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Kindergarten Orientation


The best and safest are athletic shoes. We discourage party type clothing and long dresses. ... bus or one of the day care vans, please make a name tag with ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Kindergarten Orientation

Kindergarten Orientation
  • Citrus Heights Elementary School
  • 2008--09

Home-School Connection
Help at Home
  • Your child will need your help to complete their
    homework. You need to read the homework
  • Set aside a quiet place and time to help.
  • Help them form the letters and numbers correctly.
    Let them practice using scissors with your
  • Read to and with them every day for 20 minutes.
    Record the book title and pages read on the
    monthly Reading Log.

  • A homework packet is sent home Monday with other
    school papers for your information. Please send
    only the completed homework back on Friday.
  • The first Monday of each month, a newsletter will
    be included so you will know what lessons we will
    be covering for the month. Keep this in a
    prominent place (possibly on the refrigerator) so
    that you will be able to refer to it each day.
  • A Reading Log is sent home at the beginning of
    each month. Each day, record the book titles and
    pages you and your child read. Return them at
    the end of the month.

Writing and Penmanship
  • At Citrus Heights, we use modern manuscript, also
    called DNealian writing. Attached is a copy of
    the alphabet and numerals written in DNealian.
    Keep this in a prominent place (possibly on the
    refrigerator) so that you will be able to refer
    to it each day.
  • Help your child to form the letters and numerals
    the way the arrows show.
  • Capital letters are used at the beginning of
    sentences and important names. All other letters
    are written in lower case.

  • Make sure your child has a backpack to carry
    school papers in. It needs to be big enough to
    hold a 9-1/2x12 homework folder without bending
  • Please do NOT buy the backpacks with wheels for
    your kindergarten child. They are too bulky and
    can be dangerous in the classroom.
    Kindergartners do not have heavy items to carry
    back and forth.

School Attendance
  • Regular attendance is most important. Try to
    schedule appointments during non-school hours.
    Only illness and doctor/dental appointments are
    excused absences.
  • Call if your child will be absent or send a note
    upon his/her return to school stating the reason
    for the absence.

Appropriate Clothing
  • Kindergartners need to follow the Citrus Heights
    dress code.
  • Backless shoes are not permitted. Sandals are
    not ideal. The best and safest are athletic
  • We discourage party type clothing and long
  • Bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, and halter tops
    are not permitted.
  • Breezy summer mornings can be cold enough for
    your child to need a light jacket. Please label
    jackets with your childs name.

Kindergarten Discipline
  • Our school has adopted Time to Teach and
    Positive Behavior Support.
  • We spend much of our time encouraging and
    praising the children when they make good choices
    in dealing with every day school situations.
  • Kindergarten rules are kept to a minimum, but
    they are enforced.
  • If a child has difficulty in following the rules,
    we talk with the children about what good choices
    are, and give them a short time out to think
    about what they can do next time.

Special RecognitionStudent of the Day
  • Each day our Student of the Day will take home
    the sharing bucket to put something in to share
    with the class the next day.
  • Items need to be educational, or related to a
    school topic, or something that can tell us about
    the student or an important time in his/her life.

Special RecognitionStudent of the Week
  • Each Friday, a student of the week will take
    home our class mascot in a special backpack.
    There is also a poster to fill out with your
    child about him or her to share with the class.
  • There is a journal to write about the mascots
    adventures for the week end.
  • The Student of the Week is responsible for
    bringing snacks for the entire class of 20 the
    following week. (This only happens once or twice
    per student per year.) There is a list included
    of suggested snacks. DISTRICT POLICY NO
  • There is a baggie to bring some small items for
    our Estimation Jar for the week.

Birthday Celebrations
  • We do celebrate birthdays and you are welcome to
    send in special treats. Please discuss this with
    the teacher beforehand for dietary restrictions,
    district policy, etc. DISTRICT POLICY NO
  • Please do not distribute party invitations at
    school unless everyone in the class is invited.
    Young childrens feelings are hurt when they are
    left out.

Arrival and DismissalTimes
  • Please arrive on time each day.
    Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,
    Fridays A.M. classes
    start at 740 a.m. and dismiss at 1100 a.m.
    P.M. class starts at 1040 and dismisses at 210
  • Thursdays
    A.M. classes
    same as above
    P.M. class CHANGES starts 1015
    a.m. and dismisses at 1255 p.m. (The whole
    school dismisses at 1255.)
  • All classes will wait by the K-1 classroom door
    for their teacher. Please do not arrive before

Arrival and DismissalDismissal
  • Please be on time for dismissal, too.
  • We ask that you wait outside the gate in order to
    avoid congestion.
  • The children will be dismissed from the K-1
    classroom or from the playground.
  • On rainy days, K-2 will exit from the back door
    and you can meet your children near the office.
  • Park in a designated area and walk to the room to
    get your child. This is a safety measure. Do
    not leave your car unattended in the
    drive-through lanes.

Bus riders
  • If your child will be riding a school bus or one
    of the day care vans, please make a name tag with
    your childs name, your address, a day time
    telephone number, the bus stop or cay care name
    on it.
  • Attach the name tag to your childs backpack.
  • If your child will be riding a San Juan District
    school bus, s/he must be in a morning class.

Parent Volunteers
  • Our program succeeds best when we have other
    adults helping our children learn. WE NEED YOU!
  • We have the lessons and materials ready for you
    to use and we explain how we want you to work
    with the children.
  • You can work with either a small group of 6-7
    children or with individual children, 1 on 1.
  • Let us know what you feel comfortable doing and
    we will accommodate you. WE NEED YOU!

Thank you for coming
Mrs. Dax
Mrs. Graves
Ms. Mills
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