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Sustainability Program


... message board lights using LED lights. LED arrow board signs ... ODOT Region 1 retrofitted over 95% of its signals and flashers with power-saving LED lights ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Sustainability Program

Sustainability Program
ACEC/ODOT Conference April 21, 2009
  • Margi Lifsey
  • ODOT Sustainability Program Manager

  • Overview of Sustainability Program
  • Defining Sustainability
  • Sustainability Plan Volume 1 Setting the Context
  • Current Successes in Sustainability
  • Plans for the next volumes of the Sustainability
  • Climate Change

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Sustainability Program
Coordination and Partnerships
  • Oregon Sustainability Council
  • Interagency Sustainability Working Group
  • Created by the Oregon Sustainability Act of 2001
    Legislative Session
  • Lead by Secretary of State
  • Assigned sustainability actions to state
  • Added sustainability to state benchmarks,
    tracked by Oregon Progress Board in Oregon

Defining Sustainability
Sustainability is using resources in a manner
that enables people to meet their current needs
while allowing for future generations to meet
their needs.
Oregon Transportation Plan Goal 4
  • To provide a transportation system that meets
    present needs without compromising the ability of
    future generations to meet their needs from the
    joint perspective of environmental, economic and
    community objectives. This system is efficient
    and offers choices among transportation modes. It
    distributes benefits and burdens fairly and is
    operated, maintained and improved to be sensitive
    to both the natural and built environments.

Putting Sustainability in Context of ODOTs Goals
  •   ODOTs Goals 
  • Improve safety
  • Move people and goods efficiently
  • Improve Oregon's livability and economic
  • Goals of the Sustainability Program
  • Meet ODOTs goals in a manner that does not
    compromise the needs of future generations
  • Incorporate Sustainability in ODOTs day-to-day
    business and operations

How does Sustainability relate to Climate Change?
  • Sustainability, in a broad sense, is the ability
    to maintain a certain process or state.
  • Mitigation for impacts of Climate Change involve
    strategies to reduce and conserve energy and
    material use.
  • Sustainability balances social, economic and
    environmental needs in the on-going process of
    achieving ODOTs goals. The reduction and
    conservation of carbon-emitting energy sources
    and materials are part of that process.

Climate Change
  • International Panel on Climate Change (2007)
  • Warming of the climate system is unequivocal
  • Humans are responsible for most of the warming in
    the last half century
  • Likely range of warming from 1.1C to 6.4C by

Impacts of Climate Change
  • Oregon is particularly vulnerable to global
    warming because much of the economy is dependent
    on freshwater, and much of that freshwater comes
    from mountain snow pack.
  • Source The Economic Impact of Climate Change in
    Oregon A Preliminary Assessment

Climate Change CO2 Emissions by Sector
Climate Change Mode Share of Emissions
Climate Change Fuel Share of Emissions
Transportation Factors that Effect Climate Change
  • Operational emissions
  • VMT, fleet mix, speed, fuels used for vehicles
    and/or transit
  • Related or indirect emissions
  • Changes in travel activity on other roadways,
    mode shift
  • Induced/displaced land use
  • Construction and maintenance emissions
  • Extent of activity and type of materials
  • Upstream/downstream emissions (i.e., lifecycle
  • Well-to-pump emissions for fuels
  • Manufacture and disposal emissions for vehicles

Climate Change in Oregon
  • 2007 Oregon legislature set statewide goals
  • 10 below 1990 GHG levels by 2020
  • 75 below 1990 GHG levels by 2050
  • 2008 Governors Climate Change Integration
    Group A Framework for Addressing Rapid Climate
  • A framework for making intelligent and
    well-informed choices to lead the world to an
    environmentally sustainable and globally
    competitive state economy

Climate Change Activities
  • Oregon Global Warming Commission
  • ODOT Climate Change Executive Committee
  • ODOT Climate Change Technical Committee
  • Member of Greenhouse Gas Interagency Team

