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Del Mar Data Systems Shop Management Software


Del Mar Data Systems shop management software is an affordable yet powerful ... The Del Mar Shop Management software includes a comprehensive reporting system. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Del Mar Data Systems Shop Management Software

Del Mar Data SystemsShop Management Software
Full Featured, Industrial Strength, Network
Ready Software for Job Shops and Build to Order

Quote the Job Take the Order Schedule
Deliveries Plan the Job Purchase
Material Track the Job Job
Cost Ship and Invoice
Del Mar Data Systems shop management software is
an affordable yet powerful solution for the
small to medium sized shop. This demonstration
follows the same sequence a job would follow,
starting with the quote and ending with shipment
and follow up. Use the arrows at the bottom of
each screen to navigate from screen to screen.
Use the to jump directly to a specific
section. To exit the presentation, hit the ESC
Internet Follow Up Sample Reports
Quote the Job
The Quotation screen is used to prepare and print
the quote Use the Materials Requirements
Calculator and the Quote Cost Estimate screens to
help build up the quote
Click here to automatically turn a quote into an
Quote the Job
The Materials Requirement Calculator helps
estimate material costs. Select material, enter
cost per pound, define the part specifications to
calculate material needed and estimated material
Quote the Job
The Quote Estimate Worksheet function is to
define the processes and calculate the estimated
costs for each step required to manufacture the
Enter a fixed cost and the estimated cost per
Compute the estimated cost for up to 5 different
Quote the Job
The quote can be printed, emailed, or faxed
Take the Order
Order Entry is used to enter, ship, and invoice
an order.
Basic order header information
Separate ship to and bill to address. Multiple
ship tos per customer
Order line items. Multiple lines per order
Lets you quick plan the job print a traveler
Schedule Deliveries
Each order line item can have an unlimited number
of delivery dates.
Each schedule date can have its own unique PO
Schedule multiple delivery dates per order line
Plan the Job
A Master Planning is defined for each part.
Operation number, work center, description,
setup, and runtime for each step of the planning
is defined here. Once a master planning is
defined, a job can be quick planned directly
from the Order Entry screen.
The work center operations templates can be used
to quickly create a master planning for a part
Plan the Job
The Work Center Update screen is used to define
each work center in the shop.
Each work center has specifications to describe a
variety of standard templates used to quickly
plan jobs.
Plan the Job
Revision History screen allows you to maintain a
complete part revision history. Keep track of
rev, date revised, reason for change, and changed
Plan the Job
The Schedule Jobs screen uses the part master
planning to schedule the job and a print the shop
traveler. Enter the due date and the system will
schedule the job based upon the setup and run
time of each operations.
Define non-work days in the holiday schedule in
the Control File to exclude those days from the
As operations are completed, they drop off the
schedule. The remaining operations can be
rescheduled at any time by adjusting the release
quantity and due date, then recalculate
Plan the Job
Example of a printed traveler Bar Code technology
is used to track job status and capture labor
The Purchase Order screen is used to create
purchase orders. A PO can have multiple line
items. Items may be purchased for a specific job
or for inventory.
Separate PO and Stock quantity lets you purchase
and stock in different units of measure, such as
purchasing in lbs and stocking in bars.
You can define a library of standard boilerplate
notes to easily drag and drop on to a PO
Part Purchase History Order screen provides a
purchase history listing, in part number
order. Find a vendor, compare vendor prices and
delivery performance .
PO Inquiry by Vendor screen provides a purchase
history listing, in part number order, for a
specific vendor.
The PO Inventory Receipt/Rejection screen is used
to receive purchased items into inventory. This
screen is also used to reject previously received
items. Rejection automatically reopens the PO.
Click here to receive all items on the PO complete
Job Tracking
The Open Job by Due Date screen provide a quick
glance of all open jobs in due date order.
Click here to drill down and view job details.
Job Tracking
The Work Center Load screen provide a quick
glance of all open job operations scheduled to be
run in a specific work center, in due date
Displays the total hours scheduled in the work
The Production Schedule report lists all open
jobs, remaining operations with schedule dates
work center, hours, est. completion date and day.
Quickly spot past due jobs
The Capacity Schedule reports all open jobs by
work center This report spreads the scheduled
hours to show where each work center is over or
under scheduled.
Job Tracking
The Schedule Jobs screen is also a job tracking
tool. As operations are completed, they
automatically drop off the screen.
Bar Code is not required to use our software.
Simply click DONE when op is completed and it
will drop off the schedule
Job Tracking
The Data Collection screen is used by employees
to clock into and out of job operations.
Enter number of pieces completed so the system
knows when the operation is complete
Employees can clock into multiple jobs at the
same time
Job Tracking
The Employee / Job Inquiry screen displays all
employees currently clocked in, job/operation
currently being worked, and the date/time
job/operation was started.
Shop foreman can review/adjust times should an
employee not clock out at shift end
Job Tracking
The Work Center Load screen provide a quick
glance of all open job operations scheduled to be
run in a specific work center, sorted by run
Bar Code is not required to use our software.
Simply click DEL when op is completed and it
will drop off the schedule
Job Cost
There are 4 elements of job cost Material,
Labor, Burden, and Outside Process. Labor and
burden costs are captured using the data
collection screen. Material costs are charged
when items are issued from inventory. Items
purchased directly for a job and outside
processing costs are charged to the job through
the Purchasing and Accounts Payable modules.
Job Cost
The Employee Update screen is used to define an
employee number, labor rate, and shift start and
end time. An employee badge with bar code can be
printed for use with bar code tracking. The
labor rate is used to calculate the labor portion
of job costs.
In the utility section, you can set a limit to
the number of minutes an employee can clock in
early or late. (default is 15 minutes). If the
employee clocks in or out within the limit, the
time automatically adjusts to the shift start or
end time
Job Cost
Define the burden rate of the work center. The
burden rate can be an hourly rate, a calculated
percentage of the labor cost or a combined (labor
burden) cost
Job Cost
The Job Cost Update screen can be used to
manually enter or adjust job costs
Job Cost
The Job Cost screen displays a detailed
accounting of all costs accumulated against a job.
The Shipment Entry screen is used by the shipping
department to ship orders and print a shipper
/packing slip.
No pricing is displayed on this screen and
editing is limited to freight, ship via, and
quantity shipped. These functions can also be
performed on the Order Entry screen.
The ORDER VIEW ALL screen displays a summary of
the status of all line items on an order
Internet Follow up
This is a web based screen which allows you to
post order status and shipments to the Internet.
This allows your customers to follow up on the
status of their orders anytime of the day or
night. Customer access is restricted to their
orders only.
Sample Reports
The Del Mar Shop Management software includes a
comprehensive reporting system. All reports
include a selection screen similar to the example
seen here. All reports have the option to be
viewed to the screen prior to printing. A viewed
report can be printed entirely, print a single
page, or a range of pages. Following is a small
sample of the many reports available. Additionally
, there is a report writer which allows you to
construct your own reports. These reports can be
printed or exported to other applications such as
Microsoft Excel.
In the above example, the user can select a range
of customers combined with a range of due dates
and select to sort or group the report by
customer, by due date, or by part number and
choose to include or exclude dollar amounts.
This means that this one report can be viewed in
6 variations..
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Del Mar Data Systems
Thank you for taking a tour of our shop
management software. Should you require
additional information, visit the website
at Or write to Del
Mar Data Systems 1442 Lincoln Ave Suite
351 Orange, CA 92865 (714) 282 8639 Hit the ESC
key to end the demonstration
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