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Spa going becomes work = self improvement. Spa-ing can now be done at home. Beyond Botox ... Infused with over 45 % hyaluronic acid, this 'next generation moisturizer' ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • Trend Tracking Today

Serious spa skincare
  • Skin care companies know that spas not only treat
    but educate the consumer on proper product usage
    and maintenance.
  • ? one of the top vehicles for delivering serious
    skin care into the consumers hands.
  • American consumers are looking for ways to slow
    down, simplify and feel connected
  • Spa is now for treatment and not just pampering.
  • Luxurious environment with results
  • Focus on health and wellness is an integral part
    of life including the physical, mental, emotional
  • Spa going becomes work self improvement
  • Spa-ing can now be done at home

Beyond Botoxconsumer demand for anti-aging
treatments that are safe alternatives to plastic
surgeryhave increased at a record pace.
  • skin care products to mimic the effects of
    injectables and fillers
  • B. Kamins Chemist - Therapeutic Anti-Aging
    Moisturizer and Therapeutic Anti-Aging Eye
    Treatment are loaded with copper and zinc
    oligopeptides, which work together
    synergistically to penetrate and puff the skin up
    rather than temporarily numb the muscle
  • Skin Authority combines a program of minimally
    invasive in-clinic procedures with a medical
    grade skin care regimen, each plan is customized
    for their clients.
  • DERMAdoctor, Faux Fillment instant topical line
    filler and Immobile Lines instant topical line
  • Promedis Dermatology AntiAging has both oral and
    topical products to support the dermal repair and
    vital health of skin.
  • Dr Perricones Face Firming Activator which lifts
    and contours the skin. The formulation contains
    NTP Complex, made up of DMAE, an antioxidant
    membrane stabiliser for immediate lifting and
    toning benefits. DMAE stimulates muscle
    contraction by producing a neurotransmitter
    called acetylcholine

From The Drs office
  • Révive (Dr Gregory Bays Brown) skincare line
    using the bioactive protein molecule, Epidermal
    Growth Factor, EGF, is a human hormone required
    for various metabolic processes and is released
    from cells upon injury, speeding up the healing
  • Skinceutical (Dr Sheldon R.Pinnel) formulations
    are based on optimal concentrations of active
    ingredients and the range is designed to meet
    three fundamental skin needs protection,
    prevention and correction of environmental damage
  • Agera RX, developed by Dr Donald Owen, are based
    on growth peptides which were originally
    developed to protect organs in the process of
    transplantation. Agera Rx growth peptides are
    exact copies of the skins own proteins that
    control skin condition and have been synthesised
    using revolutionary biotechnology. The
    nanotechnology delivery system has resulted in
    the development of Agera Rx Medical Formula
    products that can successfully penetrate through
    the skin and target the cells that control cell
    production and collagen and elastin levels.

The Future Is Nowskin care manufacturers are now
measuring DNA for the ultimate in customized skin
  • Dermagenetics
  • ?individualized formulations linked to their
    genetic predispositions
  • ?used to correct inherent skin deficiencies by
    selecting superior active ingredients at optimal
  • Suracell Personal Genetic Health Program
    identifies and satisfies the individuals genetic
    nourishment needs, and promotes repair of damage
    caused by the stress of life
  • ?creating genetically customized skin care
    products by using a cotton swab to swipe a DNA
    sample from inside the clients cheek
  • Skinprint custom analysis skincare
  • ?biometric equipment to detect moisture content
    in skin, trans-epidermal water loss skin
  • ? high resolution digital photography with a
    lighting system using both visible and
    ultraviolet light
  • ?target specific peptides to initiate fibroblast
    proliferation of procollagen to DNA repair
    enzymes (endonulease) to bind damaged DNA