ODOTs Strategic Plan for Sustainability
  • Volume 1 Setting the Stage, the Vision for
    ODOTs Sustainability
  • Volume 2 Sustainability Management for ODOTs
    Internal Operations
  • Volume 3 Sustainability Management for Oregons
    Transportation System
  • Green Roads Design and Construction at the

Introduction to Focus Areas
  • (1) Health And Safety
  • (2) Social Responsibility
  • (3) Environmental Stewardship
  • (4) Land Use And Infrastructure
  • (5) Energy And Climate Change
  • (6) Material Resource Flows
  • (7) Economy

Sustainability Lens
Current Success Greening the Fleet
  • Anti-idling Technology and Energy Savings
  • Anti-idling technology in all new and some older
    10-yard, 5-yard and 1 ton trucks
  • Truck and message board lights using LED lights
  • LED arrow board signs
  • Alternative Fuels
  • In fiscal year 2007, 13 of diesel fuels ODOT
    purchased were B20
  • Wide-range of biofuels in different temperatures
    to meet different types of machinery
  • On track to meet governors goal of 25
    alternative fuels by July 2010
  • Alternative Vehicles
  • Replacing light fleet with hybrids or cars that
    use bio-diesel
  • Pursing funding for electric cars and electric

Current Success Facilities
  • All new major facilities are built to Leadership
    in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • The new Maintenance Yard in Baker City, District
    13, Region 5 is currently being built (in
    background picture).
  • Solar panels
  • LEED equivalence rating
  • Exterior colors selected for heat
  • Premium quality electric motors for greatest
  • R30 insulation and R17 insulated overhead doors
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • High efficiency water well pumps
  • Commercial sand filter sewage treatment
  • Biofilter site drainage treatment

Current Success Economics
  • ODOT Region 1 retrofitted over 95 of its signals
    and flashers with power-saving LED lights
  • Energy Savings equivalent to the power need for
    over 140 homes annually
  • Prior to the retrofit, ODOTs Region 1 had an
    annual electric bill of over 1.2 million dollars
  • 50 of the costs were from energy used for signal
    and flashers
  • Cost Savings 110,000 per year

Green Construction and Design
  • Construction is both internal and external to
  • Currently, ODOT is practicing sustainability in
  • OTIA III Bridge Delivery
  • Recycling and reuse of materials
  • More work to be done in 2009-2010
  • Green Roads Research Partnership
  • Internal subcommittee on green construction

Volume 3 A Sustainable Transportation System
  • Accessibility - the ability to reach desired
    goods, services, activities and destinations
  • Efficient Mobility physical movement of persons
    or goods in a way that optimizes the
    transportation system

Sustainable Transportation
  • We have three challenges before us.
  • First, we must identify the needs of a
    transportation system that meets the demands of a
    21st century economy.
  • Second, we must do so in a way that complements
    our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Third, as we turn more and more to alternate
    modes of transportation and less on fuel-run
    vehicles we must also explore alternative ways
    to fund our transportation system in a way that
    is sustainable for the long-term.
  • Governor Ted Kulongoski, August 30, 2007

Energy Alternatives
Cleaner, Smaller, More Efficient Vehicles
Use of More Efficient Modes
Reinvigorate Rail
Emissions per mode
System Optimization
Existing ODOT Programs
  • Office of Innovative Partnerships and Alternative
  • Public Transit Division
  • Transportation Options
  • Drive Less, Save More
  • Rail Division
  • Transportation and Growth Management Program
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Program

2009 Bills related to Sustainability and Climate
  • Carbon (cap and trade) bills SB 80, SB 603
  • Low-carbon fuel standard - HB 2186
  • Invest in clean energy HB 2121, HB 2180, SB 168
  • Promote energy efficiency SB 79, SB 201, HB
    2180, HB 2181
  • Plus, economic stimulus money directed to energy
    efficiency, renewable energy and diesel-reduction
    emission projects

Status of State Legislative Proposals
  • Margi Lifsey
  • Sustainability Program Manager
  • Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Director's Office
  • 355 Capitol Street NE
  • Salem, OR 97301
  • Phone (503) 986-3491
  • Email
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