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A Study of the Book of Revelation


Opening the Third Seal. Rider on Black Horse, with a Pair of Scales in His Hand. ... Opening Fifth Seal ... BEAST like leopard, feet like bear, mouth like lion. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Study of the Book of Revelation

A Study of theBook of Revelation
  • An Introduction

Symbolism of Numbers - 1
  • OneUnity
  • TwoStrength
  • ThreeComplete Ordered Whole
  • FourComprehensive Completeness
  • SevenA Sacred Number, Perfection
  • TenHuman Completeness

Symbolism of Numbers - 2
  • 1000 -- 10x10x10 -- Ultimate Perfection.
  • 144,000 12x12x12Religious Number
  • 3 ½ --Contrast to Seven, Trials, Hardships
  • Broken, Incomplete Period of Time
  • Six ---Number of Man, Never Perfect
  • 666 Symbolic for Mark of Beast,
  • Never Reach Perfection of Seven

Introduction To a Study of the Book of
  • Title of Book
  • Nature of Apocalyptic Literature
  • The Author, or Writer
  • Date of Writing
  • Methods of Interpretation
  • Theme and Purpose

Introduction To a Study of the Book of
  • Title of Book
  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ
  • Revelation gt Apakalupsis, to uncover, a laying
    bare, making naked (Thayer, Lexicon).
  • Purpose of Writer is not to cover his message,
    but to make it increasingly clear.

Introduction To a Study of the Book of
  • Nature of Apocalyptic Literature
  • Style is generally figurative
  • Symbolism drawn from Biblical writings
  • Attempts to portray unseen world behind action
  • Writers name usually pseudonymous

Introduction to the Book of Revelation
  • The Author, or Writer
  • John, the son of Zebedee, an apostle of Jesus
    Christ told to write by an angel
  • Actual Author God, who gave revelation thru
    Christ thru Angel to John, 11-2

Introduction to the Book of Revelation
  • Date of Writing
  • Some say prior to AD 70
  • But better to date it during persecution by
    Domitian, about 96 AD

Introduction to the Book of Revelation
  • Methods of Interpretation
  • Futurist
  • Continuous History
  • Philosophy of History
  • Preterist
  • Historical Background

Introduction to the Book of Revelation
  • Theme and Purpose
  • Theme Conflict between God and Satan, Church and
    Roman force and paganism
  • Message Things are not as they seem Christ will
    be victorious over paganism
  • Purpose Encourage faithfulness in face of
    opposition. Christ will win the victory!

Part 1
  • The Struggle on Earth
  • Chapters 111

Christ Among the Churches
  • 19 322

Introduction, 11-8
  • Theme The Revelation of Jesus Christ
  • Revelation an uncovering, making known
  • A Process of Four Stages
  • God Gave It to Christ
  • Christ Signified It to His Angel
  • The Angel gave it to John
  • John wrote it down for the servants of God
  • Revelation Was Meant to be Understood!

Vision of Triumphant Christ19-20
  • One Like the Son of Man
  • Long Flowing Robe (Royalty, Dignity)?
  • White Hair (Holiness and Purity)?
  • Eyes Fire (Penetrating Insight)?
  • Feet with the Strength of Brass
  • Voice (Quality Denotes Authority)?
  • Sword Keen and Accurate Judgment)?

Vision of Triumphant Christ112, 18, 20
  • In Midst of Seven Golden Lampstands
  • Identified at Seven Churches (120)?
  • Seven Stars in Right Hand
  • Identified as Angels of Seven Churches (120)?
  • Angel means messenger. Letters intended to
    church sent to be relayed by the angel for the
    benefit of the whole congregation.

Five Distinctive Threats to the Spiritual Life of
the Churches
  • Paganism, Including Emperor Worship
  • Jewish Harassment
  • Immorality,Materialism Lawlessness
  • Spiritual Weakness
  • Lukewarmness, Indifference, Indecision

Features Common to AllLetters to the Churches
  • Christ identifies himself, from the Vision
  • Christ knows their works
  • Commends them for their good works
  • Condemns them for sinful failures
  • Counsel, Warns, Exhorts to Repentance
  • Promises Reward to Overcomers
  • Hear what Spirit says to the churches!.

Message to Ephesus
  • I Know your works, labor, patience, and
    orthodoxy. Hate deeds of Nicolaitans
  • Persevered, labored, not grown weary
  • BUT, You have left your first love.
  • Remember, Repent, Do First Works
  • Warning Else I will remove our lampstand
  • Overcomer Eat of Tree of Life in Paradise

Message to Smyrna
  • I Know your works, tribulation, poverty (but you
    are rich), blasphemy by Jews
  • Exhort Do not fear things you are about to
    suffer (some imprisoned), ten days
  • Be Faithful to Death, Receive crown of life
  • Overcome Not hurt of second death

Message to Pergamos
  • I Know you live where Satans throne is. You hold
    My Faith, did not deny name even when Antipas was
  • BUT, you tolerate teachers of doctrine of
    Balaam allows idolatry and immorality
  • ALSO have holders of Nicolaitan Doctrine
  • Repent or they suffer sword of My Mouth
  • Overcome get hidden Manna, new stone

Message to Thyatira
  • I know works, love, service, faith, patience, and
    last works are more than the first
  • BUT, you have a Jezebel teaching and beguiling
    saints to fornication idolatry
  • Will cast her into sickbed kill her children
  • Churches to know I search minds hearts
  • No other burden on the faithful. Hold Fast!
  • Overcome be given power over nations