Problem Solvers Spider VeinsBlemish controlAge
spotsDark Circles
  • Modele Skincare - unique combination of four
    Amino Acids, in varying strengths, form clusters
    that do penetrate deep into the skin to the
    cellular level
  • pH Advantage - Control Regimen AM/PM Hyaluronic
    Infusion. Infused with over 45 hyaluronic acid,
    this "next generation moisturizer" assists the
    absorption of treatment products, as it improves
    the overall health of the skin by drawing and
    binding essential moisture to cells.
  • Mesoestetic Purifying Glycogel yields 34
    cellular renovation. Regenerating gel is
    specifically for any erythematic process post
  • Donell skin -Post-procedure care after laser
    resurfacing, chemical peel, dermabrasion and face
    lift. Relief from the unpleasant side effects of
    Retin-A, Accutane and other chemically-based
    therapies. Treatments for Rosacea and Eczema .
  • Optimal Outcome aimed to speed the skins
  • Skindoctors cosmeceuticals (

Nature does it
  • Yin/Yang Therapy, a skin and body care line based
    on the healing properties of the five elements of
    the universe (fire,earth, metal, water and wood)
  • Anakiri BioEnergetic Skin Care a line of
    products that lead the emerging fields of
    bio-energetic medicine, herbology, aromatherapy
    and phyto-nutrition into the spa industry, which
    we acknowledge as a leader in the practical
    connection of body, mind and spirit.
  • Acquaye 100 natural for bath body
  • Jurlique is committed to manufacturing products
    that are 100 natural and pure. Holistically
    formulated and produced by a unique Biointrinsic
    extraction method, which protects and preserves
    the natural life force of the herbs
  • In 2004, a total of 2,900 new cosmetics and
    toiletries containing natural or organic
    ingredients were launched, GNPD vs 624 in 2002.

  • Sundari 5000 years of healing wisdom
  • ?Supplifying Skin Care range utilizes omega-3
    fatty acids, ceramides and cholesterol in a 311
    ratio to copy the skins natural lipid content
    and thoroughly hydrate the skin.
  • Jamu a fusion of East and West, strives to
    preserve indigenous herbal remedies and healing
    techniques. Asian Spa Rituals blends exotic
    ingredients and celebrates traditions to create a
    cross-cultural experience through spa products
    and treatment rituals.
  • Juara a birthplace of ancient beauty rituals
    and treatments, where healers created secret
    recipes passed from generation to generation,
    utilizing plants and herbs to cleanse the body,
    promote skin health, and maintain relief from
    ailments and environmental stress.?Turmeric
    Antioxidant Facial Mask

Diving into the deep
  • Only Spa lines are offering real thalasso/algae
    w/ combo of prof treatments
  • Phytomer
  • Algotherm
  • Thalgo
  • Osea - high-tech, all natural, marine-based skin
    care. A unique blend of sea nutrients and
    essential oils employing the power of the sea and
    its plant life to condition and balance your skin
  • Bath Body Works is launching a thalasso line
  • Beaute Oceane in Target ?

Fat Busters
  • Trim Strips lose weight with dissolving strips
    (focus, citrin K Guarana)
  • Active iodine extracts combined with thermo
  • Bioceramic-coated neoprene garments
  • ? maximal occlusion against the skin to improve
    product penetration
  • Intradermotherapy/mesotherapy direct injection
    of pharmacologic agents into the venous
    circulation or local infiltration of into the
    dermal-subcutaneous junction of the skin. Action
    is lypolysis of fat or reduction of adipocytes.

TO die for Treatments
  • Bellymasks treatment for pregnant women (Sonoma
    Mission Inn)
  • Babor Sea-Telligent complex SeaCreation
    Treatment that uses tiger cowry shells to
    stimulate the senses, similarly to basalt stones
    in la stone therapy, and aid in lymph node and
    lymph capillary massage during application
  • Gold Standard in Trump Plaza treatment
  • Soneva Fushi Resort in the Maldives uses a blend
    of oils containing precious gems ruby, emerald,
    sapphire, and diamond. The spa says the mixture
    is meant to assist in eliminating body toxins.
  • Sound Therapy with "crystal singing bowls" (made
    of silica-quartz sand), which "offer powerful
    vibrations that resonate within the human body."

