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Snowy Mountains


Snowy Mountains. Amanda Naas. Brittany Brown. The Snowy Mountains is part of the ... Snow in the Southwest has two main important aspects. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Snowy Mountains

Snowy Mountains
  • Amanda Naas
  • Brittany Brown

The Snowy Mountains is part of the Australian
identity. The region is home to the traditions
and icons of who we are as a nation and why it
makes the Australians proud!
Those who live here and share an affection for
the region, refer to it as the Snowies.
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Most of the assets of the Snowy Mountains Scheme
are located within the Kosciusko National Park.
Snowy Hydro works closely with the National
Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) to ensure the
catchments in the Kosciusko National Park are
The snowy Mountains scheme is officially
recognized as one of the seven civil engineering
wonders of the modern world. Snowy Hydro
generates on average 4,500 gigawatt hours of
renewable energy each year, which is around 74
of all renewable energy in the National
Electricity Market.
Snow fall covers an area about 1400 sq. km in
the Snowy Mountains area of New South Wales for a
period of two months or more per year. Snow in
the Southwest has two main important aspects.
Firstly, winter recreation centred around the
alpine skiing resorts has a significant economic
input to the region, and secondly, the Snowy
Mountains Hydro- Electric Authority (SMHEA)
depends on the melt water run off to generate
Halfway between Sydney and Melbourne and just
west of Canberra lies the Snowy Mountains. The
snowy mountains are just one section of the
alpine highlands that spread across the south
east corner of the Australian continent.
Part of the snowy mountains
After heavy snowfall in the winter, however
(roughly from the end of June to the beginning of
October ), winter sports fans allover south east
Australia congregate at these ski resorts and the
Mount Kosciusko area.
Skiing in Sydney
The native plants and flowers of Australia are as
unique as the land it self. The vibrant colors
and unusual shapes and textures of species such
as Kangaroos Paw and Banksias complement a rugged
and often wild landscape.
Rare and unique birds and animals are one of
Australia's biggest draw cards. The superb
variety of the animal life reflects conditions of
the landscape perfect for everything from
kookaburras to kangaroos.
By 1974, 145 kilometers of underground tunnels
and 80 kilometers aqueducts connected the 16
dams, 7 power stations (to underground), and one
pumping station. The American society of civil
engineers rated the snowy scheme as a World
class civil engineering project. The snowy
mountains are the tallest Australian Mountain
Range and contain Australias tallest mountain
Mount Kosciusko at 2,228 meters above sea level.
They are part of the large Great Dividing Range.
The range falls into three divisions. The
southwest, boarding the Kunlan, is extremely
rugged and complex. The central portion, forming
the border of the western Tsaidam Basin, is lower
averaging about 13 thousand feet in height and is
much narrower. The eastern section in which the
range joins the Nan Mountains, is again higher
with peaks of 16,500 ft., it is structualy more
complicated, consisting of a series is short
ranges, the axes of which gradually adapt to the
main northwest to southeast axis of the Nan
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