Message to Sardis
  • Name of being Alive, but You are Dead
  • Watch, strengthen things that remain are ready
    to die. Works not perfect to God
  • Remember how you received heard and repent. If
    not, I will come as a thief
  • Faithful Few not defiled with sin, shall walk
    with Me in white, for they are worthy
  • Overcome, be clothed in white, not blot name our
    of Lambs book of Life

Message to Philadelphia
  • Know works. Have open door before you.
  • Have Little Strength, Kept Word, not Deny
  • Will make Synagogue worship before feet
  • Kept My Word, I will Keep you from Trial
  • Hold Fast What You Have!
  • Overcome Made pillar in temple of God, wear
    name of God city New Jerusalem, and wear My new

Message to Laodicea
  • Know works, Neither hot or cold will spew
    lukewarm out of mouth (nauseates Christ)!
  • Say rich, wealthy, need nothing not know
    wretched, miserable, poor, blind, naked.
  • Counsel to buy from Me to be rich, clothed and
    enabled to see
  • I rebuke and chasten those I love
  • Open door and let Me in.
  • Overcome sit with Me in My throne

The Throne and the Sealed Scroll
  • Rev. Chapters 4 7

The Throne Occupant
  • His Appearance Impressive, Majestic
  • An Emerald Green Rainbow Halo
  • Surrounded by A Council of 24 Elders
  • And Four Living Creatures
  • Sights and Sounds
  • Seven Lamps of Fire (Seven Spirits of God)?
  • A Sea of Glass, Like Crystal, Before Throne

Purpose of the Vision
  • Throne The Spiritual Center of Universe
  • True Insight into History Gained when All Things
    Viewed from Standpoint of Throne
  • Jehovah reigns let the people tremble! He sits
    above the cherubim, let the earth be moved
    (Psalm 991).

The Lamb Takes Scroll
  • Scroll Held by Throne Occupant.
  • Written Inside and Out
  • Sealed with Seven Seals (Could Not Be Read Until
    All Seals Removed)?
  • Search for ONE Worthy to Take and Open the Scroll
  • Only the LAMB Found Worthy to Open Scroll

Praise to the Lamb
  • From Four Living Creatures and 24 Elders All Have
    Harps of Praise, Golden Bowls of Incense
    Represent Prayers of Saints
  • New Song You are worthy to take the scroll and
    to open its seals for You were slain and have
    Redeemed Us to God by Your Blood out of every
    Tribe and Tongue and people and nation, and have
    made us kings and priests to our God, and we
    shall reign on the earth (59-10).

More Praise to the Lamb
  • By Large Host of Angels
  • Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive
    power and riches and wisdom and strength and
    honor and blessing (512).
  • By Every Creature Under Heaven
  • Blessing and honor and glory and power be to Him
    who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, forever
    and ever (513).

Opening the First Seal
  • A Rider on a White Horse Appears
  • With a Bow,
  • And a Crown (Stephanos, Victors Crown)?
  • Going Out Conquering and to Conquer
  • Symbolizing Conquering Military Power

Opening the Second Seal
  • A Fiery Red Horse Appears
  • Has a Great Sword
  • Rider Permitted to Take Peace from Earth, and
    that People should kill one another.
  • Red, the Color of Blood, Symbolizing Warfare
    (Probably Civil, not conquest or persecution)?

Opening the Third Seal
  • Rider on Black Horse, with a Pair of Scales in
    His Hand.
  • Voice Describes Inflated Price for Wheat and
    Barley, and a Prohibition from hurting oil and
    wine (654-6).
  • Black, Color of Famine Food Scarce, Luxuries
    Available If One has the Price.

Opening Fourth Seal
  • Rider on Pale Horse, Named Death, and Hades
    Followed After Him.
  • Power Given to Him Over Earth to Kill with Sword,
    with Hunger, with Death, and by Beasts of Field.
  • Symbolizing Death in an Unstable Society

Opening Fifth Seal
  • Under the Altar, Souls Slain for the Word of God
    and for the Testimony They Held.
  • Martyrs Cry How Long, O Lord, Holy and True,
    Until You Judge and Avenge our Blood on Those who
    Dwell on the Earth?
  • White Robe Given Were Told Rest a Little
    Longer, until Number of others to be Killed Were

Opening Sixth Seal
  • Cosmic DisturbancesHeavens Response to the Cry
    of the Martyrs.
  • Kings of Earth, Great Men, Rich Men, the
    Commanders, Mighty Men, Slave and Free Try to
    Hide from Wrath of the Lamb!
  • Remember Day of Wrath on Enemies will be Day of
    Deliverance for Gods People!

Interlude Before Seventh SealWinds of
Destruction Held Back
  • The Sealing of the 144,000, Represent all of
    Gods PeopleHis True People
  • Vision of the Great Multitude Out of All Nations,
    Tribes, Peoples, and Tongues.
  • Identified as the Ones who came out of the great
    Tribulation, already victorious, God among them
    Supplies Every Need.

The 144,000 and Great MultitudeBoth Groups the
  • In Vs. 1-8, They are Sealed and Safe. Under Gods
    Protection they are not Delivered From, but
    Through the Judgments on the Earth.
  • In Vs. 9-17, They are Seen After They Come out of
    Tribulation. Posses, Peace, Joy And Victory.
    Every want Supplied, Every Need Fulfilled.