Single ingredient stories
  • Biodroga Futuresse luxe skin care inspired by
    extract of lotus flowers in Myanmar.
  • Cellu-Guard sun protection line by Sothys uses
    caliphylio oil from a rare Australian tree to
    protect the cell membrane from UV damage
  • Absolute Pearl system by Comfort Zone, consisting
    of real crushed pearl powder that has legendary
    properties known throughout China for more than
    2,000 years.
  • True Cosmetics has a unique ingredient, the
    antioxidant idebenone, which has a similar
    componentry as Co-Enzyme Q10 but a more
    complicated chemical build. (used in Prevage as

From The Emucomes an oil that
  • Reduces wrinkles without needles
  • Light, odorless non pore clogging
  • World's most effective moisturizer
  • Penetrates deeply to reduce wrinkles
  • Absorbs immediately
  • Calms redness
  • Plumps up fine lines
  • Hastens healing
  • Soothes roughness
  • Rehydrates dry, chapped, skin

Interesting ingredients from Nature
  • Fermented Sweet Black Tea (Kombuchka) is a new,
    patented ingredient that is clinically proven to
    significantly soften and smooth, minimize
    imperfections and enhance overall skin radiance
    and luster. Rich in vitamins and organic acids.
  • Turmeric, is known for its powerful antioxidant
    and anti-inflammatory benefits, and helps
    maintain skin health by neutralizing toxins and
    fighting free radicals. Topical turmeric is
    clinically proven to even out and brighten the
  • Candlenut aka kukui nut oil, contains glycerides
    of linoleic, oleic and various linolenic acids,
    which are essential to skin health. Known for its
    exceptionally velvety feel, candlenut oil is
    easily absorbed and deeply penetrates the skin,
    making it an excellent conditioning agent for
    dry, rough skin.
  • Neem oil, which is extracted from the seed kernel
    is excellent for its healing properties
  • Tamanu oil possesses a unique capacity to promote
    the formation of new tissue, thereby accelerating
    wound healing and the growth of healthy skin. 
    This process of forming new tissue is known as
    cicatrization.  Oil of Tamanu appears to be one
    of the most effective, naturally occurring,
    cicatrizing agents.
  • AMALAKI rebuilds and maintains new tissues
  • Boswellia Serrata possesses anti-inflammatory
  • Active Organics Inc.

Oral Fixation
  • Pure Inventions offers potent antioxidants in a
    bottle. One dropper full is said to have the same
    benefits as those found in 8-10 cups of brewed
    green tea
  • Sprayology - a safe and effective natural line of
    homeopathic and vitamin oral sprays to promote
    beauty and well-being from within.
  • Body Suisse are wellness juices are made from
    natural ingredients and can be added to a variety
    of drinks, appetizers, and cuisine. single
    serving use.
  • Borba first on-the-go skin treatment designed
    to harness the positive effects of ingestible
    supplements, combining simplicity and nutrition
    with the goodness of water
  • ActivaDerme Nutrients is an exclusive line of
    high quality natural supplements specially
    dedicated for your skins needs
  • Dr Perricone nutritional supplements for the
    skin, containing patented super-nutrients, which
    are said to work on a profound level to help skin
    achieve and maintain a more youthful, healthy

the aging baby boomer
  • SoSoja-Cell Actif (So-Soy Co, Inc) contains a
    liposomal solution scientifically proven as a
    transport mechanism for active ingredients of
    pure Isoflavones (Phospholipids Genistein,
    Soy Alglycon) deep into the layers of the skin.
    Soy Isoflavones work as hormone receptors at the
    cellular level for the aging skin. Genistein, a
    powerful antioxidant, restores estrogen levels
    helping to increase elasticity and collagen
  • Pueraria Mirifica (kwao krua) has Miroestrol
    Deoxymiroestrol as active ingredients with very
    high phytoestrogens, very similar to estradiol,
    and much more potent than soy isoflavones.

