In other words,
    spirituality (at least in a Christian context)
    is a useful term to describe how, individually
    and collectively, we personally appropriate the
    traditional Christian beliefs about God,
    humanity, and the world and express them in terms
    of our basic attitudes, life style and activity.
    On a personal level, spirituality is how we stand
    before God in the context of our everyday lives.
    For Christians, this involves two complementary
    dimensions our tradition and our experiences of
    the culture and the world in which we live, by
    which we are influenced, and to which we respond.
    The question of how these two dimensions relate
    to each other is a complex one.

Rowan Williams, The wound of Knowledge Christian
Spirituality from the New Testament to St John of
the Cross. (Boston Cowley 19911)
  • And if spirituality can be given any coherent
    meaning, perhaps it is to be understood in terms
    of this task each believer making his or her own
    that engagement with the questioning of the heart
    of faith which is so evident in the classical
    documents of Christian belief. The questioning
    involved here is not our interrogation of the
    data, but its interrogation of us.And the
    greatness of the Christian saints lies in their
    readiness to be questioned, judged, stripped
    naked, and left speechless by that which lies at
    the centre of their faith.

Key Questions
  • what are the common features that identify this
    as being a Christian spirituality,
  • What texts are being emphasized here.

  • a) Human experience of the spirit. A powerful
    religious experience is received by somebody
    which brings with it a new incite and change
    within the individuals understanding.
  • b) This revelation is developed and shared with
    others. People pay a great deal of attention to
    this new incite, building and developing a way of
    life around them
  • c) These experiences are developed and become
    absorbed into the Christian tradition.

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Extreme Pilgrim
Rowan Williams
  • This is where the desert monastic's have an
    uncompromising message for us a relationship
    with eternal truth and love doesnt happen unless
    we mend our relationship with Tom, Dick and
    Harriet. The actual substance of our relationship
    with eternal truth and love is bound up with how
    we manage the proximity of these human

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St Augustine
  • "God is the only Reality and we are only real
    insofar as we are in His order and He in us" (USL

  • History and tradition,
  • Life community
  • It is because of who I am,
  • Prayer
  • in the midst of life

Swinton, 2004 Paper Summary
  • Spirituality is an overlooked dimension of the
    lives of people with learning difficulties.
    Carers, support workers, policy makers, managers
    and religious communities often overlook
    spirituality, feeling that they are not trained
    to deal with this area of peoples lives or that
    there simply isnt time to incorporate it

(Foster, 200016-19)
  • Despite the body of literature which suggests
    that spirituality is a fundamental human need and
    indeed a human right, carers and support have
    similar difficulties learning how best to
    understand and enable the spiritual development
    of people with learning disabilities
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