Concluding Thought
  • The Two Visions Together Give the Most Complete
    Picture of the Security of Gods People before
    the Judgment Portrayed in Chapter 6.
  • Who Is Able to Stand?
  • Here Is the Answer

Trumpets of Judgment
  • Revelation
  • Chapters 8 11

Opening the Seventh Seal
  • Dramatic Silence, Calm Before Storm
  • John Sees 7 Angels with 7 Trumpets
  • Another Angel at Incense Altar to Offer with the
    Prayers of the Saints
  • Smoke of Incense and Prayers Ascended before God
  • Meaning Prayer of Saints Affects Course of

All Seven Seals Now Opened
  • The Sealed Book Can Now Be Read
  • But no Final Judgment on those in 614-17
  • God Has No Delight in Death of Wicked (Ezek.
  • He Is Longsuffering (2 Peter 39).

Purpose of TrumpetsNumbers 10
  • To Call An Assembly (Num. 101-3)?
  • To Direct Movement of Camp (104-8)?
  • To Call to Celebrate Festivals (1010)?
  • To Sound Alarm in Time of War (109)?
  • See also Ezekiel 33 Amos 36 Hos. 58 and
    Joel 215.

Trumpets of Warning
  • Like the Seals, Trumpets are divided into two
    groups four in one, three in other
  • First Four introduce disasters that fall only on
    the natural world, not human life
  • In the Last Three, the physical and spiritual
    lives of men are involved

Sounding of First Trumpet
  • Hail Fire, Mingled with Blood thrown to the
  • Series of disasters similar to Plagues in Egypt
  • Same Figures in Ezek. 3822 Joel, chs. 2-4
  • Only 1/3 of earth affected Not Final Judgment
  • Do not look for literal or specific physical
    event in history. Picture symbolic of ominous
    appearance of divine wrath against evil men. The
    worldly should take notice!

Sounding of Second Trumpet
  • Great Mountain Burning with Fire Cast Into the
  • 1/3 of sea became blood 1/3 creatures destroyed
    1/3 of ships destroyed
  • Imagine Volcanic Eruption and its aftermath
  • Mountain probably refers to a Government (cf.
    Jer. 5125, 42).
  • Sea restless sea of society seriously
    affected by fall of the great government

Sounding of Third Trumpet
  • Great Star, Wormwood, Fell on 1/3 of Inland
  • Suggests Fall of Great Earthly Ruler. Isaiah used
    Figure of King of Babylon (1412)?
  • Wormwood, a bitter wood. Idolatry would bear
    fruit of wormwood (Deut. 2918)?
  • Fall of Wormwood caused 1/3 of Inland waters to
    become bitter, charged with trouble, sorrow and

Sounding of Fourth Trumpet
  • 1/3 of Sun, Moon, Stars Darkened 1/3 Day
    Darkened and 1/3 of Night also
  • Reminds of 9th Plague in Egypt Complete darkness
    in Land, light in Israelite homes
  • OT Removal of heavenly bodies symbolized
    judgment from God (Isa. 131-10 Amos 89)?
  • Ezekiel lamenting fall of Pharaoh I will put
    out your light, cover heavens, make stars dark
    bring darkness on land (327-8).

Three Woes to ComeJohn saw an Eagle, not Angel,
flying thru heaven, loudly announcing three woes
to follow sounding of other three trumpets (91)?
Sounding of Fifth Trumpet
  • A Star fell from heaven, was given key to the
    bottomless pit. Plague of Locusts loosed on the
    earth, power to hurt those without the seal of
    God on their heads
  • Star not identified. Satan as fallen angel?
  • Key is symbol of power. Key given to this one.
  • Bottomless Pit, infernal regions to which demons
    were consigned (Luke 831) source of
    persecutions (117 178).

Plague of Locusts
  • Locusts typical harbingers of evil (cf. Joel
  • No Ordinary Locust. Dont Eat Vegetation
  • Hurt men, not kill, limited period of time
  • Power as scorpions, Painful Stings
  • Beautiful Appearance holds out promise of
    pleasure and victory, but Iron Teeth
  • King over them named Abaddon (Destruction)
    (Apollyon) Destroyer

Application of Locust Symbol
  • Internal decadence of Roman Empire made it so
    weak. Would crumble from within.
  • Devil holds out great promise to those who will
    sell their souls to him, but sin not worth price!
  • Wicked may appear to prosper, but their pleasure
    is short-lived (Heb. 1125)?
  • Satan says, Sin will be your servant, but
    ultimately it will become ones master.

Sounding of Sixth Trumpet
  • Voice Release Four Angels Bound at the River
    Euphrates (1314).
  • Voice from Four Horns of Altar
  • Euphrates boundary between Rome Parthia
  • Symbolize Gods forces of vengeance held in
    restraint until God determined to release them
  • John hears number. Cavalry of 200,000,000
  • Symbol of external invasion, as instrument in
    Gods hands to punish oppressors of His people

Warnings Ignored
  • Woes symbolize Gods tools for avenging
    suffering of His people
  • Natural Calamities, Internal Rottenness and
    External Invasion would fall of pagan Rome
  • But, in spite of calamities upon 1/3 of mankind
    (without seal of God on forehead), the rest did
    not repent of their works!

Interlude Before 7th Trumpet
  • Mighty Angel with Little Book stood on Land and
    on Sea (101-ff.)?
  • Book Open. It is not a mystery!
  • Seven Thunders, unexplained Cannot Know All
    forces that determine the future (cf. Deut.
  • Swore No More Delay Mystery to be Finished!
  • Eat Scroll Sweet taste, stomach bitter.
  • Word of God Sweet, but no pleasure to Preach
    condemnation upon the wicked!