What is the future?
  • Get into the Garden
  • From The Earth
  • Focus on Indigenous
  • Diving into the blue
  • Lighten up
  • The Apothecary
  • I am MAN

Get into the Garden
  • Emphasis on GRAINS and CEREALS.
  • Pura Natura Nutriente from the beehive using
    Honey, multi-flower Pollen, Royal Jelly
    Propolis. Naturmed has both a royal jelly
    beehive line
  • Aloe Vera not only has moisturising properties,
    but is also antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and
    wound healing
  • ?used in all beauty not just traditional
    (moisturizer, cleansing milk, tonic, bath foam)
  • ?uses new delivery systems for this active
    ingredient (mascara eye patches)
  • ?EVEN toothpaste
  • Shea butter proven effectiveness
  • Baking Soda recognizable
  • Sweet Almond oil appeals to all
  • Echinacea for problem skin
  • Marigold for stressed skin
  • Calendula extract is antiseptic, anti-itching and
  • Gingko biloba extract not only invigorates and
    stimulates the skin, but helps fight free
  • coarse grain cane sugar scrub ground cherry
    pits for exfoliation

Focus on Indigenous
  • Asia is now Burma, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia,
    Indonesia, India, etc
  • Tsunami effect
  • Massification of Yoga
  • Discovery of South America
  • ? is Aztec, Maya or next?
  • Support of local cultures
  • Great marketing story

From The Earth
  • GHK copper peptide complex
  • ?Promotes superoxide dismustase activity
  • ?Produces glycosaminoglycans to bind tissue
    components together
  • ?Essential in lysyl oxidase activity (cross
    linking of collagen elastin)
  • Green Argyle clay for oily skin
  • White clay from Nocera Umbra for face powder
    make-up remover toothpaste
  • Pure Gold from the Egyptians to your face.
    Gold treatment at Trump Plaza
  • Mineral butters

Diving into the blue
  • Thalassotherapy the spa trend is not abating
  • The Bath movement
  • OCEANA capsule by Derma Life
  • ?recreation of ocean immersion within
    Multi-sensory Spa Systems including LED light
    programs, audio capabilities, vibratory bed, and
    diffuser of vitamin, mineral aroma systems.
  • Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) quadruples itself
    every 20 hours. When the CGF is consumed into the
    human body, it dramatically increases the rate of
    rebuilding and healing in tissues
  • Polymoist Marine mask (Cognis) is claimed to be a
    high-quality alternative to the collagen fibre
    masks. Chitosan provides both the matrix and the
    active ingredient for the mask, which adds value
    to the product. Also, Polymoist Marine contains
    no preservatives or perfume additives.

Lighten up
  • Targeted to all women no longer just Asian skin
  • Menopausal women have skin discoloration,
    pregnancy mask, accumulated sun damage on all
  • Kojic Acid, Hydroquinone are out
  • ? new whitening ingredients
  • Tretinoin  - slowly penetrates the skin to
    gently slough away sun damage, aging melasma
  • Topical c --gt citric acid sloughs away sun
    damage, freckles, dark pigmentation
  • Idebenone works like the super antioxidant
    Co-Enzyme Q10 and the potent depigmenting agent
    hydroquinone. super antioxidant, skin smoother
    and brightener in one. (True Prevage
  • Melaclear tyronese inhibitor

The Apothecary
  • Arcania Apothecary
  • Poultices, cataplasms
  • Authentic, time honored
  • Medical connotation of caring
  • Alternative is mainstream
  • Post work out products for sore muscles joints
  • Feminine Hygiene or intimate products

  • ? Has always been an afterthought and not a
  • aMENity
  • The Art of Shaving
  • Jack Black

  • Natural clothing made of milk cloth (dehydrated
    milk spun into fibers)
  • Soy bamboo fabrics (moisturize while you wear)
  • The Tea generation no longer a commodity
  • Horsehair mitts for scrubbing
  • Natural pumice stones (not even cut into user
    friendly shapes)
  • pore cleansing patches and peel off skin
    purifying strips
  • Return to colostrum?
  • DNA CryoStem Therapy using bovine (cow) amniotic
    fluid which are then cryogenically preserved
    (must be frozen between uses)
  • HGH
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