Vision of the Two Witnesses
  • John to Measure Temple, Altar, and Worshipers
  • Not Measure Court of Gentiles
  • Gentiles Trample City 42 months
  • Two Faithful Witnesses Finish their Testimony
  • Beast out of Abyss makes War, Kills them
  • Nations rejoice over dead bodies for 3 ½ Days
  • Breath of Life from God raised them to Heaven
  • The Second Woe is Past!

Sounding of 7th Trumpet
  • Voices in Heaven The Kingdoms of this world
    have become the kingdoms of our Lord and His
    Christ, and He shall reign forever.
  • 24 Elders Fell on Faces and Worshiped God
  • Temple of God opened in Heaven, Ark of Covenant
    Seen in His temple. Nothing Hidden.
  • Lightnings, Noises, Thunderings, and an
    Earthquake and Great Hail Divine Activity

Part 2A Great Spiritual Conflict
  • The Dragon vs. the Woman and Her Children
  • Chapters 12-14

Sign of the Radiant Woman
  • A Sign from Heaven always conveys spiritual
    truth from God beyond what is merely seen
  • Radiant, Clothed with the sun, with the moon
    under her feet (Beauty, Glory, Exaltation)?
  • A garland (stephanos, a victory crown) of 12
    stars on her head (cf. 12 patriarchs)?
  • Seen in process of giving birth

Who Is the Woman?
  • The Virgin Mary? If so, who are the rest of her
  • The Church? Question Did the church give birth
    to Christ? cf. Matt. 1618
  • The Spiritual Remnant of Israel? This is best
    idea. Messiah to be seed of woman and bruise
    serpents head (Gen. 315)?

Symbolism from OT
  • Figure of childbirth used by Isaiah and Micah
    (Isa. 2617-18 667-11 Mic. 410)?
  • Continuity between faithful remnant under both
    Old and New Covenants (cf. Anna, Luke 225-28
    Elizabeth Mary)?
  • The rest of her seed keep the commandments of
    God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ

The Male Child
  • Christ was born of woman (Gal. 44).
  • To rule the nations with a rod of iron (vs.5, cf.
    Psalm 29 Rev. 227 1915).
  • Christ caught up to God and His throne at His
    ascension (125 Acts 19-11).

The Sign of the Dragon
  • Clearly identified that Serpent of old, the
    Devil and Satan
  • Attempted to Destroy Child at Birth (Used Herod
    in the effort (Matt. 213-18)?
  • Failing at that, he goes after the rest of her
    seed (vs. 17)?
  • We must not underestimate the strength and
    ability of Satan (Eph. 610 1 Pet. 58).

Woman Fled Into Wilderness
  • Wilderness, a place prepared by God, to be
    protected and nourished.
  • Moses fled from Pharaoh (Ex. 211-ff.)?
  • Israels fed manna in W. (Deut. 83, 16)?
  • Elijah fed by ravens (1 Kings 171-7)?
  • Elijah fled from Jezebel (1 Kings 191-ff.)?
  • Gods spiritual remnant will not starve in the
    wilderness, but be protected and provided for!

War in Heaven
  • Dragon and his angels vs. Michael and his angels.
    Dragon loses is cast out
  • Scene shows Devil is not invincible
  • Voice in Heaven Declares Victory
  • Gods prophetic word is now fulfilled
  • The Faithful Overcame by Thee Means
  • (1) the blood of the Lamb, (2) the word of their
    testimony, (3) the spirit of martyrdom

War On Earth
  • Devil Attempts to Persecute the Woman
  • She flies into Wilderness, is protected
  • Serpent tries to drown with flood (of lies)?
  • Earth swallowed the flood
  • Enraged, dragon went to make war with the rest
    of her offspring
  • Chapter explains why saints are subject to
    furious attacks from Devil and his agents

Two Allies of the Dragon
  • First Beast arose from sea had 7 heads, 10
    horns, blasphemous names on 10 crowns (diadems),
    like dragon
  • Second Beast arose out of the earth Had two
    horns like lamb spoke like dragon, exercised all
    authority of first beast, causes men on earth to
    worship the first beast

The Beast Out of the Sea
  • Beast had seven heads, ten horns, blasphemous
    names on ten crowns (diadems), like dragon
  • HEADS symbolic of wisdom, or durability, as
    though plans are holy and sacred like Gods
  • HORNS symbolize great power men to submit to it
  • DIADEMS symbolizing claim to royal power
  • BLASPHEMOUS NAMES, speaking against God, shows
    arrogant attitude toward spiritual things.

Beast out of Sea, cont.
  • OUT OF THE SEA Ancient world saw the sea as
    mysterious and evil place
  • Symbolizes the source of destructive forces, the
    restless turmoil of an evil society
  • BEAST like leopard, feet like bear, mouth like
    lion. Dragon gave his power, throne and great
  • Granted Power to make war to all who were not
    written in Lambs book of Life

The Beast out of Earth
  • Had Two Horns Like Lamb, but Spoke Like a Dragon
  • Outward appearance as Lamb, but voice betrays
    him He spoke like a dragon.
  • Exercises all authority of first beast.
  • Causes the earth to worship the first beast
  • Perform great signs, deceives earth dwellers

Beast out of Earth, cont.
  • Had Two Horns Like Lamb, but Spoke Like a Dragon
  • Power to give breath to image of first beast,
    enabling it to speak
  • Cause those who would not worship image of beast
    to be killed
  • Causes all to receive mark on forehead (the mark
    of the beast). None could buy or sell without
    mark or number of his name

666 The Number of Man
  • Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding
    calculate the number of the beast it is the
    number of a man
  • Nero? Translate Greek to Aramaic, not likely
  • Latin Church? Didnt exist in First Century
  • Hitler, Stalin, or another notorious character?
  • Sibylline Oracle used 888 as symbol for Jesus
    666 falls short of the perfect number 777 it can
    never be more than MAN!

Interlude Visions of TriumphRev. 141-5
  • Vision of 144,000 with Lamb on Mt. Zion, having
    Fathers name on their foreheads
  • There were virgins, not literal celibacy but
    symbolic of spiritual chastity (1 John 521)?
  • They follow Lamb wherever He goes
  • They were redeemed from among men
  • No guile found in their mouth, for they were
    without fault before throne of God

Interlude Visions of TriumphRev. 146-11
  • A Succession of Three Angels Proclaim Judgment on
    Babylon, Triumph of Evil Is Short-Lived
  • First Angel has the Everlasting Gospel, and calls
    everyone to worship of our Creator God
  • Second Angel announces fall of Babylon
  • Third Angel warns that the wrath of God will be
    poured out full strength on those with mark of
    the beast

The Patience of the SaintsRev. 1412-13
  • Contrast in plight of wicked and the fate of the
    righteous is the patience of the saints
  • In your patience you will win your souls (Luke
  • Persecutors may kill body, but not soul (Matt.
    1028). Christian can face triumphantly face
    persecution and death
  • Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from
    now on, that they may rest from their labors,
    and their works follow them (vs. 13).

The Harvest JudgmentRev. 1414-20
  • Vision of Christ on White Cloud, Wearing Golden
    Crown, holding a Sharp Sickle.
  • Angel out of Temple (naos, sanctuary), and an
    Angel from the Altar says, Thrust in Your Sickle
    Reap, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.
  • Earth is reaped clusters thrown into the
    winepress of the wrath of God

Blood out of Winepress
  • 1,600 Furlongs 184 miles. Jordan Valley is only
    102 miles so cannot be literal!
  • Significance is in No. 4, the earth number. 4 x
    4 times 10 times 10 1,600. Thus, represents
    total and complete judgment
  • This judgment in course of history. Roman Empire
    its pagan culture to come to end

Major Points of This Section
  • Ch. 12 a great struggle between Satan and the
    People of God
  • Ch. 13 two allies enlisted by Satan in
    opposition to Gods plan the ungodly Roman
    State and its Pagan Priesthood
  • Ch. 14 Interlude. Christians have reason for
    hope. Their enemies will eventually face the
    wrath of God. Be Steadfast!

Pouring Out Bowls of Wrath
  • Rev. 161-21

The Seven Bowls of WrathRevelation, chs. 1516
  • Seven angels with seven bowls of wrath a sign
    of final judgment (in time) upon the dragon and
    his allies (cf. 151 and 1119)?

Preparatory Vision, 151-4
  • Angels have seven last plagues, for in them the
    wrath of God is complete (1)?
  • Sea of glass, martyred now victorious saints
    stand on, with harps in their hands
  • Sing Song of Moses and of the Lamb a song of
    deliverance, praise God (Ex. 15).
  • All nations shall come and worship before You.
    This is not the end of history!

Preparatory Vision, 165-8
  • Seven Angels, with plagues, come out of the open
    temple bowls distributed to them
  • Ref. to temple shows judgments come from God, the
    same source as His righteous laws
  • Bowls are full of the wrath of God. No man can
    defy Gods wrath with impunity.
  • Smoke filled temple, as at Tabernacle (Ex.40)?
  • No one enter temple, shows nothing can stop
    judgments. Gods patience has run out!

The First Bowl, 161-2
  • Poured out upon the earth, resulting in a foul
    and loathsome sore on all having mark of beast
    and worshiped his image
  • Think of 6th plague in Egypt (Ex. 910). A
    similar plague mentioned in Deut. 2835
  • Think of virulent sores in the whole social,
    economic, educational, political world where
    anti-Christian power rulesone result of
    outbreaks of inner rottenness and foulness
    (Lenski, 466)?

The Second Bowl, 163
  • Poured out on the sea. It became blood as of a
    dead man. Every sea creature died
  • If Sea represents troubled society, it suggests
    complete dissolution of emperor-beast and his
    subject (Foy E. Wallace, 339).
  • It represents the utter putrification of a dead
    society (Hailey, 329).

The Third Bowl, 164-7
  • Poured out on Rivers and Springs, and they became
  • Reminds us of First Plague in Egypt (Ex. 7) but
    Egyptians could dig for water none here
  • Judgment because they have shed the blood of
    saints and prophets It is just that they be
    given blood to drink
  • Voice from Altar says, true and righteous are
    your judgments.

The Fourth Bowl, 168-9
  • Poured out on the sun, and power given to scorch
    men with fire
  • Unlike Ninth Plague in Egypt (3 days dark and
    Fourth Trumpet no light for 1/3 day, the
    blazing sun scorched men with heat
  • Sun, whose light is essential to life one earth,
    becomes instrument of judgment! Talk about Global
  • Yet, they did not repent and give Him glory.

The Fifth Bowl, 1610-11
  • Poured out on the throne of the beast, and his
    kingdom became full of darkness
  • Reminds us of the Ninth Plague in Egypt. Says the
    very seat and center of empire was plunged into
    darkness. Symbolic, not literal.
  • Still, as before, the pagan world blasphemed the
    God of heaven because of their pains an sores,
    and did not repent

The Sixth Bowl, 1612-15
  • Poured out on the River Euphrates its water
    dried up, preparing the way for kings of the east
  • Euphrates eastern border of Roman Empire
  • Barrier against foreign invasion removed (cf.
    Jer. 5038 Isa. 1317-20) there is nothing to
    protect the Roman Empire from outside forces
  • Three unclean spirits like frogs, out of mouths
    of the dragon, beast, and false prophet

Three Unclean Spirits, 1513-14
  • Coming out of the mouths of the dragon, the beast
    and the false prophet (vs. 13).
  • First time beast of earth called false prophet
    key to understanding figure in ch. 13.
  • Out of mouths indicates some form of evil
    propaganda, proceeding from the devil, godless
    government and false religion
  • Their purpose is to enlist the world in defense
    of the paganistic Roman system

Armageddon, 1616
  • Refers to strategic pass near Mt. Megiddo, where
    many battles had been fought
  • Deborah Barak defeated Sisera (Judg. 4-5)?
  • Philistines defeated Saul (1 Sam. 311-6).
  • Jehu slew Ahaziah of Judah (2 Kings 927)?
  • Josiah killed by Pharoah Necho (2 Kgs. 23)?
  • Symbolic of Great Decisive Battle between army of
    Satan and forces of God. Symbolic Battle
    resulting in overthrow of Roman Empire

The Seventh Bowl, 1617-21
  • Poured out into the air loud voice out of temple
    proclaims "It is done!
  • Into the air suggests Gods wrath poured out on
    whole sphere of Satans operation (Hailey)?
  • Noises, thunderings, lightnings, earthquake
    shows this is the work of Almighty God!
  • Babylon divided, Nations fell City remember-ed
    before God, given cup of His fierce Wrath
  • Still not final judgment. Men blasphemed God

Judgment on the Harlot Babylon
  • Rev. 171 1910

Great Harlot Described, 171-6
  • A Great City, that reigns over the kings of the
    earth (vs. 1, 18).
  • Composite of other harlot cities of the OT
  • Nineveh, a harlot of conquest (Nahum 31, 4)?
  • Tyre, a harlot of commerce (Isa. 2315-17).
  • Babylon, mistress of pleasure (Isa. 475-15)?
  • Jerusalem, the faithful city, became a harlot
    (Isa. 121 Jer. 220 Hos. 91) was religious

Great Harlot Described, cont.
  • Many waters (1) identified as peoples,
    multitudes, nations and tongues (vs. 15).
  • Kings of earth that committed fornication with
    her (15) were rulers who had participated in her
    political, economic, cultural, and religious
  • Inhabitants of earth were made drunk with the
    wine of her fornication (2)?

Great Harlot Described, cont.
  • Description of harlot symbolically portrays
    traits of her character
  • Sits on a scarlet beast with blasphemous names,
    ten heads and ten horns (3), equates her with
    sea-beast (131) with color of the dragon (123).
    City is supported by dragon!
  • Beautifully Arrayed, outwardly attractive and
    appealing to materialistic minds

Great Harlot Described, cont.
  • Description of harlot symbolically portrays
    traits of her character
  • Holds golden cup, suggesting luxury and wealth,
    but filled with filthiness of her sin (4)?
  • Character displayed by her name Mystery,
    Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and of the
    Abominations of the Earth (5)?
  • Drunk, not with wine, but with blood of the
    saints and martyrs of Jesus (6)?

John Amazed by VisionAngel Explains Mystery of
  • The Beast, was, an is not, and will ascend out
    of the abyss and go to perdition (9).
  • One head of beast suffered mortal blow and
    recovered (133). Nero Redivivus Myth??
  • Better viewed symbolically. World empires rise
    and fall. Regardless of latest incarnation of
    evil, it is designed to go to perdition (8a)?
  • Earth dwellers not Christians will marvel when
    they see the incarnation of the beast.

Mysteries of Harlot Explained
  • Seven Heads said to symbolize two things
  • Seven Mountains Rome built on seven hills
  • Seven Kings Five fallen, one is, one to come
  • Beast that was, and is not, is the eighth king,
    but of the seven and is going into perdition.
  • Some try to correlate to Roman emperors
  • Better Seven symbol for complete line
  • Imperial line shortly to be replaced by 8

Mysteries of Harlot Explained
  • Ten Horns symbolically represent Ten Kings
    without independent power, Have temporary
    authority with the beast (12)?
  • Ten Symbolic of fullness of power
  • Kings represent subject-rulers over provinces who
    had power for one hour with the beast
  • They make war with the Lamb and He will
    overcome them (14). Gods faithful assured that
    the Lamb will be victorious over them!

Mysteries of Harlot Explained
  • Subject-Rulers will turn on harlot and make war
    with her (1715-17).
  • God purposed they be of one mind with beast until
    they had served His purpose until the words of
    God are fulfilled.
  • Book of Acts, and Secular History, shows Rome
    feared insurrections and revolutions
  • She allowed vassal-kings (cf. Herods) to have
    power so long as they kept Roman Peace.

  • Foreshadowed in Rev. 148 and 1619 OT language
    applied to Rome of Johns day.
  • Angel from heaven announces fall (181-2)?
  • Like old Babylon, Rome to be desolate
  • Reasons for fall Evil influences on nations
  • Merchants became rich supplied her luxuries
  • Kings of earth committed spiritual fornication

Come Out of Her, My People
  • Angel calls Gods people out of Babylon to escape
    the coming plagues (4-5, 7-8)?
  • Lot called out of Sodom (Gen. 1912, 27)?
  • Gods people to leave Babylon (Isa. 5211 Jer.
  • Come out from among them and be separate (2
    Cor. 617-71)?
  • Why? Her sins have reached to heaven, and God
    has remembered her iniquities (5)?

Earth Mourns Babylons Fall
  • Kings of the earth, who once stood with Rome, now
    stand at a distance and weep. In one hour
    judgment has come (9-10)?
  • Merchants lament, not because of love for Rome,
    but for their financial loss (11-17a)?
  • Shipmasters and sailors lament because of the
    loss of business (17b-19)?

A Call for Rejoicing
  • Rejoice over her, O heaven, and you holy
    apostles and prophets, for God has avenged you on
    her! (1820).
  • In 1110, the people of earth rejoiced over death
    of the two witnesses it is now time for heaven,
    apostles prophets to rejoice
  • In 69-11, martyrs asked how long. Now judgment
    is come on their persecutors

Fall Graphically Depicted (21-24)?
  • Millstone thrown into sea object lesson,
    symbolizing violent overthrow of Rome. Sinking
    stone symbolized she shall not be found any
    more (cf. Jer. 5161-64).
  • Result of fall Silence prevails (22) no
    lights and no wedding celebrations (23)?
  • Two Reasons Pictured (23-24)?
  • She had deceived merchants by her sorcery
  • Much innocent blood was found in her

Rejoicing In Heaven191-10
  • Great Multitude in heaven praise God
  • Salvation and glory and honor and power to the
    Lord, our God (1)?
  • Rightly attributed to Him because of His True and
    Righteous Judgments on the Harlot. (2)?
  • Another Refrain
  • Alleluia! And her smoke rises up forever and
    ever (3)?
  • 24 Elders and Four living creatures join in
    saying, Amen! Alleluia! (4)?

Rejoicing In Heaven, cont.
  • A Voice from throne calls on all you His
    servants and those who fear Him, both great and
    small to praise God (5)?
  • John heard the voice of a great multitude, as
    the sound of many waters and mighty thunderings,
    saying Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent
    reigns! (6)?
  • Rejoicing is proper. The Lambs bride has made
    herself ready by saints righteous deeds

Johns Reaction to the Scene
  • He falls down to worship the angel, who said,
    See that you do not do that! I am your fellow
    servant and of your brethren, who have the
    testimony of Jesus. Worship God! (10a).
  • Identity of speaker unimportant. What he said is
    important Worship God! He alone is worthy of
    worship (cf. Matt. 410).

  • The Testimony of Jesus is the testimony of
    prophecy (10b).
  • The whole spirit of prophecy was to glorify Jesus
    Christ and His work, not to draw attention to
    angels (cf. Heb. 114).
  • The vision a message of encouragement. Romes
    paganism and persecutions would be avenged by our
    God. The Rome of today is not the Rome of the
    first century!

Complete and Final Victory
  • Rev. 1911 2227

Rider on White Horse
  • Description makes it clear that this can be none
    other than Christ Himself (1911-16)?
  • White Horse, denotes victory (11)?
  • Faithful and True, describes character (11)?
  • Righteousness, way He makes judgment and wages
    war (11).
  • Eyes like flame of fire, burning penetration into
    hearts, not judge by appearances (12)?

Rider on White Horse, 2
  • Description makes it clear that this can be none
    other than Christ Himself (1911-16)?
  • Many crowns, symbol of all authority (12)?
  • Had name known only to Himself, (12). How
    unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past
    finding out? (Rom. 1133)?
  • Clothed with robe dipped in blood (13).
  • Name the Word of God (13). See 11, 14.

Rider on White Horse, 3
  • Description makes it clear that this can be none
    other than Christ Himself (1911-16)?
  • Leads armies of heaven, pictured in garments of
    victory, also on white horses (14)?
  • Sharp sword goes out of His mouth Strikes the
    nations He rules with rod of iron (15).
  • He treads winepress of the fierceness and wrath
    of the Almighty God (15 cf. Isa. 631-6)?
  • Name King of Kings Lord of Lords (16)?

Lone Angel Calls for Vultures
  • Gather for Great Supper of God (17).
  • Victory over kings, captains, mighty men, etc.
    announced before carnage begins (18)?
  • Beast, kings of earth and their armies gather to
    make war against Him and His army (19)?
  • Consequence Beast captured, with false prophet
    who deceived people into receiving mark of beast
    both cast into lake of fire (20).
  • Armageddon is never described only the results

The Battle of Armageddon
  • Futurists View Literal battle against the
    Antichrist and his armies. Defeat leads to
    Millennial Reign of Christ on earth.
  • Continuous History Beast is Roman Catholic
    Church. Armageddon still future.
  • Proper Interpretation of Revelation must start
    with historical setting. What was John telling
    persecuted saints in 95 AD?

Armageddon Is Symbolic
  • Armageddon not a literal place, but is symbolic
    for a decisive battle
  • Christ coming out of heaven is not Second Coming,
    but a coming in aid of the persecuted saints
  • Casting Beast and False Prophet into Lake of Fire
    symbolic of victory over pagan Romes persecuting
  • With persecutors defeated, Christian are no more
    bothered with them

Victory Over the Dragon
  • Satans enemies are defeated, but master enemy
    must now be dealt with (201-10)?
  • The chief subject in this section is NOT the
    1,000 years, but what happens to the saints!
  • Angel chains the dragon, that serpent of old,
    who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for
    1,000 years (1-2).
  • He was cast into pit, sealed, so he should no
    more deceive the nations (3)?

Binding of Satan
  • Binding of Satan is symbolism.
  • Truth is being made known thru symbolism
  • Key, in Satans hand in 91-3, now in hand of
    angel, a servant of Almighty God, symbolizes
    power to bind. It is no literal key!
  • Chain symbolizes that by which he is bound.
    Spirits are not bound by literal chains.
  • Binding indicates Satan effectively stopped from
    involving nations in emperor worship.

Thousand Years Is Symbolic
  • 1,000 years no more literal than the chain.
  • Binding Satan for 1,000 years contrasted with the
    period of the martyrs (3 ½ years), and the devil
    knew he has but a short time (1212)?
  • Numbers in Revelation are Symbolic. Ten is
    complete number One thousand is ten to third
    power. Think symbol of completeness.
  • Devil not completely powerless today (1 Peter
    58), but activity is limited like dog on chain.

Vision of Martyrs on Thrones
  • Martyrs no longer under the altar (611) now on
    thrones, reigning 1,000 years (4). Their triumph
    is called first resurrection (5). Second death
    no power over them (6)?
  • Cf. giving life to dry bones (Ezek 371-14)?
  • Cause for which martyrs died symbolized by a
    resurrection (1921)?
  • Cause of those slain by Christ experience
    resurrection when Satan released (203, 7-9)?

Satan Released, Leads Rebellion
  • Satan Released, goes to deceive nations, Gog and
    Magog, to battle against saints and beloved
    city (7-9)?
  • Gog and Magog, symbols from Ezek. 3839, lead
    army, take spoils, until Messianic period, but
    would be utterly destroyed (ch. 39)?
  • Rather than literal battle, symbolizes a moral
    and spiritual conflict. Satan uses all manner of
    evil to win hearts and souls of people

Final Judgment, 2011-15
  • Same judgment as sheep and goats of Matt. 25.
    Only final judgment, and separa-tion of the
    followers of Satan and Christ
  • The Judge. All stand before God (12), but all
    judgment given to Son (John 522)?
  • Christ to be on throne of judgment (Matt.
    2532-ff. 2 Cor. 510 cf. Rev. 321 221).
  • All Dead judged by opened books according to
    their works (14-15)?

Picture of Defeat Complete
  • Satan and his forces have been defeated and cast
    into Lake of Fire (14-15)?
  • The Harlot, Babylon, the Beast and the False
    Prophet, Satan, and even Death and Hades, which
    served Satans purpose have all been cast into
    the fire
  • A Great encouragement to Faithfulness!

New Heavens and New Earth
  • Section pictures saints enjoying fellowship with
    God complete security in the holy city, with
    every need supplied. Two inter-pretations have
    been suggested (211-2)?
  • City is victorious church as God considers it
    today, purged and purified thru tribulation.
  • John is given vision of saints in heaven after
    Day of Judgment. Three aspects of final destiny
    its fellowship, protection, provisions.

The Holy City, New Jerusalem
  • New (kainos) indicates new in kind, a
    different nature from what is called old.
  • Isaiahs new heaven earth (6517 6622) refers
    to new dispensation under Christ.
  • Peter, under Christ, speaks of new heaven and
    earth yet to come (2 Peter 37-13).
  • The Jerusalem above (Gal. 426)?
  • City whose builder and maker is God (Heb. 1110),
    and abiding city to come (Heb. 1314)?

Clue to Interpreting Scene
  • Voice from heaven provides clue Behold the
    tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell
    with them and they shall be His people, and God
    Himself will be with them and be their God (3)?
  • Gods people dwell in His presence every cause
    for sorrow removed (4)?
  • The faithful will dwell in presence of God and
    drink from fountain of water of life freely (6)?

Who Will NOT Reside There?
  • The cowardly, unbelieving, abominable,
    murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers,
    idolaters, and all liars will have no home
  • They shall have their part in the lake of fire
    which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the
    second death (8).

The Bride, the Lambs Wife
  • Invited to see the Lambs wife, John sees the
    great city, the holy Jerusalemhaving the glory
    of God (229-ff.). Imagine Scene!
  • Great High Wall, 12 gates, 12 angels at gates
    bearing names of 12 tribes of Israel ( 12 ! )?
  • Perfectly square, 12 courses of gems as the
    foundation gates of pearl, streets of gold
  • No temple there! God the Lamb its temple!

The Bride, the Lambs Wife 2
  • Invited to see the Lambs wife, John sees the
    great city, the holy Jerusalemhaving the glory
    of God (229-ff.). Imagine Scene!
  • Nothing that defiles will be there (2127)?
  • Only those whose names in Book of Life.
  • River of Life, sustains Gods people
  • Servants of God faithfully served Him through
    trials joyfully serve Him in Paradise!

Concluding Assurances
  • Words are Faithful and True. Gods people can
    depend on truth herein revealed (226)?
  • Fulfillment will soon follow (6-7)?
  • John testifies he Saw and Heard (8)?
  • Book not to be sealed (10 cf. Dan.124, 9)?
  • Judgment is imminent! (20)?
  • Come! The Great Invitation (17).

Message for Us Today
  • Christ Knows Our Works
  • He Knows Our Circumstances
  • He Condemns Our Failures
  • He Approves Our Good Qualities
  • He Is Worthy Of Our Adoration, Praise and
    Faithful Obedience to His Will

Slides Prepared byJames E. Cooperfor
Presentation atWarfield Blvd., Clarksville,TN
  • March 18-23, 2007
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